UPDATED: Qore Episode 23 – Featuring God of War III, Split/Second, 3D Dot Game Heroes

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A clarification: We’re glad to see that you are enjoying the April Episode of Qore, released yesterday, with in-depth coverage of God of War III, previews of Split/Second and 3D Dot Game Heroes, and a feature on the technology behind 3D gaming.

That last feature included interviews, footage from CES 2010, and a brief montage of SCEA titles intended as examples of what 3D gaming might encompass. It is hard to do justice to just how amazing 3D gaming looks in a 2D presentation—even in an HD product such as Qore. However, as we wanted to give our viewers an idea of the possibilities that 3D gaming has to offer, we decided to use stock footage of several first-party games that were on display at the show, including Killzone 2 (a 3D version of the television commercial was shown at CES).

Unfortunately, our feature did not make it clear that the 2D game footage was included for demonstration purposes only. We apologize for the erroneous inference that 3D versions of LBP, Wipeout HD, Killzone 2, Gran Turismo 5 or Super Stardust HD are in production.

Thanks for watching Qore.

By now, many of you have unleashed chaos on all of Olympus in God of War III. As you look back upon your adventure of carnage and glory, you’re probably wondering: how did Sony’s Santa Monica Studio create this experience? Veronica Belmont interviews game director Stig Asmussen and lead combat designer Adam Poole about the entire process, from developing Kratos’ character model and enlivening the Gods to creating the scale of the epic Titan battles. This is a fascinating look back from their perspective now that many of us have enjoyed the game. And, if you haven’t played it yet, don’t worry! The feature is spoiler-free—just gorgeous video and insights from Stig and Adam. After delving into the making of the game, you can also test your reflexes in our God of War III interactive quick-time event challenge.

Driving has been incorporated in so many non-racing titles—from Red Faction: Guerrilla to The Saboteur—that some gamers have questioned if the racing genre has any life of its own left in it. According to Disney’s Black Rock Studios, the answer is a resounding yes! Set in the world of reality TV high-stakes racing, their upcoming game, Split/Second, aims to bring the thrill back to the genre with insanely over-the-top environmental events that can alter the track with each lap.

Remember the ‘80’s? Leg warmers. Ray-Bans. Parachute pants. Ferris Bueller. And 8-bit games! Jump back to the future with the totally rad 3D Dot Game Heroes which returns ordinary people to their classic gaming roots. Enhanced by the PlayStation 3’s ability to provide all the right moves, this gem is sure to make a sudden impact especially when you see the character creator that is sure to remind many of us that it’s hip to be square There’s also a 3D Dot Game Heroes “old school” quiz to measure if you’ve still got the hunger for the 80’s.

With so much news this year about new 3D TV technology coming to your PS3, the Qore team talked to the experts at SCEA and Blitz Games about how the technology actually works and how best to develop for this dimension. This is one feature that’s got the complete picture.

All purchasers also receive a free 3D Dot Game Heroes theme, and as usual, don’t miss Audrey Cleo’s preview of the newest Blu-ray releases for April 2010.

Look for Episode 23 tomorrow.

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  • GOW3 is an awesome game. One of PS3 best games. I hope the rumor of a multiplayer add on is true.


  • Is it a dynamic theme? or just an ordinary one?

  • Is it me or is Ms. Belmont getting hotter and hotter with each new episode.

  • To bad I won’t be able to enjoy this since I can’t update to Firmware 3.21 tomorrow -.-

  • @ 3 Yes I too notice the sudden surplus in hottness lol….


    Feeling anything God of War III so I cant wait for this episode.

  • YAY A QORE WITH GOD OF WAR 3!!!!! Oh wait i already got a plat on that game. well it least it has 3d dot heros in it….. I swear i will not renew qore again!!!

  • WOW early this time,nice content!

  • I have no Idea how those “Install other OS” lovers are gonna live without internet content just to keep that “useless” feature.

  • Veronica Belmont looks CUTE :P

  • Can someone explain to me what this Qore thing is? or should i not bother since i only have a psp?

    • Qore is PlayStation Network’s interactive digital games magazine. It’s a monthly show featuring behind the scenes stories about PlayStation games and gamer culture. It’s avail exclusively from PlayStation Network and features image galleries, mini-games, and other downloadable content. You can check out a free episode by DL’ing the April 2009 edition.

  • Qore has been a huge waste of money in its second year.

    In the first year was well worth the money we got:

    5 free games(High Velocity Bowling, Calling All Cars, Syphon Filter, Spyro, Linger in Shadows)

    Early Access to 5 demos(Motorstorm PR, VC, Flock, Naruto, Fear 2)

    4 Beta Invites(Home, Uncharted 2, SOCOM, Resistance 2)

    And a whole bunch of Themes

    What have we got in the first 10 episodes of this year?

