God of War III Exclusive: “Even Gods Cry” Music Video and Interview!

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With the recent release of the God of War III Ultimate Edition, many of you, when not busy swinging those double deadly Blades of Chaos, have been rocking nonstop to the sounds of the God of War: Blood & Metal album. One of the tracks in particular has been gaining rapidly in popularity, “Even Gods Cry” by The Turtlenecks. With its haunting melody and thoughtful lyrics, it’s no wonder that it has many fans tapping their feet and scratching their heads. After much pleading and begging Matthew Cappiello and Noah Belson, the illusive Turtlenecks themselves, agreed to allow the PS.Blog to have the world exclusive premiere of the “Even Gods Cry” music video. Better yet they were kind enough to sit down with me and answer a few questions providing some true insight to the men behind the music.

What Inspired you to write “Even Gods Cry”?

Noah Belson: What inspired DaVinci to paint The Last Supper? Or Mike Angelo to take brush to the Sistine Chapel? No one knows where inspiration comes from, but in the case of “Even Gods Cry,” it’s as though some divine force placed the seed of an idea in my head, then poured thought juice on that seed and then that seed grew into a mighty oak, inside my head.

Matthew Cappiello: Also, someone said we could make $100 off this and that’s pretty decent walkin’ around money. If you think about it, that’s probably why DaVinci painted. I mean the guy had to eat, right?

How do you think you are most like Kratos?

NB: Kratos and I both have slight anger management problems. Ask anyone on the highway that fateful day when I smashed 11 windshields with a 9 iron if they think I have anger issues and they’ll probably go “and how!” So there is a little Kratos in me, yes. But you know, another trait the K man and I share is vulnerability. The big guy may be tough as nails but inside he’s hurting and I know what it is it to hurt. But I also know that ripping the heads off monsters (literally or figuratively) isn’t the way to deal with that hurt, so that’s where Kratos and I part ways. Frankly I think if Kratos were around today, he’d benefit from calming influences such as yoga, pilates and maybe even a course of hug therapy. You don’t need a prescription, you just need arms, and heck you can even hug someone if they don’t have arms.

MC: Let me tell you a secret. We’re ALL Kratos. Every single one of us. Some of us are Kratos because we’re fighting internal demons like alcohol, chocolate or heroin. While others of us are the REAL Kratos, fighting demons and shooting lasers (he shoots lasers, right?) at evil demons and demigods and what not. I never actually played the game because I’m still using a Playstation 1 and I just can’t swing the upgrade right now. In any case, to answer your question- yes, I had a lot of fun writing “Even Gods Cry.”

Why do you think this song has such universal appeal?

MC: We write songs for the common man. When we ride in the Turtlecopter and point down at the tiny people below us, we point to them and say, “That guy. That’s who we’re writing this song for.” and I think it shows in our music.

NB: But in this song we did something different. This song was written for the gods. We wanted this to be the kind of song that when people heard it for the first time they would finally understand what ears are for. We wanted lovers to kiss harder after hearing it. We wanted mothers to weep for the joys their children will know. Flowers to bloom brighter. Cotton to feel softer. This song has universal appeal because the universe needed this song, just like the universe needs the Turtlenecks.

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  • Craziness.

  • too bad I can’t watch the video
    come on Sony , fix the playstation 3 browser already

    love the song though

  • Awesome stuff

  • I normally like this kind of music but well…since I can’t say anything nice I won’t say anything more.

  • Please tell me this a late april fool’s day! What a POS!

  • “since I can’t say anything nice I won’t say anything more.”

    Same here…

  • Bit late for April fools guys, however awesome!

  • Please tell me this is some sort of weird joke…

  • Wait…
    Blood : Check ! (Yes, I listened to the lyrics)
    Metal : Still looking for it

    Conclusion: badass folk song but I wanted a ‘April fool’ metal track

  • What did I just Watch??? LMAO!!!! seriously…. this is really really really did I say really? BAD

  • I seen AMVs on Youtube using this song and God of War footage that was better than this video. Don’t believe me…here is a one of those AMV: *http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDyR_t3eqzU
    A still picture was better than that video I just saw on this post.

  • The “exclusive premiere”?!!

    You mean, “The one and only showing…ever.”

    …at least if the Gods have any mercy.

  • This is my favorite song from the Soundtrack, lol.

  • lol kratos wanted to be a dancer.

  • I’m lovin it, my gf got me the ultimate edition for my birthday. Best. Present. Ever.

