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  • So I guess the ugly update thread wasn’t included… Looks like Sony wants to pretend that never happened, huh? Tiananmen Square effect?

    • Sorry, conspiracy theorists – we just normally recap the Monday thru Friday posts (and that one hit on Sunday). It’s been added.

  • I think its time we start an online petition or protest to get equal opportunity in the gaming market.

    So Once again I post….



    Hey guys I have a quick question. My friend told me the European Store has 50% off all popular psp games such as LBP, Tekken 6, Need for Speed etc etc…. How come we cant get that here. Also I tried to switch my address to a European address and I could not do so. Why?

    I really want to spend about 100 bucks on psn getting those psp games for 50% off. Please assist me. I dont want to create a sepearate account. I am no pirate, and I just want to buy some games at great discounts like that. What can I do and if I cant do anything will you please give us the same deal next week?

    • Each market determines their sales – this week we have a number of PSN titles on sale that Europe does not. Stay tuned for more sales as Spring Fever continues this week. I hope you’ll find something you like then.

  • Also It would be nice to see an entire thread dedicated to letting us know if we will get the same discounts that the UK have. No I dont want to wait till next week to find out. We long term sony supporters that have been with you since Jan. 1995 when the ps1 first launched deserve better then this. Sure there are more important things to complain about. However saving 20 or 30 bucks off games is a big deal when you buy in lump sum like I do. This is America and we are supposed to lead by example. Come on now…..

  • i didn’t get echoshift =[ how much is it going to be with the addons? i am still going to get it =]

  • The best thing of the week was going down to Santa Monica Studio to try out the fun things that will be coming to Fat Princess!! Just a great time!! :)

  • Omit Much??

  • Quick, I will get echoshift… oh no – too late. I cannot connect to PSN, since I don’t want to loose the promised LINUX-ability of my PS3!

    Not only the first buyers have to pay much more for the consoles, now they are getting a creepy firmware or cannot use any online-ability any more. Shame on you, Sony!

  • Wow. I hardly ever post on the blog, but really Sony? You are going to leave out the 3.21 firmware update? This just gets worse and worse.

    I’m truly considering a boycott on Sony products. I suggest people consider the same. Whether you lost the OtherOS option or not. Before you know it, you’ll lose more.

  • Definitely interesting you guys left out a MANDATORY firmware upgrade that causes you to either lose functionality, or lose functionality!

    The fact that NO ONE is addressing customer concerns– even if to tell us to jump off a cliff– just shows more and more arrogance. Granted, if you told us to jump off a cliff it’d just upset a lot of people, but you know what I mean.

    The fact you are IGNORING this and trying to pretend it didn’t happen makes me think that Sony is a bit scared of the fallout from this and wants to try to sweep it under the rug.

  • @Buzzy
    I’m surprised gaming sites haven’t did a story or report on it. At least I didn’t see one at Gamespot. It would be nice to see this get more exposed.

  • Where’s the “Sony pulling other OS support from all PS3’s” ?

  • i guess firmware update 3.21 just happened in an alternate universe LMAO

    joke aside,i have a question for anyone who would like to answer.a dude from the aksys forums is asking this question (but he is too paranoid to come here to ask you,, i’m asking it on his behalf) and i quote:
    “Can you also ask the PlayStation guys if they can randomly ban people based on information collected from our systems against our will such as text chats or messages?” this question is from a guy named gaming_king 0_0

  • @perrandy
    If you mean PSN, I believe not. Messages and text chats are not monitored nor viewed. Unless reported specifically by other users, I believe not. If you mean on another service other than PSN. I did not understand your question, and I do not know.

    Also, your comment was win. “i guess firmware update 3.21 just happened in an alternate universe LMAO”

  • Sony, this is not going to go away. You need to fix the 3.21 firmware. We’re not going to forget about this just because you conveniently leave it out of your recaps.

  • wasn’t there a firmware update with new features also recently? 3.2.1 or something?

  • @frigorific:

    New features! Ha!

  • This has been the worst week ever in the history of the PS3 and it all started on March 31. The bad news isn’t even on the weekly recap because it was so bad.

  • LOL at them choosing to ignore the firmware update :L

  • lostinplainsight

    this 3.21 fiasco is just gonna get a lot worse before it gets better

    at least they had a sense of humor when they numbered it.

  • Although the 3.21 firmware update has no effect on me since I’ve never used the other OS feature, it’s disappointing and annoying that Sony just ignores the fact that thousands of customers have concerns regarding it.

