PlayStation Move Sweeps the Northeast

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We may not make it out to the East Coast very often, but when we do, we bring the big guns. PlayStation.Blog readers in Boston and New York were the very first in the gaming public to play PlayStation Move this week, as we brought our GDC-announced games out for a pair of community meetups.

PlayStation.Blog Meetup NYC

On Tuesday, we made our much-requested New York Meetup debut in Tribeca. Despite the crappy weather, fans braved the outdoor line to go hands-on with Slider, Move Party and Sports Champions (all working titles), and to watch Dr. Rick Marks and Anton Mikhailov show off the Move’s capabilities in a series of intriguing tech demos. You can see some of those demonstrations in the replay of last Saturday’s Engadget Show here.

We also honored Ray, our PlayStation SuperFan who’s been to our meetups in SF, Vegas, Seattle, and Los Angeles, despite living in NYC. Now that we were on his home turf, we rewarded him with a God of War III Ultimate Edition for his incredible fanship.

PlayStation.Blog Meetup NYC

Click here for more pics of the NYC Event.

Next stop: Boston. Last night we kicked off the PAX weekend with PlayStation Move, and I’m still at a loss for words to describe the crowd. Actually, “huge” probably has it covered. Over 300 gamers, fans, and bloggers came out to hang out and go hands-on. GTTV’s Geoff Keighley even turned up to help hand out the prizes (special thanks to Charlie at 2K for providing BioShock 2 and Borderlands PS3 prize packs). Take a look at the pics – Boston knows how to party.

Ray showed up for that one too :-)

PlayStation.Blog Move Meetup - Boston

In both locations, everyone let us know that they were glad we came out East, and we’re really happy we made the trip.

Now to answer the big question: which Northeast city turned out in bigger numbers? Let’s just say that if Boston and NY meet in the ALCS this year, my money’s on the Sox.

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  • Hey Jeff,
    You have a HUUUUUUUGE smile in the photo with the winner of the god of war ultimate edition,lol

  • I remember everyone was cheering when that guy got this Ultimate Edition and everyone was pissed when people was winning stuff and don’t have a PSP to play it.

  • i had to pay for mine – sigh. oh well, congrats! looks like a blast!

  • still no love for Toronto.
    a meetup like depicted in the screens up top would be amazing.

    you’re missing out, Sony !

  • Hey Jeff think you could give a shout out for me at PAX Boston to 3 friends for me that will be there lol.

    Jerry Ashcroft, Dan, Getejanc, and Sam Myers.

  • Hey!…Jeff! I envy you rasta.

  • Well, I live in Boston and I have my money on the the Yanks. Lets go Yankees!

  • E3 convention is what I am looking forward to

  • JEFF!!!

    What’s up. It was fun meeting you guys and trying out the Playstation Move.

    I was the storyteller. lol.

  • Heh looks like 20 guys for every woman there…Not that you notice or care about that kind of stuff when at gaming events! :)

  • @ 5 i totally agree. they should organize one in Toronto around the same time as Fan Expo

  • This looked fun…anything coming to the southeast? such as Orlando or Tampa?

  • wen iz e3 n wer? still in cali? anybody

  • n how much iz tickets for e3?

  • HAHA i see me on the first pic of the nyc pic im the one with the sackboy shirt. Sony really loves us. Sony FTW!!!

  • haha yes go sox


  • PS MOVE + PS EYE + High-Definition + 3D Tracking + 3DHD > Natal, Wii

  • i was just looking at the pics on Facebook yesterday.

  • E3, and Comic-Con are the conventions I’m looking forward to.

  • Thats awsome.

  • Man, I live in NYC and I missed it.

  • Congrats to Ray though, a true fan

  • Hey Jeff,

    is there any chance that you’re giving away some God of War shirts with Kratos on it because the one you’re wearing looks awesome and I sure would like to have a shirt like that one.

  • lol holy crap im on the first pic , it was a lot of fun and very nice to finally meet Jeff in person , the playstation move is a lot of fun man , i had a great time even though i was almost drunk lol , Jeff please let us know if we can get into the E3 sony press conference , i really wanna be there , Playstation , Heinekens , Man United !!!!!!

