Happy 5th Anniversary PSP!

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March 24, 2005 will always be known in PlayStation history as the day we debuted the PSP system in North America. At midnight launches across the country, hundreds of you waited with great anticipation in lines at local retail stores for the PSP system. With its best-in-class, 4.3 inch high-resolution LCD display, vast library of software titles and built-in wireless communications, the PSP system was the first integrated handheld entertainment system to introduce console-quality gaming and comprehensive entertainment capabilities to the portable market. Half a decade later, PSP is still going strong and continues to provide the best portable gaming experience and offer incredible value to consumers.

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With more than 520 PSP software titles, including God of War: Chains of Olympus, Gran Turismo, LittleBigPlanet, Resistance: Retribution, and SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo as well as more than 20,000 movies and TV episodes, “minis,” digital comics, original programming, and more than 300 games available on the PlayStation Network, it’s easy to understand why you have grown to love your PSP.

PSPs ready to be bought

As we move further into 2010, the innovation and technological prowess of the PSP system continues to be evident. We have a plethora of exciting new games, some of which have yet to be announced, coming later this year that will continue to deliver the same unparalleled gaming experiences that you know and love.

In celebration of the PSP’s fifth anniversary, check out the snapshot below of some of the PSP platform’s most notable milestones.

PSP Timeline

The PSP platform has seen tremendous growth in the last five years and we have you to thank. We’re extremely grateful for your enthusiasm and feedback because without it, the PSP system wouldn’t be what it is today. We look forward to providing you with more great content and many more years of portable entertainment in 2010 and beyond.

We’d love to hear how you’re planning to celebrate PSP’s big day so feel free to share your feedback in the comments below. Happy Anniversary PSP!

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  • Happy B day!!

  • Why are we celebrating this…. PSP would be considered as a wasted space, useless device with wasted UMD Drive…

    Tell me what is good about this device…? Make PSP games appear on PSN Game Store for Playstation 3 owners to buy and play them on Playstation 3 unit!

  • Awesome, congrats =)

  • I love the psp system. I have both the psp slim and go models. In honor of the 5th aniversary please release the mysteriously missing psp legacy titles to the playstation network store (namely titles by squaresoft). A price cut might not be a bad idea either, I think the go is great but it is way overpriced at $250 and the psn network support has been pathetic. There are still key legacy titles missing and only about half the new titles have made an appearence on the network. Also choice of the ps1 classics released has me baffled. The psp system is great, but without proper support it won’t sell itself.

  • Happy birthday got 2 psp games to play right now. I’ll help celebrating by buying some comics!!! OH wait I can’t…….Canada

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY PSP!!!!! So go put on your sunday best, because im takin you out to the sizzler tonight!

  • PSP has been great! I’ve gotten 5 years of enjoyment out of my PSP system, and will surely enjoy many more.

  • Happy 5th birthday psp !!!! i have both models slim and go , i hope you guys keep adding more games to psn , anyways congrats and dont forget to add Uncharted , Warhawk , inFAMOUS and even Heavenly Sword psp titles

  • Congrats PSP! So any plans to celebrate the anniversary in Home?? haha

  • Happy Birthday! I love my PSP!

  • Happy birthday and huzzah! I personally love my PSP (too bad I sold it for a plane ticket home) and think that what you have done is amazing. You succeeded where the GameGear couldn’t and brought portable gaming everywhere. The DS is still the top selling, but you win in tech and innovation.

    Now, what about those 5-6 different colors like they have in Japan and what about that touchscreen?

  • Happy 5th, PSP!
    I love this portable console a lot. Sadly my launch psp has died, so no more awesome-ness for me. maybe this is telling me i should drop the money on a PSPgo. only if i could put my UMDs on it…

  • 5 years of a waste of tech.

    You still have gotten me or quite a bit of people to buy them. Next to the DS this is a failure. Costs way to much, games are PS1, still no second stick, and now with the lock on DD games and how Sony won’t embrace the idea of weekend deal on PSN the games cost too much.

