PlayStation Move Developer Diary – The Fight: Lights Out

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Hi everyone. I’m John McLaughlin, and I’m a producer on the new PlayStation Move brawler, The Fight: Lights Out.

We had a really positive response from everyone who played the game at the Game Developers Conference under the working title, “Motion Fighter,” and since then we’ve been working hard on getting the game together. We’re currently in an alpha state and things are starting to look sweet.

We’ve conducted a ton of motion capture to ensure that every punch, every hit reaction, every dirty move and every hard-hitting knockout makes the player feel right in the thick of the action. So get ready to go blow-for-blow in the fight of your life because now, only with PS3 and the PlayStation Move motion controller, you’ll be able to throw punches with total precision. Throw jabs, hooks and uppercuts any way you like, just as you would in real life. Duck, bob and weave in real-time with the PlayStation Eye tracking your head movements.

Don’t think you’re much of a fighter? Well, it doesn’t matter — just fight dirty instead! Launch a two-handed ear drum burst to stun your opponent and follow up with a sly elbow to the face. Grab hold of his ears, head-butt him and then finish him off with a backhander. This is The Fight: Lights Out, and you can fight any way you want to – just make sure you win! All of this is only possible with the freedom of movement available with PlayStation Move.

That’s all from me for now. Be on the lookout for more on The Fight: Lights Out at E3. In the meantime, check out this new video to the get the low down on how PlayStation Move helps deliver the ultra-realistic brawling experience of The Fight: Lights Out.

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  • Wow, I’m quite impressed with this alpha build. The graphics look comparable to Fight Night Round 4 but with motion control. I am drooling a little…. This would be a blast to play with a bunch of friends tourney style. I am really looking forward to this title and the move. I have to say. I own all of the systems out now and the Playstation is by far the best of the bunch and the one that gets 99% of my play time. I am not interested in Natal nor the wii + motion. I have to say I’m really looking forward to your E3 reveals too. Keep up the hard work Sony. Your fans appreciate it!

  • how fast can the eye and move pick up?

    what i mean is if u put a combo of 2 punches like jab and straight(as fast as u can) will the game actually pick it up or will it just do 1 punch since you punch too fast?

  • i want to know if there will be accessible things to beat your opponent with. in the video i saw a few chairs and some crate ibelive that would be an amazing feature yall should think about before publishing the game. imagine knocking the piss out of an opponent after a long close fight with a chair that was lying around on scene pure magic i say. or you pull of your belt and start whipping the opponent. when dealing with consumers one must imagine every thing capable to punish thy opponent.

  • I JUST CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • does it vibrate once you hit a punch? pls say yes :)

  • I’m eager to find a convention in the UK where I can try or see this in action,it does look great on the videos I’ve seen but I’d really like to experience it in person the fact that you really have to to punch/interact with the game instead of just ‘flicking’ the control like the Wii has me 90% sold I just wanna try it for myself…I suppose in a way I’m just a ‘big kid’ and can’t wait for it to come out.

  • It should be EXACTLY what I do. For example, if I put my arms down, the character should put his arms down, if I rave then the character should rave etc…

  • does it vibrate when i punch?

  • I’ve had one big question. Most of the games i’ve seen requires more then one Move. Are you going to sell the Move in sets of 2+?

  • Wait, this is a standalone U$60 title? What?

  • Will the game track your actual body or is it tracking just gestures?

    • The camera tracks the MOve controllers and also your head, so when you lean your character will lean and so on

  • for a 20% alpha phase build it looks..pretty impressive and the detection is a little bit off but I understand since it’s only on the alpha phase but I’ll look forward to the game and see how awesome it is when it comes out

    btw would it include online multiplayer? cause It would be pretty fun to play with your friends and fight each other online lol

    • online multiplayer is in there – as is split screen, although you wanna be careful you dont knock out your friends for real :o)

  • i hope this will have clans/gangs and gang ladders/single ladders, your game is looking great guys, cannot wait get it :P
    alot people are going to be getting knocked the fk out, none this crap on fn4 anymore, i will be going psycho on people, i just hope it can keep up :P

  • This looks great! Proof that the PS3 can have PS Move and still bring the killer graphics we all know and love. Great looking titles! Now Just get the makers of the Conduit, and Red Steel to bring their games over to PS Move exclusivly with new online features, graphics engines, and gear/weapons it would be a great way to steal some Wii gamers.

    On top of that it would get me to buy some cool games again that unlike the Wii won’t look like crap.

  • i know it’s an old build, but graphically it’s really not that impressive, but to get it running at 60fps and 1:1 motion, i guess you have to make some sacrifices to the game somewhere.

  • Are all the “good” games going to require two main controllers? And if that’s the case, we can assume no two-player offline (ie. 4 controllers).

  • Will the move possibly come in a bundle with this game??

  • the game looks good, I will wait til E3 to see how much moves latency has improved

  • How about Kart Racers and Multiplayer party games? That would be Awsome!

  • so u can just throw a 4 or 6 combo without stopping right?… pretty kool by the way

  • Ok, so I have one big question. Is this game for gestures based or true 1:1 where every single punch is measured precisely and not just i have to make some weird arm movement? I’m already excited for this but knowing exactly how the game plays would make the difference for me. I have heard from different sources that it is just gestured based though.

  • JON I wanted to know if u have psn account if so please add me
    my psn is hankm24

  • I’m not as impressed as the E3 demo from last year?

