MAG Free DLC: Fast Attack Pack on April 29!

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Mark April 29 on your calendars now, because it’s the day you’re going to see our next 100% Free MAG DLC add-on! Known as the “Fast Attack” Gear Pack, our latest downloadable extra will likely cause marksmen to swoon.

Why? Two big reasons. First, we’re adding three brand new Special Edition Sniper Rifles (Raven’s HM 90 SE, SVER’s SASR M, and Valor’s MK 14 Mod 1 EBR) that include a number of performance adjustments and visual variations to our already-popular long-range weapons. Second, you can expect to get your hands on a collection of new armor types! All three factions can now choose to equip Improved Light Armor in their loadouts for the bargain price of just 400 in-game credits.

Raven "Fast Attack" Gear Pack

Oh, and did we mention that the “Fast Attack” Gear Pack is free? Yes, we did, but we’re saying it again anyway. Look for it to appear in the PlayStation Store the afternoon of April 29, alongside all other scheduled PSN updates.

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  • yippy ki yay mfers
    also keep DLC free or im not playing MAG ever again do you understand my ulitimatum

  • ooh i forgot stop the laggy glitichers in the game i hate cheaters

  • its not cheaters its the game hitman merc,so bad i got rid of mine

  • do you feel lucky punk? huh do ya..?

  • Awesome!keep it up Zipper.

  • I don’t want new guns or stuff like that. I WANT NEW MAPS !!

  • hay nate psn message me on that

  • Hitman-Merc please STFU.

    Nice looking DLC guys.

  • Nice to see Zipper’s still adding stuff to the game :)

  • i declare love for allz the zipperz

  • Awesome Zipper , hope to see new maps soon !!!!

  • i agree… new maps would be awesome

  • this is america i do what i want plus freedom is my right
    yippy ki yay mfer

  • I never have any lag – you guys need to upgrade your internet connections.

    Thanks for the free DLC. I still love this game just as much as I did on day 1. My only request would be for some new maps.

  • sell a dlc so hitman does not play! =P we can live without him! just watching he’s post annoy’s me already =P

  • get em hitman,lol,flood the post with what you want they are gonna complain about something anyways

  • Apparently ignorance is your right Hitman. Your lame ultimatum in the first post is proof of that.

  • @hogwild333-my internet connection is fine.LMAO ur trying to tell me domination doesnt lag?

  • i have played the beta sence nov 25th so tell my who’s the noob LVL 60 three times got veterans trophies what else MAG platoon leader also fk you all im in S.V.E.R now not using LMG like a noob 100 bullets yeah i still use assault rifles from the beta boom your dead checkout my trophies noobs

  • i have yet to experience lag on domination.

  • after last update i dont have much laggs on Domination xD haha ure strangeguys :D

    yay cool that well get new equip :D:D:D

  • hey hale_2_nathan get on ps3

  • nice, free dlc FTW

    Thank you Zipper

  • cool! (and I do like how all this free DLC gives new players who just buy the game a leg up on using slightly more advanced weapons right from level 1)!

    In all reality though, I think most of your regular players would rather have map fixes (and balancing) rather than DLC and constant weapon balancing/rebalancing/nerfing/un-nerfing. Fix the Valor ninja F door… fix the auto-frago reversals on Raven’s Dom map so we can actually get some frago points for a change… these basic fixes really shouldn’t be too hard!

  • I don’t care about the lags (that happens alot less than MW2), and I don’t about Hitman’s ability to annoy, I just wanna shoot stuff . . . soooooo yea thanks 4 the free DLC’s. And keep standing still, I love that.

  • Sweet. We should have even more snipers, now. (facepalm).

  • All these DLC are great and all but where is the maps ? lol BC2 have free maps and new outfits , MM2 have paid DLC so why is it taking so long for MAG to get 1 new map? This is why alot of people stop playing MAG lol it’s the same old maps . The other two games have been out just as long as you so you guys have no excuse , oh my god it’s socom confrontation all over again please get some maps out i don’t care if it just one.

  • Great news! Thanks for keeping the updates coming Zipper. This gives me incentive to work on my sniping skills (which are lacking). I’m looking forward to what’s coming next; new maps and game types to keep it fresh I hope. MAG is awesome!

  • that is sooooo sweet!! so look out i got you in my cross hairs!and its free yessss free is good!


  • Any chance of us getting some sort of gas mask in the next DLC? Don’t get me wrong, the hockey masks are cool, but gas masks are really intimidating!

