Fat Princess PS3: Fat Fan Fare with Patch 1.05

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OK, we know it’s officially Spring in most of the world, but we really just couldn’t resist bringing a winter wonderland to Fat Princess PS3.

Today, March 25, we’ll be releasing Patch 1.05 which now includes *two* new FREE snow-themed maps called Frost Bite and Candy Mountain.

Fat Princess Patch 1.05 Screenshot 2 Fat Princess Patch 1.05 Screenshot

We know many people have wanted new maps, and we’re diligently trying to keep the community alive and together with these free maps. And for those of you who have heard about Fat Princess and – gasp! – have not yet played it, now is your chance to grab the game and you’ll get all of the original maps plus four additional maps for free!

Fat Princess Patch 1.05 Screenshot 4 Fat Princess Patch 1.05 Screenshot 3

We’ve also fixed a few issues recently brought to our attention:

  • Warrior: Fixed to disallow shield activation when carrying objects, as well as attenuating damage against lava and drowning.
  • Ice Mage: Changed level 1 area attack to slow enemies, not freeze them.
  • Soccer map: Disabled online score saving for this level (sorry, all, but it was too easy to gain rank).

Last but certainly not least, we’re happy to announce that our beloved princess has a hot new suitor: Atomic Operations, a new developer based in Seattle, Washington. We have lots of exciting things underway, and all I can really say is “Yo ho ho and a slice of cake!” (nudge nudge wink wink) ;-)

Stay tuned, see you all on the battlefield, and as always…

Cake for everyone,

The Fat Princess Team

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  • #4, i was about to ask the same things, so is The Titan team no more and reformed themselves as Atomic?

    Can you comment on this?

  • You know I recently received a $20 PSN giftcard as part of a contest, and I have been pondering what to get with it, but I have finally decided to get Fat Princess. I will purchase it tonight.

  • Just because you guys keep bringing in new stuff for this game and for FREE), I am for sure 100% going to buy the PSP version!! You guys know how to make a costumer happy, and in return a customer will be loyal to your brand!! Thank you so much!! Free is always good!! Remember that, and pass it to other people in the industry!!

  • these maps are from the psp version

    • These maps were developed for the PS3 version originally, but yes, they will also be included in the PSP version. The PSP version does include completely new maps that unique to the PSP title.

  • Thank you very much for the new maps. :D When will we have new classes? :D

  • This is sweet! Will there ever be any new Hats offered? Some new weapons would be super sweet as well.

  • Pirate and chef characters? yay!!

  • AWESOME work with the free stuff and updates guys ;). One quick question though:

    – Why do you guys take too long to release an update to Fat Princess? This is the only bad thing in the game.

    Overall, keep it up! Really appreciate an answer to my question ;) Thanks.

  • I appreciate this approach. Don’t fragment the user base by charging for maps. In fact, give them away along with paying attention to the community through patches. Not only will we gladly purchase add-ons, but will tell others to buy the game.

  • ookay.. well I will start the game up again.. but I swear the moment I see that red snail again I am quitting. I am still getting it!

    Thanks for the support of your game though, very nice of you to make the maps free.

  • Awesomeness!, Can’t wait!

    ummm how about another little fun thing, like soccer, but snow ball fight with snow forts. You have to carry buring oil to slowly melt the enemys gate and steal a Snow woman version of the Fat princess!, and you can gather ice to put into your snow balls to pummel enemy to cause more damage :P and use giant blocks of ice to freeze the gate and have sculpters repair it. No clue if it would work its just a rough idea ;)

  • awesome! Those snow maps look really great, I always like snow levels in games for some reason…..anyways I have a question if you guys know or can answer it.

    Since the spring fever sale has just started, any chance fat princess will be on sale during it? I dont want to buy the game now, only to find out in the near future that I could have gotten it at a discount price.

  • Just hopped on and played for a few hours it was fun, couldn’t find the new maps though.. :(

  • havent played since newpork city. Guess i should find time between god of war 3

  • awesome…fat princess is the best purchase I’ve made..haven’t stopped playing it since it came out and it just gets better and better thx for the support and i hope to see new stuff and i wouldn’t mind paying for dlc,you guys deserve it.

  • omg!! FP still alive!!

  • This is by far the most addicting DLC game I own. Keep it up you guys!

  • You guys are great! great game…love it.
    Thanks for the patch keep it up

  • Hey, what happened to that other stuff like new classes, pirates and ninjas… Thanks for the free maps, I’ll come back and play a little, haven’t played FP for months.

  • Thanks the map look great.Can i suggest something… i realy like this game but the problem is my girl friend to and we can’t play together, is it possible to get a split screen mode please … :)

  • Thx for the new lvls and can please bring in some new classes? i like extra challenge from the freezing death water in the snow lvls nice touch =)

  • Dear Deborah,

    Could you be so kind enough to inform the team that we want custom soundtracks ?! so maybeee we can have that feature in the next patch ! thanks :)

  • Does the Soccer game change mean that trophy work can’t be done there any longer? I can’t imagine being able to get an 88 kill streak in any other mode.

  • What about us customers that CANNOT play this game without it freezing? I’m a launch 60GB owner who has this game FREEZE every EVERY EVERY time I try to play it. Either fix it or give me my money back.

  • Thanks guys. I just finished playing through both Candy Mountain and Frost Bite. I think I preferred Candy Mountain; it may have been just our teams were so balanced, but the Frost Bite game seemed to stretch on a long time with no real advance from either side (lots of human players, too). I love the trampolines near the castles in Candy Mountain; it’s nice being able to hop into the enemy castle from the cliff.

