PlayStation Move Developer Diary – The Fight: Lights Out

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Hi everyone. I’m John McLaughlin, and I’m a producer on the new PlayStation Move brawler, The Fight: Lights Out.

We had a really positive response from everyone who played the game at the Game Developers Conference under the working title, “Motion Fighter,” and since then we’ve been working hard on getting the game together. We’re currently in an alpha state and things are starting to look sweet.

We’ve conducted a ton of motion capture to ensure that every punch, every hit reaction, every dirty move and every hard-hitting knockout makes the player feel right in the thick of the action. So get ready to go blow-for-blow in the fight of your life because now, only with PS3 and the PlayStation Move motion controller, you’ll be able to throw punches with total precision. Throw jabs, hooks and uppercuts any way you like, just as you would in real life. Duck, bob and weave in real-time with the PlayStation Eye tracking your head movements.

Don’t think you’re much of a fighter? Well, it doesn’t matter — just fight dirty instead! Launch a two-handed ear drum burst to stun your opponent and follow up with a sly elbow to the face. Grab hold of his ears, head-butt him and then finish him off with a backhander. This is The Fight: Lights Out, and you can fight any way you want to – just make sure you win! All of this is only possible with the freedom of movement available with PlayStation Move.

That’s all from me for now. Be on the lookout for more on The Fight: Lights Out at E3. In the meantime, check out this new video to the get the low down on how PlayStation Move helps deliver the ultra-realistic brawling experience of The Fight: Lights Out.

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  • This looks pretty fun. I can’t wait to try out the move for myself.

    • Glad you like what you see — I think this could be a loooot of fun with friends over and a few “adult beverages.”

  • is this Disc based of DLC? hopefully a few of these games will be released with the controller. I already have the PS Eye, so please if you do game bundles also do it with just the controller and not just with the eye and controller. If this game is real 1:1 i cant wait to play it. I dont think it will be though. it looks like a regular fighter, like you are just pressing a button not that it tracks your hands completely.

    • Hi NewYorker,

      The game is indeed disc based.
      You will find you can aim your punches in any direction and as well as throwing hooks, jabs, uppercuts etc you’ll be able to do all manner of dirty things to try swing the fight your way!


  • Since you have a camera, you should support kicking as well (like Natal?).

    Either way, I hope you include minigames. I can’t imagine the fighting to be interesting for too long.

    • Hi Dragon,

      You can fight how you want to, thats what makes it interesting. We’ll use the camera to track how you bob weave and duck to avoid punches.
      There’s also a ton of moves to learn as you go along in order to become the most complete fighter there is.

      There will be a selection of side games to help you build up your fighter, just like a real gym!



  • Hey Jeff, do you guys have plans to switch your video player to HTML? I would like to see the blogs videos on my AWESOME iPad.

  • i had a blast with the move at the nyc blog meet.. say hi to Bob Dr. Mark and Antwon! Polo155

  • The concept is great, but I’m still not sold on the performance of the Move controller. I know this is alpha stage so I hope it improves, but I have a feeling the experience will be disappointing. It also looks like this game can ONLY be played in a well lit room because of the PSEye tracking your head movements. The PSEye is horrible in low light situations.

  • …@1 they said this will track your dirty blows including knees and the such when i spoke to them at the nyc meet up, and there a few games i cannot wait for including “Sliders” which was fun fun and funny in a Hong Kong setting on an Office Chair..lmaoo Soon enough and they havent mentioned what the packages will include at this time.. SONY’S E3 june 15th 2010

  • Any word on improving the control delay? The people at the Seattle meetup said the game had a 9 frame delay with the current 20% build. The game was cool looking, but the delay was pretty extensive.

  • I’m sold!
    This looks EPIC!
    Can’t wait, keep up the great work!

  • oh good thing this more of a choose then be force on unlike Nintendo

  • When do we get to hear about campaign modes and what not.

  • wow im really looking forward to the Move because of this game

  • @KidCommando
    I played this game and a few others at the Seattle meetup and the place we were in was pretty dim lit, but still the controller had no problem picking up the controller. The light wasn’t the issue at the Seattle meetup, the only problem I encountered was trying not to hit anyone standing next to me (way too many people in that place) But all-in-all I found the controller pretty dang awesome!! Can’t wait to get one.

  • PS Move will fail miserably.

  • As a trained mma fighter I feel very frustrated and disappointed with the wii boxing game, it was just ridiculus.
    I hope this game would give me the control I always wanted on fighting game that is what is on my mind as a strategy for k.o to be able to do it, without having to perform some weird button press to just have my character to do a jab/uppercut.
    This is looking really nice.

