PlayStation.Blog Moves East next week. Come Meetup with us!

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You’ve asked for it. You’ve demanded it. You’ve even submitted a formal request for it.

Your wish is granted: PlayStation.Blog is coming to the East Coast. This coming Tuesday (March 23rd) we’ll be in New York, and two days later we’ll swing up to Boston for PAX East (Thursday, March 25th).

In honor of our first swing through the Northeast, we’re bringing out the big guns: attendees will be the first PlayStation fans to go hands-on with PlayStation Move! Of course, we’ll be doing the usual meetup things as well, namely free food and raffles for prizes.

God of War III GDC 2010 Meetup

Here are the details you need to know:

For New York, we’ll be meeting up at the Tribeca Grand Hotel from 4-7pm this Tuesday, March 23rd. Because the room capacity is not huge (and we have limited kiosks), we’ll have to do this one in two 90-minute shifts of about 75 people each. The hotel staff requests that you don’t wait in the lobby, but rather line up along 6th Ave (Ave of the Americas), where you’ll be able to get direct access to the PlayStation setup. I photochopped the Google Street View pic below to give you a better idea of where to line up. Note that you’ll need to be 21 or older to get in, as we will have adult beverages on hand. IDs will be checked, as usual, by men whose necks are barely visible.

Special NYC Bonus! Our friends at Engadget have invited you to join them this Saturday for a taping of the Engadget Show, where Dr. Richard Marks will be talking about and demoing PlayStation Move! Click here for more details. For those of you *not* in NYC, we’ll be streaming the show live here on the PlayStation.Blog.


OK, let’s talk Boston! We’ve got a swank setup at the Colonnade Hotel, which is super convenient if you’re in town for PAX East; it’s right across the street. We’ll be meeting from 5-8pm on Thursday, March 25th. First 150 people get in for free food, prize drawings, and become the first Bostonians to try out PlayStation.Move. There’s no age restrictions here, but if you’re under 18, bring a parent/guardian. Kick off your PAX right!

The Colonnade Hotel

Both events are first come, first served, so don’t pass up your one chance to try out PlayStation Move way before anyone else! Make sure you RSVP here for New York or here for Boston.

Any questions? Hit us up in the comments. See you next week!

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  • hope you guys have lots of fun at both events! :0)
    off-topic: i have been submitting my ideas on the playstation blog share since it began.but the thing is that i still cant see any of my ideas posted.

    any ideas of what is happening?thanks :)

  • As bad as I want to go, 75 is a very small number and I don’t think I’m into the making lines thing… I’ll see if I take my girl or somethin’… Not everyday you can pop bottles with fellas from Playstation!

  • Should do another one in Orlando, first one was seemed a success :P

  • Do you guys plan to have a meet and greet in Chicago at some point?

    • We don’t plan to avoid Chicago, we’re just never out there… There should be a gaming convention there.

  • i will be there.

  • Seems like an event to not be missed. I’ll make my damndest to be there and be early. Not like I have anything else planned for that day.

    Even marked it in the calendars (real and virtual) to be on top.

    150 people seems like it’ll be tight… even on a Tuesday btwn 4-7.

    I just hope I win some prize…I love free stuff.


  • You guys should come to New Orleans!

  • bah i can go on a tuesday but theres a limit on people… and that sucks…. ill be coming from NJ so i hope i can get in… this would happen to me though…. you guys make my wish come true and come to nyc but theres a high chance i wont be able to get in with the amount of people that live in nyc im screwed BUT ill still try and come anyway

  • Is Socom 4 one games at pax playable at this event.. if so ill make a trip from philadelphia.. answer would be nice.

  • Awesome! Thanks for finally coming East, guys! I will try to get to the Tuesday meeting in NYC so that I can get my hands on Move. I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it, but I’ll try. I live in the area, though, so you guys should have WAY more events in NYC for all of us in the East, and I’ll be able to go to some in the future if I can’t make it to this one. But again, I will be really trying to get in for this one.

  • see you in nyc!can’t wait!

  • Only a 45 minute drive, so if I can get down there early enough, I can be few minutes laet for work that night…. Touchdown! I’m in Boston.

  • You’ve granted one of my wishes genie Mr. Jeff.

    Is Chris going to be there? I would like to meet both of yous.

  • Question,

    If we RSVP and get there at a good time but there’s more that 150 on the line do the people who RSVP get to come in?

    Because I know I could make it but just not in time to be in the 150’s. I have school that morning and need to practice for an exam. Don’t make me skip. :)

  • Wish I could go – but stuck here in Canada… Oh well atleast there is a new KB commercial about the move :)

  • only 300 fans?

  • It pays to be an old person

  • Nice to see you guys spreading the love to the East Coast.

    It would be great to see a meet held down here in Florida. It’s nice and warm! =D

  • How about shaking it up sometime? Something besides California, MA, and New York.

    The south and midwest say hello.

