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Looking at the reading list, last week was all about GDC and God of War III reviews (the latter of which are averaging a stunning 93/100). Personally, I spent much of my week either connecting the community with the GoW devs, doing the GDC press conference thing, or connecting the media with people within PlayStation so they could write some of the stories you see below. Fortunately, Chris is working on a number of GDC follow-up stories that you’ll be seeing over the next few days.

In the meantime, feel free to link to anything good you’ve seen this week that we’ve missed.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of March 8, 2010)

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  • UMD format alive and well? Both UMD and downloadable PSP both seem like they are on life support to me(at least in North America).

  • And update on the Podcast Jeff?
    You said there is going to be a Blog event in NYC this month, can you be more specific? Like is it going to be on the weekend or during the week? It would be best if it was on the weekend so that way more people can attend.

    Also, Jack Tretton said we can ask for anything right? Well I am asking for a specific time of day on Thursday the PlayStation Store updates. People on the East Cost are sick of waiting until 10PM for an undated on the store. Why can’t you guys pick 8PM or 6PM, both Eastern time, every Thursday. These store updates are coming later and later each week. Don’t give too that too much content BS crap. There has been plenty of times when the store updates after 9PM and we get nothing but videos and a few minis and wallpapers. Why is it that both Europe and Japan, you get updates around a specific time each week. Jeff and Chris, if you guys are not going to pass on our request, can you direct us to a higher up that will?

    • The NYC event will not be on a weekend, but we’ll shoot for after-work/school hours. Something tells me we won’t have any problems filling the venue.

      As far as the Store is concerned, it’s published when all content is tested and ready to go. I’m not sure what image you have in your head, but if you think the Store team is just lazing around, playing games instead of ‘hitting the button,’ then you’re grossly mistaken.

      The Store nearly always publishes between 1 and 5pm on Thursdays (Pacific), even if the past 2 weeks or so have been on the late side.

  • God of War III out this week, YES!

  • @Jeff
    Question…. is Sony’s World Wide Studios ever going to give any love to the PSP?

    Last title we saw was God of War Chains of Olympus and that was done externally through another company. It’s really upsetting when you get down to it when you see all these epic titles like Uncharted 2 coming to PS3 (THANK YOU!!!), but nothing to go nuts over for PSP outside of Peace Walker. I have a ton of games I want for PS3 this year yet one for PSP… how does that work?

    • Japan Studio releases games for PSP all the time. Echoshift came out, what, two weeks ago? Eye of Judgment Legends was 3 days ago.

  • @ Jeff

    Is there a way for us to be able to change the PSBlog color to Black? just make optional :P.. its not that i hate the new look but i really want the black look back again :(

    anyways GoW3 so close!

  • God of war 3 midnight launch! that’s all i can think about lol also MGS peace walker is looking real good, if only i had a psp.

  • God of War III is almost among us!!! This is madness… Having a hard time letting this sync in!! I still remember the E3 08 trailer.. In the end there will be chaos!

  • loved everything about playstation move :)

  • GDC 2010 wen t great for Sony! Jeff, do you think it could have been any better? I think it went great! The best part was with the Playstation Move and SOCOM 4. :p

  • The Ghost of Sparta is about to return!

  • Hey Jeff!

    Great GDC!!! However I am doubtful about the move. However not about how it performs but about what it will do to the playstation brand. Please I’m begging you guys at Sony do not enter this motion sensing industry just for the money because of what the Wii has done. Continue Creating high-def quality games that aren’t a cliche. Do Not lose your Focus or else you will lose the hardcore fans

    Game Developping is a form of art it should be done for the money and not for the quick buck!

    • You’ll continue to see the types of cutting-edge, daring, industry-best games we’re producing now – PLUS the Move. Worry not.

  • one more day till god of war III

  • 1 day !!!!!!! hey Jeff are you guys interviewing the guy behind kratos voice? man i cant wait

  • Well, the full list of Yakuza 3 cuts is out. 23 side missions are missing in addition to several mini-games. That’s a lot of cuts for a game Sega told Kotaku wasn’t going to have any changes.

