This Week in PlayStation Home: Twisted Metal, Resistance, inFAMOUS Content + Musicality Apartment, PlayStation.Blog Meetup and More!!!

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Every Thursday sees a deluge of new content publish on the PlayStation Home platform, and this week, of course, is no exception. From Resistance, inFAMOUS, and Twisted Metal items to beachside bungalows with built-in mini-games to personal concert venues (complete with all you’ll need to jam with your friends) to 100% exclusive community events, there is something going on in PlayStation Home this week for every kind of gamer – hardcore, casual, and any type in-between.

Our official forums (available at have been buzzing with speculation as to when nDreams’ wildly-popular Musicality personal space was going to hit stateside. We here on the PlayStation Home Community Management have been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to announce that this highly-interactive personal space will be available in the Estates store come Thursday, March 18. Why? Because not only are we all bona fide music nerds, but because this is easily one of the most unique personal spaces to ever grace the platform. A veritable cornucopia of creativity, the Musicality personal spaces allows up to four people at a time to take control of an array of keyboards, drums, guitar, and a DJ console and perform music live in front of their friends. With hundreds of different loops at your disposal, the possibilities are endless in terms of the songs you and your friends can create and perform. Check out the video below for a taste of what to expect when this revolutionary new personal space releases this week.

Also available this week is a new addition in our line of luxurious personal spaces – a tropical retreat plucked straight out of the south Pacific and hand-delivered to your Home. Whether you are a straight up beach bunny or just taking a break from your latest surfari, this seaside abode is the perfect place to lay back and relax (or jump into the sand and kick a ball around). Watch this video for an overview of this hot (no pun intended) personal space, which promises to offer as much fun as it does sun.

Months back we asked you, the loyal PlayStation Home community, what kind of virtual items you would most like us to release. We all anticipated the answers we would receive (hello Star Wars!), but nonetheless I love to be the bearer of good news; the one that gets to say “boo-yah” in this here Blog. So, without further ado, we present new Resistance, inFAMOUS, and Twisted Metal ornaments and costumes galore! We’re talking everything from a Sweet Tooth costume to a Daedalus statue to a full Alden get-up. Don’t believe me? The evidence is below…

PlayStation Home - Resistance items PlayStation Home -  InFAMOUS costume

This week plays hosts to a ton of community events that can only be experienced in PlayStation Home. For instance, tonight from 6:00pm – 7:00pm PT (9:00pm-10:00pm EST) in PlayStation Home’s Theater 8, there will be a special meet-and-greet with Doc and Luge from the exclusive PlayStation Network reality show The Tester. Come prepared with your most burning questions, and stay tuned to the Blog for details regarding additional guest appearances from The Tester cast in PlayStation Home.

And, as with any week, be sure to visit the Theater each Thursday to watch the newest episode of The Tester, pick up free rewards, and grab commemorative items from the kiosks in the Theater and Central plaza (pictured below). This week we are airing Episode 5 as well as hosting a marathon screening of Episodes 14 in Theater 7 over the weekend!

PlayStation Home - The Tester Viking Male

Also scheduled for this week is a special PlayStation.Blog Meetup in the PlayStation Home Theater. Come out on Thursday night from 5:00pm – 7:00pm PT (8:00pm – 10:00pm EST) to watch an exclusive PlayStation Move video with the PlayStation Home and Blog community, get some face time with the players that bring you a never-ending stream of news on the Blog, and pick up free – and exclusive – virtual items. I grabbed a quick shot of my fellow HCM team member, GlassWalls, sporting the exclusive PS Blog belt buckle to post below. Be sure to come out tomorrow night and participate in the festivities or you will lose out on the opportunity to add these limited items to your collection.

PlayStation Home - PlayStation.Blog Buckle/Jeans Exclusive item

Speaking of my buddy GlassWalls – As many of you hardcore Home-people know, he is heading up the Home Community Volunteer program, which is now accepting new candidates. He sent me this message just a few moments ago and asked that I pass along the good word…

Hey everyone!

