Happy 5th Anniversary PSP!

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March 24, 2005 will always be known in PlayStation history as the day we debuted the PSP system in North America. At midnight launches across the country, hundreds of you waited with great anticipation in lines at local retail stores for the PSP system. With its best-in-class, 4.3 inch high-resolution LCD display, vast library of software titles and built-in wireless communications, the PSP system was the first integrated handheld entertainment system to introduce console-quality gaming and comprehensive entertainment capabilities to the portable market. Half a decade later, PSP is still going strong and continues to provide the best portable gaming experience and offer incredible value to consumers.

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With more than 520 PSP software titles, including God of War: Chains of Olympus, Gran Turismo, LittleBigPlanet, Resistance: Retribution, and SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo as well as more than 20,000 movies and TV episodes, “minis,” digital comics, original programming, and more than 300 games available on the PlayStation Network, it’s easy to understand why you have grown to love your PSP.

PSPs ready to be bought

As we move further into 2010, the innovation and technological prowess of the PSP system continues to be evident. We have a plethora of exciting new games, some of which have yet to be announced, coming later this year that will continue to deliver the same unparalleled gaming experiences that you know and love.

In celebration of the PSP’s fifth anniversary, check out the snapshot below of some of the PSP platform’s most notable milestones.

PSP Timeline

The PSP platform has seen tremendous growth in the last five years and we have you to thank. We’re extremely grateful for your enthusiasm and feedback because without it, the PSP system wouldn’t be what it is today. We look forward to providing you with more great content and many more years of portable entertainment in 2010 and beyond.

We’d love to hear how you’re planning to celebrate PSP’s big day so feel free to share your feedback in the comments below. Happy Anniversary PSP!

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  • Happy Bday!!!

    The PSP is a great portable device no matter how you look at it.

  • Happy 5th Bday PSP..i owned one since its release, feel inlove with it since day 1 and its never let me down! unlike its big brother..(PS360gb 300gb upgraded,which i too purchased day 1 and fell in love with) ive had the YLOD twice..(hopefully the cooler fan i got prevents a third one :p) and during the days it was down b4 i fixed it..my psp was there for me! i dont playit as much as the PS3 but when i do im always impressed and satisfied. THANK YOU SONY for making a good idea BETTER!

    P.S…hopefully the next psp would have a touchscreen or a keyboard screen slider..and hopefully another anolog stick ..besides those features the psp is still AWESOME!

  • ok now all we need is final fantasy tactics (the psp , not the psone version)on psn!

  • http://vsrecommendedgames.wikia.com/wiki/PSP

    It’s a site thrown together for PSP game recommendations. I thought some of you might like it.

  • I still use my launch day PSP. Never had any problems with it, and throughout all these years it still runs perfect.

  • I love my PSP, but I haven’t been using it for games as of late.
    Mostly I have been using it to watch videos on my breaks at work. Then use it to listen to MP3 podcasts on my drive to work.
    I love the PSP for games thought and love Dissidia.

  • I finally broke down an bought a psp3k for $60.00 off craigslist and I’m certainly happy with it…for the price I paid. The standard issue psp SHOULD be sold for $99.99 right now with the PSPgo clocking in at $149.99. And what the HELL is up with old back catalog titles being sold in the PSNstore for FULL RETAIL price!?! You can buy any of those games (even NEW) on UMD for 1/2 to 1/3 off the original retail price at any SANE games retailer store!

  • Love the little timeline. :D

  • I bought a PSP at launch 5 years ago and haven’t regret it at all. Best handheld ever! I also bought a PSPgo at launch, and I’m already regretting that, since your support for it has been absolutely atrocious!

    This is the GBA Micro all over again…

  • enjoying my psp go, wish the metal gear acid titles were up on the store! addicting. I’ll have it with me at the boston blog meet tomorrow.

  • I love the PSP! I really hope you all will make a RED PSP3000 like the PS3 controller!

  • Just saw the PSP has been outpaced by the iPhone in the US. Get your act together now Sony, I loved my PSP back when it was halfways cool and I’d like to love it again.

  • The PSP still amazes me on everything it can do. It is a great piece of tech and I have enjoyed owning one.

    I hope the PSP 2 brings a second analog stick and is NOT digital download only.

    Happy Anniversary Playstation Portable!

  • Wow five years were have you gone. I remember being inline and getting a PSP at 1 in the morning.

    I hope Sony you will still support the PSP. I hope with the news that Nintendo is going to bring out the 3DS. That this will not make you bring out the PSP2 sooner. I do not want to see the PSP2 until 2012. Because there still is life in the PSP. Plus so many cool games still coming out.

    Congratulations Sony for the PSP’s fifth anniversary. I hope to see many new games for it this year at E3 and TGS. Plus the PSP 4000 too.