    Like I said a couple weeks ago, it’s pretty clear Sega of America doesn’t want to deal with the Yakuza series. For a big-budget third-party PS3 exclusive, it really does deserve better treatment. Any chance you could talk to Sega of Japan to see about having someone else localize at least RGG:Kenzan, if not the rest of the series going forward?

    • It’s a SEGA game, and theirs to do with as they please.

      Instead of focusing on a few side missions, I’m just ecstatic that it’s out, and that it’s getting good reviews.

  • Is it true Insomniac Games are going multi-platofrm? Please answer!

  • I’m bored… I hope my store does a midnight release, my insomnia will keep me up anyways after all.

    So any news on The Lost Guardian coming soon?
    What about the release date for GT5?
    And oh how I wish there could be more news on Demon Soul’s, maybe a sequel, or DLC, anything…

    Now back to being bored…

  • Will the Bioshock 2 DLC be available soon on Amazon?

  • Any time frame that the new blog will rollout? How about that ps3 mini-blog?

  • so how about the video store in Canada?

  • Jeff any news on when will we receive the Gamestop Skin for Gow3

  • Any chance of getting Rockstar here on the blog to talk about Episodes from Liberty City? The original version had some differences between the DLC and disc versions (radio stations, LATD versions weren’t cross-compatible online, etc.) so I’d like to know if anything has changed for the PS3 version before I buy one or the other.

    • As far as I understand it, there are no changes to the PS3 version.
      We’ve already extended a welcome to Rockstar to talk about EfLC.

  • Jeff, did you check out Source Studios, y’know the guys from MY hometown?

  • @ Jeff

    Is there a reason the video player for the blog doesn’t play on the ps3 browser.

    I’d really like to know if this is a problem for everyone or just me.

  • Hardware does not equal software Jeff.

    At one point Hardware was selling great, but software wasn’t. Now both are doing terrible. Largely due to Sony’s inability to price either properly. Hardware is in need of a price drop and Software prices have been too high the entire time(downloadables especially).

    $40 downloadable games is insane. $250 for a 5 year old handheld is insane.

  • GOW3 shall be in my hands tomorrow night!!! I cant wait to destroy the gods!

  • Are we going to hear anymore about the Ape Escape title announced when the move was merely the Motion Controller

  • UMD is alive and well? thats good to hear, i hope you guys will UPGRADE on the UMD rather than scrapping it on the next PSP (and listen to the fans when they say dual nubs and such!!)

    i don’t mind Downloadable games though.

  • Question… Today one of my PSN friends send me a message saying I would get a free $50 gift card if I forward that message to 30 friends. Now I’m wondering if this is true or if it’s a chain message thing. Personally I don’t believe it since most giveaways are announced here in the Playstation Blog.

    • Has anyone ever received a check for forwarding an email? Ever? In the history of the internet?

      That’s a no.

  • jeff,i must say that the gdc event was a disapointment for meand that wasnt because of the new controler. bu,rather because the streaming that you guys offered was pretty awful. i just could see the last part in which you and chris were chatting and a little bit of the beginning of shuei yoshida speech. after that, my player just couldnt load the stream properly. i had to hit reload constantly to try to watch you guys to little to no avail. i really dont know what the problem was not enough servers? many ppl loging in?? slow connection??? it just sucked big time for me :0

    as for the show itself i heard that you presented the new controler’s game and showed up the eye pet.which, tells me that the show was really designed to atract(SP)the casual crowd.lets hope for true game announcements for E3..speaking of game announcements it seems that level 5 is going to announce a new game in a few days. i hope its a playstation related news XD

  • We had over 70K people stream it live, and another 63K+ since (plus G4 and another station or two used our stream). It likely was your connection. Try again?

  • Thank you Jeff!

