Aliens and Predators Descend on PlayStation Home for Huge Community Event + This Week’s Content Updates

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If you are a bloodthirsty extra-terrestrial – or just like to (cos) play one on your TV – then tonight is the night to log into PlayStation Home. Extra points awarded if you consider getting down on the Central Plaza dance floor to be a true sign of otherworldly supremacy, or if you simply cannot miss a spectacle that promises to offer just as much sport as slime (because I can guarantee you that there will be plenty of both).

If you guessed that I was alluding to the imminent Aliens vs. Predator user-generated event that is set to occur in PlayStation Home’s Central Plaza between the hours of 6:00pm and 8:00pm PT (9:00pm and 11:00pm EST) tonight (Wednesday, April 7) then that’s because you’ve likely been reading the official PlayStation Home forums and have witnessed firsthand the high level of anticipation building in our community about this momentous occasion. “Momentous” because it is Aliens vs. Predator. “Momentous” because this event is organized and run solely by our community members. So come out tonight and “Dance for Your Species.” In the meantime, you can use these forum sigs to show your support for whichever side you are on (please pass along to your family, friends, and co-workers –- we expect to see your Aunt, your middle school sweetheart, and that guy from Accounts Receivable in full on Alien or Predator regalia).

AvP PlayStation Home 1

AvP PlayStation Home 2

In terms of other huge events for the PlayStation Home community, we will be airing the Season Finale of The Tester in the PlayStation Home Theater come this Thursday, April 8 starting at 3:00pm PT/ 6:00pm EST. Come out and see who will be crowned the winner as the first season of the wildly-popular PlayStation Network exclusive reality show culminates (and pick up the special virtual items that commemorate this landmark event in PlayStation Network original programming history, like this wearable guitar for your avatar).

The Tester in PlayStation Home Guitar Male The Tester in PlayStation Home Guitar Female

This week sees the Irem Festival Square getting another update, with a load of virtual items and a new mini-game called the Goldfish Vendor (complete with some excellent rewards). You’ll also find a grip of Ancient Greek virtual items in the Furniture store in the PlayStation Home Mall as well as some new footwear for the ladies courtesy of our friends over at Lockwood Publishing.

Last, but certainly not least, the PlayStation Store’s ongoing “Spring Fever” sale continues this week, with those of you that happen to purchase one of the many games listed on sale getting a voucher code good for pieces of the Spring Bumblebee and Spring Flower costumes. Be sure to take advantage of these great deals and complete your collection with these uber-limited costumes.

See you in Home!

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  • First!.. or close. I still want a better integration with Home and the XMB though * sigh

  • Light update, but looking fwd to the new Irem stuff. Also the finale of The Tester looks good.

  • Wow, big shock, another dance-off… lol

  • Oh yeah, so are we not getting Binx the dog in the London Pub update?

    • Good news – This will be part of the 04.08 content update! We do not post every piece of content that is being published in any given week on this blog, but we do list all new content under the Latest Update tab in your Menu Pad (you can find it under Community).

  • “Be sure to take advantage of these great deals and complete your collection with these uber-limited costumes.”

    Can I get a voucher for this weeks spring fever item? I bought both echochrome and echoshift when they first came out (first day even). Early adopters shouldn’t be left out in the drenching spring rains like this… :(

  • Thanks for the sigs. I will be representing the Aliens.

  • Can we share movies or music with friends in Home yet? No? How about that trophy room? No?

    These are the only features of Home that ever interested me, as they were originally announced, and now it’s got none of that. It’s got dancing. Dancing for TWO HOURS straight… Seems, I dunno, pointless?

  • Welll.. well… well… Another update… This is getting good every time.. question though, Will we see any new multi level locations?

  • @ spydudefx
    Been reading again, haven’t you? lol That’s for EU HOME. Unless it specifically states NA or America.

  • Still waiting for my Spring Fever code.

  • Very cool! So, since we’ll have the goldifsh vendor, does this mean that we’ll have aquariums too?

