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Looking at the reading list, last week was all about GDC and God of War III reviews (the latter of which are averaging a stunning 93/100). Personally, I spent much of my week either connecting the community with the GoW devs, doing the GDC press conference thing, or connecting the media with people within PlayStation so they could write some of the stories you see below. Fortunately, Chris is working on a number of GDC follow-up stories that you’ll be seeing over the next few days.

In the meantime, feel free to link to anything good you’ve seen this week that we’ve missed.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of March 8, 2010)

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  • I found a firefox plugin called Stylish, now the blog is Black again.

  • #51:

    Granted, the PS3 doesn’t ban people like you automatically (which it should) but in what other manner does it not function correctly?

  • @Jeff Rubenstein

    When I log into and check my trophies, Star Ocean and FFXIII don’t show up in the “My trophies” section. The trophies are counted in the totals, but I can’t view or compare those two games. Would you please have someone look into it?

  • I know that things can get a bit dicey on the Blog when Customers are not happy with changes from the Company.

    Lack of Response or Snarky responses from the Company do nothing to inspire Customer confidence.

    If Customers are using the Blog incorrectly they should be informed by the Company.

    If the Company added some transparency to some of its choices and activities, perhaps the Customer would not feel so marginalized.

    Why is the Blog here? Soley to announce things? or Is it here so a dialogue can be established between the Customer and the Company?

  • -Wassup guys how’s it going. Listen I got a couple of ideas to make the psNetwork a lil better. I know dat im not thee only one dats thinking about this but, here’s a couple of my ideas. 4 Users to b able to use pictures from the psHOME as avatars icons, or u can put more avatars on the psStore to buy, like MLB10 team logos or fav players or more like CODMW2 guns or something. I know is gonna cost MULA$$ to do dat but sometimes u gotta waste MULA$$ to make life better. I love playstation I just wanna see more users to get on PSN.

  • Missed the review from Pads & Panes. The review was written by an official Ultimate God of War Fan, and he gave the title 5 out of 5 Stars.

  • @ Jeff:

    I agree with #5 Destiny89…

    I have a very hard time visiting this page now and I love reading here…such a shame.
    I have a rare eyesight of 20/8 and thus require sunglasses to visit any page that is primarily white. Even now with them on I’m struggling.
    I would assume that too much white would stress any eye, given enough time.
    For me personally though, only a few seconds is sensitive enough to send my eyes into a fit of uncontrollable drainage.

    The black scheme was one of the things I liked most about reading these blog postings.

    As a fellow programmer I cannot understand the reasoning behind such a change, as colour doesn’t affect functionality too much.
    Why fix what isn’t broken?
    Too often this happens imo.

    There are many other features that if added would benefit the functionality of the PSBlog, though they are neglected to address a bland scheme project. I have no doubt that other things were done, however; I wish you devs could replace the colours or at the very least, add a user manipulation feature.
    I mean, eye issues aside… do you seriously think this looks better?

    Well, anyhow…here’s hopin’…
    Thanks for reading.
    Have a nice day!

  • @Jeff Rubenstein
    The Japanese PSN store updates every Thursday at 6:00AM to 6:30AM (Eastern Time) every Thursday morning.

  • @56 stri
    Dude the updated to the blog was also messing my eyes and I couldn’t took at the text for more than a few seconds without looking away.
    If you are using firefox, I suggest you download NoSquint and change the settings of this webpage. It is so much better now.

  • #56 and #58 (and everyone else complaining about the brightness of the Blog):

    You people obviously don’t spend a lot of time on the internet. Pretty much EVERY major site (social networking, search engine, reference, entertainment, etc) uses this same white(ish) colour-scheme. Google. Yahoo. Facebook. Twitter. MySpace. YouTube. Wikipedia. Microsoft. CNN. eBay.

    The list goes on and on.

    There’s a reason for it. The majority of people find it more readable.

    No, not everyone. But the majority.

    So deal with the change…and get on with your lives.

  • @59RuthlessEd
    Majority of people? Do you mind taking a survey of everyone that use the internet and ask them of their opinion? Not a select group to do a survey, but everyone.
    The problem here is not only the background color, but the text color which isn’t true black. It a lighter variation of black. I change the text color to true black, and the site is much better. All those other sites you mention uses true black for the text, that why it is not a problem to most users.

  • Jeff, I don’t know what studies you’ve read, but it is widely known that black text on a pure white background is terrible for the eyes. The dark on light motif only works if the background is muted like an ivory or grey.

    I agree that the white on black was a little cliche and passe, but this new design is actually worse on my eyes, and I’m finding myself coming here less because of it. Please change the background to a muted white or very dim grey, otherwise the whole PSBlog just has egg on their face for no good reason.

  • “As far as the Store is concerned, it’s published when all content is tested and ready to go. I’m not sure what image you have in your head, but if you think the Store team is just lazing around, playing games instead of ‘hitting the button,’ then you’re grossly mistaken.”

    Comments like this bother me Jeff. Having the store update at a specific time(that is not too late for east coast people) is a reasonable expectation.

    In this digital distribution, instant gratification future we are in right now, every minute you’re late publishing the store costs you guys money. When you’re an hour late, a bunch of people went “screw it, I’m not waiting anymore to buy ‘game X’ hey look a butterfly” *chases after butterfly giggling* and then never end up buying it later.

    I dont understand how after over 3 years you still cannot publish at a set time on a regular basis. You know its costing you money yet you seem to refuse to do what’s necessary to correct the issue.

    Then again, how many millions did you piss away taking 2 years to get PSN cards out?

  • BloodyCow,

    As someone who has spent nearly a decade working for one of the online “big guys”, I can tell you this:

    We spend large sums of money ensuring that our web-properties are both attractive and accessible to the greatest number of people possible within our targeted demographics. We do not survey everyone. That’s a fool’s errand. But we do conduct surveys (and focus groups) using sample groups that are large enough (and varied enough) to be considered statistically significant.

    And from my experience with such surveys, I’d wager a years salary that a LARGE majority of people would find this new version of the blog far more readable than the previous version.

    Does that mean everyone feels the same way? Of course not. But Sony is out to please as many people as possible, not everyone.

    Be honest with yourself: is the site less readable to you? Or are you simply just [DELETED] because it’s different from what you’re used to?

  • Im worried my ps eye might not track the ball as well as the new ps eyes

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