God of War III Exclusive: “Even Gods Cry” Music Video and Interview!

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With the recent release of the God of War III Ultimate Edition, many of you, when not busy swinging those double deadly Blades of Chaos, have been rocking nonstop to the sounds of the God of War: Blood & Metal album. One of the tracks in particular has been gaining rapidly in popularity, “Even Gods Cry” by The Turtlenecks. With its haunting melody and thoughtful lyrics, it’s no wonder that it has many fans tapping their feet and scratching their heads. After much pleading and begging Matthew Cappiello and Noah Belson, the illusive Turtlenecks themselves, agreed to allow the PS.Blog to have the world exclusive premiere of the “Even Gods Cry” music video. Better yet they were kind enough to sit down with me and answer a few questions providing some true insight to the men behind the music.

What Inspired you to write “Even Gods Cry”?

Noah Belson: What inspired DaVinci to paint The Last Supper? Or Mike Angelo to take brush to the Sistine Chapel? No one knows where inspiration comes from, but in the case of “Even Gods Cry,” it’s as though some divine force placed the seed of an idea in my head, then poured thought juice on that seed and then that seed grew into a mighty oak, inside my head.

Matthew Cappiello: Also, someone said we could make $100 off this and that’s pretty decent walkin’ around money. If you think about it, that’s probably why DaVinci painted. I mean the guy had to eat, right?

How do you think you are most like Kratos?

NB: Kratos and I both have slight anger management problems. Ask anyone on the highway that fateful day when I smashed 11 windshields with a 9 iron if they think I have anger issues and they’ll probably go “and how!” So there is a little Kratos in me, yes. But you know, another trait the K man and I share is vulnerability. The big guy may be tough as nails but inside he’s hurting and I know what it is it to hurt. But I also know that ripping the heads off monsters (literally or figuratively) isn’t the way to deal with that hurt, so that’s where Kratos and I part ways. Frankly I think if Kratos were around today, he’d benefit from calming influences such as yoga, pilates and maybe even a course of hug therapy. You don’t need a prescription, you just need arms, and heck you can even hug someone if they don’t have arms.

MC: Let me tell you a secret. We’re ALL Kratos. Every single one of us. Some of us are Kratos because we’re fighting internal demons like alcohol, chocolate or heroin. While others of us are the REAL Kratos, fighting demons and shooting lasers (he shoots lasers, right?) at evil demons and demigods and what not. I never actually played the game because I’m still using a Playstation 1 and I just can’t swing the upgrade right now. In any case, to answer your question- yes, I had a lot of fun writing “Even Gods Cry.”

Why do you think this song has such universal appeal?

MC: We write songs for the common man. When we ride in the Turtlecopter and point down at the tiny people below us, we point to them and say, “That guy. That’s who we’re writing this song for.” and I think it shows in our music.

NB: But in this song we did something different. This song was written for the gods. We wanted this to be the kind of song that when people heard it for the first time they would finally understand what ears are for. We wanted lovers to kiss harder after hearing it. We wanted mothers to weep for the joys their children will know. Flowers to bloom brighter. Cotton to feel softer. This song has universal appeal because the universe needed this song, just like the universe needs the Turtlenecks.

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  • Amazing! ….

  • I was expecting it to be totally serious. I’m glad it was ironic and humorous. Not bad. And the interview was decent.

  • I don’t know if I can invest in anymore games for the PS3. At any time, Sony might just remove the ability of PS3 Phats (or all PS3s) to play games since they have shown that they have no problem removing other features from the console. Sorry.


  • WOWWEE! That’s epic suckness!

  • too F^$#ing bad i cant finish GOW3 again because i was playing Section 8 last night btw Section 8 its a good game n my system shut off by itself in de middle of de game and guess what yellow light of death on my 80 gigs ps3 now if i want to send it to sony i have to pay and i will loose everything i have because my account has been used 5 times now i have lost 2 systems 1 because of the laser messing up now this Great F^*^%ing Great

  • btw i will be playing my 360 from now on

  • even tho i love ps3

  • That song made me cringe.

    I would not want to associate it with something like God of War and if it’s in the official soundtrack then I’m not buying it.

  • Ps3: It only does crappy music based on an awesome game.

    Oh wait it only does – not other os
    Not BC
    Not run latest flash sites
    Not support hulu
    Not cross chat…

  • That interview was frigging hilarious.

  • This attempted humor was so lame some people actually took it seriously! lol what a joke. Just delete this blog post and forget it ever happened.

  • wow im speechless, i vote for this blog post as the worst ever….and also that song for worst ever.

    but each to their own if people like it more power to them (or they are deaf)

  • Berberhaeuptling

    this song (and video) in combination with GoW is…

  • Leave the folk songs to the pros, like Flight Of The Conchords!

  • lol! Stig, dont take it personally theres a circle above your head and I must kill you dead (just kidding, great game and song!)

    guys where is your sense of humor? If you need heavy metal humor in Hades, try BRUTAL LEGEND!

    GoW was just trying something different and phunnie, it works great tune!

  • oh man that was bad, it seems they were at SMS in the video, but damn this song sucks. It may not be a serious attempt and more of a comedic song, but it still kinda sucks.

  • I though it was a serious song at first, but then I started listening to the lyrics and it made me laugh.

    Nice comedy song!

    Not better than, “Boats and Hoes”, but good attempt!

  • very good

  • lame

  • “Even Gods Cry” when they listen to this song…

  • o _ O” Wow… that was just bad, some how I don’t think GoW III & Folk music mix.

  • even for a parody it was crap…

  • dont know what was worse, song or interview!!! playstation 1 still?!? WTF LOL at the big time musicians. do they book concerts at starbucks? lol

  • Matthew Cappiello: Also, someone said we could make $100 off this and that’s pretty decent walkin’ around money. If you think about it, that’s probably why DaVinci painted. I mean the guy had to eat, right?

    I hope he was joking, because a master of philosophy Matthew is not. Also yes, this song sucks something fierce.

  • Wow. That was terrible…

  • Hy Ears hurt, and not in that “good, just listened to an awesome metal song about God of War” way. In a “That was Lame way” . . .

  • you guys should take this out of the blog fast because if some ppl think this is really from MW3 sell will drop fast lol.

  • Well, I read the comments, thought they were harsh, then watched the video. They are not harsh… The video was pretty bad. I liked the song from the day I downloaded the soundtracks, but the video could have been better. What’s up with the acoustic guitar? There should have been an electric guitar, less walking, and more GOW footage.
    On the plus side, GOD OF WAR 3 SLURPEE CUPS! How did nobody else notice?

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