    I don’t see anything interesting that I couldn’t get from my PS3. And when you rip a squeal from the PS3 to put on PSP(VC) that doesn’t make me happy. Even with my love for MGS, Peace Walker doesn’t phase me much.

    No new Castlevania either…the single reason I bought a DS *hint hint* But still..250 for a machine that’s way to small for a USA player is a lot to ask. And why should get the old versions and have to worry about sticks.

    I’m waiting for either a bigger PSPgo or a half price PSPgo. Then I’ll bite. Almost had with the go at first but the price made me laugh so much I was too out of breath to ever make it to the store.

  • 5 years huh? How much longer til we can buy and play PSP games on PS3? I’d love Crisis Core on my 32in tv

  • Can we expect some new features this year on our beloved PSP ?

  • WOW! 5 years already. I am still rocking my launch day PSP. Waiting for a PSP2!!!

  • Happy Birthday to my beautiful PSP. I play my PSP more than all the other 3 consoles I own. Old titles or new titles, I’m enjoying every single one of them.
    Sony please keep this awesome awesome handheld alive! Do something and don’t let hackers kill such a beautiful piece of art :(
    Happy Birthday again PSP! now if you excuse me I have to go back and finish God Of War: Chains of Olympus for the fourth time.

  • @14: “Next to the DS this is a failure”

    Next to the DS (125 million), the iPhone is a failure (42 mil). So is the Xbox 360 (40 mil). Both of these, by the way, have sold fewer units than PSP (60 million).

  • Time for a PSP-4000?

    1. matte finish (match slim PS3)
    2. improved screen (with protective coating applied)
    3. improved buttons
    4. improved umd drive
    5. change the slider power button
    6. support both memory stick pro duo and micro memory
    7. bluetooth
    8. improved wi-fi

    And if they can do that for under the current retail price, it’s pretty much a buy from me.


  • I love my psp. I remember when it first was released. I thought for sure that it was going to be crappy Gameboy quality games. I picked up a system and to my surprise I was playing games that were on par if not better than PS2 games. I can’t wait for the next generation of psp to be released.

  • You know he looks a lot like the detective from heavy rain in that picture…

  • I play on my PSP more than my PS3. Its portability is wonderful. I’d appreciate if you guys continued to support it and release more great games for it. The puzzle genre also seems to be neglected under both consoles.

  • WOW 5 Years already!
    Loved it when I got it, now I have a Moto Droid.
    I NEED a PSP Phone built on the Android OS!

  • I just wish the PSP had that one thing to make it a success with the masses. Hmmm, maybe if it were a:

    *Phone or video phone
    *Full access to PS3 including playing games remotely
    *Text pad
    *Built in camera (or video sharing)

    Sony Ericson and Playstation, please join forces to develope the NEXT GEN PSP (before it’s too late…)

    Just my $00.02

  • The PSP has, by far, been my most used gaming platform over the past few years, I love the thing. I still use my original 1000 system, but it’s showing it’s age these days, here’s hoping for a new UMD compatible PSP announcement at E3 (I have over 60 UMD games), I’d hate to buy a 3000 now just for a new model to come out a few months later. Still, I’ll be celebrating by playing the hell out of it, as usual. :)

  • The best way to celebrate a birthday is to give us free stuff you know? Self-indulging blog posts and internet articles can be good and all but…

    Free stuff… always good.

  • Happy Birthday. Seems longer to me tho :D

  • Jean d’Arc is still my favorite PSP game.
    I also enjoyed Patapon, X-Men Legends 2, and GTA CW.
    I am most looking forward to Valkyria Chronicles 2 and MGS.

    My PSP has served me well. I look forward to a PSP2. It’s time, the other handheld system is getting a sequel w/3D.
    PSP2 should have Dual stick, better graphics, and touch screen are a must. 4G/3G would be really nice.

  • Wow, it’s been 5 years already? I love my PSP and my birthday is in two days. What do I plan on doing? Playing MHFU while on the train, on my way to work. Sony, you guys wanna make a birthday wish come true? Let me put my hard disc PS1 games on the PSP, through my PS3. (legally, not a fan of CFW) I understand you guys are making money re-releasing PS1 games through PSN, but I would get even more play out of my PSP if this were to happen.