  • had this gmae since release & 400 megs of updates later its mediocre n barely playable at the best of times. for $60+ I want a game that works not fillers & fluff. This game is perfect example amongh many of y I’ve stopped buying PS3 products.

  • I’m happy to see more free DLC, however sniper rifles? Use could have waited to release those. We already have enough people trying to snipe that can’t do it in the first place. Sniper rifles in this game just take away from teamwork at the objectives. Don’t get me wrong there are some good snipers in the game but it only seems to be 1 out of every 100 that can actually use that class properly.

    I’m with the others that maps or game modes are needed, desperately I might add. I picked up Yakuza 3 and have only played MAG a few times in the last couple weeks. It’s getting boring, not the game but the players are what are boring me. The players just don’t seem to have that much imagination making a lot of the matches one sided. A new map or game mode might just be enough to get people thinking outside the box.

    Fast attack? I figured SMG’s or Shotguns or something for the commando class at least not Sniper rifles. Use got my hopes up with that header.

  • OMG, Zipper, you are the most gnarly fps developer in the world. The amount of dedication you’re giving to us is second to none. Thank you so much for everything. Now that these updates are coming, I have a question for you. Do you plan on adding destructibility to environments, more vehicles, snow maps, more customization to our characters, getting rid of invisible walls, new guns, player controlled drones, or mount your bipod on objects, window sills, waist level high walls ? Please please say yes to all of the above? If not, will you hire me so i can do said things for you? Seriously, I need more MAG! Have a great day.

  • As usual epic fail zipper. no maps again. well ya have lost me.

  • @Jeremy Dunham

    I would love to participate in another double XP weekend! How about Father’s Day weekend or Memorial Day weekend? Keep the good stuff coming!

    • We’ll have another one of these in the near future for sure. We’ll let you know when the time is right. :)

  • very cool… btw, is it true what k steimer said a little bit ago regarding you eating with your mouthful??

  • Ya give people free stuff, they still find reasons to complain…

  • yay! thank you Zipper and PSN.

  • People who come and post just to troll need to look outside and see that there is a world outside of your crappy indoor life. Everyone who loves MAG should be in here. Anyways, thanks Zipper. This game is awesome, I love how it weeds out the noobs.

  • I love MAG and have been wanting this 400 price-point armor since beta testing, yessss! This is also going to give us more variety on the battlefield.


  • Need new machine guns, assault rifles, maps, game modes, and server patch. ALot of frozen dead characters and falling through the map glitch. Thanks for free DLC but sniping is last gun i wouldve wanted more of haha.

  • Thank you for the free DLC’s! Keep em free, we all will remember that.

    We need a real clan system please. It will bring in more serious players, give MAG longevity, sell more PS3’s, and make MAG one of the best shooters of all time. Zipper, you can do it.


  • everyone stop complaining. they have given free weapons and armor and now the’re doing it AGAIN. Stop complaining and thank them.
    -Thank you Zipper(P.S. I know im being greedy but i still want maps lol thanks)

  • Yes more maps. However, I do think that we need more abandoned buildings and random objects to make it feel even more realistic.

  • Man Zipper why don’t you actually put out some DLC we have been asking for instead of all these lame ones with new armor? MAG is dying everyday I play now there is hardly anyone on and the people that are only play sabotage because it takes so long to get into Acquisition or Domination. How am I suppose to earn the rest my medals when I can’t even get into game modes what allow me to earn them?

    When you finally do release new maps I hope you make those free because as I have said the game is slowly dying already and a divide in the community would make getting into games even longer.

    Also where is the clan support? You do realize you have created a completely online FPS right? Clan support should be a given otherwise what was the point of implementing clans into your game? You have a grouping system no need for clans if there isnt any support for them.

  • I don’t like MAG that much, but Im glad that Zipper is supporting their game with free DLC though.

    More game developers can learn from Zipper and Naughty Dog.
    Uncharted 2 dlc cost money but its worth every penny.

  • yes definitly more clan support would be welcomed as of right now there really is no point to being in a clan as only 8 of you can get into a game. and for a game that is touted as a massive action game with 256 player support, why not support more than 8 members in a clan?

    definitly need more maps. would breathe fresh air into the game and make more people come back to the game. right now player count is about 2800 for sabotage 800 for aquisition and less than 2000 for domination. players are dwindling bring them back!

    other than that please keep the content coming i dont care if its free or paid we need more satiate our demand!!! thanks for the freebie!

  • Need more maps PLEASE.

    Nothing wrong with the original maps until you’ve played them all 10 billion times, I appreciate the free stuff of course, but I’d actually pay to get some new maps.

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