Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse Coming to PSN

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Hello PlayStation friends! We’re Telltale, and we make awesome episodic adventure games! You may know of our work – Tales of Monkey Island, Strong Bad, and Wallace & Gromit are a few of our recent titles – but we’ve never launched a game on the illustrious PlayStation 3. Until now, that is! Coming in April, Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse hits the PlayStation Store, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring the third season of our landmark episodic series to you, the PlayStation Nation!

Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse 1

If you’re not familiar with the rabbit/dog detective duo, the following description ripped unceremoniously from the press release explains our heroes’ new unhinged adventure:

In Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse, Max has been bestowed with a set of powerful psychic abilities from an unusual ancient source that he’ll wield against the strongest and strangest foes the Freelance Police have ever faced. Join gaming’s greatest dog and rabbit sleuths as they investigate the source of these powers, with manic Max exercising new and amazing abilities with each episode. Max’s shape shifting, teleportation, mind reading and future sight abilities prove particularly useful as intergalactic simians, eldritch gods, under-dwellers and an arcane scholar ruthlessly hunt down those powers for their own evil ends.

For the first time on the PlayStation Store, we’re teaming up with the fine folks at SCEA to offer Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse for pre-order beginning March 18. Customers who pre-purchase the five-episode comedy saga will pay $29.99 (discounted from $34.99) until the game launches on PSN. Not too bad!

Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse 2 Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse 3

We can’t wait for you to experience the first episode, The Penal Zone, next month! In the meantime, go ahead and take a peek inside the Devil’s Playhouse with the trailer below!

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  • wow, its almost 9PM and no store update.

  • ___

    Disregard my last comment. I didn’t realize this use to be exclusive to XBOX and us ps3 gamers lost out of EP: 1-2.

    I’ll pass on 3. Give EP: 3 to XBOX like 1-2.

    I wish all people would boycott the companies who treat the ps3 unfair. It would make them stop doing it.

  • I never complain on these boards but I have money to spend on EOJ. This is one thing that MS is much better at.

  • Rate this thread low for wasting your time with this Microsoft trash.

  • ha ha ha ha there sure are a bunch of babies on psn. my god grow up , wah wheres the store update, wah the update sucked, wah wheres this wheres that, eu has this japan has that. like i said eariler would be funny for sony to wait till midnight to post the update and maybe noon tommorrow.

  • Is it really so difficult for people to stay on topic?

    Keep off-topic comments like “where’s my store update” to yourselves. They won’t update the store any faster and you litter the comments section with pointless comments that has nothing to do with the original post, making it more troublesome for say Chris Schmidt to read through the comments related to his post.

    Anyway, I’ve always been interested in trying out Sam & Max, looks like I’ll be doing so this spring.

  • Can you guys teach me how to be the most unprofessional possible in regards to updating a online store? You guys seems to be the MASTERZ

  • Would you please keep off topic comments about off topic comments to yourself? It makes it difficult for me to filter through the comments looking for other people bichin about the update not coming yet.

  • Three questions:
    1. When do we get Seasons 1 & 2? I played Season 1 on Wii, but would gladly buy it again depending on the answers to the next questions..

    2. Are the graphics 1080p native?

    3. Will the audio be 24-bit and/or losslessly compressed? The audio quality on the StrongBad for WiiWare was so bad sometimes that we completely skipped Tales of Monkey Island as a result.

    Am greatly looking forward to purchasing *all* the TellTale titles, if they take full advantage of the PS3’s unique HD audio and video capabilities.

  • What I am wondering is why the first two seasons are on XBLA and the third season is on PSN, whereas the PC gets all three seasons. Maybe Telltale has plans to release the whole thing, but then why offer a pre-order if they plan to release all three seasons in a pack?

  • You can’t say Sam and Max was exclusive to 360 if Season 1 and 2 came out on PC and Wii as well. Read a dictionary if you are still confused.

  • Sweet, love your games. Bout freaking time you showed the PS3 folks some love.

