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  • What kill me is about the 3.21 comments is that the update wasn’t mandatory update if you didn’t want to download it then don’t . if you want to keep the feature then you couldn’t use PSN lol you had a choice and i guess all 5000 of you chosen to keep PSN lol if the feature was so great to you why you gave it up so fast? if you feel strong about something you should keep the feature and voice to Sony that you are keeping it and let that be but all of you took the easy way out and download the update and complain about it and for that you all are coward lol if you don’t stand for something you fall for anything.

  • I did not update.

  • @ 52 good for you to take a stand i just wish that the ones who complain about the 3.21 did what you did but they didn’t they download it and complain about it later and that what make them coward lol we all had a choice do you want the feature or PSN pick one . if the feature was that important for you then keep it people don’t download the update and complain about it just take a stand and move on stop being a coward.

  • — FREE OtherOS —

  • Jeff. Cmon dude. Where the heck is my cross game chat already? I’m like one of your biggest supporters, Ive got tons of friends that are holding me to my word that it actually still is coming. You guys are killing me.

  • I did not update as well.

    GoW III was the last game I bought for PS3. No OtherOS, no buy.

  • @ 56 good for you take a stand don’t be like these others coward that download the update and complain about it make a choice and take a stand.

  • Cowpie,

    No one is being a coward by updating and then complaining. Sony is forcing people to choose between two very important features — two features that people paid good money to have.

    A lot of people have invested a tremendous amount of time and energy setting up Linux environments on their PS3’s — while still enjoying all the other gaming benefits of the console.

    To be told that we’ll have to either ditch Linux or stop being able to play any of our online games (or download videos, etc.) is simply ridiculous.

    A coward is someone who sits back and says, “Yes Masta” to the almighty Sony Corporation. And I think we all know who’s doing that in this scenario.

  • @cowboyd21: I’ve spent quite some money just to be able to use the OtherOS, I lost two PS3s due to the YLOD. So I’m now on my 3rd one.

  • @ gettin hosed by download the update and complain about it does make a coward 1 the update wasn’t mandatory 2 we all had a choice lol i guess you couldn’t figure that out. Gettin hosed so what you saying is no one had a choice ? Sony made us ? stop being a house boy lol we had a choice lol figure out what choice means but you can’t do that cause your too busy making jokes . Hey house boy if you think Sony doing you wrong take them to court , sell your ps3 or don’t download the update well that idea is too late for you cause your cowardly tail did . You have a choice gettin hosed pick one and do something save your jokes about me coward.

  • lv0, lv1, and lv2 dumped.

    The lv2 hypervisor (GameOS) was dumped just yesterday.

    Sony has finally given some people a real reason to attack the PS3 in a serious fashion. The whole thing may backfire at Sony the hard way….

    — FREE OtherOS —

  • @ gettin hosed and the coward who download the update and complain about it later why don’t you all get together and take Sony to court ? if you fell that strong about the feature then stop wasting your time at the Playstion Blog and take Sony to court but you can’t do that why ? you don’t feel that strongly about subject ? you think your going fail ? or you just want to complain about anything Sony does ? lol we have way too many complaining coward here at the blog LMAO good day to you all.

  • Cowpie,

    It’s almost impossible to even understand your writing. Perhaps more school, less PS3.

  • @ gettin hosed by comment back you do understand take Sony to court coward get off your fat tail and something lol that if you know how to take someone to court coward .

  • Am sorry gettin hosed what i ment to say was get off your fat tail and do something take Sony to court if you feel that strongly about the feature but i guess you think you can’t because Sony took that right from you . Let this little battle with me and you go cause all you doing is hurting yourself coward . Go back and play your games , enjoy PSN coward.

  • Again Cowpie, can barely make out a word of what you’re trying to say. The school system really let you slip through the cracks.

  • wow jeff that remark of yours was pretty uncalled, are you telling me that all those ppl that were there for sony and the ps3 since the launch (even before with our pre-orders)are now conspiracy theorists? oh man that was just low. sure we might love our ps3 and play the heck out of it but we arent nutjobs or anything of the like…

    just because we disagree with something that the top brass at sony did doesnt mean that we are nutjobs.if thats what are you going to call us or if thats how sony thinks about us from now on. then, its a pretty sad state of affairs in your company

    besides, calling ppl who disagrees with you a nutjob is a thing that soviet russia and nazi germany was proud of doing to their dissenters..and you beign of ukranian and jewish descent i thought you would be more “carefull” about it.but i guess i was wrong… =\

  • wow they really erase.d a lot of messages here! I’m sad to see the first post gone, the one that said “Sony you STOL.E FROM US!” the tactic is, rem.ove 40% of messgs then reply to two of them.. I’m not updating and nolonger able to be tempted by PSN games! mwahaha.