Over the past year, the PlayStation Home community has expanded its population exponentially. With this growth comes a need for more friendly and knowledgeable power users to help the throngs of newcomers that may need a little help getting oriented. That’s why I want YOU to apply to be a member of the PlayStation Home Community Volunteer program!

From serving as a guide for new users to helping out with community events, the PlayStation Home Community Volunteer program offers a great outlet to the most passionate Home users to help give back to the community that enriches their online gaming experience. So if you want to contribute to the growth of this vibrant social gaming community, I urge to you to follow THIS LINK and apply to become a member of this quickly-growing, and highly-popular, volunteer program!

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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5 Author Replies

  • Twisted Metal, huh? That had better be hinting at something!

    • Wow, this sparked a lot of speculation! It’s not a hint – it’s just one of PlayStation’s most celebrated franchises coming into Home.

  • Hmmm.

    Jaffe’s new game confirmed to be twisted metal? :)

  • Home = zzzzzzzzz

  • wow good update!

  • Yep. That’s a hint. It’s official – we called it!

    Haha. Can’t wait to check this stuff out.

  • My COLE costume is one of my favorite things…cant wait for more inFAMOUS updates. BOOYAH! INDEEDY!

  • Nice!

  • Twisted Metal!

  • A little confused about the Twisted Metal thing…we haven’t had a TM game since TM:B…this better be a hint!

  • I’m pretty sure TM is coming out anyways…

  • Musicality sounds and looks like a winner as a HOME addition. I might even jump on that. The rest are just wack gimmicks for teeny boppers.

  • Hey remember when you guys used to put out game spaces that we could visit on a regular basis? Remember when there were cool things to do like Xi that had me logging in every single day? Man that was awesome.

    Now all you do is put out $5 lightsabers and $5-7 personal spaces every week. Lame. Guess that’s why I haven’t logged into Home in months, and I don’t plan on it until you start giving me a reason again.

  • Twisted Metal, eh? Hint? :D I sure hope so!

  • Home really has come a far way. I feel sorry for the people who pass up home(like comment #3) they really don’t know what they’re missing out on. I just want it to come out of Beta(It’s been 1 1/2 years already)

    Anyway great job Home team, keep doing what you’re doing!

  • Home is a giant pile of smelly garbage that people waste money on.
    It crashes all the time and is a silent sleep inducer. 14 months of beta yay.
    No interactions just a marathon of commercials. BS 2 da MAX!!!!!

  • wheres my TM game on PS3? ):

  • Are we ever going to get Demon’s Souls armors?

    Japan Home has gotten them for a year now. I’ve been waiting since i saw them back then. I don’t see how it’s a problem for them to make something that’s been released for that long here.

  • 0.0 *picks jaw back off the floor* how sweet is that! I knew this week was gonna be hot!

  • Sweet, thanks Locust, by the way the new HOME firmware update rocks!!! 8)

  • Great update. I am sure many ppl well be in the Musicality Space thrusday… Great way to allow us to have music in HOME.

    More TESTER animal ITEMS please… My goat and monkey are lonely…

  • Hi Locust can we get costumes from Dead or Alive? Being that Tecmo has released Ninja Gaiden Sigmas 1-2 on the PS3 and PSP will be getting Dead or Alive Paradise in a few months. Can we please get DOA costumes. I would really like to dress up as Kasumi, Ayane or Hitomi.

  • It all looks great to me. Every little new piece of content improves Home more and more.

  • Hey Locust you guys say you have asked the Home community what items we really want and there has been ALOT of request to get the IREM school uniforms yet they haven’t been added yet. WERE WAITING

  • Locust_Star, on February 10th, 2010 at 4:14 pm you said this

    “We\’ve done many public Q&As in the past, but you\’re right in stating that it is time for us to do some more. I\’ll hammer out the details with Cyd and Glass and then provide a time/date within the next few weeks.”

    Can you update us at all on this topic. Also we all want to know where the TV’s, radios and The Hall of Fame is. Please tell us something on this topic.

