This Week in PlayStation Home: Twisted Metal, Resistance, inFAMOUS Content + Musicality Apartment, PlayStation.Blog Meetup and More!!!

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Every Thursday sees a deluge of new content publish on the PlayStation Home platform, and this week, of course, is no exception. From Resistance, inFAMOUS, and Twisted Metal items to beachside bungalows with built-in mini-games to personal concert venues (complete with all you’ll need to jam with your friends) to 100% exclusive community events, there is something going on in PlayStation Home this week for every kind of gamer – hardcore, casual, and any type in-between.

Our official forums (available at have been buzzing with speculation as to when nDreams’ wildly-popular Musicality personal space was going to hit stateside. We here on the PlayStation Home Community Management have been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to announce that this highly-interactive personal space will be available in the Estates store come Thursday, March 18. Why? Because not only are we all bona fide music nerds, but because this is easily one of the most unique personal spaces to ever grace the platform. A veritable cornucopia of creativity, the Musicality personal spaces allows up to four people at a time to take control of an array of keyboards, drums, guitar, and a DJ console and perform music live in front of their friends. With hundreds of different loops at your disposal, the possibilities are endless in terms of the songs you and your friends can create and perform. Check out the video below for a taste of what to expect when this revolutionary new personal space releases this week.

Also available this week is a new addition in our line of luxurious personal spaces – a tropical retreat plucked straight out of the south Pacific and hand-delivered to your Home. Whether you are a straight up beach bunny or just taking a break from your latest surfari, this seaside abode is the perfect place to lay back and relax (or jump into the sand and kick a ball around). Watch this video for an overview of this hot (no pun intended) personal space, which promises to offer as much fun as it does sun.

Months back we asked you, the loyal PlayStation Home community, what kind of virtual items you would most like us to release. We all anticipated the answers we would receive (hello Star Wars!), but nonetheless I love to be the bearer of good news; the one that gets to say “boo-yah” in this here Blog. So, without further ado, we present new Resistance, inFAMOUS, and Twisted Metal ornaments and costumes galore! We’re talking everything from a Sweet Tooth costume to a Daedalus statue to a full Alden get-up. Don’t believe me? The evidence is below…

PlayStation Home - Resistance items PlayStation Home -  InFAMOUS costume

This week plays hosts to a ton of community events that can only be experienced in PlayStation Home. For instance, tonight from 6:00pm – 7:00pm PT (9:00pm-10:00pm EST) in PlayStation Home’s Theater 8, there will be a special meet-and-greet with Doc and Luge from the exclusive PlayStation Network reality show The Tester. Come prepared with your most burning questions, and stay tuned to the Blog for details regarding additional guest appearances from The Tester cast in PlayStation Home.

And, as with any week, be sure to visit the Theater each Thursday to watch the newest episode of The Tester, pick up free rewards, and grab commemorative items from the kiosks in the Theater and Central plaza (pictured below). This week we are airing Episode 5 as well as hosting a marathon screening of Episodes 14 in Theater 7 over the weekend!

PlayStation Home - The Tester Viking Male

Also scheduled for this week is a special PlayStation.Blog Meetup in the PlayStation Home Theater. Come out on Thursday night from 5:00pm – 7:00pm PT (8:00pm – 10:00pm EST) to watch an exclusive PlayStation Move video with the PlayStation Home and Blog community, get some face time with the players that bring you a never-ending stream of news on the Blog, and pick up free – and exclusive – virtual items. I grabbed a quick shot of my fellow HCM team member, GlassWalls, sporting the exclusive PS Blog belt buckle to post below. Be sure to come out tomorrow night and participate in the festivities or you will lose out on the opportunity to add these limited items to your collection.

PlayStation Home - PlayStation.Blog Buckle/Jeans Exclusive item

Speaking of my buddy GlassWalls – As many of you hardcore Home-people know, he is heading up the Home Community Volunteer program, which is now accepting new candidates. He sent me this message just a few moments ago and asked that I pass along the good word…

Hey everyone!

Over the past year, the PlayStation Home community has expanded its population exponentially. With this growth comes a need for more friendly and knowledgeable power users to help the throngs of newcomers that may need a little help getting oriented. That’s why I want YOU to apply to be a member of the PlayStation Home Community Volunteer program!

From serving as a guide for new users to helping out with community events, the PlayStation Home Community Volunteer program offers a great outlet to the most passionate Home users to help give back to the community that enriches their online gaming experience. So if you want to contribute to the growth of this vibrant social gaming community, I urge to you to follow THIS LINK and apply to become a member of this quickly-growing, and highly-popular, volunteer program!

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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5 Author Replies

  • Wicked nice stuff there.

  • Twisted Metal for PS3, confirmed…

  • i think i speak for a lot of people when i say, WHERE ARE OUR GOD OF WAR COSTUMES?

    don’t let us down.