  • I just bought the game like a month ago after spending days playing the demo, and before that I saw a picture on the internetz about Pitates and Ninjas, are they ever gonna add that to the game? it’ll be awesome… anybody knows anything about that??

  • nYcFrEeWiLL82 | March 25th, 2010 at 9:16 am

    This game was fun for a few hours then it just got boring IMO..going back and forth to save a FAT PRINCESS..yeah theres diffrent classes and yeah it helps..but its just not EXCITING anymore..hopefully you guys can add more MODES..i had fun with the soccer game..although i think it would be better if it was ONLINE.Maybe you guys can add more sport games or like a death match or team death matches..or zones..ANYTHING besides saving a princess..:/ KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK THOUGH..:P

    I guess this person hasn’t really played the game or they would be doing a lil less moaning…

  • Very nice guys, thank you so much. I’m glad to see that you guys are still giving the PSN version so much love. This cranks the map list up to a pretty nice variety. Thank you.

  • keep up the good work guys been a fan from the first day i played it.

  • Yay another patch and more free maps.^_^ Just tested out the new maps, and Frostbite is probably going to end up being my top favorite map in FP alongside with Brownie Town. Candy Mountain is good too.

  • is this patch free?
    because i have the demo of this game and am liking it lots
    so planning to buy the game.
    until when do have to download this patch

  • The new maps are just AWESOME!!!!! Are really big and really hard this new ones… I have to accept, since I bought Fat Princess I JUST PLAY THAT… I sent to my forgot stuffs F*kemon and stuffs like that!!! so… I’m the King HikariVictort a really good player who did 5000 points one time (maybe you did that but I’m happy for this) and I can say…


  • Id would have played this game more if an “Sudden Death” was implemented after 20 minutes. The games last way too long. Sudden death or something to speed up a conclusion to the match after 20 mins. Possibilities:

    – 3 more lives left
    – Princess is much easier to move
    – Capture point move close together

  • I agree that the game’s biggest downfall is the fact that often things result in a painfully dull stalemate in which neither team will make any visible progress for upwards of half an hour. Sometimes it makes me wish I could just give them our princess to end the game and move on to the next map.

  • Thanks for the Awesome new maps, even more awesome when you consider they’re free
    Looking forward to getting the PSP version soon, It looks great :D

  • The song of the new maps are wonderful.
    One question: In the blog Titan Studios is a Media section, where you hang pictures of panoramic views of the maps. I want to update it since it was launched from New Pork have not posted these wonderful pictures.

    Sorry for my bad English, I use automatic translator.

  • I love FP and play into the wee hours of the morning(sleep is overrated). My boys are addicted to it as well and will play until I tell them they have to stop to go to bed. I really like the new maps and look forward to more, and my wish for future development would be a an offline two player mode. Since my boys are 7 and 8 I encourage them to do as much together as possible and would love to allow them to play at the same time and not have to share a controller or take turns when the other one has died. Keep up the good work and thank you for the continued support of the Fat Princess community. You all ROCK over there.

  • Wow.

    First I was like “boo, an update, now I have to wait longer to play.” And when I noticed Atomic Operation’s Logo while starting the game, I knew something awesome was to be expected.

    I’ve played one of the maps so far (Frost Bite I think, the first two screenshots on this blog page) and it was awesome. The sound your character’s boots make while running across the ice crack me up. Also, thanks a lot for releasing these maps for free. Fantastic.

    Also, the Mage nerf is very handy too. I stopped playing Mage when I found out I could pretty much lock people down by spamming the AoE Ice attack, lol.

    Can’t wait to see what else you guys have up your sleeves! <3

  • Sadly it’s not allowing me to get the patch and it’s crashing my PS3, recently had to get a new one because my old one YLOD on me. I tried a few things such as uninstalling it and reinstalling it. Even deactivating my account at my sister’s apartment, overall it still won’t allow me to download. Shame cause I was looking to getting back into it :/.

  • I’ll have to go get this right now

  • I love fp and how it is being supported. I do think some sort of sudden death should be implemented. some matches take too long

  • The Ice Mage is the ICE MAGE! I understand game balance but to take his freeze away is ruining the point of the character. They should have simply made the freeze shorter instead of getting rid of if entirely. oh well.

  • i played the demo but im gonna buy it soon and it was awesome i kept playing it and playing it really really really fun!i wish i can buy it now! i won a lot of times!

  • Now if you can remove this crap ranking system to find games, I would be more happy than free maps to be honest.

  • The soccer nerf seems to have made it so that you can’t obtain trophies on that map anymore. I killed 6 people with a bomb; didn’t get “Who’s Your Daddy?”. I was also pretty sure that I met the requirement for Ring Sting on that map, but again, no trophy. This makes these trophies almost impossible to get now…

  • I think an excellent modification for a future patch would be some way of deterring cheaters. I’ve been in several games now where one of my teammates will catch our princess and take her to the enemy team. Maybe something could be implemented where, if your player carries the princess a certain distance and takes her closer/into the enemy castle, your points for that game could be reset to 0, or you could get kicked out. It’s really frustrating when teammates do this, and I wish they would stop.

    I also have to wonder at how fair it is to get +300 points when I grab a ball and switch teams. I could understand it if I switch to the losing team, but if I switch to the winning team, get +300 points for switching, and then get +150 for winning, that just seems excessive.

    Thanks for the awesome game, though! Just had a couple suggestions for the developers.

  • Great! “Soccer map: Disabled online score saving for this level (sorry, all, but it was too easy to gain rank).” Now we’ll just have to pull that “Ring Sting” trophy out of our as… Nice job. By the way, it’s already too easy to gain rank with or whitout the soccer map. So that argument is kind of weak. Thanks for the maps though.

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