    • We have been engaging in an ongoing Q&A thread entitled “PlayStation Home: Us and You” in the official PlayStation Home forums. The intention is to have an in-world Q&A, as stated, in the near future. For this week, we are prioritizing live meet-and-greets/Q&As with celebrities, such as the Tester event tonight and the Blog meet-up tomorrow night.

  • Twisted Metal PS3???

  • How much will the Musicality space cost?

  • i was just talking about how HOME needs a Venue to allow home music artist to showcase their music… and seconds later i check the blog and BOOM! defo a step in the direction for what COULD be… i’m defo getting the musicality space tomorrow. *big thumbs up* and i hope that one day there will be a venue area that can take on a much more bigger existence and platform on HOME. *wink* make.believe…. the possibilities. HA! :-)

  • I just signed up to be a HCV but i’m not sure if it went through. I clicked Submit after i was done and then the part that i filled out was gone, is it supposed to do that?

    • We have confirmed that the application site is working as intended. We’ll work on getting a message up that let’s you know that the application has been received. Thanks for signing up!

  • the pacific space should be made into a public space looks awesome.

    • You should check out the LocoRoco and Irem Seaside of Memories spaces if you haven’t already. Plenty of fun and sun in both areas!

  • Twisted Metal, eh? Hope it does come out for PS3.

  • So you are telling me that on the week of one of Sony’s most anticipated releases (God of War 3) there is not a single God of War item for purchase? Way to really drop the ball Sony, especially after asking us a year ago what God of War items we would like.
    And any time frame as to when we’ll get the Radec suit?

  • Home needs something awesome..

  • tropical villa looks good but it would’ve been nice if it had a balcony! love to look out on the horizon from up above like the spectacular view from the waterfall terrace. perhaps dynamic home content? sunrise? sunsets? rain? hurricane? snow to explain the snow-capped mountains? you guys need fresh ideas! i still love sony though – :D

  • why can’t we go anywhere that is displayed in Home? like in my harbour house I want to check out the boats and maybe some of the scenery

  • Hopefully there will be seamless downloads someday

  • can we submit out own track to SONY/HOME for the musical personal space DLC Tracks… I’am speaking instrumentals which i own the rights and have all you Locust_Star? I Love the animations on the avatar’s hands on the equipment. very nice… my ps3 has red flashing ligh (60gb model) ylod itll be back soon. :( psp go’in it up!

  • where’s the ffxiii costumes to go with the apartment?

  • How long with this pot of gold promotion and glass walls visit last?

  • Why cant we get anything for PLATINUMING inFAMOUS rather than more stuff we have to PAY for!?

    Is that ALL you think about? C’mon. Then again, if we get anything, it will be more than likely to be a stupid, and useless shirt like Street Fighter 4!!

  • So many errors in these. Lets make an island with trees, pools, and an ocean. Than lets say it’s never been so good to be stuck on a desert island. I should send this stuff to the Tonight Show. :)

  • ?

  • i hope to meet you guys from the blog! Go Locust!

  • Looking forward to the new stuff, but no Final Fantasy costumes this week?

  • I have a bit of a problem with Home. On the friends list within the system’s interface, I see that a couple of them are on Home. I log into Home. Once I do though, none are listed are listed as being on Home. What is wrong? Is there a glitch with the new update? Is there some new mechanism of hiding friends when they are in personal spaces? I really want to know why I can’t find them.

  • P.S. Am I the only person noticing this?

  • The updates that you mentioned here are really appreciated thank you very much for them.

    Now that we have faster load times, For the Next update You guys at sony need to focus on bringing over xbox live members into HOME.

    We gotta Implement voice chat within HOME,and also like fellow member Shadowpelican said “we really need Home to be a universal multiplayer game lobby to launch into all games”.

    Stop Microsoft from crushing PSN by adding these features please! Home would be much more socially friendly and enjoyable for gamers.

    Please don’t ignore this post and take this into consideration.
    I want PSN to again ground on XBOX LIVE and people like you Jack Buser and others have the power to make that happen.

    Thank you.

  • I want Twisted Metal on PlayStation 3!

  • An island without a Smoke Monster sounds great!

  • Twisted Metal do tell us more :)

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