  • * R E M O V E
    R E M O V E
    E M O V E
    M O V E
    O V E
    V E

    ha ha ha ha ha…

  • lol let it go gettin hosed lmao by attack me all you saying is i can’t attack the message so let me attack the messenger lol that strategy didn’t work then so i don’t know why you think it working now just be a good little boy and play online cause that was more important to then the feature that why you download 3.21 coward .

  • All I have to say is come next generation on game consoles Sony has killed my interest in all future products. 3 2 1 goodbye.

  • @ 66 Cowpie does have point so what yours? please stop posting cowpie killing you.

  • Check Sec. 238_4 Swi.tch after sale.

    Submit your mind:

  • @67
    He was joking. :| Way to make a big deal out of NOTHING.

  • For people thinking “only 1% of PS3 users use the OtherOS feature”:

    PS3 has a install base of more than 24 million.

    1% of 24 million = 240,000. Two hundred and forty thousand people affected by this update.

    Now THAT is a big number, huh.


  • The blog has been heavily moderated lately, with messages disappearing all the time — even ones with no swearing or offensive comments. Just people calling Sony out for the disgusting way they’re treating their customers.

    There’s an expression in international politics: that a country that censors it citizens is a country that is ashamed of its own actions.

    Substitite country for company, and citizens for customers and you’re looking at Sony over the last couple months.

  • And Jeff thinks we are conspiracy theorists… very nice and respectful.

    Way to go, Sony.

    Way to go.

  • #72 Cowpie might have a point. But I honestly can’t figure out what it is. I don’t speak Latvian…or pig latin…or whatever language Cowpie’s trying to construct.

    He seems to be rambling on about taking Sony to court. But I can’t imagine why. I think Cowpie watches a bit too much television (and skips school a bit too frequently).

    He’s a constant figure on the blog though (or should I say: a constant figure under the bridge…if you get my meaning).

  • I support Sony 100% on the removal of the other os. Sony has the right to remove a feature if it will damage their product. They have been adding feature for years now so we are well compensated in that regard.

    Just look at the amount of exclusives in the last few month they have given and all the ungrateful people who suddenly up in arms over a minor feature.

    As far as I am concerned the main complainers over this are hackers just waiting for the opportunity to get homebrew feature like the PSP and destroy sales for third party. It is the hackers fault and people are blaming Sony for the removal its crazy.

  • At least Jeff replied here and then included “the update”. I still think it would make a great difference if Sony would post up a comment on the blogs being more specific about why the 3.21 did what it did.

    “We have security concerns, were taking this away” kind of leaves people baffled. I mean obviously we aren’t looking for “well, with the other OS, this is what you could do!” but, something is better then nothing.

    We can’t risk people being able to pirate games, we can’t have exploits for the hardware going around etc. In the end, some people are still going to be upset, and that can’t be fixed. But it might give some people a view of the bigger picture here.

  • @ 78 Well he have a great point if anyone feel Sony is in the wrong then why aren’t you and others making it a court matter instead of flooding the blog sites?

  • there is no conspiracy theory going on people just found it strange that it wasn’t in the recap since it was such a big story on the blog

    I really want to spend about 100 bucks on psn getting those psp games for 50% off. Please assist me. I dont want to create a sepearate account. I am no pirate, and I just want to buy some games at great discounts like that.

    I am living in Europe an could buy these great games, but I am not able as I don’t want to loose my OTHER OS option. :(

  • @ 80 gettin hosed feel by attack me and not the subject is the right thing to do. Read his own post he think taking Sony to court only happen on TV lol he a clueless person that have more fate in conspiracy theory then real rights lol every time i read his post i think of twilight zone . There are people here who did the right thing they didn’t downloaded 3.21 and good for them they made a choice but if your going to download it and complain like you didn’t have a choice then you are a coward.

  • Seriously, anyone who wants to get your message across. It’s quite easy at: w w w . b b b . o r g

    and also, although not quite as fast to fill out: w w w . f t c c o m p l a i n t a s s i s t a n t . g o v

    Check Sec. 238_4 Swi.tch after sale.

    No take-backs.

    Don’t give up guys!

  • i just looked at how much space my slim has how come it says 66/111GB when the box says its supposed 2 have 120GB?

  • @85

    120000000000 bytes / 1000000000 = 120 GB (HW manufacturer) (1 GB = 1000 x 1000 x 1000)

    120000000000 bytes / 1073741824 = 111.758 GB (system) (1 GB = 1024 x 1024 x 1024)

  • Thanks for taking out what I paid $400 for.

