New Gran Turismo 5 Trailer: Night Racing

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Hi PlayStation.Blog readers,

As you may have seen, a brand new trailer for Gran Turismo 5 was debuted on the God of War III Blu-ray disc. So for those of you who saw unofficial copies of it, I want to share that trailer in HD, which can also be found on the official Gran Turismo website along with all of the latest and greatest Gran Turismo news. Fans who purchase God of War III will also be able to view the trailer as a part of the Blu-ray when it is available on store shelves beginning this Tuesday, March 16.

I’m sure you noticed the teaser footage for night racing in this trailer. This feature was first revealed in the February issue of PlayStation The Official Magazine, as part of their 10-page cover story on GT5, but this trailer is the first opportunity fans have to see it in action. Night racing is just one of many new GT5 features.

GT5 night racing 2 GT5 night racing 1

The game will not only include improved features, but also a host of exciting new ones that will be revealed in the coming months. To whet your appetite even further, here are a few new GT5 screenshots that just came in!

GT5 night racing 3

As you may have heard, our Senior VP of Marketing and PSN, Peter Dille, announced at the GDC press conference that Gran Turismo 5 will be hitting store shelves this year. There’s lots in store for GT5 this year, so stay tuned here on the PS blog and the official GT website for the latest news and info on the game.

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  • This is going to be so awesome. I CAN’T WAIT!! I love this series and PD. You guys rule

  • NASCAR = Those boring racings in GTA where you drive on an oval shaped circuit for like 50 laps; your tires cant stand the drill and you have to go to pits every five laps, but the computer DONT!
    Boring as hell.
    The other part of the GTA experience is where the fun is, and specially the dirt, just no more 2.5hours races PLEASE!

  • …FRUSTRATING…. please try to understand us.. the game looks fantastic.. but the leak of info… about deleay.. about features.. about release date… in march 2010.. it’s just.. yeah sad and frustrating’s maybe better to not show anything if we still have to wait 5 or 6 months.. really, please

    “soon” … or “this year” it only get me mad.. (and maybe not only me)

    PS: sorry for my english

  • thanks for the vid, except now i wet my pants, thanks alot

  • If you don’t like the NASCAR, you don’t have to play it, simple as that. The game will have plenty more for you. No need to whine about it. It has a little bit of everything for every race fan.

  • Not many people are asking about release date here. My heart fell deeply when I saw Japaneses release date got delayed AGAIN! I was really going to import this thing from Japan even I can’t read Japanese.
    Since then, I go this game blog and that game blog to see any updates on GT5.
    Is there anyway you can give me a release date to put out my misery?

    I’ve seen many trailers and screen shots and all that, but these can’t be compared by playing it.
    Seriously, if you go to GT Planet website, there are some angry people there because PP and Sony ignore fan by delaying its release date. People are guessing that delaying its release date is just for business such as new upcoming 3DTV sales and GOW3 is coming March and try to spread the overall sales so that it looks good to Sony’s shareholders. (You will see how many predictions why PP and Sony delays the GT5)
    Well, even if they say these stuff, they will HAVE TO buy it when it releases because it is THAT GREAT!

    Can’t wait to see FIRM release date sooner or later with hoping that next release date won’t be delayed again.
    Anyway Thanks for the trailer.

  • Will be able to fully customize the cars?

  • Nice. So…WHEN’s THE BETA?

  • The wait will be worth it. GT always was and always will be the best racing game out there. My question is a little off topic though. I want to know if PD is ever going to make another Tourist Trophy. I loved that game and would love to see it on PS3.

  • When can we get a Kevin Butler dynamic theme?

  • Yeah I saw that trailer on the GameSpot GDC site 3 days ago.

    @56: Release date: Dec 21, 2012 the day before the Mayan God returns to destroy the earth….LMAO.

  • Has Polyphony Digital ever thought about doing something outside of racing? You guys pay so much attention to detail I would love to see you make and action adventure game, or a tactical shooter. Maybe even some type of rpg hybrid open world etc etc. Do yall have any other new IPs in the pipeline?

  • now what would be really nice aside from all of these videos and demos, would be a more constant influx of games, such as the psone classics that have been repeatedly promised to us the consumers. at times you give us 1 good game then there is nothing for the next several weeks…
    grandia came 2 weeks ago and where have been the remaining classics that should be coming atleast one per week?
    as for me i am attempting to gain many of the classics because for one those games have some true value for me, such as lengthy gameplay and not a ton of flashy video sequences ala final fantasy 12 and such. i like to actually play my games instead of looking at pretty videos, because with the way the economy is i want some better value for my dollar.
    just so you know i have downloaded 72 psone classics titles to this point, and am still waiting on well over 70 more to be released…

  • I’m not a die hard fan of Nascar but I do have respect for it. I would watch it as a kid and become bored with the camera views from far I’d just see cars driving over and over, though I was still fascinated with the fact it was an endurance race and the fact you’d have an expert team at the pit stops. I watched Nascar recently and they equip cameras all over the race car and they even have small worm’s eye view cameras on the track itself to record cars zipping by. IT’S REALLY INTENSE especially from the cockpit. I can’t wait to try NASCAR racing on GT5.

