No April Fool’s Joke – Heavy Rain Taxidermist DLC Available April 1

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Those of you who pre-ordered the highly-acclaimed interactive psychological thriller, Heavy Rain, have already gotten a chance to play Chapter 1 of the Heavy Rain Chronicles, The Taxidermist (props to those who pre-ordered). But, for those who didn’t pre-order, we are officially announcing that The Taxidermist chapter will be available to download for $4.99 through the PlayStation Store on Thursday, April 1. Mark it down! Please note, however, you must have a copy of Heavy Rain to play the chapters of the Heavy Rain Chronicles.

Another great offering from the Quantic Dream crew, The Taxidermist chapter provides an additional backstory to Heavy Rain and features one of the main characters from Heavy Rain, journalist Madison Paige, on one of her early leads from her investigation into the Origami Killer. In a similar manner to the unique, cinematic gameplay style of Heavy Rain, you will play Madison, and be presented with a number of tense situations and decisions, as she digs further into the case, which of course, will determine one of many different outcomes.

To give you an idea of what we’re talking about, check out the trailer here:

Also, check out what IGN had to say about The Taxidermist right here.

There is definitely more to come on Heavy Rain here on the PS.Blog, so continue to check back in with us!

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  • I hope there is DLC to explain the black outs. They just left that wide open. It was a big part of the story and they just left it like it didn’t happen.

  • the DLC is rather short, having pre-ordered Heavy Rain this chapter only takes about 15-20 mins to complete… hope the next ones are a little longer and feature more trophies

  • P.S I hope you guys explain Ethan Mars blackouts and what he did during them

  • ive played this DLC and enjoyed it but $5?? i would like to see 99¢ or even a 1.99, as those price points seem way more reasonable considering the type of gameplay. maybe if it came with trophies, but still, its a new genre with gameplay that isnt like gameplay at all, so, is 5 worth a short lil’ story or scene? TV episodes are are a 1.99 in the video store. see my point?

  • I already got my platinum, the main game is amazing. Not so sure about the DLC though, it’s feels odd having DLC in a game like this, should be a full game prequel IMO. I’ll eventually get it because the game was so great and more is good, but I think I’ll try to wait for a few more episodes and hope for a bundle price.

  • This DLC is NOT worth paying for!!! I finished it in 5 minutes flat! No new trophies! The worst part? Madison voice is apparently done by a different person and it completely ruined the experience for me. She sounds like bobby from king of the hill

  • Meh, I bought the game on day 1 and got nothing for free. I have beaten the game about 8 times, and seen all there really is to see. I have no lost interest in Heavy Rain and am now playing God of War 3. This 10 minutes worth of DLC should have been included on the DISC or should have been free anyways. I mean who on earth is going to spend $5 for a 10 minute segment of the game? Rubbish… should be free.

  • I hope the other ones are worth paying for. I’m just glad the DLC was free with pre-ordering the game. It would’ve really annoyed me had a paid for it. The least these dlc’s could do is explain things that aren’t explained in the game. At the very least though, keep the voice actors! The Taxidermist has some other chick doing Madison’s voice.

  • No pay for this, is veeery short.

    “download for $4.99” jajaja not posible jajaja This dlc costs 1 dollar.

  • No mention of trophies? I thought there was a chance some might get patched in once this was officially released. Maybe a different time. Kind of surprised though with the lack of support since this is published by SONY. Oh well, I’ll get over it.

  • for those who preorder the game like me should have already enjoyed. The content is owesome, but the file is too big to be ignored. I hope the DLC will be smaller in size in the future.

  • Screw you guys, $4.99 for a preorder bonus that the people who preordered got free? Seriously because some of us didn’t have the money or didn’t think this game would be great we have to dish out another $5.


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