New Gran Turismo 5 Trailer: Night Racing

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Hi PlayStation.Blog readers,

As you may have seen, a brand new trailer for Gran Turismo 5 was debuted on the God of War III Blu-ray disc. So for those of you who saw unofficial copies of it, I want to share that trailer in HD, which can also be found on the official Gran Turismo website along with all of the latest and greatest Gran Turismo news. Fans who purchase God of War III will also be able to view the trailer as a part of the Blu-ray when it is available on store shelves beginning this Tuesday, March 16.

I’m sure you noticed the teaser footage for night racing in this trailer. This feature was first revealed in the February issue of PlayStation The Official Magazine, as part of their 10-page cover story on GT5, but this trailer is the first opportunity fans have to see it in action. Night racing is just one of many new GT5 features.

GT5 night racing 2 GT5 night racing 1

The game will not only include improved features, but also a host of exciting new ones that will be revealed in the coming months. To whet your appetite even further, here are a few new GT5 screenshots that just came in!

GT5 night racing 3

As you may have heard, our Senior VP of Marketing and PSN, Peter Dille, announced at the GDC press conference that Gran Turismo 5 will be hitting store shelves this year. There’s lots in store for GT5 this year, so stay tuned here on the PS blog and the official GT website for the latest news and info on the game.

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  • Im so excited for this game, you just dont know. Polyphony always delivers and I cant wait!


  • amazing looking game, can’t wait for it!

  • Soooo…. why isn’t the video available to watch from the PS3? Application not supported?

    That makes no sense guys

  • Wow… awesome

  • I can’t wait to put my hands on this!

  • I cannot tell you how many hours of my life was lost on GT3… I lost all my data to a corrupted memory card, and man was I pissed! This looks rad! Can’t wait

  • This game will absolutely destroy any other racing game out there.

    SOOOooo, when’s the next firmware update? It’s that time again.

  • this vid looks pretty sick (in a good way though)XD
    too bad that the game is going to be like nascar. and to tell you the truth i hate a matter of fact, i enjoyed the first demo back in 2006-2007 in the alps rather than the latest demo which took out all the freshness and fun of racing through the alps…

    even the cars back then looker more cooler and polish to me than your latest build up. :0

    • Stephanie Yoshimoto

      GT5 will have all types of racing styles, including road, drift, rally, NASCAR, and more. By adding NASCAR, this won’t take anything away from the GT experience you would expect.

  • I really hope the Stig makes a cameo in GT5.

  • @#4: Probably because it’s too recent a version of Flash?

  • Don’t make me wait for a release date! WHEN ARE WE GONNA GET TO EXPERIENCE THIS MASTERPIECE?!?!

  • Is this game even real? Seems like vaporware to me. :/

  • GT5 would be THE racing game! and I am sure fans won’t regret the wait!!!

  • 3 months until E3…feels like ages.

  • great another teaser :) is this gonna be put on the playstation store to download so i can watch this trailer over and over again and start sweating with anticipation cuz i really cant wait til this game launches and i am sure that PD got something up its sleeve for E3 :)

  • This is what I call holy graphics!

  • For the love of gravy just release it! I’m having such an urge to drive that I might have to go buy a car to supplement waiting for GT. And in NYC that’s not such an easy thing to do!

  • Night driving……………*drools*


  • this game looks gorgeous sony please fix the web browser loads slow and flash player i cant watch on my ps3. Playb3yond

  • awesome. hey, what is the song in the trailer?

  • that Gran Turismo 5 will be hitting store shelves this year.

    Really I’ll blelive it when I see it.=)

  • This trailer gave me chills to watch… one reason being the song, who wrote it and does anybody know the name?

  • One thing that has been unfortunately consistent is car damage limited only to rally cars. I really hope PD tried hard to get damage in to all racing modes and cars. This is the game where it needs to happen, and it would be a insurmountable disappoint if they fail.

