PlayStation.Blog Moves East next week. Come Meetup with us!

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You’ve asked for it. You’ve demanded it. You’ve even submitted a formal request for it.

Your wish is granted: PlayStation.Blog is coming to the East Coast. This coming Tuesday (March 23rd) we’ll be in New York, and two days later we’ll swing up to Boston for PAX East (Thursday, March 25th).

In honor of our first swing through the Northeast, we’re bringing out the big guns: attendees will be the first PlayStation fans to go hands-on with PlayStation Move! Of course, we’ll be doing the usual meetup things as well, namely free food and raffles for prizes.

God of War III GDC 2010 Meetup

Here are the details you need to know:

For New York, we’ll be meeting up at the Tribeca Grand Hotel from 4-7pm this Tuesday, March 23rd. Because the room capacity is not huge (and we have limited kiosks), we’ll have to do this one in two 90-minute shifts of about 75 people each. The hotel staff requests that you don’t wait in the lobby, but rather line up along 6th Ave (Ave of the Americas), where you’ll be able to get direct access to the PlayStation setup. I photochopped the Google Street View pic below to give you a better idea of where to line up. Note that you’ll need to be 21 or older to get in, as we will have adult beverages on hand. IDs will be checked, as usual, by men whose necks are barely visible.

Special NYC Bonus! Our friends at Engadget have invited you to join them this Saturday for a taping of the Engadget Show, where Dr. Richard Marks will be talking about and demoing PlayStation Move! Click here for more details. For those of you *not* in NYC, we’ll be streaming the show live here on the PlayStation.Blog.


OK, let’s talk Boston! We’ve got a swank setup at the Colonnade Hotel, which is super convenient if you’re in town for PAX East; it’s right across the street. We’ll be meeting from 5-8pm on Thursday, March 25th. First 150 people get in for free food, prize drawings, and become the first Bostonians to try out PlayStation.Move. There’s no age restrictions here, but if you’re under 18, bring a parent/guardian. Kick off your PAX right!

The Colonnade Hotel

Both events are first come, first served, so don’t pass up your one chance to try out PlayStation Move way before anyone else! Make sure you RSVP here for New York or here for Boston.

Any questions? Hit us up in the comments. See you next week!

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  • PS: Just when we had some nice game discussion going on with Anton…had to come and ruin the fun Jeff :( Figures when it’s closing time haha.

    Also, if he gets a hold of that one group picture that was taken towards the end as well by that one person, hope he enjoys his trip back to grade school as he’ll notice some bunny ears suddenly behind his head lololol.

    Off to bed now as my legs feel like mush now from my total of 6 miles I walked today (Hooray for not coming to NYC enough and being from a small town where I don’t know how to work these things you city people call SUBWAYS.)

  • Great event, PS Blog team! I had a blast trying out the Move controller and talking to PS Blog, the devs, and other gamers. Keep up the good work!

  • How about you guys visit Chicago!!!

  • Do you have to be signed up for PAX East or can anyone go if you’re one of the first 150 people?

  • Great event in Boston. It was very interesting to see (and play with!) the Move in person and also to get a chance to talk to some of the developers. I was particularly impressed with the precision of the controller—it wasn’t very evident in the ping-pong demo, but I played with the tech demo an bit in laser-pointer mode and you have very, very precise control over the 2D mouse pointer (apparently, the precision in the Z plane is precise as well, but I was a lot more interested in the Move vs. a mouse)…

    Also Jeff and the staff were very friendly and approachable. All in all, a very well done event for the users/fans—certainly one that didn’t have to be done, so thanks again for making it happen…

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