    I hope Poly[hony Digital is planning on adding an option in the options menu to allow to cycle through more than 10 camera views while racing. While I’m a fan of the standard Gran Turismo camera view options I’d like to see an option to enable more camera angles. It’d be a shame for the devs to spend so much time modeling each vehicle for me to not be able to view the vehicles from many angles and enjoy their work.

  • Gran Turismo is the reason I own a PlayStation. In fact, the first Gran Turismo is why I bought my first PlayStation. I bought my PS2 when GT3 came out. And I bought a PS3 just to download the free Gran Turismo HD from the PSN. I didn’t own another game for two weeks. To clarify, I paid $599.99 for a 60GB PS3 to play an early tech demo of Gran Turismo on the PS3.

    PlayStation 3 – Check
    42″ 1080p HDTV – Check
    5.1 Surround Sound system – check
    Logitech Driving Force Pro steering wheel – Check
    Wheelstand Pro – Check

    I’m ready. Give it to me.

    But I have a problem with this post. Night racing is a new feature? That looks an awful lot like one of the previous Route 5 tracks (specifically, I think it is Special Stage Route 5), which have been nighttime tracks since GT1.

    Now, granted previous GTs never had that lighting or interior view, which is what makes this look exceptionally good. But the night racing concept is not new to Gran Turismo. I hope that means dynamic day/night racing or something like night racing on all tracks.

  • nice trailers cant wait to see how Rally is going to be. hopefully we get it before christmas

  • is this cool song on the game? will it have in-game soundtrack?! i hope to god it does otherwise ill be bored to death without my music fuel.

  • What song is that in the trailer?

  • I’m not such a huge racing fan games. I’m more into games like Burnout Paradise but i do own all the GT games.

    I feel this obligation and desire to get GT5 however…lol It looks amazing maybe just maybe I will play it more like i did with the original GT game.

    I say this will come out in the fall and get great sales leading up to xmas.

  • I’m sick of seeing videos of NASCAR and now night racing. When is this game coming out? I bought my freakin PS3 two years ago for this vaporware product and still no game still no release date.

    And another thing to Sony, why do I now have to put Firefox into private browsing mode to login to leave a message on the forums? Fix this crap already.

  • Not really into GT, but man this is gorgeous. I can watch that trailer for quite some time.

  • Who’s the song by?

  • Hi Stephanie.

    There are a lot of us GT fans over at the forums, and we’d love to have you come participate there. We really like the communication, and would be very happy to have you join us on the race track sometime as well.

    This broadcast type of information is great for the blog, but those of us trying to be active in the online community, that is building around GT, feel that the most interested fans are the least appreciated. Maybe that’s not the right wording, but we feel some of our concerns and questions have gone unaddressed, even though those issues wouldn’t spoil info about GT5. A lot of what we would like to discuss relates to Prologue and GT4, and just the GT formula as a whole.

    Having an active employee in the forums would do wonders for PD’s image with the more hardcore gamers out there, who are familiar with the way other online games have their communities taken care of. If everyone there is too busy, I can work cheap. I’ve done a pretty decent job manning the forums on my own time, and I’ve earned the most Kudos there. I’m a fan of the series, an devoted volounteer for our league and a pioneer of racing events in my own right.

    • Stephanie Yoshimoto

      Thanks for the feedback. We’ll set something up soon. We all read the GT forums on a very regular basis and appreciate all of it.


  • Are you guys planning to take the GT forum to the GT site, like they did with LBP, Socom and other games?

  • That is beautiful. ’nuff said.

  • This is awsome, almost breath taking. Beautiful cars, I was nascar was put into the game, I love hw you guy’s branch off and rival every thing in the market,> I stand 100% behind the decesion to rival every racing genre out there in one pakage, I think GT is the game that can be that pakage> I truly 100% see the vision ou guys are addressing, which i been saying and asking for many years in gt forums. Now 1 last wish is to add tourist trophy motorcycle in side of GT family wih rally car, and all the other modes. Im asking to put em onthe same track, im asking just put it inside the game, I truly beilieve when this happens GT seres will have upper the bar in video game racing. WHich is needed right now. THey cant say its not the best driving experience out becuase it would cover all of em… Welcome back GT!!!

  • edit button is very need jeff, so we can edit or post. lmao, correction from above.. *I dont to see motorcyles and cars on the same track, i just want to see the tourist tropies series inside the gt family*.

  • This game looks amazing. I dont usually go for racing games, but I always make an exception with GT.

  • wow. i am speechless. is this final series? last one?

  • Why is there no news on lamborghini, and almost every video has the Gallardo but not the Murcielago :( and yes i love lamborghini. If you can just say “more news to come on lamborghini” it would put a smile on my face :) GT FTW

  • oh let me lead by exp here, please put out sum gt5 avi’ support.This will give alot of fans of the series something feel good about while they wait, or a kool feature would be unlocking different types of cars as avi’s as you progress through the game , or you can just buy em here. OR pre order and recieve a free avi pack of 3-5 cars from the game world be a great markting scheme.. Ty 4 your time


  • dam cant w8!!!!!