  • Hi, I will buy the move and the game that for sure. but im wan to know how you going to move your character foward and back?? or will allways move foward againt your opponent??? because the move controller do not have a analogo stick. Or the navigation controller gonig to have a sensor too??? Please I relly wan to know
    and i relly hope a game like demon soul but with the move controller so sony that your homwwork :)Only For PS3 IT ONLY DOES EVERYTHING

    • Essentially you hold down the Move button and tilt your controller in any direction and that will make your character move in that direction.
      By holding your hands up as if in a real fight and leaning naturally it comes off as second nature – we dont need analog sticks!

  • I just hope this has online play and some type of leaderboard.

    Cant wait to get these hands on people.

  • John, I would appreciate it if you could email me at

    I have been using Eyetoy since it came out on the ps2. I still use it today mainly for Eyetoy Kinetic.

    I would like to converse with you about what the capabilities of the game are and see if there is anything you might be able to add / remove that people would like / not like.

    One thing I would like to ask: Is it possible you are able to make it an option in the game where your head is tracked ?
    In Eyetoy Antigrav on ps2, the hands were tracked as well as the head.
    If you did this in your game, we could duck and dodge independant of the hand held controllers.
    This would add more realism. We could lean to the right while throwing a punch at the same time. Or duck and punch somewhere else at the same time instead of our leaning side to side being dependent on the controllers as you have demonstrated in your video.
    As the developers of Antigrav said, when they know where your hands are, they automatically know where your head is.
    I hope you consider what I am trying to say and please email me if you had further questions about it.
    Here is the eyetoy antigrav developer video link

  • Can i expect arcade shooter port on psn. that use the motion control, because this and the fight would probably be the only reason that i would be sold when i own a ps3

  • John, does this also keep track of the hand speed of the user. Example if I throw a combination with fast hand speed will it also register the same hand speed I’ve thrown the punches?

  • You guys should put in a speaker on the Move controller, like the Wii. It would be really cool, on top of the possible interactions with the color of the ball, to have feedback with sound. When I pull out the arrow and prepare my shot it would be really cool to hear that. It would really be immersive! Can’t wait for the controller to come out. I hope you guys have a killer app for it when it launches, something like a Zelda game would be awesome! Make sure Sports Champions is really good. IGN said it didn’t even feel that special or as good as WiiSports. You guys should have the stat tracking and other features to make it feel like a complete game. I liked the fighting game when I tried it out though!

  • Looks very cool, but I’ll reserve my judgment for when I’m able to get my hands on them.

    Is there at least a general idea as to what the USD price point will be when this is released?

  • looks amazing. I hope a king of the hill mode is made; a online mode where the player needs to win X amount of consecative fights to be crowned king. If the player loses, another online player in the lobby(set number) will challenge the winner of the last bout. I think a total of 4 players in the lobby and a consecuative win number of 3 would be awesome.

  • hey want game company is making this

  • I want to know if you have to use batteries or will be like the regular controller and be charged up and use it that way?

  • Heya! I gotta a question. What about utilizing pressure points since you said you could fight any way you want. Are these even instituted into the gameplay or mechanics? Or, what about grabbing your opponent and applying a knee smash to the face? Probably not feasible since we are talking about hand controllers and the actions associated with the movement from them in line with the eye. Maybe the next one? Still looks fantastic though!!!

  • i can NOT wait for playstation move to come out :]
    The bad side is Nintedo is not to happy about it
    they think that sony is coppying. WRONG!!!!!!!!! NINTENDO IS TICKING ME OFF they are just trying to get publicity BUT clearly
    sony is better. bottom line NINTENDO SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all who agree with me say I

  • Hi Jon and i was wondering will the Playstation Move work with UFC 2010 and/or NFL Madden 2011

  • Please Right Back Jon

  • Do You Have To Buy A new play station 3 to use this or can you just buy the motion controllers?

  • this will make the wii obsolete bye bye nintendo the ps3 will wipe you out now if this happens to be a huge success

  • Playstaion move is probably gonna be cool. But i think it FREAKAN stupid in a way because it’s basically copying the wii. Sony, Don’t act like microsoft. Microsoft is copying everything. NOW YOU ARE? But then also microsoft is coming out with somthing like this too.

  • Hi Jon, I am curious to know that you said earlier this game will have online multiplayer, will we be able communicate with the other player through the ps eye’s mic? And also will we be able to fight online with a friend on your team like a 2 vs 2 mode That’d be cool

  • Another idea I thought of 4 the multiplayer would be like a 10 or 16 player free for all and the last man standing wins think about how fun and chaotic that would be. We’d see people teaming together at first then in the end fight against eachother to win LOL :) it sounds so fun

  • ObakengTheGreat

    Hi John,

    This game looks sweet! Some clowns have stated that there’s lag on the PS Move, but those clowns were using cameras to view the gameplay and based their argments on what they saw on camera, a $150 dollar camera at that! Good to here the lag is sorted out.

    How precise will The Fight be? I know you’ve answered that, but i want to know if i aim for a guy’s temple, will i hit it and if i aim for the jaw, will i hit that?

    Lastly, you need to speak to Sony about possibly creating a PS move/DualShock 3 hybrid controller. Just imagine the kind of money they (and us) could save if we bought 1 controller that does it all; God of War, The Fight etc. Sony’s the only one in position to pull this off. Just talk to them :)

  • ObakengTheGreat

    pcefx | April 16th, 2010 at 9:35 am
    Any word on improving the control delay? The people at the Seattle meetup said the game had a 9 frame delay with the current 20% build. The game was cool looking, but the delay was pretty extensive.

    John McLaughlin | April 16th, 2010 at 12:38 pm
    Its already improved and will improve much much more.

    May I ask how the lag has been improved? Have the libraries been tweaked by Sony or are you using some of the PS3’s Cell processor to sort the issues out?

  • Yea, now this is the kind of game that will sell the Move imo!!!

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