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Happy Easter to everyone out there. I hope there is chocolate, a great day with family, and – if you’re lucky – a day off tomorrow for some quality gaming time.

As I was putting together the list this morning, this “cover” for the monthly digital Kotaku Magazine caught my eye, reminding me to remind everyone in the Pacific Northwest to come try out PlayStation Move this Thursday in Seattle. See you there?


The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of March 29, 2010)

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  • What?

  • awesome stuff. Hey Jeff, i know its a little bit early to say, but do you think that PS Move will be demoed at the Toronto Fan Expo event? last year was pretty awesome, and you guys have been holding some get togethers for people in the States, so it would make sense.

    But really, thats not till August, so there is still much to hear.

    • I’ll let the Canadian team know that Toronto wants to try out Move (lot of requests on the Seattle event announce page as well).

  • short list.

  • Give him a break. Jeff has to enjoy Easter too.

    …although only if next week is a good news week ;-)

  • Very short list. I suppose that happens when most of the talk around the web is negative.

  • A day off? Wouldn’t that be a pleasant impossibility. :(

  • Atari 2600 on PSP :P

  • I know this is random and completely off topic – but seeing that the Ico / Shadow of the Colossus PS3 HD Remake is amongst the top 5 rated things on the PS BlogShare, is there any chance of us seeing it in the immediate future? lol

    I’m desperate, was playing SotC on my PS3 last night and while its an awesome game, it’d just be so much better in HD!!!


  • i wish i had something to add. but i’ve been SOO busy over the last week…a lot of stuff going on!

  • Thank you Jeff, regarding comment 2. I like said before having you guys at Fan Expo in Toronto would be unreal!! Happy Easter by the way

  • humm… I guess you are not reading comments about your post of 2010/03/28…

    yeah, just ignore more than six thousand comments.

    people using Linux on PS3 are just a bunch of useless nerds.

    way to go, Sony.

    way to go.

  • jeff…i have to say i agree with shigutso :\

  • How about setting up A Move event for us folks all the way East in Canada, I’d sure love to go to Our Sony Style out here on “The Rock” and check it out. Nothing exciting from Sony ever happens out this way. Plus it’d make a nice Vacation for you and the Fam Jeff. Hope you had a Great Easter and I have tomorrow off to enjoy many hours of gaming.

  • lol, for what exactly did you use Linux for? Everyone who has a PS3 Slim doesn’t mind and I had a fat PS3 and still didn’t use Linux.

  • Jeff, how was your easter

  • @13

    Lots of people use Linux on PS3 for scientific purposes.

    Sure, you can install Linux on any PC, but the PS3 has an awesome processor called Cell, that helps people studying computer science.

    Linux on PS3 can do lots more. Well, it’s Linux. It has unlimited capabilities.

    Now those people have two options: or they use Linux to study, or they play online and play newest games.

    They can’t do both anymore. That’s not fair.

    Sony is afraid and won’t let anybody use it anymore.

  • ninjahitmanchair

    Thank you so much for the PlayStation Move.From the first time I saw it the first thing that went in to my head is that this accessory is a total buy for me.
    I am going to buy it for sure ^_^.

  • I two articles to add to the list

    Heavenly Sword Dev Says PS3 3D Will be ‘Limited’ (1UP)

    God of War 3 Breaks a Million Sales in “a Couple Days”(1UP)

    Should I add the links? Will it be approved?

  • @15 I know about the Cell processor and if you are using the PS3 as a supercomputer then use it for that purpose only. so when you are using it for “scientific purposes” and “studying” you use it to play games too? come on now. There’s a solution… get a Slim for your games and use the fat PS3 for Linux and your “studying”… problem solved

  • @17 I don’t think you can add links, but you can post them if you want and I don’t think Sony would post an article that says their product will be limited

  • When is E3?

  • Whatever the final model for the MOVE is, please sony, please change the layout of the classic button placement…( triangle/o/x/square )

  • @Jeff

    I don’t think Peter Dille quite understands why we have issues with Motion Controllers. Challenge is one part of that, but it also doesn’t really offer us a better experience over traditional controls.

    I understand sony is trying to improve on what Nintendo did, but it really doesn’t seem Sony really tried hard enough with the Move. It’s almost like your Engineers didn’t sit down with the wii on say COD or Conduit or any traditional game (FPS for starters) and really try to identify what could have been done to make the experience better.

    I keep hearing about accuracy, but what has Sony done to justify that accuracy.

    Basically I’m losing faith in the PS Move. That Killer App is something we better see by E3 or I’m saving my money for something else.

  • i have my copy of sakura wars so long my love on the shelf just waiting for me to finish mimana iyar chronicle.btw, i wonder why nao zook didnt come by to promote more of this last (i hope not *teary eyes)ps2 game.

    anyways, looking foward to atlus 3dotgame heros and hexyz force XD

    happy resurrection/easter/holiday/whatever fits your day to all of you! XD

  • There are a lot of moaners on the internet :-/

    CRYBABIES who can’t get their own way. Anyway Happy Easter :)

  • OMG people let jeff enoy his easter! who cares if he wrote up a short list maybe hes too busy spending easter with his family.

    he has a life too!

  • That looks SO hot.


  • Any news on Move coming to Chicago? Hopefully during the weekend…

    The list would be longer if you included the anger over Other OS support. I know it wasn’t your decision Jeff but the small community that it was is very mad. Be sure to put it through the channels that the move only encourages PS3 hacking now.

