Hey Seattle! Come Try Out PlayStation Move

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Don’t let our recent love affair with the East Coast fool you – we’re giving the West Coast a shot to go hands-on with PlayStation Move… next week. This time, the lucky city is Seattle.

We’ll be at Sole Repair Shop (near downtown and Seattle U) this coming Thursday evening, armed with food, drinks, and state-of-the-art motion-based gaming; that’s *months* before PlayStation Move will show up in stores, so don’t miss out on your opportunity!

PlayStation.Blog Meetup NYC

You’ll also get to chat with the devs, us (if you care to), and meet some of your fellow Washington-based PlayStation gamers. Of course, we’ll also raffle off prizes – always a fan favorite at our meetups. And the price – as always – is FREE. If you’re not convinced (really?), take a look at some pics from last week’s PAX East meetup. A good time was had by hundreds.

Here are the details:

  • Date: Thursday, April 8th
  • Time: 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
  • Location: Sole Repair Shop
  • Directions: Sole Repair (aka ‘the Shop’) can be found just off of East Pike 1 block past Broadway on Seattle’s Capitol Hill. Located right next door to Quinn’s, and directly across the street from Neumos. Be sure to enter in the 10th avenue entrance. Look for the white door.
  • Parking: Plenty of places to park! Available at 10th & East Pike ($7), Broadway & East Madison ($5), Pike & Broadway (free!) and, of course, street parking is free after 7:00 p.m.

Sole Repair Shop entrance

Adult beverages will be served, so we have to limit admittance to ages 21 and up… remember to bring your ID.

We hope to see you there – so make sure you RSVP today.

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  • I will be there at 6:30 sharp

  • Still waiting for you to come to Idaho =(

  • hm, well I live about 25 minutes away, maybe I can find a bus route there since I don’t have a car :P It’s about time somebody comes to Seattle :D

  • I would go cause I live on bainbridge but I’m 17. I guess playstation move is just gonna be one of those wait and see things for me. :-(

  • Sunshine state?

  • You guys have to come down to Eugene,OR I mean your so close anyway!!!

  • Also will every meeting feature that green ghost vehicle?

  • when will anything like this come to buffalo ny?

  • Hey, Jeff. I posted 4 ideas last week on Share, and none of them went through. I posted one today and it was up five minutes later. Should I resubmit my earlier ones, as I can find none similar to them when I search?

  • Have any idea if SCEE is going to do something like this?? I’m crazy for try the Move but I’m from Spain so… :(.

  • Damn a bit too far for me from SoCal, though I am on Spring Break… Hmm I may reconsider. Oh and the Fat Princess playtest was great btw.

  • You guys should hit up the midwest region by coming to albuquerque

  • Hey come to new york in Manhattan. I remember they did a ps3 event in oct 2006 before ps3 came out.

  • For those of us scared to death of facebook, is there an alt medium in which to RSVP?

    Thanks for planning the trip up Jeff!

  • I’d be hoping to see you in the West Coast

    But it is never close, mostly always in SF…which is out of the question as always for me.

  • Toronto!!! please!

  • i’m there.

  • I hope to make it on the 8th.

  • I hope Sony shows more than clones of Wii games this time. Looking forward to the event!

  • The Evergreen State

    O bad I have to work and it’n a hike to get across. Speaking of PAX and washington. sAre you planning something for the blog at PAX10 West? I just got my tickets.

  • @Jeff

    Jeep Grand Cherokee

  • The RSVP link takes you to facebook, how do you RSVP?

  • Yep, it’s the Evergreen State.

    And dammit, I wish I could be there. Seriously, this was ENTIRELY within the realm of possibility for me- you’re only about an hour from where I live by car… If only I actually had a car to get there… or money. >.>

    But, hey, if you guys want to see what Rural Nowhere looks like, you can stop by. =P (Well, not quite, but we do have farms and pastures around- you might say its sort of a rural-suburban mix) We might even have something to do around here… Well, no, that’s almost assuredly not true… BUT if you were to come, there’s no doubt you’d be pretty much the biggest thing to happen around here. In fact, we probably wouldn’t let you leave. Probably shouldn’t have said that. >.>

    Aw, crap, I’ll see what I can do. Put me down as a ‘maybe,’ assuming you’ve got such a list set up and I can enter it through here.

    • If you do come, please introduce yourself. You’ve been a loyal reader from the start and I’d be honored to meet you.

  • Nevermind I found out how to RSVP. I found it funny that a few people right under me say “microsoft”.


