ModNation Racers Artist Spotlights: Sucker Punch rebuilds Empire City!

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Greetings all and Merry ModNation Monday,

Just like the past two weeks, we’re kicking the week off with a new Artist Spotlight video. Last week we had the mind behind Twisted Metal and God of War, David Jaffe, give us his uncensored opinion about making games and his thoughts on ModNation Racers (okay, it was kinda censored). If you visited GameSpot at all last week, then you might have learned that we handed a copy of the game to the talented folks at Sucker Punch Productions to see what they could do with the ModNation creation tools.

So what happens when the crew responsible for the PS2 classic Sly Cooper franchise and the recent PS3 hit inFAMOUS decide to have some fun in ModNation?

Sly Cooper in ModNation Racers

Empire City gets rebuilt… ModNation-style!

This is an example of what happens when you combine some time and imagination with ModNation Racers. We look forward to bringing you more examples of this in future installments of the Artist Spotlights video series.

ModNationTV Spot hits the Airwaves

If you caught Peter Dille’s post last week, you know all about Kevin Butler‘s new ‘stache and uh…orange shorts. The VP ModNation Motivation hits Comedy Central on April 28th during the South Park season finale!

If you liked the orange shorts online, you’ll like them even better in HD!


Pre-order Mystery ModNation Mods and Karts Revealed Tomorrow!

If you pre-ordered ModNation, you scored either Kratos, Ratchet and Clank, or Nathan Drake. But you ALSO scored one of four mystery mods and kart packs!

??? in ModNation Racers ??? in ModNation Racers

??? in ModNation Racers ??? in ModNation Racers

Stay tuned on the PlayStation.Blog this week as we announce not only the Mystery Mods and Karts you will have a chance to score by pre-ordering, but a NEW familiar character who has decided to get a kart and join the RACE!

??? in ModNation Racers

See you then!

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55 Author Replies

  • pre-ordered my kratos kart. can’t wait for this game.

  • lol, that’s sackboy. game looks great!

  • I got to remember to pr-order this. Looking forward to it


  • That is *so* Sackboy in that final silhouette. Love the inFamous track, and I think that that’s the first decent look at the game’s 4th “city” theme…

  • David Jaffe video was more entertaining because he is Jaffe, but the Ted Price and Sucker Punch video was more informative. Nice to see a good balance with these video informing us gamers from a developer perspective.
    I hope we get SMS and ND next :)

    For the mystery mod and racer, I am going to say its Cole from InFAMOUS:)

  • Lord. Please make this track available! Please tell me it’ll be a free download—PLEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!

  • love the work of sucker punch – cant wait for infamous 2! :D

  • BAD ASS!!!

  • Saw this video a while ago — I just hope the track is either on the disk, or available for (free?!) download. It looks like a blast!

    And it shows how amazingly varied the tracks for MNR are going to be, right at the start. I’ve never bought a PS3 game first day before, but this one’s preordered!

    • Sweet. You won’t regret it my friend. As for getting the InFAMOUS track we will let you guys know right here on the blog.

  • that is obviously sack boy lol. which i was wondering why he wasnt in there lol. Cant wait for this game. This is my most hyped game of the year(besides GoW3), unless R3 is announced for the fall.

  • Yes hopefully that track is showcased, it looked incredible, that was one of lbp’s biggest problems it was sometimes too hard to find the great levels that you knew were hidden there somewhere

  • Ahhhh…..Sack Boy….should have seen it


  • i don’t care if i have to pay for it, i want that track!

    P.S: Those pictures are going to keep me in suspense for hours lol

  • All I’ve really seen thus far is cool little outdoor tracks with the sun shining and trees as your surrounding. This really opened my eyes as to how much you can actually do.

    Very impressive.

    • Believe me, it opened a lot of eyes in the office too. Very similar to LBP, you never know what is possible once you get the game into capable and imaginative hands. We can’t wait to see what the community does with it!

