3D Dot Game Heroes: Character Creation Exposed!

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Readers of PlayStation.Blog,

Look at me.

Now look at this video.

Now back to me.

Sadly, you probably haven’t looked at the video yet, because you’re still reading this.

If you HAD seen the video, you’d know all about the powerful character creation tool in the upcoming love letter to retro gaming, 3D Dot Game Heroes, coming exclusively to a PS3 near you (preferably yours) on May 11th.

Now look at the video. Seriously, you should probably just stop reading and look at the video.

Now back to me. What’s this I’m holding? Why, it’s a bunch of awards from some of the most awesome game sites and magazines around, like IGN.com, GamePro, and Game Informer. Here are some links:

3D Dot Game Heroes. Coming May 11th, exclusively for PS3. Only $39.99!

What will YOUR hero be?

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15 Author Replies

  • Can’t frickin wait to play this game!

    Keep up the great work Atlus/From Software!


  • Preorder this about a month ago. Aram, everything Atlus puts out is gold! Or at least it takes my gold….

    • Thank you for pre-ordering so far in advance. We appreciate your support! :)

      *bites SGTquig’s coin, just to be sure…*

  • Almost prefect, but there is a lack of Kevin Butler

  • Aram and Atlus…keep up the great work!!!

    RElease 3d dot already!!! (at least I have a bunch of your games to keep me busy!)

    You have become my favorite publisher. In the last year I bought 2 persona games for ps2, have SMT -Nocturne in the mail, class of heroes, persona 1 on psp and the 2 shin megami tensi games on the other handheld(I would of preferred them on psp, but eh they rock anyway).. All I can say is you guys make a 31 year old gamer a happy gamer. I love rpgs and action-adventure games (especially dungeon crawlers and rogue-likes).

    What are the chances of you guys picking up Brandish the dark revenat for PSP(already out in Japan and it has a mass following on Atlus.com.) Or how about the Falcom Y’s games for PSP(they are in Japan, why not here? you did a ds version, why not a psp version?) I could give you a list of games.

    I just want to say thanks for taking a risk and releasing great rpgs and action-rpgs that others wouldn’t dare to publish. I buy all your games day 1. Please don’t abandon the PS platform!

    • midnightshade,

      Thanks for the kind words and for your support. With Demon’s Souls, 3D Dot Game Heroes, Hexyz Force, and Persona 3 Portable, I think it’s pretty clear we’re quite proudly continuing our support of PlayStation platforms.

      As for the rest of your comment, the broad answer is that we explore just about every licensing possibility (that we’re aware of). We’d love to bring every game our fans want over, but sometimes——and this is a general comment, not specifically pertaining to the titles you cite——there are reasons they never come to the States.

      We hope that our future releases line up with your expectations! :)

  • LMFAO that was the greatest video-game trailer I have ever seen. I was going to get this game anyway, but now I want it more!

  • I have a question about the Fish and Tank…

    Can you really Be a Tank any use a Fish Sword?

    It’s believable but i’m blonde and have my moments of gullibility.

    • xBlackBloodx,

      The tank model is actually one of the included bonus characters (released post-launch in Japan but added to the actual disc for the North American release… just because we love you), so you’ll be able to start your adventure with it from the moment you unwrap your copy.

      The fish sword is also in the game, but it is something you’ll have to work to acquire. There are 24 swords/weapons in total, with some being far more challenging than others to acquire.

      If anything, it will give you an incentive to explore. With the many glowing reviews commenting that they spent in excess of 20 hours questing across the kingdom of Dotnia, we’re confident you’ll feel quite satisfied/rewarded when you finally wield your trusty seafood sword.

  • @56 apparently yes u can in all seriousness

    this games looks like alotta fun, old school gameplay with awesome block graphics? lol… anyway cant wait for next month


    oh and i agree with 36 give the guy who worked on the ad a raise thats awesome marketing dammit lol

  • how about that “natural sword enhancment” video i think that guy deserves a raise too lol

  • Definitely will be buying this game. I’m always looking for unique games.

  • This game is amazing for the old gamer i am ! next gen retro …. seriously wow , cant wait !

  • This game is so Epic!. The guys @ FromSoftware keep producing high quality games. and ATLUS delivers the good straight to the PS3 Elite. You guys are simply awesome.. keep the exclusives coming….and I will continue to support you.

  • Hahahah, I am definitely getting this. Love From Software, been a fan since Lost Kingdoms back on the Gamecube. Am I allowed to say Gamecube here? Anyways, maybe I will preorder soon… shame there’s no preorder bonus, definitely would have done that already if there was.

  • can you make your own maps?

  • I want this game so bad but prices are so high in specialized stores in mexico that I don’t think I’ll buy it at release (around US$80), unless someone from the US comes around that date so I’ll have amazon delivering it there.

  • Thanks again Atlus!! I can’t wait for this. But i have another suggestion… SMT and Persona game on PSP or PS3 would be great. I am hooked on the last game you put out (smt-sj), literally! Sneaking into the bathroom at work to play is not good. I would love a game like those on the PSP (or the ps3 for that matter). How about it? (i have persona 1 on psp but already finished it.)