  • I love my psp its awesome, happy 5th anniversary!!!

  • Good stuff. I got my PSP in late 2008 and have 11 umd games and 10 downloaded games from the PSN store and there are still a good number of titles floating around out there I have yet to get to. So how am I going to celebrates its 5th? I’m going to finish up Lunar Silver Star Harmony, try those echoshift dlc levels, and get started on Patchwork Heroes :D

    Here is what Sony could do to celebrate: a PSN PSP store sale, put up a big load of old umd games up on it, and drop the price of the system for the first time in 3 years… well, I can dream can’t I?

  • I’m ready to get off PSP and onto PSP2. While the PSP has done well enough for itself I haven’t purchased a single game for it since Star Ocean 2 released on it. That’s what…. a year? Before that the first Star Ocean and before that God of War.

    On PS3 I have a hard time deciding what I want and what I have money for. PSP I do not have this problem.

    While Jeff pointed out two titles, most of which I don’t care about. I feel the PSP has failed to have Sony World Wide Studio support to provide us with big bad ass experiences like God of War more often. Total Titles purchasing this year… One… MGSPW.

    PSP problems: Lack of Analog Stick/regular releases/Bluetooth for DS3/Micro SD slot/Trophies, slow UMD drive, boched launch with bad LCD screens, endless line of upgraded PSP models, and a price drop that never seems to come.

  • @65
    Lack of a SECOND analog stick.

  • its been a quiet year so far for PSP. I barely see any marketing and barely any games being released. To me this sounds like a hint something is coming for the PSP.

  • So much animosity here. With games like God of War Chains of Olympus, Patchwork Heroes, Persona, Kenka Banchou Badass Rumble, I feel like I’m enjoying the same benefits of a home console. Any time I play the DS, I feel as if I’m playing with a kids toy.

    The aesthetic of the PSP is far superior and the lineup of titles, while not filled to the brim with shovelware like Nintendo, is more than adequate for my needs. Happy Birthday PlayStation Portable!

  • Happy b-day & I love my psp but I do have to agree with some points.

    Yes dual analogs is a MUST & the browser just plain sucks half the time & could use an overhaul. (yes I know about Wipeout, but why cant it come out of the box with a decent browser?) I dont get it

  • happy birthday, while you blow out your candles wish for a FRICKEN second thumb-stick! that is all

  • Yea. A great reminder to dust of the box that the PSP-1000 is stored in for 2 years now.

    So for the 6th anniversary do you plan to release actual games for it?

    Your PSP is dying in stores. Target sell 12 games total, and yet over 300 games are available. My Best Buy carries 20 games total.

  • Can’t believe it has been 5 years already. I still have my original launch PSP, the white Star Wars edition and the red God of War one. Here’s to the single best handheld gaming system I have ever owned! Happy Birthday PSP!

  • Happy Birthday PSP, i love my psp go (wish there were the whole library collection on psn already though)and i encourage anyone with a ps3 to get the “baby”

  • I’m afraid I have to agree with half of the posts above: this is more of milestone of five years without receiving a significant level of support. There have been a number of good games along the way, and I think it would be just plain stupid to deny that, but given that you’d figure a smaller platform would be easier to flood with titles, the PSP has been seriously underperforming.

    The only title I can think of at the moment that is coming out in the near future is Modnation Racers. The last I can remember is LittleBigPlanet and before that, either God of War: CoO, or Dissidia, whichever came last. That’s seriously not a good sign, especially considering that you have countless Top 10 threads for the PS3, despite its supposed severe development difficulty and shorter time on the market.

  • Happy Birthday to my favorite handheld!! I look forward to many more great times with you! I have had a PSP since it’s launch 5 years ago and now I even have the go, which I LOVE! Looking forward to 5 more years of portable goodness:)

  • Happy B-day PSP! Proud owner since launch.. It’s been an up and down 5 years. I love my PSP, very sexy hardware. I wish it had better software support. I purchase the 3-5 big titles it releases every year, but outside of a few name titles, it’s slim pickings. I have no regrets, and am ready for PSP2.. Hopefully the PSP was a learning experience for Sony.. Better pricing, marketing and anti pirate support would go a long way in making the PSP2 a success.

  • Ok so ill have a Buzz Ad Hoc Party to celebrate, oh wait! we do that already… humm ok Maybe Resistance Retrobution Ad Hoc or online… Great fun to be had.

  • man…look at all those PSPs! i want one…

    i’ve been debating getting a PSP3000 or a PSPgo actually…maybe i’ll wait to see if there’s any PSP news at E3 and go from there. but i need one. doing a lot of traveling towards the end of this year and a PSP makes travelling and waiting in airports fly by.

  • hey…i have a PSP question…the PSP minis on the PSN…if i get a PSP3000 i can still download those with a memory card right?

