Fat Princess PS3: Fat Fan Fare with Patch 1.05

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OK, we know it’s officially Spring in most of the world, but we really just couldn’t resist bringing a winter wonderland to Fat Princess PS3.

Today, March 25, we’ll be releasing Patch 1.05 which now includes *two* new FREE snow-themed maps called Frost Bite and Candy Mountain.

Fat Princess Patch 1.05 Screenshot 2 Fat Princess Patch 1.05 Screenshot

We know many people have wanted new maps, and we’re diligently trying to keep the community alive and together with these free maps. And for those of you who have heard about Fat Princess and – gasp! – have not yet played it, now is your chance to grab the game and you’ll get all of the original maps plus four additional maps for free!

Fat Princess Patch 1.05 Screenshot 4 Fat Princess Patch 1.05 Screenshot 3

We’ve also fixed a few issues recently brought to our attention:

  • Warrior: Fixed to disallow shield activation when carrying objects, as well as attenuating damage against lava and drowning.
  • Ice Mage: Changed level 1 area attack to slow enemies, not freeze them.
  • Soccer map: Disabled online score saving for this level (sorry, all, but it was too easy to gain rank).

Last but certainly not least, we’re happy to announce that our beloved princess has a hot new suitor: Atomic Operations, a new developer based in Seattle, Washington. We have lots of exciting things underway, and all I can really say is “Yo ho ho and a slice of cake!” (nudge nudge wink wink) ;-)

Stay tuned, see you all on the battlefield, and as always…

Cake for everyone,

The Fat Princess Team

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  • Thx for supporting the fans….great game.

  • Cool I haven’t played it in awhile so now I havea reason to turn it on today and play for awhile. These maps look great.

  • It’s awesome how much support this game has and how many FREE maps we get in patches! Is the patch available for download right now?

  • Looking good! :D

  • Wow…Atomic Operations was only announced this morning in EDGE and now they are referenced. Curiosity…Titan Studios was owned by EPIC…is Atomic Operations then completely independant of EPIC ownership? Is Titan Studios no more?



    • Atomic Operations is a completely new & separate independent studio, headed up by some of the same guys responsible for the original Fat Princess.

  • Really NICE :) Thank You TITAN!

  • I really wish I could play Fat Princess again but by removing the kick player, and switch team feature I can’t play with my friends anymore ah Please Fix this

  • A little to late. I have other games to play, I was looking to buy the PSP version but its a whole month away.
    So I wont even bother buying it when it comes out, shame.
    It was so fun playing the PS3 version but other games came out
    plus the neglect of new features reduced my attention to this game to zero.

  • Let’s hope this patch fixes the horrendous amount of lag…. D:

    I loved the concept of this game, but when I couldn’t play it online it was ruined for me.

  • Wow nice patch guys! I love the support you are giving your game!

  • Yay! Thanks, Sony and Titan!!! I can’t wait to check this out later today. TWO new maps and losing the “Warrior Shield Glitch” are enough, but toning down the ice mage spamming makes me giddy. There will be cake in my house for sure!

  • nice update!!

  • I’m so eager to play this game, but I personally am waiting for a sale, not new maps.

  • thats amazing. free maps! thank u so much.

    hate to ask u for something more, when u giving us something new. but could u tweak the gladiator arenas. they r rly great, but way too hard. its the kinda thing i rly think have replay value too, but its way too hard.

    anyway thank u again!

  • I haven’t played in a few months (since New Pork cam out), but these maps look interesting. Thanks for keeping the game alive! As long as new mapps keep coming, I’ll keep playin’

    Cheers! Cake for everyone!

  • free dlc FTW!
    Thanx for the update

  • I still prefer Crash Commando to this by quite a margin, I wish it got as much love. CC is cheap right now, only 5 bucks I think. It’s the best multiplayer PSN title in my opinion. If Sony marketed it more, I think it could be more popular than FP, but not enough people know about the awesomeness that is Crash Commando by the fabulous EPOS developers.

  • Oh I noticed I forgot to give you guys a pat on the back for the free DLC. Way to be awesome.

  • Awesome! thank you for the update!

  • ive been neglecting this game sorry. i still love it and support it tho.

  • a reason to go back to the game!!!

    thanks for the free DLC

  • Wow. 2 more free maps? Great support for this game. My son will love this today when he finds out.

  • I think the addition of these two FREE maps will get me to start playing this again! Thanks guys!