    2 Beta’s(MAG, Modnation Racers)

    3 Demos early(God of War 3, Dirt 2, Eye of Judgement PSP)

    1 free car in GT PSP

    A bunch of themes(one dynamic)

    and that’s it.

    The second year has been a huge ripoff.

  • I want 3D Dot Game Heroes

  • The bonus for the second year of Qore is awful realy. I don’t have plans to renew my subscription again because I have no advantage to do so. I will instead buy just the episodes I want the most witch is 2-3 a year max.

  • We didn’t got GOW3’s demo early, we got that one by pre-ordering the game not from qore.

  • The difference in Beta’s I can tolerate, it all depends of what games are coming out that have open/closed betas.

    Everything else however I cannot. It was reasonable to assume that the quality of the downloadable goodies would be on par with the first year and as you can clearly see, they have not been.

    Kevin Furuichi admitted this year has been worse on the blog but gave an excuse “providing content is hard”. That reason only applies to the Betas, everything else is no harder then last year. I can’t see how it’s any harder to provide free PSone classics Sony developed, published, and own the IP themselves this year comparred to last year, Demos either.

    Seems clear to me Sony made an active decision to not provide the same level of downloadable goodies this time. They want people to subscribe/pay $2.99 for the video content not the downloadable goodies.

    Problem is, the downloadable goodies were the only reason Qore was worth subscribing too, the video content isn’t worth 2 cents. Its riddled with Ads, almost never offers anything new, first or exclusive, and is always uploaded to youtube hours after the episode publishes.

  • Part 2:

    The bait and switch Sony pulled is really frustrating. If the renewal email I got said “we’re changing our policy and focusing on the video content now, don’t expect the same calibur of downloadable goodies this year” that would have been different, but that didn’t happen. The email said Year 2 would be better then year 1 and of course they have fallen way WAY short of that goal.

    Now all we get are themes and that’s it. 2 of the demos shouldn’t even count really. Qore got the God of War 3 demo Months after It had been available by several other methods. What percentage of Qore subscribers hadn’t got it already?

    The Eye of Judgement PSP demo just randomly showed up in a store update the week after Kevin admitted to Qore being worse this year. Its like he thought to himself “what crap do we have lying around that passed certification but wern’t planning on publishing to the store yet to throw them so we can say we game them something?”

    I really hope Sony makes the last 4 episodes awesome, promises not to do that to us again properly rewards the loyalty of the day one subscribers putting up with this terrible year.

    I wonder of neutering Qore has anything to do with the upcoming premium PSN?

  • @Krae_man:
    I think they will come out with that Premium PSN thing, they have now realize they can stop ppl from creating PSN accounts all over so now they’ll charge to make up for losses, remember that movies and some if not all games have very different copy rights that very from country to country, that’s why every time I read about a Canadian whining about why certain movie,dlc and or TV show is available on their store, copyright is the reason

  • Why should one trust anything Sony says?

  • I feel robbed resubscribing to Qore and there is no way for me to get my money back. Qore gives us nothing new or worthwhile over the past several months. These “exclusive” interviews offer nothing we haven’t seen on the blog or net before. They can’t even give us some dynamic themes or new avatars. Lets not forget that they are covering games after they are release. Last month, why not cover God of War 3 and Final Fantasy XIII. No, instead the focus on FFXIII and decide to cover GoW3 a month after is is release.

    I am looking at the European version of “Qore” and its already 10x better than the Qore. I wish the European team would run Qore for us because they actually pay attention to the fans unlike it North American counterpart.

  • Bueller? Bueller?

    Cancel Qore, offer refunds and bump up Pulse to include a few things that Qore did.

  • Ohhh snap! We’re getting a free game and themes….. the same bowling game that we’ve been getting for the longest and quickly done static themes! And the other one being Syphon Filter which was a while ago and i’m not even interested in playing it again! >:( Not to mention that the Heavy Rain dynamic theme didn’t even look right with a thick gray border around it on my HDTV! The cops walking in the theme even walked over the border!

    Sorry to say it, but do NOT subscribe to Qore! Honestly it’s not even worth it!

  • I wonder what percentage of Qore subscribers read the blog posts/emails and dont even bother downloading it each month.

    I bet Sony doesn’t disclose that number to advertisers:p

  • So… the bonus is another non-dynamic theme?
    Yeah, I’m not resubscribing. I got into the betas with other means, anyway, so those were a waste.
    Demos are only a week early, so that’s nothing, again.

    I could’ve spent this money on Rock Band DLC.

