MAG Free DLC: Fast Attack Pack on April 29!

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Mark April 29 on your calendars now, because it’s the day you’re going to see our next 100% Free MAG DLC add-on! Known as the “Fast Attack” Gear Pack, our latest downloadable extra will likely cause marksmen to swoon.

Why? Two big reasons. First, we’re adding three brand new Special Edition Sniper Rifles (Raven’s HM 90 SE, SVER’s SASR M, and Valor’s MK 14 Mod 1 EBR) that include a number of performance adjustments and visual variations to our already-popular long-range weapons. Second, you can expect to get your hands on a collection of new armor types! All three factions can now choose to equip Improved Light Armor in their loadouts for the bargain price of just 400 in-game credits.

Raven "Fast Attack" Gear Pack

Oh, and did we mention that the “Fast Attack” Gear Pack is free? Yes, we did, but we’re saying it again anyway. Look for it to appear in the PlayStation Store the afternoon of April 29, alongside all other scheduled PSN updates.

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  • Looks like I can run even faster now… >:D

  • Oh is MAG still a game \? Played it once and never touched it again. I think socom confrontation is better than MAG. But BBC2 over rides then all until Metal of honor comes out.

  • Mas Maps por FAVOR!!

  • Free? Free is lovely, thank you!

  • Dunham,

    Please give our congrats to Roper on his new job. I hope to see him on here soon.

    p.s. Thanks for the free DLC.

  • Sounds good to me, I’m waiting for the B-I-G announcement next month though *prays for new maps and game modes* \m/

  • zipper, you guys rock! we really do need more maps though. i think most people find what game type they like the most and stick to it. therefore they are stuck with just 3 maps.


  • Nice, and its an upgrade to the weapon I use the most :)

    I just have one question
    In that picture the H M 90SE is shown without a scope just the iron sights. Is that going to become an option in the real game or did you forget to put one of the 2 scopes in?

  • need new maps

  • Can’t wait zipper, love the game, and appreciate all the hard work, time and effort all of you put in to keep the game up and running, looking forward to the Return of Socrack, now that its found its way home. I do have one idea/suggestion, is there a way to possibly do something about the team killing. Accidents do happen as we all are pretty aware of, but when it’s intentional and constant, it becomes a neusance. Maybe find a way to track it, and when it happens constantly make it backfire, where you end up killing yourself and not the other person. It’s an idea to help get rid of the team killing. One last thing.. as for the DLC you release, I could honestly care less if you charge for it. Personaly I’d prefer to pay for it as long as it was reasonable. Though I know I’m gonna hear it now, but I don’t care, it’s my oppinion.

  • MAG was for sure, my best buy since ive bought a ps3. It is an awesome game, and it keeps getting better with time. never seen so many free dlc in so few time. i have made 2 of my friends buy it, both blammed themselves for not getting it earlier. and both sold MW2 1 week later, as me. congratulations

  • I <3 you Zipper!

    Btw stop comparing BC2 and MW2 to MAG. They're all very different games, and what other FPS can support 256 players?

  • cool new add ons but hey is zipper going to add new content for the commando class like new smgs and shotguns. also what about rapid assault…it would be awesome if the pmcs could have the XM8 and HK416 prototype assault rifles (which are actually being tested in today’s military) added to their arsenal

  • Free DLC?!? Unheard of!

    Keep it up Zipper, you guys have made one hell of a fun game.

  • Rawr, i wouldn’t mind a double exp event to go w/ the DLC <3
    I really want to veteran, and the double exp event may jsut get me those 5 levels.

    Thanks for the great DLC!
    Loving your work, keep it up!

    MAG, the best FPS on the market by far.

  • You know.. this kinda “free DLC” isn’t it technically what the PC gaming world just calls an expansion or patch add-on hehehe. I mean, forcing everyone to go and download the thing from the store when it adds armour and a weapon that most likely everyone will want.

    It just seems like it woulda been easier to make it an auto-patch. ‘Cause lets be honest.. everyone will download it to at least get the armour. Either way, it’s good news to hear and I too would like to see new maps. I’m rather bored of playing the same 2 or 3 maps over and over… and over…. and over.

  • “”Improved Light Armor”” Sweet you must have read my mind Zipper thanks :) *Cha-Ching!*

  • Yea the numbers are starting to dwindle down for the bigger modes now there was 300players over all PMC’s on Acquisition all nite tonight and around 500 on Domincation across all PMC’s combines. I kept trying to get into Acq or Dom games and would literally wait 10-15min and still wouldnt be in a match so would back out and join sabotage. How am I suppose to platinum this game if I cant even get into game modes to finish getting the rest of my medals? Seriously Zipper needs to do something.

  • I’m not sure if you’re still reading these comments Zipper, but if you are I got a wicked idea for a new game mode. Tank Warfare! The objective being something cool you guys come up with, just cause you’re good at that. I know. I’m a kiss-a**. LOL. Or just simply destroy all of the opposing teams tanks. It could be like Suppression only facing another PMC. Since the APC’s alone are pain to destroy, you’d have the tanks destroy each other or give us a “real” anti-tank rocket launcher. Eg: The Javalin Launcher. Naturally this means farely open maps. SVER: A T-90 tank in rocky desert area. Valor: An M1A2 Abrams in forested hills. And Raven: A Leopard 2A6 maybe? I’m not sure. In a bit of cramped urban city or fairly open jungle. You can do what you want with the maps. Just throwin some ideas out there. What do ya think?

  • I’d like night maps!