  • I want it NOW!! cant wait until it finally drops. yeah the song is pretty catchy, it has that 8-bit vibe. name anyone?

  • Okay, this game is going to be using 80% of the PS3’s power… can’t we say good enough already? I know countless people have switched over to X-Box because of this crap. How do you expect to make more money by pushing it out further? I think Gran Turismo has become an enormous liability for Sony because of all the frustration the players have had to deal with. Playstation has TWO outstanding assets: free network play, and Gran Turismo. Well, okay maybe Killzone 2 as well

  • Question: Night racing has been in GT before, what exactly is different about it this time?

  • @26 liability? i think you mean system seller

  • Stop tormenting us! We’ve been waiting how long…

  • Oh, will there be rain? Custom soundtracks? And any of the tracks from GT or GT3? I absolutely love one of the night GT3 tracks <3

    But I don't like waiting so long… :P

  • Lost interest in this game ages ago…and like a post above said, I’m beginning to think GT5 is just vaporware.

    The damage modelling is embarrassing and might as well be non-existent.

    Does this game innovate in any way?

  • Nice concept! Too bad we will never see this concept materialize.
    Maybe by 2050…I can only hope!

  • Can’t wait to play GT5! I really hope the “will be released this year” comment from GDC is the truth and we’ll get to play this game this year… please please please… >_< can't… wait… much… longer!!!

  • I know SCE and PD are being coy on GT5’s release date. Knowing that it is coming out this year, thats fine. Although given this fact can we expect GOWII, UCII, MAG, etc levels of coverage within a month or so of its release? I think the PS Blog would be a great place for PD to build some more community relations. A certain other racing game has been very successful with this and I would love to see something similar for GT5.

  • HELL YEAH! can’t wait for this game. hopefully there’s none of that 5 second penalty for cutting corners too close crap. this game looks like it’s going to be amazing.

    i was on the red carpet at the VGA’s and got to drive the Ferrari in the driving wheel set up they had. it looked amazing.

  • Any word on whether or not we’ll see varying weather conditions? Snow and rain perhaps?

  • Damn, you guys are slow, like 80% of the people that have access to the internet saw this video about a week ago.
    Get it together Sony, and give Canadians the PSN video store already.

  • Suave. What music is this?

  • I think 6 months from now nO one will gives a damn about GT5.

    SO RELEASE IT ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Quick question
    Is that ACTUAL IN-GAME graphics using a cinematic camera angle or was the trailer using the game engine?

    Also like to note that the damage still seems kinda off. Other than that, only thing that is left is a release date.

  • WOW my jaw just dropped!

  • I only hope NASCAR is optional.

  • the song is “Borrowed Time” by TC feat Sub Focus.

    does no one here have an iPhone w/Shazam in their apps? i’m disappointed in you nerds. lol.

  • @43…

    No…I’m a SONY fan…I use TrackID (powered by Gracenote a SONY company)on my Sony Ericsson.

    I’n not just a nerd…I’m a SONY nerd.


  • SOLD x1000!!! 8)

  • @37…first 5 words of the article:

    As you may have seen

  • Hi Stephanie Yoshimoto
    Can You ask or maybe You already know if Polyphony consider implementing MLAA [morphological antyaliasing] that is currently used by Santa Monica in God of War 3 [they’ve got 2x MSAA before]?
    Its a technical question, so i think its shouldnt be problematic in terms of NDA :)

    Thx in advance and regards :)

  • Looking forward to the game this Christmas season. I’m also very happy to see that NASCAR is going to be part of the GT experience….it save me buying two games :-) The only thing I ask is that this game doesn’t become Microsoft like vaporware…always promised but never comes out. The DEV time on this has been a little on the extreme side.

  • Looks great! I just hope they balance the career mode well.

    I don’t like NASCAR either, but still, I’m looking forward to it and maybe I’ll end up surprised by it?

  • night racing, nascar, epic space battles it has everything… except a release date.

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