    …besides the time she got me a PS3 Christmas 2007.

  • I was surprised to I find this song in the download and even more so after I listened to it. It’s a good comedic song and a good God of war lyrics. My favorite part is this “It’s just, there’s a circle above your head”. I’m just wondering what’s the genre of the song and the composer. Anyone know?

  • man that was bad


  • I bought the ulitmate edition and my soundtrack code still doesn’t work? What do I do?

  • Stupid song and those guys can’t sing…

  • Is this a late April fools joke?

  • For the soundtrack code you new to use a computer and not your ps3 to download it.

  • that was just awfull


  • Some people work hard every day to make a decent living. Then there’s these guys…

  • I appreciate the effort. I can definitely appreciate the passion.. But these guys wouldn’t make it past their first American Idol audition.

  • well i was expecting a bit more.

    not something so… grating…

    and not 7 1/2 minutes of it either.

  • The song was actually surprisingly okay, they sounded amateur to me, but it was definitely music to my ears, I enjoyed it =P

  • that song is so terrible you should feel bad for posting it

  • This is the Greatest Song of All Times!!! I Love It!!! The Turtlenecks should get a Grammy! Keep up the good work fellas!

  • The game was alright & way too short. It would’ve been nice to have custom tracks. At least Dante’s Inferno had that. I know they worked hard on the music but why should we be forced to listen to opra music when we can listen to something we already know we like. In game music is the future of gaming Sony!

  • Did the first guy actually not know the masters painted those works for cash?

    Thankfully, second guy stepped in to avoid making them both look like losers.

  • Cheesy! lmao

    You guys can’t be serious with that cheesy song.

  • Seriously, this is so cheesy lol

  • tht song is so lame.. seriously dnt delete my comment jus delete this blog itself.. dnt put ne one in pain to watch tht bs song..

  • This cannot be serious. That is one of the worst songs I have ever heard in my life, and the video is even worse then the song.

    That is 7+ minutes of my life I will never get back. Please disassociate this with God of War immediately.

  • The worst part is that this track is on the Blood and Metal CD, and it’s not even a metal song, it’s just total garbage.

  • @SleezyMartinez here’s in game music for you, turn your TV down and turn your RADIO on or plug your MP3/IPOD into your PC.

  • This is the best track on the ep, better than that modern metal garbage

  • Any news on the DLC for GOD3? I have already got the platinum cup
    and can’t wait for the DLC content. It is said on the web that there will be a fighting mode like street fighter included in the coming DLC. Is it true?

  • “…cats in the cradle thing.”


  • Opra music? Is that music selected by Oprah? Or was that supposed to be Opera? I didn’t hear any Opera in GOWIII regardless. Just because they’re using an actual orchestra doesn’t mean it’s from an opera LOL

    …sorry, didn’t mean to go all mistake police on you there.

  • Oh my god, this is SO BAD!
    I almost CRY at this song… I waited for 5 minutes for it to ‘get to the best part’.
    It sucks! It must be a joke. Is this song actually in a God Of War game? What was Sony thinking when adding this lame song to one of the greatest games ever?
    And the video looks like it’s been taken out from 80s…

  • oooohhhhh my eyeeeeesss my eeeyyyeeeeeeeeeessss… No wait… ohhhhh my eeeaaaarrrrsssss, my eeeaaarrrrssssss!!!!!!!

  • It Truly does invoke the ultimate Greek God Killing opus of the mighty Kratos!
    Just what we needed a return to the Peter Paul and Mary / a mighty wind era / Puff the Magic Dragon? Turtlenecks? Old Spice?
    WTF was someone thinking? this is on the Soundtrack? Was some one out of band ideas? or have an out of work musician relative? owed money? on crack? a brown acid flash back from Woodstock?
    Why wasn’t Michael Flatley dancing in the video ?

  • Video games helps me escape mentally and still keeps me sharp at the same time. When it comes to gaming Sony is hands down the best. I spend on average between 500 to 1000 on video game or electronics per month. My wife has no problem with it due to the fact we can afford it. Brings family together such as my wife and kids. Plus PS3 has proven to all critics it has the BEST AND Largest amount of highest rated games then on every other console combined.

    So… guess what im trying to say is…. thankyou.

  • Thanks for the laugh! That was HILARIOUS!!!!!! XD wait, is this serious?? LOL!!!!!

  • oh my god? seriously stuff?? come on Sony this is too bad!!!!! omg, my ears!!

  • Some people have no sense of irony, it would seem.

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