3D Dot Game Heroes: Character Creation Exposed!

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Readers of PlayStation.Blog,

Look at me.

Now look at this video.

Now back to me.

Sadly, you probably haven’t looked at the video yet, because you’re still reading this.

If you HAD seen the video, you’d know all about the powerful character creation tool in the upcoming love letter to retro gaming, 3D Dot Game Heroes, coming exclusively to a PS3 near you (preferably yours) on May 11th.

Now look at the video. Seriously, you should probably just stop reading and look at the video.

Now back to me. What’s this I’m holding? Why, it’s a bunch of awards from some of the most awesome game sites and magazines around, like IGN.com, GamePro, and Game Informer. Here are some links:

3D Dot Game Heroes. Coming May 11th, exclusively for PS3. Only $39.99!

What will YOUR hero be?

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