    Over the years I have spent a great amount of money on the sony product (my games list and systems in my profile speaks for itself) it would be nice if you could throw this gamer a bone. By the way, happy birthday PSP!

  • I bought mine the first month, and I still take the thing everywhere with me. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years though..

  • Happy big five! I want to buy a new PSP. At least a slim

  • Happy Birthday PSP; 5 Years ago is the year I graduated High School. Also, this day 5 years ago I walked in New York City in the snow to Gamestop to buy my very first PSP and I can still remember the excitement opening up the package. The joy that and amazement I felt while playing the then beautiful Ridge Racer and watching the original Spiderman. I remember it all too clearly, scary I must say, how fast time is flying.

    Well, in celebration, even though I don’t own that same PSP anymore (RIP Bud) I do own a PSP Go now. I also had to beat GOW I, II, III to finally purchase Chains of Olympus. So I would be playing Chains of Olympus most of today.

  • HAPPY B-DAY PSP!!! I just traded in the first model for a brand new psp go and am loving every second of it. Keep up the good work Sony!!

  • still have my psp from day of release and loving it! loving the pspgo as well with the bluetooth capability which makes it perfect for the gym when paired with sony’s bluetooth wireless hbh-is800 headset!

    lemme blow the candles and make a wish – i wish for a umd conversion program available through the media go software so i can move all my games to (psp)go!

  • Happy B-Day I think but with the competition coming up with 3D and overall better technical capabilities it’s hard to see a future for the current PSP. You guys NEED to announce a PSP2 or else the handheld market is lost outside of Japan.

  • @1
    it is confirmed that there will be a connection ..
    once you get the PS move you can throw the psp into the nearest wall..

  • @35
    It won’t come true if you tell people!

  • From Syphon FIlter: Darm Mirror to Ace Combat: X, from Gran Turismo to Resistance Retribution, from God of War: Chains of Olympus to SOCOM-The PSP does make everywhere MUCH better. Happy b-day PSP and sony. For many a good memory when on the plane, the train, the car, at school, bored out of mind somewhere, or at work, thanks. Here’s to a bright future with the PSP.

  • yay 5 years… any idea when you are planning on supporting this platform?

    In my opinion it’s been 5 years of 98% disappointment and 2% of “hey it’s something I might actually play” Not to mention how angry I am about the PSPGO…

    But hey, congrats on somehow managing to keep this system on the shelves for 5 years.

  • So many memories with my PSP the 1st game i got was Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops – great game! Looking forward to MGS Peacewalker!

  • Happy birthday PSP, hopefully we see PSP2 this year

  • @40 Were you not paying attention last year? Sony supported the PSP like crazy with games, you had Motorstorm, Resistance, Jak & Daxter, Gran Turismo, LittleBigPlanet, PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe, Locoroco 2, Patapon 2, among others, with a number of damn good third party games, like Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and Dissidia Final Fantasy.

    Heck, I’d challenge you to find a platform that had more first party published full games than the PSP last year. It’s a shame most people don’t seem to notice how good last year was for the system.

  • I’ll celebrate by… uhm… playing my PSP Go?

    I never liked the orignal PSP, not even for one second. I find it ugly as hell and bulky but I love the PSP Go :)

  • Happy Bithday, PSP! You had me at “hello”…

    BTW, “Age of Zombies” is the best present you could currently give your PSP and yourself. So good!

  • The PSP Go is a milestone? Seems more like a forgotten footnote to me.

  • I will never find a better game experience than taking a break from work with my buds and sitting down to play a round of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite before heading back to the grind… PSP will be my favorite handheld console for years and years to come. Happy Birthday PSP!

  • Happy birthday PSP!! I just wish you were updated just once more! All you need is dual analog nubs and you’d be absolutely perfect!!

  • Congrats Sony and Happy B-Day PSP!

  • Waiting for E3 for the new PSP… w00t

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