    • Hi Tenshin,

      I think you will enjoy this. It can get tiring after a very short while as you will know. I can see some calories getting burned on this game!!
      Hopefully it will keep you in shape for your fights!!


  • I can see my self playing this game, as long as its precise and diverse, Im in.

  • This looks good.

    Like NewYork214 mentioned in his post above, I also have a PS3 it would be nice if you could have a package that only included 2 of the Move controllers and no camera.

    Can’t wait for more news on games supporting the Move.

  • Like the Wii???? Psssss, I think not!!! Better than the Wii!!!!! The PS Moves is what Nintendo wish they could have done.
    The Move is gunna be an awesome addition to the arsenal.
    If I could pre-order, I would!!!!!!!!

  • Right on. It was really exciting to see this at the press conference a few months ago. Did look laggy and didn’t seem very fluid as the game didn’t pick up alot of movements, but again, you guys said it was in alpha. Still have awhile to go till launch and I know it will be improved greatly! Move is a day 1 buy for me!

  • As someone who got a chance to play with MOVE, I have to say its a pretty cool device. Will I be getting it? probably not because of lack of game support that interest me. Depending on what is shown in the coming months, I really don’t see the mass rushing out and buying this device. The MOVE is technologically more advance than the Wiimote Plus, but it and the games shown so far just come across as a me too device hoping to capture some of that Nintendo Wii market. If Sony can start showing some hardcore games, yes I saw Socom but it wasn’t available at the NYC event for us to try it, supporting this device and then they might get a winner on their hands.

    PS: What is up with Sony Fall line up this year? I can find a single exclusive PS3 game coming out this fall for the holiday season. Hopefully SONY will announce the fall line up soon. Can wait because each Fall line up got better with each year for the PS3.

  • It will be interesting to see how to motion capture interfaces with non-deterministic collisions. As much as I love Heavy Rain, it leaned too heavily on motion capture and it often doesn’t reconcile with the physical world they are representing either with regard to collisions or with basic gravity. I hope this game find a better balance, mainly because it’s a necessity.

    Will there be customizable fighters? Can you import your avatar from PlayStation Home? Can you take a front- and side-facing picture with the camera and have it use that as a template for your custom fighter?

    Since this is more physical and less twitchy (like FPS game play, for instance), will you be favoring higher graphical fidelity at 30hz? My personal preference would be for 1080p @ 30hz than 720p @ 60hz.

    Now we just need a Quidditch World Cup game!

    • HI,

      There will be customisation for the fighters, but no picture taking for your face im afraid. We are looking at mugshots for when you’ve knocked someone out online.

      We run at 60FPS and the animation you’ve seen so far has already been replaced with mo-cap – our stuntmen hurt a lot that day!

  • Hopefully there’s a wide variety of high-quality foley and voice-over assets. Nothing worse than hearing the same sound effects and one-liners over and over and over again done by the same one or two actors. (Like in High Velocity Bowling, for instance.) Looking forward to an awesome soundtrack and 24-bit losslessly compressed audio :)

    Will there be voice chat when playing online? Some games continue to have the characters say their one-liners when playing with online chat, which I hope this game doesn’t do. If I’m playing against a live person who can talk to me, I shouldn’t hear the virtual character.

    Will it have slow motion replay where you can control the camera? Will I be able to record and upload HD videos to youtube?

  • Only 6 months to go and finally will be able to see how it works! They finally found a use for the PSeye finally after 2 years of no PSeye toy games. I can finally dust off my PSeye. I think move controller could have been made better looking though=)

  • I think the move would actually be good as a game creation tool. Combine with the Play.Create.Share, the move would replace having to use the curser-analog stick to drag around, and the sub-controller to cycle through the tools.

  • I third the idea of a two Move controllers + game and no PlayStation Eye bundle pack, for those of us who jumped on the PS Eye at its launch.

  • @13 – agood

    I was more talking about the PSEye tracking your head for the bob and weave. Obviously it will track the glowing balls just fine in low light. Good to hear you had a positive experience with it though. Thanks for the user feedback. ;)

  • WOW this is great I feel really good about this. I think EA will be pleased with the move and its accuracy as it relates to Fight Night. PS3 to the world!!!

  • I was gettin ready to buy a Wii (me and my fiance had a blast playing ping pong but was gettin tired of chasing the ball)the same week that the Arc..i mean MOVE :p was announce ever since then Wii i mean WE…cant wait for it to come out..graphixs look PHENOMINAL and im sure the controll will be alot more precise.Thanks sony for saving me about 3oo buks on a system i wouldve only used to smack balls around

  • Wow, I really think this is going to be good. I’m quite pleased.