  • Oh my God!!!

    You guys NEVER fail to impress! I honestly can’t believe you guys give us so many free updates with new maps and modes! I seriously love you guys for doing this. I don’t play the game very much, but I did buy it and I put at least a good 10 to 15 hours into it (which I really enjoyed). You guys should set up a donation site, because good developers should be rewarded.

    • We do love our developers, and just hearing this nice feedback will make them smile. In terms of donations…well, stay tuned.

  • Very Nice!

    Haven’t played in awhile, but will definitely check out the new maps. Thanks for the continued support.

  • great, thanks guys

  • Awesome I’m getting on tonight to check them out.

  • Hopefully more trophies will be added with more maps

  • thanks for the new maps, and Ill jump in to check them out, but all in all, I doubt Ill play for long until you guys add in some support for new game modes for smaller battles or smaller maps for invasion or something where I don’t end up playing games with 5 humans and 27 bots. 5-8 v 5-8 battles would be great!

    Also, support for clans and parties would really give the game the shot in the arm it needs. maps are nice but its just a band-aid on a gaping wound.

  • I’d like it if Co-op was added to Gladiate so I could get that final Trophy I need.

  • Wow! I will be jumping back into Fat Princess this weekend for sure. Thanks guys for such great maps to keep us interested in this great game.

  • In a world of pay-for-DLC you still stick to your guns and release free maps. For that I thank you guys so much.

    If I could only ask for one thing is that you bring back the kick option. The lag I can live with and some of the class fixes are minor (and some even now addressed), but there’s nothing more frustrating than a teammate who’s not really a teammate. Allowing people to idle around and destroy our own defenses does not equal fun.

    Please keep up the great work you always do, Titan!

  • Ill be playing this weekend =D

  • thank you for the free stuff

    and cant wait for pirates vs ninjas :D

  • This game was fun for a few hours then it just got boring IMO..going back and forth to save a FAT PRINCESS..yeah theres diffrent classes and yeah it helps..but its just not EXCITING anymore..hopefully you guys can add more MODES..i had fun with the soccer game..although i think it would be better if it was ONLINE.Maybe you guys can add more sport games or like a death match or team death matches..or zones..ANYTHING besides saving a princess..:/ KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK THOUGH..:P

  • Any ETA on when we’re getting the ninja/pirate/chef/king jobs? nice update by the way.

  • Thanks for the continue support and FREE added content! I’ve loved this game since day one. Just wish there would be more players still playing regularly.

  • Awesome, but im still wondering if you guys are ever going to add new classes….like pirates and ninjas! =]

  • Thanks guys! The free dlc support is very much appriciated. For that reason, along with the fact that FP is a great fun game, I plan on purchasing the PSP version. Please consider your post-market support of your current product as THE reason you’ve made an additional sale for your forthcoming product. EA and Activision would never understand this concept.

  • Awesome, I was wondering what happened to you guys. Thanks for the patch :)

    Would love to see the gladiator arena be easier as some have mentioned, or at least make it a gold trophy. It is just waaaay too hard for a bronze lol. Co-op gladiator would also help out a lot.

  • Yay! More maps that keep the community together! Maybe there will be a FP sale coming up so we can get even more community members.

  • Baller. Thank you much, sirs! Keep fighting the good fight!

  • Thanks alot Titan!

  • You guys are tasty!

  • I agree with the previous poster who suggested smaller maps/game modes. The game is still a lot of fun, but in short bursts. I don’t know if there are enough people that play for hours that can keep the 32 vs. 32 games full consistantly. Bots are good, but when it’s a majority of bots, it gets stale.

    In any case, Fat Princess and High Stakes Poker are two of my favorite PSN titles, and both are getting updates this week. That’s great news!

  • Man I love snow maps. Thanks!

  • Thanks for this, just read about it on Kotaku and while I didn’t back back in it with the past 2 patches, this most certainly will get me playing again. The whimsical maps and cartoon-ey ultra-violence is what I love about this game and some of the original maps severely lacked such a feeling.

  • Thanks for the free DLC! It appears that you guys are releasing new updates every two months since the game came out. I can’t wait to see what you have in store in May! You guys rock!

  • How can such a small game company afford to give these levels away for free when big names like neversoft and infinity ward are asking us to shell out $10-$15 bucks? I play this game from time to time a good buy if your wondering about buying it. My only complaint is that the gladiator arena is to difficult

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