  • Thanks Jeff for verifying my suspicion. I must say your replies really make me feel important. Also good list of links especially the God of War 3 reviews. Hopefully I will make it to a Gamestop midnight opening. Here a link:

  • @27

    You’ve never heard of chain mail?…

    Something should really be done about this garbage, I block people who do it but still, apparently there are some who buy into it…

  • The Move controller is going to help make playing MMO games (DCUO, The Agency) a success on the PS3 by allowing you to “point & click” on your on-screen power tray in a similar way that a mouse functions on a PC MMO. My prediction is that DCUO’s release date will be finally announced at E3

  • yes Jeff i was talking about TC Carson but i thought you guys were doing an interview with him , it would have been kool

    • Yeah, he wasn’t able to make it to the GoWIII press event, which is unfortunate, but it’d be good to catch up with him at some point. Let’s see if we can make that happen.

  • kool thanks and dont forget we want Heavenly Sword 2 , let Mr Tretton know it lol

  • :( wishes his psp got more love then a card game and some Echoshift. Sure Japan may send out games for psp but that doesn’t mean there good. We need more psp games that don’t try bring a console experience but bring a more portable experience.

  • I haven’t even finished Heavenly Sword but it was good story and very impress game dispite the reviews and won’t mind Heavenly Sword 2

    Also … Thanks Jeff for verifying my suspicion. I must say your replies really make me feel important. Also good list of links especially the God of War 3 reviews. Hopefully I will make it to a Gamestop midnight opening

  • When are we gonna hear news on DEAD NATION?

    I mean, a single trailer was put up during the summer of last year and we haven’t heard squat since. Is this game still in development? Was it canceled? Are we gonna hear news on it at E3?

  • I’m kind of excited about the Playstation Move. Looks like most of the Wii audience that wanted a hardcore game probably needs to go the PS3 (although half of the Wii owners might have already own a PS3). But let see what happen.

  • please fix the web browzer cant post comments on facebook cant watch half the vids on youtube cause its so outdated

  • More info on the PS Move soon? got a lot of questions after the GDC presentation that were unanswered

  • Thanks for NOT Answering my question!
    I got a call from GameStop telling me there’s basically a slight chance of me actually getting the Ultimate Edition tomorrow because you guys effed up… Smooth… Every time I pre-order something it ALWAYS gets delayed… You guys have been disappointing me So much you’re lucky i’m not Kratos.

  • @Jeff Rubenstein
    “As far as the Store is concerned, it’s published when all content is tested and ready to go. I’m not sure what image you have in your head, but if you think the Store team is just lazing around, playing games instead of ‘hitting the button,’ then you’re grossly mistaken.”

    But yet the European or Japanese PlayStation stores has no problem getting their contents on time.

    • The Europeans put their blog post up at the same time every week, but the store itself publishes with some variance, as does ours. I don’t know about the Japanese publishing schedule, and honestly, I’m not sure how you’d know exactly when it’d publish as well, since it’s likely in the middle of the night our time and they don’t have a blog such as this.

  • i know we just recently got aliens versus predator, but my real want and desire is aliens colonial marines. any idea about some kind of a timeframe for a release date on this upcoming game at all?

  • Hopefully use guys have rules in place cause the last thing anyone needs to see is people [DELETED] that the Wii version has extra content.

    Is the Move capable of 16 colors or Disney claims of more than the human eye can detect, meaning will only see 6? Or will the world never know?

  • 23 hours and counting !!!!!! The End is almost here , Chaos will RISE !!!!!

  • Jeff – “Hopefully soon. I saw it recently and it’s looking good.”

    Thanks alot for the reply! Thats great news, I’ll keep a look out for it then. I had not heard any more about it so I thought that they may have canceled it. I’m sure it is looking good, its made by the same company that made Super Stardust HD and that game was amazing (not to mention addicting). Thanks again for the great news Jeff!

    • Yes, it’s made by Housemarque. It’s nothing like SSHD, but I’m quite looking forward to it. I don’t know exactly when we’ll be showing more, but know that I’m pushing for it!

  • Is there a chance there will be a video recorder/editor for the PS3 via firmware update? I’m sure a lot of people will want that for recording walkthroughs and what not

  • i would really like for you guys to talk about the psn store updates and how they work so people are crazy and think it’s such a simply thing and [DELETED] about how we always get them so late

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