  • @megamixer the spring costumes will be sold at the end of the promo in Home

    @stardeth I know it’s for EU, but we have the space here too so it doesn’t hurt to ask. Sometimes small stuff doesn’t get mentioned in the blog but we end up getting it. And hope got that off of the EU Blog lol

  • It would be a great idea give a mini-guide for Home with the basic concepts, I just tried a couple of times and now it feels so complex that I’m feeling overwhelmed without having any idea of what to do or where to go and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Also you guys should show a clear calendar with the weekly/monthly events so gamers can plan in advance. Also it will great of having a close contact with Naughty Dog for example and when for example XXX quantity of gamers enter or do something in their space you can unblock skins or DLC. Just some ideas (sorry if my english isn’t perfect, International Student here)

    • Great ideas – please keep them coming. As far as guides for Home go, these resources do exist for you, though I can assure you that we are always working on the “orientation” experience for new users (as evidenced by the new Navigation system). You can find tutorials on how to do everything from customizing your avatar to game launching under your Menu Pad. Simply press Start while in-world to pull it up.

      You can also find an Events Calendar on the official PlayStation Home website:

      Details regarding events are posted at the Listen@Home kiosk in Central Plaza prior to the event’s start time. We also urge you to read the Message of the Day (which is on the Home start screen) as well as the News tab in your Menu Pad for more details (just look under the Community section).

  • @spydudefx
    Okay, then I’VE been reading again. lmao Otherwise, I’d have no idea what you were talking about. lol However, I don’t think we’ll ever have our HOME catch up with the rest of the world’s HOMEs…

  • @SpyDudeFX
    See, that really isn’t fair. I already paid full price for both of these games which are now on sale for half. I supported each early on by being a Day 1 purchaser. Heck I even gave the echochrome team the idea to update the (at the time) games rather plain trophy icons. After all of my support I should have to buy something latecomers will get free with games at discounted prices? Hardly seems fair man. Such is the state of HOME I guess. :|

  • @stardeth I read AZ4 too but usually check the EU blog lol For people that don’t, Binx is an actual dog that lives in the London Pub. Hopefully we get it tomorrow too, he looks cool.

  • @spydudefx
    Is the address the same as the NA blog except with EU in place of the US?

  • @megamixer I understand your point but at the same time understand that promotions cannot be applied retroactively. My guess is these costumes will be pretty cheap, like $0.99 for the entire set.

  • @stardeth yeah exactly. Maybe someday JP will get a blog.

  • Sweet an irem update…hope its the fish and for thoes waiting on the costume codes..they take roughly a week to get…just got the shoes yesterday from getting gravity crash

  • when are we gettin new personal spaces again?

  • I Hope we get the one piece bathing suits and school girl uniforms from Irem!

  • I can’t imagine a life sentenced to testing video games over and over and over and over and over and over and ……

  • Why would you ever compete to have one of the worst jobs in the video game industry?

  • so are there any rewards for this AVP dance-off or is it a complete waste of time?

  • are school uniforms included in this weeks IREM update? and why dont we ever get those awesome anime concerts like Japan Home? I would really like to see Miku Hatsune or the Idolmaster concerts.

  • @25 – it’s called getting a foot in the door. Would you like me to elaborate?

  • Nice, pay $3.99 for a virtual costume and dance with a bunch pervs who hit on all the girls they see! Yeah PS home updates dont excite me.

  • @26 no prizes for this event, it’s the first one done by Community Volunteers.

  • I have an entire alien tattoo on my back left shoulder, I’ll have to get a picture up for you guys to see.

  • I always look forward to Thursday updates!!

    And Lockwood makes the best shoes!! I think they are conspiring to drain my bank account with their cuteness!

    I would love some more spring clothing–more dresses, skirts, short sleeve shirts, and shorts.

    More bangle bracelets too–they show up the best in bright colors.

    I love Home and am in it everyday. :-)

  • @31, if it’s real and not a rub-on, I’m afraid there’s something wrong with you. That’s just not right for a normal, balanced person to do. It may be “extreeemmme” but you’d better not let a potential employer know.

