UPDATED: Qore Episode 23 – Featuring God of War III, Split/Second, 3D Dot Game Heroes

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A clarification: We’re glad to see that you are enjoying the April Episode of Qore, released yesterday, with in-depth coverage of God of War III, previews of Split/Second and 3D Dot Game Heroes, and a feature on the technology behind 3D gaming.

That last feature included interviews, footage from CES 2010, and a brief montage of SCEA titles intended as examples of what 3D gaming might encompass. It is hard to do justice to just how amazing 3D gaming looks in a 2D presentation—even in an HD product such as Qore. However, as we wanted to give our viewers an idea of the possibilities that 3D gaming has to offer, we decided to use stock footage of several first-party games that were on display at the show, including Killzone 2 (a 3D version of the television commercial was shown at CES).

Unfortunately, our feature did not make it clear that the 2D game footage was included for demonstration purposes only. We apologize for the erroneous inference that 3D versions of LBP, Wipeout HD, Killzone 2, Gran Turismo 5 or Super Stardust HD are in production.

Thanks for watching Qore.

By now, many of you have unleashed chaos on all of Olympus in God of War III. As you look back upon your adventure of carnage and glory, you’re probably wondering: how did Sony’s Santa Monica Studio create this experience? Veronica Belmont interviews game director Stig Asmussen and lead combat designer Adam Poole about the entire process, from developing Kratos’ character model and enlivening the Gods to creating the scale of the epic Titan battles. This is a fascinating look back from their perspective now that many of us have enjoyed the game. And, if you haven’t played it yet, don’t worry! The feature is spoiler-free—just gorgeous video and insights from Stig and Adam. After delving into the making of the game, you can also test your reflexes in our God of War III interactive quick-time event challenge.

Driving has been incorporated in so many non-racing titles—from Red Faction: Guerrilla to The Saboteur—that some gamers have questioned if the racing genre has any life of its own left in it. According to Disney’s Black Rock Studios, the answer is a resounding yes! Set in the world of reality TV high-stakes racing, their upcoming game, Split/Second, aims to bring the thrill back to the genre with insanely over-the-top environmental events that can alter the track with each lap.

Remember the ‘80’s? Leg warmers. Ray-Bans. Parachute pants. Ferris Bueller. And 8-bit games! Jump back to the future with the totally rad 3D Dot Game Heroes which returns ordinary people to their classic gaming roots. Enhanced by the PlayStation 3’s ability to provide all the right moves, this gem is sure to make a sudden impact especially when you see the character creator that is sure to remind many of us that it’s hip to be square There’s also a 3D Dot Game Heroes “old school” quiz to measure if you’ve still got the hunger for the 80’s.

With so much news this year about new 3D TV technology coming to your PS3, the Qore team talked to the experts at SCEA and Blitz Games about how the technology actually works and how best to develop for this dimension. This is one feature that’s got the complete picture.

All purchasers also receive a free 3D Dot Game Heroes theme, and as usual, don’t miss Audrey Cleo’s preview of the newest Blu-ray releases for April 2010.

Look for Episode 23 tomorrow.

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  • why is it, that i can’t get my POC skin or the skin for completing the game on titan mode from the website through my ps3, without it freezing? ya know, some people can’t afford a pc & a ps3 !!! Sony says “it only does everything”… REALLY?!

  • ..so KZ2 will not be in 3D…?? thanks for the joke… that was a nice dream

  • I started my subscription to Qore in Jan of this year.
    I downloaded the freebie ones to see what I would be expecting
    and did a quick bit of research online about it to see if my money
    would be invested or wasted.

    Seeing all the goodies handed out last year to subscribers, in addition
    to statements like “2010 will be even better than 2009” I was sold.

    I have gotten 4 episodes of Qore now (Jan, Feb, Mar and April now)
    And all I have gotten out of my annual subscription that is not free
    elsewhere…a single Heavy Rain dynamic theme.

    8 episodes left…at this rate (if PSN isnt Pay by then) next Jan…
    I wont renew.

  • I am with all the haters. I have been subscribing since it started and it has gone way down hill. I did not even get BETA keys for two of the Betas this year and found other means of getting them. They were easier to get elsewhere than from QORE. It has been an extremely disappointing 2nd year, and I cannot subscribe ever again.

  • Hey Guys….

    In a fury of button mashing, I must have accidently approved going in a “Easy” mode and I’m trying to change the difficultly level back to normal. How in Gods name (no pun intended) can I switch back to another mode? I can’t seem to find that option anywhere. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


  • Qore is a waste of time if you ask me. I only bought one episode that’s the one you got the Spyro game as a bonus. For like the whole first year you could get each episode free by using a code you found in the Playstation Official Magazine (Which I had a subscription to) The interviews are like what three to an episode and they are like 2-4 mins long? Even though I was getting the episodes for free I still felt cheated. There is no way that Qore should be $2.99 an episode with the small amount of info included. Besides, Why should we have to pay to get excited about games we are probably gonna buy anyways. Pulse is free and I find more info when I watch it. Sorry, But IMO Qore is an epic fail!!!

  • im suprised qore even still exsists i only ever bought like 3-4 episodes to get into the betas they invited you to

    there’s no perks that are good enough for me to buy anymore episodes especially even after they changed the home invite episode to subscriber exclusive .. that really pissed me off

  • I liked the addiction of ‘Rewind & Fast Forward’. They were definetly nedded!

    Thank you :)

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