  • How about mini-games to make these spaces actually worth buying instead of just buying it and basically doing nothing on them but chat

  • Gwahahahahahahahahahaha wooooooooohooooooooooo
    God does exist.

  • This is sort of sad. I mean the Japanese home I have the Lightning Avatar from FF13, why don’t you guys have this up yet? I don’t care about these old games. Blah.

  • Tell glass walls kool belt, Id like to buy it,.. I cant wait to see what you guys have cooked up..


  • i hope the reaper costumes dont come as that needs to stay a pre order only

  • Home is boring. Still takes too long to load. Sodium One was lagging/skipping for me. I visit the beach, walk around, OK….check out the swim store, the icons for items take forever to load, they finally do, notice that the SAME hat in each variety of color is $.99 EACH! RIDICULOUS!!, I quickly exit the store. I notice that EVERY single person I run into in Home barely plays games, they are usually trophy level 3’s or 4’s. I start to load the boat location, it takes too long and I exit Home.

    I thought Home would have been something amazing. After a couple years of waiting, it just fails to impress or even excite me. I usually ask about bringing voice chat back, but I don’t even think that would make a difference anymore. I guess Home is just not for me.

  • How much is the Music Space? also when exactly does this Home update happen tomorrow? what time?

  • I still find it funny people complain about Home. Its a free place, no one is charging people or forcing them to buy things.
    But… people still complain how it doesnt have things they want, its boring, its slow, pout pout pout whine whine whine.

    Home was meant as a place to meet gamers, sample games, take a break from playing. Your expecting ‘SecondLife’ for free… come on get realistic.

    Home is a meeting ground a place to network with other gamers. So what if people spend more time inside it than playing games thats their choice. No reason to whine about them focusing in home as a way to socialize to each their own.

    If you dont like the prices then DONT BUY IT… gawd
    People act like a guns being put to their head I mean geez.
    Home gives alot for free you can do no money needed.

    You want to have a realistic voice in home and what happens in home. Then encourage them to go pay to use. Because your a guest in Home till you pay. Then your a customer with more power to your words.

    Im glad to see musicality coming to home.. i heard alot of fun about it.

    But :(
    I agree too will we see FF13 costumes I want vanill…

  • I find it baffling that content and spaces are launched for TM that isn’t even announced yet there is nothing celebrating GoWIII.

    I’m trying to think of ONE time that spaces and content actually got launched day and date with the game.

    What is the issue with timing these things?

  • Will the new inFamous costumes include the promotional only reaper costume. I would really like to buy that costume because i have every promotional costume but the reaper costume. So please release the reaper costume for sale.

  • @ Kitty_Pyra

    I find it funny people still complain about the complainers. boo-hoo.

    So you are telling me I have to buy a private space, a hamster uniform, and a $.99 hat IN EACH COLOR before I can comment on MY perspective of Home? Thanks, but I will keep my real money and continue to comment on Home for FREE. Why would I spend money on something that I don’t see VALUE in?

    Maybe if Home loaded faster, I would sped money.
    Maybe if Home had voice chat, I would spend money.
    Maybe if Home was more stable, I would spend money.
    Maybe if Home actually attracted GAMERS and not ‘Second Life’ noobs, I would spend money.

    Sorry, not going to buy all that crap week in and week out, AND THEN hope for those things to happen down the road. As I said, I was wrong waiting all this time, Home is NOT fo me.

  • coolio im just waitin for ff13 costumes or something tho!! got any off those coming out anytime soon?

  • My PS Home haven’t been able to launch ever since the last update.

  • greetings fellow homelings , late getting here but wish to thank y’all for 1.35 update . i went from waiting 20 plus minutes to get on home to 3 . same thing with purchases . new island looks sweet . keep up to good work . we are one , we are many

  • ive only bought the loco island and FF13 personal spaces 8) (also got the summer house for free cause i was in the closed beta) but the musicality spaces looks kinda cool ill look for an invite from a buddy first.

  • PlayStation Home Community Volunteer program … At last this has become available again. Thanks to Jersquall’s XMB comment. Some new HCV blood will be great I am sure. My app is in!!! There’s no place like Home. There’s no place like Home. U-_-U

  • Oh boy! Nobody tell Jaffe that Sony just confirmed that he’s working on Twisted Metal PS3.

  • TM? who not GOW 3 clothing ? or GOW 3 personal home ‘?

  • HOW ABOUT GOW 3 personal home ‘ ? or GOW 3 clothing ? little bit more popular then TM.? don’t you guys think’? GOW 3 statue ? ect ect?

  • OR HOW ABOUT the world wrestling entertainment WWE”? personal home ? there games ‘ smack down vs raw ‘ is huge’?… just throwing ideas your way’?