    As the saying goes “A tattoo is permanent evidence of temporary insanity.”

  • So no God of War stuff again? I guess I can assume it’s not coming, if they didn’t even memorialize the release of GOW 3 with any items in Home. Oh well, guess I’m done spending money in Home, as it seems like the service is getting filled with more and more garbage.

  • Hey Locust_Star, any news on a SPELUNKER space from IREM? The cave is awesome! Seen in it Japan. Hope we get it soon.

  • This update is kind of whack. BRING MLB CONTENT TO HOME!!!!!!!!

  • Another money trap to get people to buy costumes from the mall? Come on, do something exciting with Home, only 10-13 year-olds have any interest in the lame dances….

  • I have dinner plans tonight, but if I were there, I’d totally be repping Aliens.

  • “Whoever Wins, we Lose”

  • @ 24 Not only do people like you and me do it over and over …. we PAY to do it . just a matter of perspective .

    @ 16 Things go on sale …. it happens . last weeks meat and potatoe burrito that i paid full price for is now on sale this week . SCEA doesnt do anything abhorrant than any other business to spark sales . also The echochrome team already had game updates in the works long before your suggestion . So you can get off that high horse now.

  • No prizes for yet ANOTHER soon to FAIL dance-off makes it even worst than all the other ones that have gone through so far.

    Still no Spelunker Cave for Friends? Why not? Too busy accompanying the females who ONLY want the BEACH and their BATHING SUITS!


    Woooo! The fishy game! Of which we’ll probably play for what…an hour tops, (accumulative) and then we’ll never play it again! Whats the point?

    How ’bout we actually get the Spelunker Cave, and get everything to go along with it, that is including the actual games SPELUNKER and SPELUNKER BLACK + ALL THE ITEMS that include THE SPELUNKING OUTFITS and THE ORNAMENTS and such.

    Why not?

    Another useless event, another useless update.

  • Can’t believe another week without Heavy Rain or God of War III content. Crazy really. Would of liked to have a hunt for Origami figures in home. Still think a God of war personal space would be great. Nothing really grabs me in this update.

    It seems like some of the features home seemed centered around need to be addressed soon. Trophy rooms and inviting friends over to watch movies or listen to music. All these things were shown to us years ago. It’s coming close to a breaking point on these issues. At least one of the things would help. If its not going to happen just let us know.

  • I love modnation

  • great this event starts at 2:30 am MY TIME, I’ll be fast asleep and missing it. How about some consideration when planning a start time for those of us on the Real East Coast. Thanks have FUN now.

  • Meh. I’ll get the guitar before sending my PS3 back to Sony… AGAIN. (BTW, when am I getting the e-mail about the UPS box, SCEA?) Otherwise I couldn’t care about the Tester.

  • Thanks LS, I figured as much and even posted that was probably the case.

  • No MAG costumes for US, ehhh I been.waitng for MAG costumes for a while. Hope its not EU exclusive even though I won’t be surprised since they got the MAG special edtion when it was released.

  • Oh crap i can only imagine how many ppl r going to be at the tester theater. as it is every time i go in its ridiculously packed.

  • I like the new look of Home (well, new to me; just got my PS3 back from repairs. It had the YLOD for 2 months). I’m sure you’ve been asked for what seems like 10 billion times, but I gotta make it 10,000,000,001: Are the trophy room in Home & the ability to stream one’s own media (music, videos, etc.) on one’s PS3 HDD into personal spaces in Home still in the works, or will Duke Nukem Forever come out well before that happens? Just curious. It’s fairly safe to say that, in as far as the average PS3 owner is concerned, those 2 items will give people more motivation to use Home, y’know?

  • WHAT WOULD BE EVEN BETTER IS MUSIC TO EVERYONES EARS “? is music in OUR PERSONAL HOMES”? how long have we the public been asking for this ?……………………

  • ok people why is it from you marvellous developers when we post on your blogs ? we never get a complete answer from any of you why do you feel you have to as they say dance around the question ? & not give us a streight answer ? please let us know ok thanks .’

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