No April Fool’s Joke – Heavy Rain Taxidermist DLC Available April 1

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Those of you who pre-ordered the highly-acclaimed interactive psychological thriller, Heavy Rain, have already gotten a chance to play Chapter 1 of the Heavy Rain Chronicles, The Taxidermist (props to those who pre-ordered). But, for those who didn’t pre-order, we are officially announcing that The Taxidermist chapter will be available to download for $4.99 through the PlayStation Store on Thursday, April 1. Mark it down! Please note, however, you must have a copy of Heavy Rain to play the chapters of the Heavy Rain Chronicles.

Another great offering from the Quantic Dream crew, The Taxidermist chapter provides an additional backstory to Heavy Rain and features one of the main characters from Heavy Rain, journalist Madison Paige, on one of her early leads from her investigation into the Origami Killer. In a similar manner to the unique, cinematic gameplay style of Heavy Rain, you will play Madison, and be presented with a number of tense situations and decisions, as she digs further into the case, which of course, will determine one of many different outcomes.

To give you an idea of what we’re talking about, check out the trailer here:

Also, check out what IGN had to say about The Taxidermist right here.

There is definitely more to come on Heavy Rain here on the PS.Blog, so continue to check back in with us!

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  • Nice! Gives me a reason to take it off the shelf again. Its such a good game but I cant bring myself to play through it again. I dont think it would feel the same. Great experience though!

  • Good deal. Now we can play that really cool action scene that was demonstrated a long, long time ago! I was wondering where that was in the main story!

  • I loved Heavy Rain, but I’ve played this and it’s utterly pointless. There’s no story, it’s just one scene from Madison’s past which has no obvious relevance to plot of Heavy Rain and certainly no interest.

    If they want to make DLC then make some that contains a proper story. Either a new one, or one relating to the original but with some actual depth. Sure, it might cost more, but at least it might be worth playing.

    This DLC lasts 15 minutes, and is about as boring as the opening training sequence in the main game.

    I really hope that they take the Heavy Rain engine and make loads and loads more interactive stories. I would buy all of them. But this DLC is a joke, which insults people by pretending it’s worth spending money on. It isn’t.

  • Great news! …any news about the reward for the ppl who played the Heavy Rain experience?

  • Good morning all

  • Any news on any other DLC’s for Heavy Rain? I pre-ordered and have already played The Taxidermist…but I’m dying for a new one!

  • Well I’ve personally been jipped. Amazon NEVER sent me my code and they refuse to get back with me after I’ve sent several emails to different addresses regarding it. I’m honestly starting to get a bit upset because of it . . .

  • This was originally made to demo the game without creating plot spoilers. I missed the pre-order, and won’t be paying for this DLC. Will gladly buy something that adds to the actual game experience instead of a a demo that was created to purposely be wholly unrelated to the main game.

  • Does the DLC come with new trophies, hmmmmmmmmmm?

  • Everyone I’ve asked said this DLC took them about 6-10 minutes to complete, so I will NOT be getting it for $5.

  • This game is probably the most awesome and innovative game I have ever played. Kudos to QD on this game. I am looking forward to more like it. And how about some HR avatars?!

  • good morning bloggers! sony neds my dob to watch this video. whats it about?

  • When I loaded up the Taxidermist, it wiped out my main game save (which I already had to restart twice due to freezing/corruption issues).

    It seems a little strange to be pushing DLC for a game that was probably released too early and in a semi-broken state.

  • Did anyone else find it slightly amusing that the end of the footage in the “It Only Does…” tagline begins with “It Only Does Family Games”?

    I chuckled!

  • Wait…you need the full game?

    I know there’s a demo, but I was going to use this to decide if I got the final game.

  • Not everyone who pre-ordered it got it. I certainly didn’t. I got the pleasant, “Oh we ran out.” I’m not sure how you run out of a pre-order bonus, but I was, and still am, quite pissed.

  • FINALLY. I’ve been waiting for this.

    And to all the people who say this is irrelevant and only 15 minutes long, you’re all wrong.

    This was the original demo that was shown at E3 if I’m not mistake, and getting every ending for it takes about two hours.

    Totally worth the five bucks, unlike what most people are saying.

  • I pre-ordered and have this added DLC. It’s well worth the $5.00, and extremely re-playable.


  • Could we get some DLC were we play as Paco and have to do a dance for Madison? That would be sweet! XD

  • I preordered Heavy Rain from gamestop about a year ago and had it completely paid off in November. But I never recived a dlc voucher or any way to access my free download.
    Any one know why that is or how I can get my free chronicle. I’d be really annoyed to know that a big David Cage fan, big enough to preorder this game before a release date was picked out isn’t getting the download that everyone else got.
    Playstation Admin any thoughts on how to resolve this mess?

  • The Taxidermist was disappointing.

    – It does not have trophies.

    – No relevant impact on the story of the game. The story involves Madison investigating someone she believes to be the Origami Killer. This takes place prior to the main game. So what you learn in this DLC is moot since the true killer is only revealed in the main game.

    – Madison’s voice actress is different from the one used in the game. People like consistentcy in voice acting. Using someone different is cheap and lazy. Please do not do this in future DLC installments.

    All future HR dlc needs to have a story relevant to the main game and atleast one trophy. Otherwise I will pass on all future installments.

  • How long is the Taxidermist episode?

  • @21 how is not having trophy with a Dlc take out the fun of playing them while i agree with your other point but just because if next DLC don’t have trophy you won’t download them is just stupid

  • @shades909

    I never said that no trophies took the fun out of the gameplay. For the price they’re charging, it should have bang for its buck. There should be trophies and a decent story. Not something half-assed and pointless.