  • I don’t think the Replay from the Engadget Show is working???

  • Sony still needs to assist me with something on my Ultimate Edition. But other than that its Great.

    Congrats dude. Also I want to try the Move so Bad..

    And im sick of people saying its copying the Wii, when its quite the other way around. Sony had the Idea way before the Wii, and the motion controllers were supposed to be release on PS2.

  • this was very nice, i had fun and lol look at jeff and wrekgar, my peeps.

  • lol me and jeff in 3rd picture, top left to right.

  • Oh hey, I see me in that first picture. Right next to the guy in the back with the red hat lol

    Was fun times there. Was great being able to meet you Jeff along with the rest of the developers, etc. Really appreciate you guys coming out here, especially since it’s all been people I’ve been reading about or watching over the internet. So being able to meet em in person was just wow.

    Hope to see another NYC event in the near future!

    Thanks again Jeff & rest of your team for making this all happen.

  • c’mon guys u gotta give Toronto a visit now

  • Why aren’t there ever any Chicago meet-ups? Seems like a city as big as this one would be a hotspot.

  • @ Jeff,

    The Southeast is waiting for you! Atlanta would be perfect!

  • Ray, good job on scoring the schwag; you earned it man, especially with your crazy Vegas visit

  • Had a great time in Boston (I was the guy roaming around in the Real Madrid jersey).

    Great to see what the Move could do, Everyone I met was very personable and I’m so glad I was able to make it. Hope I can do it again some day!

  • LOL, Gratz Wrek…..

    *Insert joke about you know what here*

  • Thanks to Jeff and the BLOG team for showing the east coast some love. Hope this will be the start of good times to come.

    Don’t worry Jeff believe you me when next the BLOG comes to NY you better rent out the JAVITZ center HHG, Dualshockers and me with the GAMESONSMASH crew will bring the people out in force.

    BOSTON peeps definitely got us this year it was sick up there. Next year will be another story…

    DAMN!! I got the crazy smile on my

  • WOW! That Ray guy is completely insane!

  • I’m sorry, Blognak, but why was this event held so early?

  • Any meet ups coming up in Orlando? Or any major Florida city?

  • Come on Chicago needs something like this.

    I keep saying this
    Chicago is a great place to do this we were very nice to the Naughty Dog people at the Cinema Event for Uncharted 2. I am pretty sure they made it out of Chicago safely. So please help Chicago out bring the Move or something else here.

  • hello jeff,

    i really don’t know where i should put my comment about this god of war 3 bug i encounterd a few times!

    It’s always at the same spot.. After you finish the labarinth and come back from hades, to climb up those chains it’s getting stuk! It’s between that point that you see those big birds, and gonna enter olympus!

    It should load perfectly, but you can already tell it’s gonna happen when the music is all acting weird! Then i have too turn off the game, go back in to the game and then it’s all good..

    I hope you take this serious, and send this to santa monica..

    Ps. note that i’m from holland, so it’s the european version!

  • Hey i have a question Why do xbox get first map pack for call of duty mw2 and not ps3it not fair

  • Boston threw down for Sony and showed up with the numbers! And you should see the numbers that are out at PAX east right now, it’s impressive!

  • Really wish you guys would come to the South East. A meetup in Orlando (or anywhere in Florida) would be huge!

    Oh well. One step at a time I suppose.


  • Had a killer excellent time at the Playstation Meetup Event. Great shots there. I posted mine up to Facebook a bit back. If anyone’s interested and want’s too see if they made a shot.

    I didn’t use Flash at all, so the shots are blurry in parts, but damn still fun.

    I hope Slider comes out with the ability to not use Motion controls though. Move is cool, but that game is so awesome it should have both controls.

  • can anyone tell me if E3 is open for the public. i live in NY and would love to take my lil (19yrs old) brother one day. oh and the meetup was excellent, no more cryin about not seeing east coast love from me. peace

  • When does this come to Canada?

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