  • …Photoshopped not “photochopped”

  • Ah! Always with the big cities! You guys hate small-town Northwest Washington! Racists! Suburbaphobics! Pugilists! XD XD XD

    Had to do it. =P

    Nah, you guys are fine by me but, hell, maybe if I whine enough you’ll practically set an event in my back yard. (Hey how about actually meeting in my back yard!?) XD

  • Aww im 19 & I live in NYC. Jeff, it would be cool if the first 90 min event catered to those of us that are under 21 & the second 90 min event catered to the ones that are old enough, but its good to see you come to NY anyway!

  • Ohhh Boston…. Pity it is the Boston in America, and not the (original) Boston in the UK :)

  • I live in boston! I wish i knew about this earlier… It’s completely sold out. It’s at the Hynes convention center though, How can it sell out? The convention center is huge and in april anime boston is coming and there are usually around 14,000 people. FML.

  • I’ll be there. Hey Jeff, can you keep us posted with the line status via twitter or maybe update the blog. I’m planning on leaving work early (maybe 3pm) but if the line is 2 crazy that may not even be early enough.

  • I’ll be there on Thursday with bells on.

  • Austin or Houston should see the ps blog.. We never get anything. Pretty please Jeff come out to Texas we promise were not as crazy as the rest of the country thinks we are

  • ok so i’m 25 i live in new york and i’ll be there tuesday. so umm what time does the event start.

  • will you guys be bringing the laser machine for the psp’s & psp go’s? should i bring my psp Jeff?

  • Any chance of hitting the nations capital on your East Coast attack?

  • I just realized that was a bad way to word that. I mean will you be coming to D.C.?

  • no what about the uk

  • You should come to chicago. its only on the way to boston. lol.

  • Please come to Louisiana one day…..nothing happens here…at all…: /

  • dammit! you guys are coming to NYC the day i’m going to Staten Island to protest the DOE from moving my school. and i’m underaged…. way underaged…. 14 years old to be exact =(

  • I’m in NYC. I’ll be there! Work…pffft ^_^

  • Hey Jeff. Saw you at the “virtual meet up” in Home. I’m about an hour away from Manhattan (over in Jersey) so hopefully after I get out of class (11am) I can hop on a NJ Transit and get over there lol.

    Not too familiar with taxis, subways, city buses, etc living in a medium-small town lol so I’ll be enjoying my hour walk (so says google maps) from Port Authority all the way at 42nd St haha.

    PS: Bring our PSP?

    • We’ll have some PSP related prizes, yes, but since we want everyone to have a chance to play the PS Move, we won’t be running a tournament here.

  • Excited to witness this, I got work off and i’m attending pax the next day. Plus my brother will be attending with me, most of the time we usually get to spend together is usually playing Uncharted 2 online haha. Thanks!

  • Count me in for the Boston event!

  • If i stay at the hotel in Boston am i a guarantee in OR DO I STILL HAVE to wait on line!

  • Here’s a question that I asked on the Facebook posting:

    Since I’ll be coming up from PA on a fairly tight schedule, will you guys be acknowledging the RSVP list or just allowing pretty much anyone to get in? As if my chances weren’t already growing smaller with the list currently over the 150 attendee cap, it’d be pretty harsh if half the people who slipped through didn’t even bother to RSVP. Back when Capcom had their Fight Club in October, there was a similar process for attendees, except the actual RSVP list never existed and a few friends and myself were swindled out of some cool swag.

  • I posted on FB…are you taking questions over there?
    Any ideas for parking near the event? With PAX it will be crushed…I would prefer to not take the train in.


  • Thanks for making it 21 and up and instantly excluding a 19 yo native new yorker and big move fan. Thanks a whole for that.

  • When you are 21 you will understand why we don’t want people under 21.

  • Is there a decent chance of making it in at the NYC event even though I won’t be able to get there until after work (so around 5:45 or so)?

  • Anyone have any updates on how long the line in NY is right now???

  • 237 people signed up on the Facebook event for 150 slots. Since I won’t be able to get there until 5:45, I’m not going to bother trying, since I assume I’ll be wasting a trip.

  • Just got home from the event (from NJ)

    The amount of people was def smaller then the # of those who rsvp on Facebook which was a GOOD thing (for me haha) because I & others there got to stay the full 3 hours vs the initial hour & half ;)

    Was great meeting you Jeff along with all the developers who showed up showcasing their stuff.

    I was lucky enough to win Gran Turismo for PSP. Prizes being won were pretty great, ones on a higher tier level then what I won, but I was happy/excited I won anything in general. I never win random drawings haha. THANKS PLAYSTATION, YOU MADE MY DREAM COME TRUE, I’VE FINALLY WON A RAFFLE AFTER ALL THESE YEARS.

    Really enjoyed my time there, and appreciate it so much you guys came out here to show us all of this. Was def. an honor to get my hands on Move to try it out and especially be in the presence of people I’ve been watching on the internet and reading about these past years.

    Hope to see another NYC event soon! Now to work on getting into E3 lol.

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