  • during night time races, will your headlights be able to be busted? like if you bump into the back of another car will your headlight[s] go out?

    this game is looking awesome by the way.

  • Way too awesome.

    This better be worth the wait!

  • I really hope the customization (inside and out) is as unreal as the game looks/feels. i want to make a colorful mk5 VW GTI 600hp track monster.

  • Judging by GT5p I think GT5 will be amazing. The addition of NASCAR was a brilliant move and because of it I will definitely buy this game on day 1. All I have to say is you guys need to stop toying with your fanbase with these trailers and 2 or 3 pictures every month or 2. You don’t need to whet our appetite, you did that with GTHD and GT5P and GTPSP, as well as GT1-4. Give us a firm release date because most of us are tired of checking gtplanet, here,, etc. for release date information. When Kazanori says the game is basically done then why do we not know when we can expect to buy the darn thing? You can say it’s coming out this year but you guys also said it was coming out this month in Japan not so long ago. I hope there’s enough “patient” gamers left that 1) haven’t lost your trust, 2) haven’t gone to buy a 360 to play forza instead, and 3) haven’t lost interest.

  • GT fans: don’t forget that you can _usually_ find the latest GT news here, in SONY’s own GT forum, before blog posts go up. Come in and join our daily/weekly races, too! There is lots of on-line action for you.

    Released date: on the European blog, SCEE is saying that they will make an announcement “soon”. Yes, that is still indefinite, but it is better than what we had this morning or from anyone else.

    “Completely understand that you guys are looking for a date. Please bear with us, we will be making an announcement on that soon :)” Penrose Tackie

  • So… you’re asking for ideas ? ;)
    (second screenshot -> traffic signs)

    As far as I know, that track is in a fictional location, so perhaps use names of Polyphony employees ? Put everybody’s name in a hat, the lucky winners get a street or avenue named after them.

  • GT PSP i love but my psp broke and my save files do not work in the replacement PSP GO, NOT Nice at all!! i had every car and money galore and now nothing, when i tell you that su i mean that is real bull…manny hr’s waisted. i have nothing left to look foward to for gt5 cus my hard work is gone

  • Hi Stephanie.

    Thank you for your kind way of keeping this blog clean..

    Do you have any knowledge of a full size Demo coming before the release of GT5 ?
    (Full= high quality track)

    Big Smile ♥
    I for one, like what I see in all the shots/videos from GT5, and i do think Mr. K.Y is doing a great job balancing the new features into GT5. I just hope for some videos where we have some real racing drivers telling there version of what they like about Ex: The Rally part ( Sebatsian Loeb ) Just like the Nascar Video, because i don’t think they are under a spell, when saying that the Nascar is spot on, I choose to believe them :) But I’m a Rally driver, and there for I’m very curious about the Rally part :O)

    Thanks Again

    Dream Extreme
    Manager of Team_MoFF Denmark.

  • Someone posted the name of the song already but for some reason people are too lazy to look at everything here. This is the link to that song in the trailer

    and I have info on a release date for Grand Turismo 6 it’s Feb 30th 2076.

  • Thank you Stephanie, for this awesome video. I’ve already seen it twice, but this makes it legit. I really can’t wait for this game to be released. Going to go to the midnight release for it. I’ve played this series since I was 6. Believe me, at 6, you really don’t like going through every liscense test and getting beat by an NSX on the last lap.

    By the way, I think Gran Turismo has introduced many people to the exotic cars of Japan here in the States. Very nice job. Thank you for all of the news, videos, and pictures. They’re greatly appreciated for avid GT fans like many of the previous commentators.


  • 1st they said a spring release and have u guys noticed she said “in the months to come”… Spring is not in “months”! hat’ll be a couple the most. Watch it be in the Summer the earliest! Grrr

  • The song is from TC feat Sub Focus – Borrowed Time VIP, it’s already been posted many times.

  • Visuals! OMG…they are not real right…gulp.

  • Will GT5 every have tropy’s?

  • Im a huge GT fan since the first and very thankful for all the love Sony & especially Polyphony Digital are putting into the games. But you guys need to communicate more wth the fanbase and stop saying “soon” to everything. At least clarify some things, like if night racing will be available to all tracks or only for the Special Stage like in past GTs, if “soon” means before E3 and show a couple of screenshots from some other cars we havent seen so far. I can understand that we have to wait for the finished product, but please, give us something for the wait. 8(

  • Fantastic and look forward to seeing more.

    Any chance of getting a little hint about Tourist Trophy 2? It compliments GT so well ;)

  • i cannot ppl on here are asking for tid bits.. another screenshot, more vids in other formats… where is the Game Already, i understand he wants the latest.. Hey Kaz trust me once u put it out a new car will come out and i promise you’ll be able to add it in in the PSN me its beaurocratic’s holding this back. im sure ppl went to race elsewhere already… if its not out by may “RFACTOR” Here i come!!

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