  • No insult intended to, Jeff. He’s cool. The problem was the communication policy, and perhaps an unnecessary joke, at this time. I’m sure +90% of complaints did not want to be in this position, but they feel betrayed by the bet they made when they trusted SONY’s product + brand/image..

    See post 48 for advice. At this point, this idea is best; that and actually[!] improving security.. This will be a good test for SONY on how culturally relevant they still are. I, for one, may be finished altogether. Thanks

  • I did not update. I will not update. And I will not purchase another psn, or ps3 title.

    You guys have ruined too much of the firmware in updates. epecially the fading text, scolling banner and box in the upper right, and now otheros.

    I have been here since January 2007…

    Never again Sony, Never again…

  • You guys need to relax. The update already happened and sure there is nothing that stop it except for somekind of bypass technique. The PS3 was NOT made to around the Other OS feature and it advertised like that either. It was made and advertised around HD gaming, Blu-ray, and the PS network.

  • @90 ruined is a bit extreme of word to be using when referring to past FW updates. all of those items are small changes and hardly impact anyone’s enjoyment. I can see people being upset about the current FW update, if they actually use the feature. but most people havent ever installed the option on their system and most likely never would in the 1st place. they just need something to complain about.

  • @eddie, I could dig up more of these but lets just use a couple of quotes from one Sony official shall we?

    “The PlayStation 3 is a computer. We do not need the PC.”
    – Phil Harrison, president of Sony Worldwide Studios, in an interview with GameSpot

    “One of the most powerful things about the PS3 is the “Install Other OS” option. It won’t be Vista. It’ll be Linux.”
    Phil Harrison.

    Guess what was advertised depends on how technical you are and what your sources are. Don’t tell me this wasn’t built for this, or advertised this…

  • Hrm, so Jeff’s been posting in some of the other threads today but hasn’t come back since calling us conspiracy theorists.

    So we’re now at 1 week with NO official comment from Sony about this firmware other than “Here it comes! Don’t forget to back up your hard drive before we nuke your Linux!”.

  • hey stealth I have never heard those quotes before and it can barely be considered as advertising. But I guess they were trying to convince they reader to buy PS3. Now I am guessing you installed Other OS on your PS3. How does it work compared to most computers today? Is it good at multitasking? Can you install other programs like Adobe Photoshop? Now the first statement I think is a big misnomer. I mean the PS3 is computer but it’s made for video gaming. It would not replace a PC because now PC can use hyper threading technology to allow 4 or more cores to work at the same time. I don’t think the PS3 has that or am I wrong. Please correct if I’m wrong.

    When I first bought my PS3, I never saw anything about other OS in the BOX. I learned about this feature after looking at the settings tab.

  • You never heard those quotes huh? Well now you have, go google them, find them all over the internet, it helps to be informed rather than ignorant. Also go look up the definition of advertising or research on how the law has responded and defines advertising and you will find that yes its advertising. Yes I have otherOS, and considering I am a computing systems student, it not only works as a fantastic render farm, allows me to use open office, firefox etc. But most importantly it allows for cell programming. Great you don’t know how to program, and probably don’t even know what the difference is in architecture between a cell machine and an x86 machine, none the less some of us do. Furthermore who the heck are you to evaluate how well it runs and to tell me that because a PC is faster that I have no right to use it? Should we go collect all cell phones that are not “smartphones”? And stop talking about the allmighty box, I never mentioned the box, thats your little point. You really want to defend a multibillion dollar conglomerate? Have at it, enjoy your future. I’m through with you and those like you so have fun replying again, don’t expect me to respond again.

  • Dude your comment was weak. Really, in my comment I didn’t insult you or call you ignorant. It’ great that you computing student, I might me heading to that same road too.

    And of course you win since your way more passionate about this topic than me. I never used the OS feature that’s why I didn’t hesitate too install update 3.21 Also good luck with your class action law suite… Your gonna need!

  • @eddieMX07, so basically when you say you “didn’t hesitate to install update 3.21” you mean to say, you didn’t hesitate to throw a COMPUTER upon which you could run a plethora of free open source applications, out into the the trash can in front of the house? Because throwing a computer that is inevitably taking space in your house (as a gaming system) – out the door.. is exactly what this update does.

  • @eddieMX07 you’d want to take it to court too when you realize that people (SONY) are s.tealing computers out of your home that you paid for.

  • @83

    I am sorry to hear that brother. It is very frustrating to many customers and I hope you decide to do that so you may partake in your discounts. God Bless you brother.

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