    Obviously the update was something major, and it purposely gets left out of a weekly recap so Sony can further ignore customer concerns.

    I’m not going to be moving on to other systems any time soon, I’ve been a loyal PS fan since the original console, but Sony, you are really just making this worse on yourselves.

    There needs to be some kind of statement about this firmware, something a little less vague then the original statement about it. People need reasons for the choices you make, especially when it effects so many peoples experiences with the hardware. I don’t know who is sitting up there deciding to purposely omit information because you don’t want to talk about it, but they are making the wrong decisions.

  • Ted: Guys we screwed up, we have to hide the 3.21 update, if it isn’t in the recap, it never happened.

    Bob: OMG LOLZ business works like that ?

    Ted: No, but you can’t complain about something, that isn’t there. :)

    Wise Man: Fail: Thats like saying if I shot you right now, and hide the body, then people won’t become worried if you don’t return.

    Just my lolz for myself. I could care less about the update.

  • WHY NOT IN PS HOME DO WE NOT HAVE ” HEAVY RAIN ” OUTFITS & personal HOME face it heavy rain ‘ is a blockbuster game ? ideas guys 4 YOUR NEXT BIG UPDATE “………………………..

  • I think people need to lay off. I can assure you the point has been made in other topics about 3.21.
    What do you expect him to say about it that wont cause even more of a back lash.
    Its best just to omit it, let those few people who feel they need to point out the obvious do so and move on to another day.
    Youre insulting my intelligence with this “pretending it never happened crap.”
    They damned if they do, damned if they dont.

  • **crickets**

  • @1 xKOROSHIYAx:

    “So I guess the ugly update thread wasn’t included… Looks like Sony wants to pretend that never happened, huh? Tiananmen Square effect?”



  • yeah we got screwed. you know alot of friends tell me to leave the playstation but i been a playstation fan since the first one. i mean they got microsoft buying out all of our exclusives and then releasing better games than we are. Sony, when are you guys going to get on the roll and start getting things back to the way it use to be?

  • Everyweek they invite us to link to missing stories yet THIS week they moderate out anyone linking to the Firmware story.

    Do you not know how this makes you look SONY? You made a choice now you hide. Stand up and live with your decisions.

  • Wow Sensored twice in a single thread over the Firmware Post that the Blog didn’t list.

    Not helping my faith in Sony here guys.

  • @Just about everyone above

    You guys accuse Sony of censoring everything, yet I’m still reading your whining comments. Stop being such drama queens and get over it. If you really want them to change, start offering some constructive suggestions instead of just pointing fingers.

  • Huh, curious, I would have expected the fact that you stole something out of millions of pieces of hardware part of the recap… Guess it just wasn’t that important huh? Clearly as we never even got a HINT of we’re sorry. Well no matter, I think you guys will end up punishing yourselves. Prior to this, we all would have updated, nobody cared about Geos hack because well, my PS3 did everything I wanted already. But NOW, you guys have yet AGAIN shot yourself in the foot. Hackers are rampantly working on breaking the system, before it was just one confused Iphone hacker who didn’t understand the PS3 so well. Well now you have a bunch of us hanging on to old firmware, unable to join our friends on PSN or play new games UNLESS we side with hackers. Hear me now, I will not pirate, but you have forced me to pay more attention to these clowns just to get what I paid for… Great job guys, spur the hackers into turbo mode, and anger all us early adopters who would have bought and helped sold PS4. NICE JOB!

  • At my last visit the posting everyone really cares about was at 6,044 comments. Wow, just wow.

  • Yes where FW 2.21 updated thread with over 3000 replies to it lol.

  • @robert There was no FW v2.21 announcement. Did you mean v3.21? It’s over 5000 comments by now.

  • Ya That I meant Sony never official announcement about it. There should be one in this posted about it.

  • Sony is ignoring us… as if we, PS3 Linux users, were insignificant :(

    That’s very sad.

  • Ya I meant FW 3.21. My bad lol Happy Easter everyone.

  • I will be impressed with blog share the moment even just the highest rated suggestion gets made a reality. We all know what it is, until then it is just a big joke.

  • Well the link is up there lolz XD.

    Though as Chris said it was Sunday not Monday, so the week was over when it was posted.

    I still like my joke, it was still more for a lolz for myself. Couldn’t help but to add fuel to the fire. I don’t give a crap about the update.