  • PS MOVE can’t come out soon enough!!!!

    This looks like it could be a fun game.

  • I also really like the noir look. Will the game be set in the 1930’s, or across different time periods? Would definitely be a cool point of differentiation to other boxing/fighting games.

  • this game looks kick ass:)

  • “major precision”?
    seems like there’s a major lag in the movements
    and why is the game in black n white? did you have to cut out the color to get the controllers to be more precise?

    • That was a vry old build
      You can aim your punches where you want, jab wide high, low etc.

      The game has a distinctive art style but its not strictly black and white.

  • I use to have a wii, and my goodness after a year and a half with that thing and hundreds upon hundreds of dollars (over $600) wasted on gimmicks and gadgets and extra controllers I felt it was a rip off and a total dust collector. Good games would only release a couple of times a year! I’m not trying to bash or anything I’m just saying that the controls were supposed to work just as the MOVE controller should: 1 to 1. But it was just a waggle fest, with some pointing functionality (which I actually loved: see RE4, and Metroid 3).
    So I love my Playstation 3 and cannot wait until the MOVE comes out this fall. Bring it on. I’ll support it so long as they don’t forget about us hardcore gamers!

  • It would be nice if you updated the official Playstation site with the name ;)

  • This is shaping up nicely!
    Hopefully there is some depth to the gameplay and the game itself. I don’t just want to play it once and feel like i’ve already done everything possible. Depth is what get’s the hardcore crowd interested.

    I’m really interested in the move, because i’ve always liked the party games on the Wii, but hated the SD grafix. Now I’ll have best of both worlds with, hopefully, lots more accuracy!!

  • why is this game gesture based and not free?

  • Wish i had the money to go to E3 this year. I can get a ticket from the site i write for, but with no money, i can’t get far. I would love to try out Move and write about all the upcoming games :(

  • Everybody who already has a camera like myself will get SCREWED by Sony. Mark my words. If you want this then you will have to by the bundle and pay for another camera that you don’t need. Sony always screws the early adopters. I REALLY hope I am wrong.

  • Hi John!
    Will your game have offline play?
    online tournaments?

    • Hi Nikolas,

      Yes we will have online and offline multi-player.
      You will also be able to spectate and bet on fights around the world!

  • this looks quit intriguing, seeing as i cant afford e3 or the other meetups i can only spectate as to how it feels. seeing an older build kinda hurts the pr but in understanding i can see how it can become more and more polished, especially with the timing. looking forward to trying this and the other titles out when move finally launches!

  • YouTube uploading custom Soundtrack, will these features get support? or are they planned.

  • I really hope that the movement I do the character in the game do to. If so it will be really cool!

    And if the game replicate where I have my arm, leg, head and react to every little movement…then IM sold!

  • I hope your still answering questions.

    It looks like a good concept so far, i really would like to get my own hands on it to judge it, but im really really hoping that the motion controller, and its launch titles improve MUCH more before launch.

    Okay, anyway have you guys thought of a FirstPerson Mode? i always liked those arcade boxing games where u held the plastic gloves and you played a First Person match against the AI, you had to duck and lean at certain key points.
    Now that you have us up and basically playing in the actual game, a first person boxing/fighting type game would also make great sense.

    Keep up the good work guys, and good luck!

  • Hey john the game looks awesome and cant wait to see the new motion captured animation but I was wondering if its possible for you guys to have 2 modes for the game. What I mean is the regular gesture based mode and also having a more advanced 1:1 mode for guys like me who really want to be in control. Please add this! Thanks for reading! Im buying this game anyway but it would be cool though

  • There is something I want to ask, can you set your character in transparent mode? Because having the character there, you don’t seem to be able to see what your opponent is actually doing. it’s like you’re just throwing punches to see if it hits and sets you up with another camera angle. Hope there is an option to turn your character transparent/non transparent.

    • hi exgore

      Cameras are nowhere near final yet and require lots more tweaking to avoid the things you talk about.

  • Just a general question to draw support, but seeing as the game involves street brawling, wil there be female fighters?
    I ask this as most developers ignore the other gender due to time restraints. However it could be seen as a positive step forward for the genre

  • can I punch someone in the throat? I hope so.

  • It sure would be nice to see these videos on the blog. It’s only been since October that they haven’t worked. Get with the program Sony!!!

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