  • I can’t wait to play terrible motion games on my crippled PS3 instead of my awful Wii. Just kidding my PS3 won’t be crippled until they fix the bypass.

  • I’d be more than happy to be given the opportunity to be proven wrong (which is why I’m watching this so closely). I’d love to some how contribute to the over all design of this peripheral, but sony doesn’t pay me for my opinions nor does it care to bring in someone like me to help contribute.

    • That’s why we’ve been bringing it on the road (NYC, Boston, and now Seattle). I hope we get the chance to win you over personally, sir.

  • @24 ouch buddy, but he has a point, we should wait and try it before making decisions based purely on visual and not hands on.

  • @Jeff
    I Sent a few of my friends to PAX East to your event to try out the new PS Move. We share very common ideas and thoughts on the Wii and the Move. Three of us share a background in Computer Science and are working towards making games on PC/XBL and hopefully the PSN/PS3/PSP at some point in the near future. Honestly I’m a pretty good judge of technology and it’s short comings and I’m seeing several problems that were verified through them. Our main issue wasn’t latency (which we were well aware of being a possibility due to refresh rates), but rather how it addressed concerns of adapting this to old game play as well as opening up to new game play conventions. As far as we can tell the PS Move isn’t very well thought out and only focused on precision. It’s a rushed product.

    I’d be more than happy to be given the opportunity to be proven wrong (which is why I’m watching this so closely). I’d love to some how contribute to the over all design of this peripheral and have my concerns addressed; however it seems of late Sony really isn’t concerned with my thoughts (PS Blog Share excluded) on these issues. Especially when many of us gamers have been voicing our opinions on Sony’s own forums about the Move.

  • @Jeff
    BTW if I am given that opportunity to try the PS Move, I would be more than happy to eat my words on this very Blog; and even supply my own written impressions of the product.

  • come to Phoenix AZ. BTW What’s going on with the PS2 feature on the PS3 Slim?

  • Hey Jeff, do you know when Capcom’s John D is coming back, he promised to return to the blog in April with some huge news.

    • Hmm, did he? I’ll have to find out what that is. I know Capcom is currently focused on the releases of Super Street Fighter IV and Lost Planet 2.

  • Hey jeff, this means that you are keeping all the ammunition for the E3.Are you going to surprise us with something that will break the internet with news? LOL

  • Ok thanks here are the links

    Heavenly Sword Dev Says PS3 3D Will be “Limited”

    God of War 3 Breaks a Million Sales in “a Couple Days”

  • I guess the reason the list was so short is because of the missing links to articles regarding the PS3 being downgraded again?

  • @22 then you have to choose whether you want to play games or “study” and get a good career… and really blame the people trying to hack the PS3

  • Hey, Jeff when do you think we will hear more about Vanquish? looks like a great game and PS3 is the lead platform

  • hey is anyone’s ps3 bluetooth turning on but not connecting… i have a slim and it happened right after the 3.2 firmware update

  • Happy Easter and God Bless everyone here and the entire Sony team. I know most of the time we dont see eye to eye but I thankyou for dealing and putting up with my sometimes very mean words. You guys are doing your thing and keep up the good work.

    The past few weeks have been excellent on psn. Just give me the discounts on soul calibur, and LBP please. 50% off.

  • Hey Jeff and psn team…

    Do you handle playstation blog share. IF not can you fire the people that are. They are clearly retarted and only post ideas that most of the time make little to no sense.

    DO me a favor in terms of ps1 classics. Re release warcraft and diablo. I dont know if you are aware but they did make these titles for ps1. Although extremely rare I still have both but they are old and scratched up. Please re release them and I will pay whatever I have to..

    The playstation blog is turning ridiculous. Full of lame spammers that thumbs down and then for some reason the most ridiculous ideas are approved. Do something to fire, replace, or maybe give them a spanking like your there daddy lol.


  • juss realease the damn ps move so any one that wants it can but it who cares about expos some of us people dont live in LA new yowk seattle texas they are people in little cities juss realease the damn ps move im tired of hearing this ps move and watch it be a bust lmao its juss like the fn wii whats the difference oh wait you can play shootting games wow juss realease it already and talk about other stuff then the ps move we get it its like the fn wii god

  • talk about killzone 3, resistance 3, i hurred xbox 360 exclusives coming 2 ps3 or is there going to be 3d in killzone 3 i hear more news else were then the ps blog and its not like you answer every ones question. and 1 more thng whats the point of ps blog share n people voting 4 ideas thats juss bs because cross voice chatting has been #1 forever n in 3.21 firmware update u should have added it sony wtf are u guys doing beside deleting a feture in a firmware update

  • @AthrenZ
    The great news the retard from Capcom promise is SNK VS CAPCOM 3. It was leake via a Japanese Magazine scans a few days ago. Crapcom just want to get the next Street Fighter game out for release so they can unveil the next SNK VS CAPCOM game.

  • can any one tell me when the new maps for call of duty modern warfare 2 come out i will switch to xbox 360 if we aint getin new maps cause my cuzan has a xbox 360 he had the new maps like a week ago

  • So, how’s Resistance 3 going?

  • i just got online with my ps3 and some dude called gametitan88 pmed me throwing insults at me because of what i said on the recap post.the dude attacked me like i insulted jeff or something …..

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