  • SLURPEE__QUEEN GOT something WWE personal space or wwe belts ? how about it great idea slurpee ‘ SMACKDOWN VS RAW game is very kool’ & yes slurpee very huge …….


  • patch661 ‘? is it kool i don’t think ive met you but ty THE WWE ROCKS & HOME NEEDS TO BRING THE WWE TO HOME ” SO” HELL YEAH “!!!!!!!!!


  • they don’t even have a ‘ jedi ‘ outfit ? R2D2 ?,C3po.? outfit , chewy, darth vadar outfit LAME ” OR A DEATHSTAR ” personal home ‘?or DEATHSTAR orniments?
    just lame stormtrooper heads’? not very much to offer ‘? or luke skywalker figures?

  • yeah servers realy need to be fixed I just tryed loging into home after not being in for awhile downloaded 1.3 or latest update and connetion to server failed over and over tryed deleting home then reinstalling and still same problem are they working out the bugs or is my home messed up?

  • why doesn’t ps home do this?why doesn’t it do that.SHUT THE F one cares about your complaints.not even your mommy

  • oops I wasn’t logged in when trying to submit for Volunteer I can not submit again embaraasing story was about my oldest daughters birth if I get selected.

  • Better be Twisted Metal PS3. At the very least upgrade a old one for PSN;)

  • When is Public voice chat coming back? If at all.

  • we need anything from star trek, stargate, battlestar new old, caprica, dr who, torchwood, etc like personal space from the ships of each series to clothes to whatever would be nice

  • Some cool looking stuff to be sure, but I REALLY want the Final Fantasy XIII costumes/outfits that are out on the Japanese PSN. I have the personal space now I need my Snow costume, please deliver this next week any longer and it will be unbearable!

  • Jesus H Christ, breathe some bloody life into the HOME avatars, their animations and walking speed make it look and feel so dull!!

  • hahaha cmon man,you guys suddenly bring Twisted Metal items to home and your telling us its not a hint?

  • If you guys go on Wikipedia and look up PS3 list of exclusives, Twisted Metal is there with coming soon. Twisted Metal is a great series, I hope it returns to it’s greatness.

  • Can’t apply for volunteer work, the page dosent even see i’m logged in… I guess i’ll keep doing it the old fashion way as i’ve always done|||

  • and stop asking for sony’s balls!

  • Do we need to watch the entire video to get the PS Blog items as I have limited time before I have to head to work, and I would like to get these items for my brother and friends accounts who are also on my PS3?

  • home is getting much better, the last update actually made me want to buy some stuff (which I did). now we just need a juke box or in game music and video streaming and everyone would get into home. nice job

  • HEY DELTA NINE ? is it you got your self ONE HELL OF A VERY HUGE MOUTH SON”
    but can you back your mouth ? talking crap here & talking crap their ?’ learn how too’ STFU”? no one cares for your empty threat’s BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH “

  • twisted metal eh?? do that mean it could come to the ps3?
    how do the add-ons look like it’s not in the video.

  • Home is still too much peddling virtual crap and advertising swag.

    If there were more games to do in there, more earned content from games we’re actually playing, and less obnoxious advertising screens screaming at us, they’d be on the right track.

    Thank goodness for Sodium pointing in the right direction. PSHome needs to do more things like that to be relevant and interesting.

  • Awesome! I can’t wait for tonight. I’ll def be there. Where exactly will he be located?

  • were is the final fantasy costumes at i dont mind dressing up my avatar as snow and can we get some real stuff cuz xbox live has addidas and puma to levis and gap i mean dressing my snow avatar with nike air force 1 sneaks now that be awsome also you guys should open up a pub i dont mind spending $4.00 on virtual bud light alcohol yeepee please do something fun with home like strip bars and night life also baned under age for useing pshome also it be nice to have a ps store in cental plaza i mean like a corner store so we can easly buy chips and dips to cigarettes yeaaaaa.

  • what im saying is make pshome more mature


    There are MANY confused and lost people right now. Lost, because your “up to the minute” Twitter feeds are incorrect.

    Some of us were at Central Plaza at 5:00pm AS ADVERTISED IN YOUR TWITTER FEED.
    We went to several instances… there was NOTHING in any of them about the PS Blog Meet or any rewards.

    In the end, we went to Theater #6… which is where everyone seems to be. It;s nearly 25m afterwards, and I have not received any rewards (although some people reportedly did).

    Please correct your information – and get the rewards straightened out. We’d really really appreciate it.

    Thank you.

    We’d also appreciate it if some annoucement could be made theatre-wide as to what is going on.

  • I went to the PS Blog Theater…saw the longest 25m video ever about Playstation Move…and all I got was a Platinum Trophy Shirt.

    HOW DO I GET THE BELT?!?!??!?

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