    I probably wouldn’t be even writing here if you guys would release 3d dot game heroes already!!!! The wait is just killing me. I know pod casters who had the review copy for almost 2 months now..so the game is finished, why the wait?

  • Atlus is simply awesome, can’t wait to see an Atlus developed title on PS3.


    Also make another game like Demon’s Souls please more open world like though.
    Thanks I love you

  • I love it!

    From the concept, the risk, and the freaking awesome price. WOW. I appreciate your efforts. Keep up the fantastic work, and may this bring you success – and with that, more solid titles.

    :) Thanks.

  • “Now look at the video. Seriously, you should probably just stop reading and look at the video”

    I admit it, I didn’t watch the video until this part.

  • I probably won’t play this game. I would like to, but it will probably want me to “update” my firmware. That won’t happen unless you give me back linux support!!

  • @Majin47

    Yea..it from a Old Spice Commercial rofl

  • This just might be the best videogame commercial I’ve ever seen!

  • That video makes me want to create an Old Spice Can character!

  • Yet again another fantastic trailer for the game, your marketing team deserves some kudos for these. It’s also making the wait that much harder -_-‘

    Thanks again for the awesome price too, $39.99 rocks. Can’t wait to be playing this game.

  • i hope old spice doesnt sue lololol good video lol i always loved that commercial

  • So looking forward to this. Great ad.

    Just hope I can repair my YLOD before it comes out.

  • When someone at Sony finally decides to act right and give me the money they owe…instead of avoiding their debts…
    Perhaps then, and only then would I consider any future purchases.

    I don’t reward negligence.

  • Firstly, I’m buying this game and i’m very very excited. Its a breath of fresh air. I’d love to see a real take on these games, not so much parodies, but some real story driven games with this engine.

    Sidenote: Can you please not copyright protect your save game data. Its a terrible thing to have to return your ps3 because of system malfunction and lose all your copyright protected saved games! If possible, release a patch to Unprotect the Demon souls save. I BEG YOU!

  • Already have my copy pre-ordered/reserved. I pre-ordered it when the first announcement came up. This game is a fanboy’s wet dream in regards to nostalgic game playing. I don’t know how many times I played and conquered Zelda along with all the other retro games (reportedly acknowledged in the game) in the past. This is gonna be OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!

    ****BODY KICK!!!!!****
    ****Puh,Puh,Puh,Puh,Puh,Puh, POW-ER!!!!****

  • Soooooooo pumped for this game. The wait is agonizing.

    FYI – Amazon is now offering “Release Date Shipping” for pre-orders of this game. That means that I get to play it on May 11th!!! So far away……

  • I’m on a horse.

  • I’m in the same boat as HerbertFortoon. I want this game badly, I have since it was announced last year.

    But unless this runs on 3.15, I won’t buy the game because I can’t PLAY the game.

    And that really does break my heart, but Sony can’t listen to anything but a great sucking sound on their purse.

  • Epic video, also: For our character, will we get to decide how he looks while holding his sword, or will it always be on a set place on the character model?

    • The sword and shield are always placed in the same spot on every model. This means that some designs might partially clip with one or both, but, foreseeing this possibility, the developers have included the ability to Preview your custom hero and all its animations in a little test area.

      There, you’ll be able to check out whether the sword extends from your model in a manner you’re satisfied with, and check out the various poses you design, etc.

      Hope that clears things up!

  • What are the chances on a demo? Looks fun, but i’d rather try before I buy.

    • Faenix1,

      There will not be a demo for 3D Dot Game Heroes. While we understand your desire to try before you buy, we would suggest that there are (and continue to be posted) a number of detailed, positive reviews and quite a few HD videos you could check out to help you make your mind up.

      And there’s always rental, if you’d like to go that route.

      Hopefully, the more you see of the game, the less you’ll be able to resist its charms!

      Thanks for the question.

  • So is the sword your character is holding just aesthetic, unrelated to what equipment you are using? Like, what happens if you are the tank? Do you just “shoot” a sword swing?

  • Aram, the more I look at videos the more I want: I think it’s about a 90% certainty.. that I will get this. Thx for the response, I figured I might as well ask.

  • Already have it pre-ordered :P

  • Well after the many foolish and most useless downgrades from sony forced on my ps3 rednering it entirely useless my ps3 will not even support this video. But since sony so foolishly and deliberately has engaged in a campaign of crippling hardware and software of its own users I wont be buying this game on PS3 or any other game. 3rd party developers should take note of this. Its not just me but thousands YES THOUSANDS upon thousands of foermer PS3 gamers have abandoned PS3 in favour of other platforms because of sonys deliberate crippleware tactics. IF this tital gets released on another platform I’ll buy it. on ps3 its definately NO SALE

  • Here, here PirateRyoko.

    So far I can see the following companies losing out on my purchases:

    20th Century Fox
    Sony Move

    And this is just for half this year.

    Anyone who works for a 3rd party, tell Sony that this position is untenable. Anyone who is like me, tell them what you want. Only money talks to Sony.

  • aram this game for me was love at firts sight i really think this game is original and unique and i only want that this game make his place in the market for my is a must have like demon soul dont forget that one neither thank you for make me remember my days as a child playing those type of adventures

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