Aliens and Predators Descend on PlayStation Home for Huge Community Event + This Week’s Content Updates

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If you are a bloodthirsty extra-terrestrial – or just like to (cos) play one on your TV – then tonight is the night to log into PlayStation Home. Extra points awarded if you consider getting down on the Central Plaza dance floor to be a true sign of otherworldly supremacy, or if you simply cannot miss a spectacle that promises to offer just as much sport as slime (because I can guarantee you that there will be plenty of both).

If you guessed that I was alluding to the imminent Aliens vs. Predator user-generated event that is set to occur in PlayStation Home’s Central Plaza between the hours of 6:00pm and 8:00pm PT (9:00pm and 11:00pm EST) tonight (Wednesday, April 7) then that’s because you’ve likely been reading the official PlayStation Home forums and have witnessed firsthand the high level of anticipation building in our community about this momentous occasion. “Momentous” because it is Aliens vs. Predator. “Momentous” because this event is organized and run solely by our community members. So come out tonight and “Dance for Your Species.” In the meantime, you can use these forum sigs to show your support for whichever side you are on (please pass along to your family, friends, and co-workers –- we expect to see your Aunt, your middle school sweetheart, and that guy from Accounts Receivable in full on Alien or Predator regalia).

AvP PlayStation Home 1

AvP PlayStation Home 2

In terms of other huge events for the PlayStation Home community, we will be airing the Season Finale of The Tester in the PlayStation Home Theater come this Thursday, April 8 starting at 3:00pm PT/ 6:00pm EST. Come out and see who will be crowned the winner as the first season of the wildly-popular PlayStation Network exclusive reality show culminates (and pick up the special virtual items that commemorate this landmark event in PlayStation Network original programming history, like this wearable guitar for your avatar).

The Tester in PlayStation Home Guitar Male The Tester in PlayStation Home Guitar Female

This week sees the Irem Festival Square getting another update, with a load of virtual items and a new mini-game called the Goldfish Vendor (complete with some excellent rewards). You’ll also find a grip of Ancient Greek virtual items in the Furniture store in the PlayStation Home Mall as well as some new footwear for the ladies courtesy of our friends over at Lockwood Publishing.

Last, but certainly not least, the PlayStation Store’s ongoing “Spring Fever” sale continues this week, with those of you that happen to purchase one of the many games listed on sale getting a voucher code good for pieces of the Spring Bumblebee and Spring Flower costumes. Be sure to take advantage of these great deals and complete your collection with these uber-limited costumes.

See you in Home!

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  • @49, we were told in the EU that we couldn’t stream music into our personal spaces because it would be classed as broadcasting and it would require a licence. Maybe the same laws aplly in NA too.

  • will you be able to lay eggs if you are the alien and kill other users when your spawn explodes out of their chest?

  • @51 SLURPEE__QUEEN | April 8th, 2010 at 1:26 am

    because they are a corporation and all their answers must be approved by corporate lawyers

  • @52 Thats awesome that someone has told you something. It would be great if we were told anything at this point. If it can’t or won’t happen for whatever reason. If it will and what’s the delay.

    @54 Its been years the lawyers could have a statement ready by now.

    We just want to know. We use home. We pay for home through purchases based on the premise of what home can and should be. Some explanation is all I am looking for.

  • @52 If there’s a simillar rule/law in NA (well, in the US @ the Federal level, state, or local anyway), I’m completely unaware of it. I’m not sure how companies would implement something on the internet (which is inherently global by nature) when w/e is being implemented is perfectly ok in “Place A” as opposed to “Place B” where it’s illegal – I’m hardly a tech genius by any stretch. Some kind of block on the content? I dunno. Regardless of the specific details, people have been waiting for this stuff w/ baited breath for quite some time now. Sony even went as far as to menion these as Home features long before Home came on out. Personally, I can see myself using the streaming functionality (& the trophy room) regularly. Besides, the ability to stream media (video, anyway) could in theory work to Sony’s benefit – essentially free advertizing for their US PSN Video Store & in turn increased sales.

  • Addendum: Another reason to add the stuff from my O.P. – While not everyome may feel the same way, I think Sony’s Home is only fun in small, quick bursts as it stands today. After awhile it gets repetitive & mundane & ppl will log out to use their media because, as it stands now, we can’t access it via Home despite the media being on our system.