  • wow, i want that infamous track!!!!!!!

  • Wow, that infamous car and track looks so crazy!!
    Man, can’t wait for this game..

  • Green One = Golf theme
    Yellow One = Mice theme
    Brown One = Railroad theme?
    Purple One = Samurai theme?

    • Not bad! We will reveal very soon. I love the Samurai guess…I didn’t see that until now. Now I have to make a Samurai mod and Kart the next time I play. I haven’t see one of those yet.

  • This game is gonna be insane!

  • @Jetup-no i think purple is cowboy, no idea what brown is though
    P.S. had no idea you could make tracks that detailed, please have it up for free!

  • Infamous track is looking great, nice job. That city theme is definitely one I’d like to get my hands on when I get my copy of MNR.

    At first I was going to get the Nathan Drake pre-order because I’m loving that jeep and come on, Nathan Drake is a bad ass. But now I’m seeing what looks like a Sackboy and a Samurai (or cow?) character.. I can haz both plz?

    • Go ahead and pre-order to get your Drake on. If you stay tuned this week, you’ll see why everyone who has pre-ordered will have smiles on their faces.

  • Oh wow. That track is super impressive. Now THAT’s the kind of stuff I want to see in these artist spotlight vids :) I want to play that track :D

  • Yeah, purple is definitely a cow-cowboy. Would much rather have the Sackboy and Drake. Don’t deny me these things UFG!

  • I….WANT…NOW!

  • I’m so utterly stoked for this game; The PlayStation 3 is THE console to have for user generated content – nothing else even comes close. It’ll be great to sit down with friends to create a custom track to race on – and be racing only a few minutes later.

    Congratulations, Sony. You’ve delivered on the promise of next generation consoles.

    • Thanks. You and your friends are going to have a BLAST with this game. Nothing like beating a buddy on his own track. :)

  • Thank you so much for the weekly posts. It makes the waiting a little easier. I’m extremely excited for the game (had it reserved since June and paid off since December). Can’t Wait!

  • Nate Fox rules! SuckerPunch is just a fantastic game developer company and watching them get their hands on MNR is amazing!

    inFAMOUS is in my top 3 PS3 games list and my only Platinum trophy game and just WOW on this track! Wow! This shows off amazing detail on this track editor.

    I gotta find out what retailers are giving out what for the pre-orders and quick.

  • After seeing Sweet Tooth in the last video, then seeing Cole and Sly I am really hoping that Sony took this as an opportunity to create a Mario Kart-like game with a cool style and even cooler characters. Yes, I want to make my own Mods, but still it is cool to have the option of picking from these well loved characters.

    Personally, this is the game that sold me on the PS3. I have been looking forward to it since last summer. Very excited to make tracks, mods, karts and race until the cows come home. Though it should be noted that no one seems to know where the cows actually are.

    • We understand and who knows? There just might be more characters on the horizon.

      In regard to Cows. They are in ModNation. :)

      Make Giant Cows (and Donkeys and Camels and Sheep…) in and jump over them. Nothing really satisfies quite like that.

  • That. is. Awesome. I just pre-ordered the game and look forward to playing it and seeing all the tracks people come up with :D

  • Is the ‘NEW familiar character’ for people that preorder as well? Or some kind of DLC for everyone?

  • meh..
    graphically it’s not that impressive
    let the dlc milking process begin, a la lbp!
    come on GT5!!

  • Looks like Sackboy to me too. The shape of the head is quite telling, as is the barely noticeable stitch in the top right corner. We’ll see. Anything for another MNR post.

    I pre-ordered through Amazon just this weekend. Very excited. I am completely behind the ‘Play. Create. Share.’ genre. It attacks my weak point for massive damage.

  • Wow. i hope i can recreate all the Motorstorm tracks with this game. Cant wait for this game to come out.

    PS: Just got Infamous yesterday and this comes out. What are the odds?