  • ” SDkngsht | March 24th, 2010 at 9:51 am

    hey…i have a PSP question…the PSP minis on the PSN…if i get a PSP3000 i can still download those with a memory card right?”


  • Yay…. 5th anniversary of games lacking from the very few that are worth paying for…

    Start putting more older games on PSN for the PSP Go (I’m talking both PS1 and PSP) and support it more then things may change. Oh and lower the price of the Go, please. I want it but there’s no way i’m paying $250 for it.

  • Oh man, those pictures make me nostalgic for the old PlayStation Store at Metreon

  • @69
    Don’t get me wrong, I love my PSP which is why I made that laundry list of complaints instead of writing the PSP off completely. You’re right we’ve had some good titles out there. However the thing that makes PlayStation as a brand great is that there is something for everyone and it delivers an experience unlike any other.

    We haven’t been getting that on PSP. I got a PSP on release day and reserved it the moment I heard about Crisis Core (dedicated FF fan) and it has always been that way with FF. I’ve enjoyed GoWCOO, FF7CC, Ridge Racer, Lumines, SO 1&2, FFT, MGSPO, Dissidia, and many others including PSOne titles (something sony got right). But that selection hasn’t grown much or in diversity, there is no Epic FF Styled RPG on PSP it’s all 2D rehashes.

    Maybe I set the bar to high on my expectations, I only have 4 games for my DS and I hate my DS. I don’t hate my PSP. I use my PSP for everything under the sun… My DS helps keep the dust off a certain area of my desk. however it would be nice to sit in line at a midnight launch for once and not play the same game I’ve beatin 100 times over.

  • Happy Birthday, PSP! Thanks for always being there, and never letting me down!

  • Happy Birthday PSP! I went from the old fat original PSP to now the PSPGo. I also have a PSP2K for backup. Can’t wait to celebrate when I get home and play!

  • I’m guessing they’re announcing the PS3DP at E3? XD

  • I’ve had 16 psp’s in all versions over the last 5 years. Now WHERE THE HECK IS MY GAME CODE FOR MY PSP GO? I already own 165 UMD’s, a couple ps2’s and a 60gig ps3 with a slim to be purchased very soon. so again I DEMAND TO KNOW WHERE MY FREE GAME CODE FOR MY PSP GO IS?


  • Without two analog sticks, I can’t get excited about PSP at all – Gran Turismo and Savage Moon are two of my PS3 favorites; without twin analog sticks they’d seem clunky as hell.

    Maybe if the PSP Go ever gets fixed …….

  • PSP=the best handheld gaming system ever.

  • Happy B-Day Psp. Thx for the great times. Can’t wait for the psp2, hopefully there will be one soon..

  • I still remember hunting for one in Shinjuku back in 2005. Tough to find in those early days before the U.S. launch. Gotta say, the software selection recently is the best it’s ever been, and blows the first year of titles away. Personally I love putting PS1 games on a stick for portable play and have started to play more PSP titles on the TV. More options = good.

    There have been plenty of games that are too awkward to play comfortably with just one analog stick, like Katamari IMO, but for what it is, it’s been a very interesting evolution of a system.

    Now.. about those 3D glasses…

  • This is the day before I started dating my girlfriend. We’re celebrating five years tomorrow as well. I guess that means it’s about time to pop the big question, no?

  • Its been a real waste of 5 years, there really has been no great games unfortunately. Only ones really were God of War: CoO and Star Wars: RS. apart from that, I actually wasted money on the devise which I bought 2yrs after release, you think you guys would have had games by then.

    I’m wiser to your hand helds now Sony. I’ll actually wait 5yrs before buying.

  • I’m still happy with my launch day PSP. To me, the original was the best design. The Slim’s reduced weight is nice, but it doesn’t grip as well in my hands. The Go was nice, but no way to transfer my UMDs means no-deal. Also, only 300 downloadable titles vs 20,000 is a significant limitation.

    Overall though, I’ve enjoyed the 5 years I’ve gotten out of my PSP. It seems this last year was one of the best for quality titles.

    If I were to make a change, it would be adding a second analog nub. Then it would be perfect! Oh well, maybe on the PSP 2… :)

  • @93 How about LittleBigPlanet and Assassin’s Creed? Both are excellent PSP titles.

  • I actually got my PSP only a year ago, but i’ve played it every day. I got a Red special God Of War edition, God Of War: COO was my first game(naturally), and it also inspired my PSN ID, so happy birthday PSP! :)

  • @20 psp 4000?

    How ’bout a psp 2?

  • Sony fix the mistake.

    A MISTAKE IN THE PHOTO. GO to http://i1031.photobucket.com/albums/y374/p233asw/SCEAMistake.jpg to see the mild mistake made by SCEA.

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