    Ooh…! Something just dawned on my as I was typing the last sentence. As a multi-console owner, I know that a certain competitor of sony allows vide watching parties on their service in the U.S., So I know it’s legal here & @ least they’ve found a work-around.

  • I have no idea which to support, hmmm, predators?

  • @25 Chat0076

    Because it’s more productive than sitting around a blog and cry…. complaining about every little thing.

  • Decent event last evening..i do have to say it still does feel like a “cool kid” only party..but it was enjoyable..thanx

  • Ya i really want to beable to listen to music on the highest of quality and beable to invite friends over to watch blue ray movies with me and that trophy room…. when you (FINALLY) finish making it please i mean please do not make it cost anything because that will be a heart for us users having to pay to show off our trophies

  • heart breaker* grammar nazi

  • GlassWalls

    Thanks everyone who managed to make it out to the AvP event. I had fun, and every Instance I hopped to seemed to have at least a small group or more having their own party, and I hopped to a lot of them.

    Best of all? You guys planned and executed it! Let’s hear it for the Home community!

  • I’d Like The Ability To Make It Day Night Or Dusk In Personal Spaces. Also Whenever If Ever We Can Play Videos Make The Tv’s Wall Mounted Or Stand Up, Sell It For $10. Also PLEASE This’s Just An Idea A Good Idea In My Opinion. Sell Special Editions To Games with Home Content Such As Personal Spaces & Character Clothes Furniture The Works. But You Have To Get Certain Trophies To Get The Home Items Platinum Unlocks Personal Spaces. THEN See How Game Sells Go Up Just For The Home Content. Imagine The People Who Don’t Like Heavy Rain But Bought It Anyway Just To Get Ethan Mars’s House Or Madison’s Loft Oooooo & That Club Omg Can You Say Multi Million Seller ? SONY Needs To Hire Me. DO THIS NOW BEFORE THE COMPETITORS Come Out With Their Versions Of Home.

  • Who Else Feels Special Editions Of Games Should Come Loaded With Home Rewards? ALL Special Editions. Some Things Should Be Exclusive To The Special Edition Other Content Should Be Sold Later After The Games Realease. I Want Ethan Mars’s House Fully Furnished That Club On Heavy Rain Kramer’s House With Working Tv Playing My Media. We Need New Clubs Home Team The Barn Is Killing Me.

  • Special Editions Should Be Just That, Special I’d Like Avatars, Dynamic Themes The Works That’d Be The Best $100 I Ever Spent. Do This For Uncharted 3 Pllleeeaaassee.

  • FF13 costumes please. They exist, I have them on the Japanese Home. Put them im the American one and stop being amateur and giving us garbage.

  • You Guys Should Start Making Limited And Special Editions To A Game. Limited Packed With Home Content Such As Spaces Fully Furnished, Clothes & Dynamic Themes, Avatars. Special Packed With Behind The Scenes Stuff Art Work Blah Blaah Blah….. Hell Start Putting A Stick Of Gum In Their Like The Good Old Days DO IT DO IT Noooowwww !!!!! Thank You Sincerly A True Home Addict Here.

  • Went to the Tester’s room and didnt get a guitar for my avatar? what happened?

  • anyone know whatever happened to the alien/android dance trophy?

  • #52 gave me an idea! make alien and predator personal spaces, with ornaments, like the alien eggs, but have special items for interacting with items in the house, like an alien spawn that is sticking out of you chest, have it under the ear-ring slot like the irem snorkle

  • the houses should be the alien temple, and the predator ship

  • i also agree with 62’s day/night idea, i’ve thought about that before

  • So… Final Fantasy XIII costumes for NA home? I’ve seen people with them in NA home, any chance of them coming here, or must I find…erm…other >.> ways to get these costumes on NA home? Please answer? Kay thanks bye

  • Hey Lucust, can we have some gold teeth for or avatars and some more bling maybe even a jewelry store? thanks.

  • I Want To Wear A Watch & Ring Or Bracelet On The Hand I Want It On At The Same Time.

  • i liked the alien and preditor movie so i should like this too :)

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