Hey Seattle! Come Try Out PlayStation Move

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Don’t let our recent love affair with the East Coast fool you – we’re giving the West Coast a shot to go hands-on with PlayStation Move… next week. This time, the lucky city is Seattle.

We’ll be at Sole Repair Shop (near downtown and Seattle U) this coming Thursday evening, armed with food, drinks, and state-of-the-art motion-based gaming; that’s *months* before PlayStation Move will show up in stores, so don’t miss out on your opportunity!

PlayStation.Blog Meetup NYC

You’ll also get to chat with the devs, us (if you care to), and meet some of your fellow Washington-based PlayStation gamers. Of course, we’ll also raffle off prizes – always a fan favorite at our meetups. And the price – as always – is FREE. If you’re not convinced (really?), take a look at some pics from last week’s PAX East meetup. A good time was had by hundreds.

Here are the details:

  • Date: Thursday, April 8th
  • Time: 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
  • Location: Sole Repair Shop
  • Directions: Sole Repair (aka ‘the Shop’) can be found just off of East Pike 1 block past Broadway on Seattle’s Capitol Hill. Located right next door to Quinn’s, and directly across the street from Neumos. Be sure to enter in the 10th avenue entrance. Look for the white door.
  • Parking: Plenty of places to park! Available at 10th & East Pike ($7), Broadway & East Madison ($5), Pike & Broadway (free!) and, of course, street parking is free after 7:00 p.m.

Sole Repair Shop entrance

Adult beverages will be served, so we have to limit admittance to ages 21 and up… remember to bring your ID.

We hope to see you there – so make sure you RSVP today.

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  • By the way, that sphere on top of it, still looks plain stupid.

  • man, this looks a lot of fun. too bad i’m in asia xD

  • @Onna
    the sphere is used to track movement,it can’t be removed because it syncs with the camera,its not really like the Wii from the technical side of things its more precise, but Sony needs to differentiate themselves a bit more, the games i saw are still like the games we all know from the Wii, but let us wait for E3 before we jump ship, but i know for sure Ape Escape is going to be amazing.

  • Hey if any of you guys get to speak to anton or dr. marks ask them if they could get sony to release something like this http://img263.imageshack.us/img263/3562/sanstitreul.png for the sub controller!

  • @ Jeff,

    Atlanta is still waiting for you… Or at least somewhere in the Southeast. I would definitely would make the drive to SC, AL, or even FL.

    On a side note it is always good to see you guys making your rounds from West to East.

  • @Onna76_NL

    Can the wii do HD graphics? What’s that you say? no? Does the nunchuck have motion plus and the camera in it now? What’s that you say again? No. It doesn’t? Oh, ok, so I should just pick this up for under $100 instead of paying $200+ for a non-hd a wii? Ok, sure! I gotcha.

  • Motion controls is nothing new, but it can be polished up a bit

  • @54
    Don’t forget that damn near all the controllers are rechargeable!

    Otherwise, we need a bit more love up here in Canada.
    Especially since all our PSBlog share rallying gets bashed down faster then a bird at an airport.

    How about placing them on the truck tours they got in the plans(usually)?

  • when will anything like this come to buffalo ny?

  • Street parking is free after 6, not 7, perfect timing for the event.

  • Jeff, how come all of us Canadian playstation gamers are being neglected! No video store, just recently got PSN cards and no contests we can enter. Please tell me you will come to Canada at one point!

  • Just a heads up for everyone (like those comin from Seatac airport), if your headin north on Interstate 5, I believe the Olive Way exit is still under construction (apologies, I drive by it everyday and don’t pay attention). So you might have to take the exit before, which is the Seneca exit. Thats puts you west of I5, so just head NorthEast to the repair shop.

  • @SHINSPIKES Yes the Olive Way exit is still under construction so freeway users will need to take Follow signs for Madison St/Convention Pl and merge onto 7th Ave; Turn right at Madison St; Turn left at Broadway; Take the 2nd right onto E Pike St. Sole Repair Shop will be on the right.

  • Hey Chicago likes video games too something like this would be popular in Chicago.

    Hell send me a couple of kits and I’ll host the event in my garage or basement.
    *waits by mail box*

  • I was super excited when I read this (as Seattle is my hometown) but then I read you have to be 21… if only this was taking place 6 months from now when I could go. oh well :(

  • Jabba like Move, apparently.

    Except for part requiring getting off of couch.

  • @Jeff Honestly the only reason I would have gone to Portland Oregon for that NBA event would be to meet Playstation devs and bloggers like yourself if I had known about the event. But I’m not a sports gamer. Do you have any idea if there is going to be another event in Oregon? Also I think you guys should set up a page on this site so we can check for upcoming scheduled events on a calender or something just in case we miss it on the blog!

  • Do you think that at this years Fan Expo in toronto the Move will have a surprising visit? Last year i got to play some Uncharted 2, and GOW3, hopefully you guys will not disappoint… but thats not till august :P

  • @Cobra1

    I’ll be taking the Bremerton Ferry. I work pretty close to the Bremerton Ferry Terminal.

  • Do you have to pay for the alcoholic beverages or are they free?

  • When can us 20 year olds check it out!? Should make 16 or 18+ events instead of 21+… :(

  • Mr. Rubenstein will you guys be showing off the PS Move at

  • OK, so I’m a born and raised New Yorker who is unfortunately, living in Kansas, Wichita specifically. I know Sony wants to go show off their new shinys at bigger venues but c’mon. Can the midwest get some Sony love within driving distance. I know I’m living in the bellybutton of the nation but for crying out loud you must be driving past or flying over at some point right. We have recently opened a brand spanking new arena in the center of Wichita amongst hotels and food and nightlife that would easily accomodate one of your events. Please make it this way or atleast Kansas City, about a 4 hour drive for me but I’ll do it in a jiffy. If not, how abouta self operating kiosk in a weapons drop container ala Modern Warfare 2. We’ll all just hudle around it like the apes and the monolith….

    Seriously though, any considerations of ever stopping by the midwest?

  • Yeah can we get some midwest love? I’m in Chicago.

  • Too bad I live in Toronto (Canada), only seen PlayStation last year at the CNE. Got to try out UFC2009, whopped some kids…good times…

  • So you HAVE to be 21 to attend? hm, guess I’ll have to wait 3 years and a few months :/ well I can still go to PAX :D

  • I can’t help but be curious how the accuracy compares to the controller for that another console.
    Also, I hope it gets more than just a bunch of ports.

  • I’ll definitely try to make it. It sounds cool.

  • Thanks for the great time Jeff. It was good to see you and Kyle from Santa Monica again. The place was nice I think it was a good pick. To bad I didn’t win that Playstation Move PS3 Slim. But the shirt was nice. You should have given out more of those Modnation Racer hats.

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