PlayStation Move Sweeps the Northeast

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We may not make it out to the East Coast very often, but when we do, we bring the big guns. PlayStation.Blog readers in Boston and New York were the very first in the gaming public to play PlayStation Move this week, as we brought our GDC-announced games out for a pair of community meetups.

PlayStation.Blog Meetup NYC

On Tuesday, we made our much-requested New York Meetup debut in Tribeca. Despite the crappy weather, fans braved the outdoor line to go hands-on with Slider, Move Party and Sports Champions (all working titles), and to watch Dr. Rick Marks and Anton Mikhailov show off the Move’s capabilities in a series of intriguing tech demos. You can see some of those demonstrations in the replay of last Saturday’s Engadget Show here.

We also honored Ray, our PlayStation SuperFan who’s been to our meetups in SF, Vegas, Seattle, and Los Angeles, despite living in NYC. Now that we were on his home turf, we rewarded him with a God of War III Ultimate Edition for his incredible fanship.

PlayStation.Blog Meetup NYC

Click here for more pics of the NYC Event.

Next stop: Boston. Last night we kicked off the PAX weekend with PlayStation Move, and I’m still at a loss for words to describe the crowd. Actually, “huge” probably has it covered. Over 300 gamers, fans, and bloggers came out to hang out and go hands-on. GTTV’s Geoff Keighley even turned up to help hand out the prizes (special thanks to Charlie at 2K for providing BioShock 2 and Borderlands PS3 prize packs). Take a look at the pics – Boston knows how to party.

Ray showed up for that one too :-)

PlayStation.Blog Move Meetup - Boston

In both locations, everyone let us know that they were glad we came out East, and we’re really happy we made the trip.

Now to answer the big question: which Northeast city turned out in bigger numbers? Let’s just say that if Boston and NY meet in the ALCS this year, my money’s on the Sox.

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  • It was a cool event! I was the guy in boston that tried to scam the raffle by bringing up the wrong ticket lol! i couldnt help it, it was the right numbers but the wrong order…that kevin butler shirt was worth the risk heh heh…but Jeff was too smart for my plan…oh well, still a great time! I was also in line right behind the superfan ray, cool guy-deserved the prize.

  • I really hope this comes to Toronto! I’ve been dying to get my hands on the Move. Please come to Canada, we’ll give you free maple syrup! ;-)

  • well its nice to know someone didnt get screwed out of an Ultimate Edition (I pre ordered too late!!) anyway, i just wanna say PHILLY, PHILLY, PHILLY!!!

  • Thanks for the opportunity to try out the Move. You guys should set up events on a regular basis in bean town. If you host it we will come.

    wicked pissa!

  • Come to Toronto!!

  • hey what every happen to playstation room for the psp i was really execited for that

  • 1) @mikegrip [#47] Are you SERIOUS?!? A BLACK MAN WAS GIFTED WITH A GoWIII ULTIMATE EDITION FOR BEING THE ULTIMATE FAN!!! WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!?!?!? IF I WAS INTO CALLING NAMES, I’D CERTAINLY HAVE A FEW CHOICE ONES FOR YOU!!! 2) CONGRATS to Ray!!! You TOTALLY deserve that, man!!! Hell, if I was in charge, I would’ve given you a couple of advance PSMove controllers just to try to balance out the cost of your plane tickets, hahaha! =D

  • I wish you guys had set up at PAX East. As great as the show was, it would have been that much better with Sony in attendance. I hope to see you guys at PAX East 2011.

  • @XcLuSiVe6969 xbox gets the exclusives because we pay for xbox live. so they can then pay the companies for exclusives. but dont worry, i heard that playstation is gonna have some sort of exclusive plan that you can pay for and get exclusives too

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