    Click on the RSVP link. Sign into Facebook. There is a radio select for attending, maybe attending or not attending. Once your select attending your name should be added to the confirmed guests.

  • Hey Jeff do you guys ever plan on heading to Oregon? I swear nobody ever goes to Oregon for anything! We have a ton of gamers here in Oregon that would like some Sony love!

  • Hey Philly! Lol we haet u.


  • Booo!! 21+..

  • No no no, will you come to the sunshine state, not is that the sunshine state :P

    I live in the sunshine state, Florida, that is why.

    Though looking back at it now I was far from clear on that :P

    • I know, I was being a d-bag :-)

      Since we have that PlayStation Pavilion in the Disney Wide World of Sports area, and I have a wedding to go to in Orlando this fall, the script may just write itself.

  • When can we expect to see this is Los Angeles? BTW went to Fat Princess play-test, and it was lots of FUN!!! :)

    • You’re the 2nd person to say so, glad it was.

      As for LA – I’m not sure. Worst case scenario, you’ll get your chance at E3.

  • That’s great! We thank you for giving us the opportunity and I’ll be there! :)

  • Oh man, Cobra1 will be there. Say hi to her for me Jeff. :p

  • Not sure Jeff I had a great time when you guys were at top pot. The Wipe out PSP races were fun to participate and watch. Things like this when you have an entire place makes it a bit hard to get into a casual setting. I had a great time at MAG too even though it was bigger.

    I suppose a road trip to Redmond with eggs and toilet paper are out of the question ;)

  • Ever coming 2 Denver?

  • I definitely have to disable tap click on this laptop. What I meant was small=cozy, better to meet other commenter. Bigger held more people and was fun as the games were more of the focus then the people. So hard to say.

    I’m sure the Seattleites will help out. I don’t live on that side of the water. I live on the side of water with the poster from Bainbridge. You know what that is like being near he bay area.

  • Portland, OR should be the next stop. It’s on the way to California. It’s drier than Seattle (not really saying much though).

  • @TwinDad Any chance of taking the ferry over?

    @Jeff, footballrule and I do not know each other personally, but we have been PSN friends for quite awhile. BTW, if this is anything like the MAG PAX meetup from last year, its going to be fantastic! Also ordered my 3 day pass for this year’s PAX today, so let us know if you’re going to host another meetup then. :D

  • Seeing as every one else is asking for PlayStation to tour their state. I will throw out mine. If any thing like this ever comes to Michigan I would try to get a chance to check the new stuff out. May be it could even be by the Ikea. This way people who came to Michigan to go to Ikea can also try the new stuff from PlayStation.

  • HAHA, you guys could not have picked a more shady location…talk about sketch!


  • I know of two Gators who will be there, we had waaayyyyy to much fun in SF to not show up….couldn’t make NY either so this is perfect!!

    @Jeigh where do you live/ how old are you? If your over twenty one and don’t mind riding with me and the ol’lady I’ll pick you up… I live in Kent it sounds like your out in Yakima….Any way my PSN is JesseHaysFL hit me up and we can discuss plans….

  • Hey, I don’t use facebook. Can I RSVP here. Me plus one. Thank you so much for comin to Seattle. We always got love for yah. Yah comin back for PAX right?

  • You guys have to come up to toronto!! stop ignoring us Canadians lol

  • Why thursday? Thats soo hard when you work weekdays.

  • Not that I’m anywhere near Seattle BUT thought I’d let you know that the link where it says “Location: Sole Repair Shop” is broken as when you click it, you get a “The page you tried to go to does not exist.”

    I see how it is.

  • MiiAmigo, I know your reading this…If you need a place to sleep/a ride I got you man.

  • please rsvp me Jeff I don’t have a face book account i live like 45mins away.

  • When are you guys coming to Orlando, FL? I’d settle for just Florida.

  • Hey Jeff might just fly out for this as well…. we’ll see

  • You ever going to come to leicester in England?

  • Motion controls huh? I have something for that using for the past 3 years and its called a “Wii”, yeah that device you’ve all been making fun of including the folks at Sony about their stupid motion controls and here you are… promoting it yourself. Don’t you think that’s a little bit “too” funny?

    Sorry for my sudden sarcasm, but can’t help shake that feeling and there’s perfectly nothing wrong with the Wii. Pfft graphics, who cares! I don’t think I’ll support Move, since I have enough motion control fun on my Wii really. Especially since I’ve became more of a casual gamer these days.

    P.S. PS3 Browser works perfectly again on the PS3 by the way ^v^

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