  • @ 71, night maps is a cool idea. Give us some kinda night vision too, or maybe tracer rounds instead. Some way to help spot your enemies. But this is what I’m talkin about. Instead of complaining and saying you want new maps/modes, give Zipper ideas. Let ’em know what fancies you.

  • hey does anyone know a good dns number that will allow u to use youtube myspace and things like that

  • Waiting for patch 1.06

    “MizzSmartyPants wrote:

    Ok, so I believe this dlc will be just like the previous dlc. However, the changes I referred to that will fix the dlc problems are planned to be rolled out with the next patch (1.06.) The goal is to fix up the previous dlc as well as to make any future dlc work for everyone. When you get your hands on 1.06 (not sure when that will be) you can let us know if we achieved that goal.


  • “woke up this morning got myself a gun..!!”
    by soprano’s music soundtrack

  • Yea I would like to see nite ime maps as well. It’s not like you would really need night vision or anything like that because just because it is set in night time doesnt mean it will be pitch black. There would be lighting for example SVER could have Bon Fires all over in garbage cans for lighting , Raven Flood lights setup ect. This would make the lighting not an issue but there would be dark spots making it a little more advantageous forthe attacking team. This would solve issues people have about maps being unbalanced because there could be a series of games together one in day and one at night to switch the balance from defense to offense.

  • Yes, another free DLC but the 1st DLC suck because I can’t download it and why? I wish this one is okay and I can’t download. I wish the map DLC are free too.

  • more maps give me more maps or some real DLC like guns that are custom new names types and can we get some better grenades mine dont work i throw 100 per domination game maybe get 5 kills max so fix the grenades or ill just keep bombing them instead platoon leader strikes

  • Wow This add-on is perfect for me! All 5 of my loadouts are snipers and only one of them doesn’t use light armor! And I play sniper correctly. If my team is pushing the enemy back then I switch to the bi-pod 50 Cal. but most of the time I’m using a silenced first tier rifle with the fore-grip for up close objective defense. This fast attack pack is well named for those of us who know what to do with it and I’m really looking forward to utilizing it! Thanks Zipper, itching for more double XP!

  • Still not worth $60, I need to see 4 more maps added for free to justify a $60 price tag.

    I loved the game but after a couple weeks there was nothing new to it, just needs some variety instead of doing the same missions over and over and over again. (I Gamefly’d it)

    Will purchase two (2) copies of the game if more is added or if they drop to $30 each, whichever comes first.

  • That was one of the things my friends and I were just discussing. There is absolutely no lag in this game and it has 256 people on there at a time, not to mention all the other modes with people filled into it. Where as you have an EA game (ex: NHL), we have a couple guys and there is terrible lag. With EA I blame their servers. If you have MAG and get lag, I blame your internet connection. If you have cable internet, there is a problem right there. You share your internet with a bunch of other neighbors and whatever they do affect your connection. Ever since I switched from cable, I have had great game playing.

  • @PushinNshovinMe

    If you want to get it cheaper, go to You can get it there real cheap used.

  • I agree with the more/new maps but I also have to add more weapons (pistols and machine guns/automatic) and more vehicles either during the game or vehicles to choose from before the game play (like small jeeps, tanks or half tracks, snow mobiles or something). I would also like to be in a gun ship while it flies around the map during game play at enemies.

    Make some maps in more cities (large and small), open terrain, villages, towns, on or near large bodies of water (like the ocean or a lake) so I can see battle ships or small cruisers (they do say I’m a dreamer but it would be nice) and mountains.

    Maybe even make another squad/team.

  • @Jeremy
    if you are reading this please don’t be insulted by what i’m about to say.

    i love mag. the game is very good but i think alot of people dont pay attention to it. the game is dying and it’s only been out for 3 months. the las time i played it seriously took 20 minutes to connect to a domination game. there were only 2000 players total for all game modes, which is sad.So i think MAG should get a lower price, $39.99.
    On the next DLC please include more maps! please i am getting tired of only playing the same ones.
    and also please fix the balance issues on the LMG. it also takes more than 6 bullets to kill a guy with an smg. please fix it.

  • cool i hope we will get some new maps soon

  • new maps


  • some night maps

  • looks good, I cant wait for the content to come out! :)

  • is it free cause im planning on getting it tomorrow without spending any money

  • oh is is free. DLC rulez!!

  • MAG is an overpriced play once game. Having public betas is supposed to help eliminate them not add more. The game is a stinker, no 2 ways about it. Thats the reasy its suffering an early death. If you’ve not bought yet wait a bit. It’ll b in the 2 for 1 bargain bin at the back of the store well before christmas to make room for newer better games that invariably will appear to entice the holiday shoppers. IIts been said here before. people want more for the high prices they pay on games. the fact that so many are bored so fast and the online numbers are declining so quickly should be a warning sign of what is very very wrong in this game.

  • The pack is really cool and theirs an extra double points for every round you finish until May 2

  • Mag keep it up with free add ons

  • Shieldsthatguide

    Jeremy i agree with every fan on here when we say new maps are needed it is to much of the same look you have a game that can make millions just add to it your fans are speaking for a change listen first thing first new weaponary is a must more skill brckets which means higher level more in depth playing it would change this game for the better more level and inter-clan wars (allowing clans to be with two factions by create password for your clans so if someone tried to create your clan without your permission it would block them. Anyway i am here for a different reason I wanted this Message to reach your eyes Jeremy i have a problem iI need resolved _UL_launcher_np_auth_fail what does that means i have to systems and two MAG disc i get this message across both screen aon both disc no scratches nothing YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY I need help.

  • Shieldsthatguide

    oh and please fix the grenade glitch



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