  • No comment here on the DLC, but I just wanted to say that you guys did an UNBELIEVABLE job on the graphics for this game. I swear, you could actually pass off a number of the shots for this game as real life. You can be damn sure you’ll be getting some recognition at this year’s award ceremonies.

  • Family Games?! Lmao

  • I’ve got one hell of a complain : How is it that only few retailers offer the DLC when you pre ordered the game?

    I bought it on and no free DLC for me.

    This DLC should be free for anyone who pre ordered the game in the first place!

  • I’ve played through the DLC already and I have a question.

    I was wondering if the upcoming patch is going to address the fact that once I quit from The Taxidermist to go back to the main Heavy Rain menu, the game re-installed itself. I’ve checked on various forums and some other people seem to have had this bug too.

  • I assume those who pre-ordered from small retailers (or Amazon, apparently?) and received no special code are simply out of luck?

  • I thought The Taxidermist was brilliant. I don’t know why people are complaining that it has nothing to do with the story of the main game, because it does.

    It’s a prequel, as all the DLC is rumoured to be. The scene covers Madison in her investigation into the Origami Killer as a journalist, and she goes to interview the taxidermist, who is a potential suspect. It’s set BEFORE the events of the main game, which is why it doesn’t tie directly into the main game – but it fits in perfectly well.

    There are 5 possible endings to the chapter, some of which are quite gruesome, and it gives you a good 45 minutes to an hour of extra gameplay. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and the lack of trophies doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

    As for whether or not it’s worth the money… well, I got it for free with the Special Edition. But even so, knowing what I now know about it, I’d say it’s worth it. And I can’t wait for the rest of the chapters.

    I guess the fact that they were giving it away ‘free’ to many people vie the Special Edition may explain why it seemed a little short. Perhaps later DLC will be a bit longer – but I for one will be buying them all, even if they aren’t.

  • I liked the Taxidermist chapter. I thought there might be some new trophies also, but whatev. I was more disappointed it wasn’t ready at launch then anything else. I’d gladly pay for a Chapter 2 that i hope is on the way soon…

  • I felt the Taxidermist episode was great. Short and sweet and many ways to go about doing things. Lots of replay in there. If you loved Heavy Rain, you cannot do without this DLC.

  • it will be on amazon on-line???, anyways, 4.99 for fifteen minutes…this should be in the blu-ray from the begining

  • okay enough releaseing stuff on april 1st sony im not falling for it.

  • @ 34


  • First, let me say that I love Heavy Rain. It’s my GOTY so far (Yeah I know GOW3 fans, settle down) and since I pre-ordered this game, I was fortunate to get The Taxidermist as a bonus. The first playthrough was VERY intense, and I don’t care if it doesn’t have trophies. However, those saying this has nothing to do with the main story, I disagree.

    Since The Taxi is a prequel, I can see how this situation could be the cause to Madison’s insomnia. (which would explain her dreams) However, the 2nd playthrough you already know what to expect, but have fun with the various possibilities. I would love to see more DLC bridging the gap of the main storyline. (For example: What happend those 2 years with Ethan and his Wife, in detail)

    I would also love to see some more of Norman Jayden, he’s a badass in an ungraceful way lol. Thanks!

  • Oh yeah, also. Anyone know what prize we’re suppose to receive for completing the 4 days challenge? After the cop thanks us it said we would get something in our email. (This was after the demo code) And it seems, after all this time, nobody still knows yet what it is.

  • Does it have any additional trophies?

  • @14 lol I chuckled too. Family game warns of “drug use” by ESRB. mom and dad getting high together now that’s family gaming!

  • That’s way too high of a price for as short as it is. $1.99 would be more reasonable. That’s the price for most of the comic books, and comic books take longer to read than it takes to play through this. I love the game, but I will have to skip the rest of the dlc chapters if they are as short as this one was.

  • got the dlc for free – can’t wait for what’s next!

  • I’m glad I got this free. I would have been reeeally upset if I paid 5 dollars for 5 minutes of gameplay.

  • People, you don’t understand that it’s not “time” you are paying for. There is no way to figure how much time costs whatever price. If you like the story of Heavy Rain and playing through to see the multiple endings, there is no reason you should not get The Taxidermist, let alone complain about its “five minutes of gameplay.” Its various endings will offer at least 45 minutes of play, and it’s well worth $4.99. It’s pretty creepy, too.

  • Hmm, $4.99? I’ll have to see a video of it on youtube to see how long it is first before i think about buying it. Hopefully it’s at least 30 minutes long.

  • I actually did pre-order the game but I didn’t get The Taxidermist code because they didn’t make enough or my Gamestop lied to me XD.

  • Not too be negative, as the quality of this episode is equivalent to the actual game. But unless future dlc is a) Longer [at least as long as a ‘Chapter’ from the original game] or b) contains trophy support. I don’t think i’ll be paying $5.99 per ‘Episode’. I love Heavy Rain & MP is my favorite character , I understand production cost must be high, but their has to be a better way to put this content out there.

  • @LiKuid-Not all of us are made of money to throw away just to see five minutes of backstory. If I make $10 an hour, I’d work for half of one to play for 10 minutes? See, you can put a price on time. My boss does it everyday.

  • DA LIES D< I shall never believe ANYTHING on April 1st, ive been with sony since the freakin Original Playstation DX they're known for their trickery on April 1st!!! NEVA!!! NEVA EVA x.X you guys have gotten me to the point im scared to believe you EVA!!! on april 1st DX

  • Yup, looks like everyone that pre-ordered from Amazon got screwed over.

  • nymph3ta, why do you say that? I preodered from them and got my code for this, and it worked fine…

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