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Happy Easter to everyone out there. I hope there is chocolate, a great day with family, and – if you’re lucky – a day off tomorrow for some quality gaming time.

As I was putting together the list this morning, this “cover” for the monthly digital Kotaku Magazine caught my eye, reminding me to remind everyone in the Pacific Northwest to come try out PlayStation Move this Thursday in Seattle. See you there?


The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of March 29, 2010)

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  • Hey Jeff, we would love to try out Move in the UK too. Know when that will be possible? Any plans to bring the test over to Europe anytime soon?

  • I am really annoyed the latest Core episode will not install for me.

    Tried DLing 10 times. Fails at 14% on the install every time. Background DL, non Background DL, etc etc.

    I have 10 gigs of available space so it is not that. The Taxidermist DL which is almost a gig install, installed without a hitch.

    Other DLs install no problem. This is the only one I am having issues with no matter what.

    I also don’t want to hear about the XD-RAM solder points, because that is BS, if it was true, then games would not run and the PS3 would not run properly, it is a computer after all. Needs the ram to operate in order for IT to operate.

    Know of any issues Jeff? Unsettling paying for content you can not use. One of the downfalls to digital only medium.


    Dont know if we can include podcasts Jeff but here is the latest Podcast Beyond!!!!!

    On the topic of podcasts Jeff any updates on the official Playstation podcast?

  • Core will not install, anything I download over 400MB will NOT install. Anything less, installed no problems. The Heavy Rain Taxidermist Cronical (900+MB) I had downloaded a week prior, installed fine.

    Gets to 14% and that annoying error code. Refreshed router (Netgear WGT624 V3) several times, refreshed modem several times. Tried downlaoding and installing Core 11 times and counting. Nothing is working. Other demos over 400MB, no go. Anything less (200MB range), no problem.

    Never had this issue before, I take that back, I had this issue ONCE with last months Core, and so I redownloaded it and it worked the second try… all demos since, no issues, since the 3.21 update Tursday, NO GO!

    I am to the point where i want to throw this thing out the window and just not deal with it anymore. Stick to my PC, and be done with console gaming. Supposed to be easier and more streamlined, yet we are pro-founded with these issues, with NO help from Sony, or explanations on said code. Not having access to content you paid for is not cool.

  • @EnigmaNemesis
    I download Qore just fine. If your having Problems Call Sony don’t get on a Blog And go OFF “the Topic”. I sure some one Talking to you would be easier than typing all that stuff out.

    But any way I’m glad to see Move making its rounds But as useul I will be the LAST person to try it in the Fall;(

  • very nice.

  • The design for the shape buttons looks atrocious. They really should stay in the standard diamond formation, not a square.

  • personally i want to see the move used in rpgs and MMO content.

    also if world of goo isnt brought over to psn using move i will be one unhappy gamer everyone needs to experience that game and get blizzard to make diablo 3 using the move as well chop chop :)

  • @Jeff

    The EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) had a great article about the PS3 this week. Shame you missed it. Google “sony steals feature from your playstation 3” and you will find lots of people are talking about it on the web. I have no idea how it could have slipped your attention.

  • Any info on updated 3.22 to fix the OtherOS option for the users?

  • *lol* banned again – only for thanking you for this HAPPY EASTER update!

  • #62:

    Sony doesn’t want to read such things. They prefer to remain blindly oblivious to the wants and needs of their customers.

  • the ps eye gets no support, so whats there to make me think my ps move wont just sit there next to it, with its few “look what it can do” games??

  • Will you please tell me that we will get LBP and Soul Calibur for 50% off please.

  • @64

    Exactly. Bought the EYE 2 years ago and have squat for it. SONY couldn’t even bother updating the old EyeTOY games in HD. I wouldn’t even go near MOVE for at least a year to see if they and especially 3rd party devs are going to bother.

  • ‘Move’ in Toronto would be great…thx for forwarding on the above message Jeff. PS3 continues to be an exciting platform to follow

  • WorstCompanyEver

    Best of all Sony will use all these accounts that we are making to COMPLAIN to make their numbers look better. We had thousands of new PSN accounts created this month…. Great job guys. I loved your brand, you broke my heart. I NEVER wanted to fight PlayStation.

  • WorstCompanyEver

    Since this is how you want to play. Don’t listen, don’t respond, pull out comments made days ago. Lets play then shall we?

  • WorstCompanyEver

    I have talked people at stores into buying PS3 instead of 360, I can start talking them out of it.

  • goodbye playstation, I remember playing resident evil to metal gear solid to ninja gaiden sigma 2 but I am tired of your nazi like tatics!!! I remember the great playstation one & the flawed ps2 & now the cover up of the ps3!!! have fun being the next sega!!! goodbye my old friend.

  • @jeff

    are you going to censor everyone that has a problem with the ps3 or are you start listening & helping?

    cowardly actions will hurt the ps3!!!

  • Edit-Find- *types in* Blaiyan. *clicks* Next then Previous. Comment Not Found lol.

  • YAY! Hopefully at the end of 2010, EVERY Game receives PlayStation Move Support, but LittleBigPlanet with Move support was a BRILLIANT IDEA!


  • Where did my previous posts go? Oh, what ever they did last month never happened.

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