  • A large number of comments to that article have also been deleted or refused by moderation… so the count would be even higher, if not for that.

  • Give us a v2 of an XMB? More sleekish and eye attractive, for future update?

  • PS3 Firmware (v3.21) Update – This post has the fails. lol

  • Jeff,

    No one is a conspiracy theorist here. We’re just customers who paid a good sum of cash for a product that is continually changing for the worse.

    As a representative of Sony, do you not have enough respect for the people paying your salary (us), to at least respond to concerns being expressed in this blog regarding the recent firmware update?

    If you’re just a shill, then say so and we’ll understand. But otherwise, address the elephant in the room. At the very least say, “I understand your frustration, but I have no control over these issues”.

    Be a man. Not a coward lurking in the shadows.

  • Jeff,

    After a week of screaming about a rushed out and obviously knee jerk reaction, the first time anyone officially responds to anything in this blog, and all you do is call us conspiracy theorists?

    I know you said that as a joke but I do sort of take offense that there is a 5000-6000 post thread with complaints, questions, etc, about this firmware. There have been concerns posted about how to get space back from OtherOS. And Sony has chosen to stay *absolutely silent*, leaving users to figure it out for themselves. And your post calling us conspiracy theorists is about the only even semi-official statement Sony has made acknowledging anything.

    It’s not just that you’re taking OtherOS away, but the post-announcement reaction from Sony is a classic case study of how NOT to handle customers. Sticking your (company’s) fingers in your (company’s) ears and screaming “LALALA CAN’T HEAR YOU LALALA” doesn’t usually end well. The point of this blog is, I assume, trying to make some form of dialog between customers and the company, and the way 3.21 snuck out in a Sunday announcement and then proceeded to be run away from like the plague is very telling.

  • It’s important that Sony understands how much fans are angry with the 3.21 update – lots of people with Linux are now using work arounds to still be able to use Linux. I have a Slim so I don’t really care but it’s about the principle. Tomorrow Sony will turn around and say feature X or feature Y. Get real Sony – seems that you didn’t learn anything from your recent failures.

  • It’s so funny how people bitch about the Frimware update, but almost 90% or more PS3 users didn’t even use the feature they took out anyways. They just want to [DELETED] about something every week I guess!!

  • Just got my ps3 so im a little confused… So the update I just got takes away the ability to use linux? I felt like sony was saying this update was mandatory (I think that is the message I read in fact). Therefore, after I clicked the link but BEFORE it started the upload, I should have been clearly notified on any and all major changes the update would make to the system I just spent my hard earned tax return on.
    Then I should have been made aware of what the ramifications of downloading the update or not would be. All of this should have been done in a very succinct, easy to understand clear-cut way. Again, maybe I’m just confused because this just seems like common sense unless sony just didn’t want people to know what was going to happen. Because they sure as heck didn’t mind asking us to read a bunch of legal mumbojumo before “allowing” us to get it.
    Just wondering…

  • fw 3.21
    never used any other OS.. but still another “usefull” firmware

    still any word about GT5
    ..just april 2010..

    killzone 2 to be 3D..
    oh no wait.. joke.. hype

    not the best week

  • Jeff,

    PLEASE READ and consider, I’m trying to reach out here.

    If you refuse to improve security, and shake things up, rather than taking out OS, consider this. Make PSN, and ALL future games compatible with 3.15. THEN, *stay with me*, have people give up OtherOS by offering features they DO want. Most everyone is already on 3.21, offer those refusing on principal something they want, you have a list on your Share Blog. People want new features, and 99.5% will upgrade for these things. To get the new features you MUST upgrade. So since most everyone wants these, you get everybody but honest Linux users, and maybe a small handful of hardcore hackers to give up the OtherOS. See how that works, you can use carrots to close up your hole for the most part, and still not punish honest linux users and programmers. I honestly think this would solve enough of your problem to make it a nil issue. It would get people like me off of your back. I will even let you at Sony take the credit for the idea. And its a start to repairing your image in my eyes.

  • I don’t enjoy the conspiracy theorist remark. Also, it seems like someone’s name caused my previous comment to await moderation.

  • Lets worry about a feature 1% of the ps3 user base want instead of features 90% of the user base want.

    Don’t waste your time with other OS functionality Sony worry about the top requests in PlayStation share because they are their for a reason

    Wow at the comments directed at Jeff.I hope you have a thick skin.

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