  • No offense to any of the other great content out there but, 3D Dot Game Heroes is all I need and I’m on board…and a Theme to boot? Man am I feeling the love this month. Veronica & Audrey seem the cherries on the top, so to speak.

  • hey whatever happened to katers? last i saw her was when you guys were covering burnout paradise big surf island. i thought she was cute

  • Annual Subscribers don’t get anything special anymore? :(

  • Looks almost like they care about Qore subscribers as much as Linux users.

  • VERONICA BELMONT FTW!!! She is damn cute and hot!

  • wow. Veronica looks sophisticated. Is this a greek tie in to God of War? I can’t wait to download! Good Job Qore!

  • Very disappointed with the second year of Qore.

    1. Really lacking in ‘bonus’ stuff for subscribers, especially annual subscribers. Pretty much all the beta accesses we’ve had were available from tons of other sources. No games. Some themes.

    2. Lots of the big game news has come out after the game’s release. GoW3? You can see all you want about that on YouTube already.

    Really hope they get things in shape because I’m wondering why I would consider a third year of this service.

  • My subscription ends this month how can I renew it?
    Any special offer or something?

  • Count me in as a second year subscriber who will NOT be renewing a third. I agree with what everyone else is saying, it has been a complete waste of HDD space this year and the “goodies” have been completely NON-existent. Anyone on the fence about a qore subscription, SAVE Your Money!!!

  • Any ”new” free game’s?

  • I love you Veronica Belmont!

    *Jack Tretton for President*

  • I fail to see the value in Qore.

  • I had qore for the first year subscription. What a waste of money. They make promises they cant keep and give you codes for the future that dont work. Sony qore you still owe me syphon filter. You are a waste and should be free. I cant believe I bought a year subscription to this crap.

  • Wheres MY GT5 DEMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!

  • I got a question why do we get PSP DEMO’s with Qore. I thought Qore was for PS3 only. And a PSP version was in the works. I own a PSP but come on it sounds like there throwing in any thing just to make up for the horrible year Qore has had. An why can’t we get a Free Game. All of these Game sales and Spring Feaver and not one free game for Qore (weird)?

  • LOL to all the people who said they will not subscribe to Qore next year all i have to say on that is no one will have to worry about that because PSN will be a paid service . So if you want game demo , Qore , facebook , movies and cross game chat DLC you will have to paid for it .you can still play online for free but if you want anything else your going to need PSN.

  • Well i dont kwont what to think about the beaty of Veronica Belmot, cmon are more girls hotter that she, shes average thats all.

    Well back to the action, why sony still using ps3 fats on his videos?! lol you know that slim model sucks on desing isnt?, so why sony doesnt make a slim model whit the same material than fat ps3!??? I dont like the slim model.

    And by the way i dont gonna renew my suscription to qore, always the same crap quality and videos.

  • Premium PSN? That’s why most of the people I know were selling their 360’s to get PS3’s. It’s one of PS3’s greatest benefits. I don’t know if I’d want to use PSN that much if I had to pay for it regularly.

    Anyways, Split Second looks really good despite it’s a Disney game. I mean, I don’t see many Disney things that don’t relate to cartoons or movies. And you know how most movie games go….(Aliens vs. Predator is a different story. Probably because it’s based on movie series? Idk, Alien and AvP games have always been pretty good.)

  • I’m sorry to say that I have to agree. This will be the last time I subscribe to Qore. I don’t think it’s a big secret that most of us that subscribe to Qore did not do so for the information. I chose to subscribe for the extras. Unfortunately, A basic theme is just not worth it. Thanks anyway.

  • I might check this out. Just got a PS3 and I’m a fan of Veronica’s other work online (Tekzilla and formerly, BOL) so I think I’ll give it a look.

  • I still don’t see what the big deal is about 3D, I see in 3D all the time when I’m not watching TV LOL. But then again maybe I’m just an old fart (at age 23), still can’t understand what the big deal is about online multiplayer on CoD and Halo LOL

    Remember the days when we used to get free games for being Qore subscribers? Yeah, I can barely remember them either. Year 1 > Year 2. For sure.

  • Also, just because it’s a “Disney” game doesn’t mean it’s a POS, they’re probably just distributing and funding anyways. PURE was awesome and is still way underrated, and that was published by Disney.

  • #11 has pretty summed up what I was trying to say between the two years. Year 1 was awesome, I feel swindled taking a gamble on a second year. Sorry for the triple-post what a f’n noob, right? Do the young kids still say that, noob?

  • My subscription ended after January, and I’ve been holding off on resubscribing until there’s a worthwhile freebie. So far, no good. Last year seemed to have a lot more good stuff.

  • More goods and bettter lets not forget greatFUNahead


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