  • Quick question: Do I have to already have the game pre-ordered to get the mystery mod?

    I wouldn’t think so, but you worded it in the past-tense so I’m a little confused.

  • Green = Golfer and Caddy Cart
    Yellow= Racer Mouse with Racing Cheese
    Brown = Pan boy with a Old Makeshift type car (a tomboy)
    Dark Brown= Cow King and Tractor from the one MNR video

    good guesses huh lol. and a guess for the familiar face is definitly sackboy and the car from the story mode. this game is gonna be great even BETTER now that sucker Punch worked they way into it and did a great job

  • It would be awesome if we had dynamic items to put on our Mods. Like for Cole, electricity. Dynamic flames on Sweet Tooth. Kratos’s blades of Chaos would glow. Just throwin out ideas that would rock.

  • I hope you guys don’t forget about the DYNANMIC DUO!!! … And I ain’t talkin’ about Batman and Robin, either.

    Jak and Daxter!!

    MNR was already a MUST have, but now with all the recent announcements you have to be crazy not to get this game!

  • I already pre-ordered my copy of ModNation Racers from Amazon, so I’m getting Ratchet and Clank. Are the rest of the pre-order characters/karts gonna go up on the PSN for sale, eventually? I wanna get the Kratos one too, but I’m not gonna shell out another $60 just to get the other pre-order DLC.

    • Not sure when or if those will be available post launch, but if they ever go on PSN we’ll be sure to announce right here.

  • I have the same question as #38. I’m going to pre-order from Amazon, but I want the Nathan Drake kart. I perfer Drake over Ratchet (though they’re both awesome), I just perfer to shop from Amazon than Best Buy, or wherever Drake is available in Canada.

  • I preordered this game the day I got GOW3! and yes I will be getting the Kratos cart but I would love to have the other carts as well..Will there be an option for us to download the other carts & characters? I so want Ratchet!

    Also how about a Madison Paige character and her bike? Now that will be awesome!

    • Ha! That would be awesome to get Heavy Rain folks in there. “Jason!” If we get confirmation about making the Mods and characters available after launch, we will be sure to let everyone know.

  • Most impressive artist spotlight thus far. Huge Sucker Punch fan and not surprising to see that they really put the creation tools to work.

    Been meaning to preorder for a while now, looks like that needs to change right now!

  • I can’t believe how real Empire City looked as a ModNation Track. Can you imagine all the possibilities? People are going to go bananas creating some really cool stuff. Can’t wait to be apart of it.

  • I will be getting this game! That video was awesome btw, I think that infamous stage looks so damn amazing. By far the most creative Modcreation of the 3 videos I’ve seen thus far (sorry- I don’t mean to step on Price/Jaffe’s toes!). Can’t wait

  • Question… i preordered but not from amazon, bestbuy, or gamespot. i know i will not get the special kits but will i still get a mystery kit?

  • :bowdown: so amazing

  • @31

    You took the words from me.

    This game will milk dlc to extreme measures. And that’s the reason I will never buy this or any new LBP.

    • Sorry you feel that way. I think LBP was a great game with or without DLC add-ons. Additional DLC isn’t necessary to have a great time with the game. Totally up to the individual person. MNR will be a totally full and fun experience right out of the box. Hope you reconsider! :)

  • sackboy is that u? He would fit in. Will the other characters become DLC?

  • @46 u kno u dont have to buy the dlc rite? i understand were you’re coming from but if ppl want to buy it, let them

  • Wow! I thought the next video was going to be the spotlight for Naughty Dog, but boy was I wrong. Regardless, Sucker Punch is still awesome and it’s neat that they got a chance to play Modnation Racers. I also liked the Sly Cooper Mod and Empire City track. Sucker Punch FTW!

    • To clarify, the Sly Cooper Mod was actually made by a fan on the Beta. I thought they did a great job too!


  • I think its Judge Dredd

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