    Anywho, where the hell is the 3/11 ps store update? Why in the F can’t Sony ever update the store at the same time week by week? It makes them look bad…

  • Fantastic news! Telltale never disappoints and I for one am thrilled you have finally come to PSN. :)

  • lol @58 NeoHumpty

  • @62 mafecto:

    Do you seriously mean to suggest that tardiness or otherwise general inability to adhere to any sort of deadline is a sign of unprofessionalism?

    How dare you?!?

  • this is cool and all…. but when are we ever going to hear anything about cross game chat/party chat?????!

  • looks interesting. now price is what i’m curious about.

  • How will this play in comparison to the PC version?

    As well, Seasons 1 & 2 are only collected for the Wii as far as I can see. Will the PS3 ever get either collection?

  • Price was posted $30 if you prebook, $35 if you don’t,

  • Loved the original in my younger years. Adored the first two seasons.

    Yes, what I’m trying to say is that you have a guaranteed sale on the PSN from this guy.

    Cannot wait!

  • I always feel bad for the blog posts that get put up on thursday when the Store is late updating.

  • omg, invasion of the kindergardeners or what.. just play something else for a while!

    on the other hand – maybe ppl who post new threads on Thursday should wait until after the PSN update to avoid this. lesson learned? probably not.. just a thought ;).

    anyway.. congrats.

  • Waiting for store update, go Play COD MW2 for a while and then check back later i know its getting close to 9pm where i live but its only 6:25pm pacific time i checked.

  • It is nearly 4am where I am

  • @Devilishwonder67….That’s because you don’t have any money to buy the games that are released on a weekly basis. Were just getting really irritated that they never update on a schedule. Its never consistent!!! NEVER!!! SO SERIOUSLY WHERE IS THE D4MN UPDATE ALREADY!!!

  • I stopped playing Final Fantasy XIII for this? Where the hell is the store update?

  • I totally agree on post 75

  • @48: You don’t need to know the story from previous seasons to enjoy this, but it will help you understand some of the side bits/jokes.

    Tough deciding how to preorder! This is appealing with the $5 price drop, and being able to play it on my high-def PS3, but the PC one on Telltale’s website with the Freelance Police deal is really good too!

  • @AlexLucard: The game is being made with the PS3 in mind, so if you check out the control scheme from the screenshots on their site, you’ll note that the focus is to make it ideal for the PS3 control scheme.

    I have the first two seasons on my PC and I adore them. Can’t wait to play in 1080p on my PS3.

  • 9:30pm… an still no store update. I just don’t understand sony’s handling of the store, thursdays, of all days, and never on a steady schedule.

  • @ PSWii2008: You can always be a freak like me and get both. The PS3 experience will be the coolest in my opinion since you can play it on the 1080p TV on the couch with your surround sound cool PS3 controller. No matter what you play Sam & Max on though, it’s a great experience.

  • oh look now the whiners know how much money i have. shakes head, grow up kids, learn patience, its so pathetic week after week to see you whiners invade the blog post to complain the updates are late, i have seen nowhere where it promises that an update will be done at any certain time. if i was ms chen and the sony crew id stop posting updates on the blog and when the store updates, it does end of story

  • Everyone, email the staff directly — do not derail this thread or vote down a topic based on something completely unrelated. Jeff and Chris, the ban hammer must fall.

  • Loved S&M as a kid.

    What about Seasons 1 and 2? Don’t tell us you’re just gonna throw us in mid season. If that’s the case, with all due respect, bugger off.

    Sick of companies shunning the PS3 only to come over years later and expect us to think its all fine and dandy we were ignored in the first place.

  • Cool story bro

  • It’s about time!!! :-P

  • Everyone, this my idea that store hasnt updated yet

    Maybe thier just getting back from GDC and will update it once they get back to the playstation studio dk though if thats the case

  • Hah, Awesome!

  • Hell It’s About Time… What’s also great is that Monkey Island SE is also coming in the next few weeks and then we are getting Monkey Island 2 SE in the summer. Great to see the PS3 getting love.

  • I’ll get this if you release Seasons 1 & 2 on PS3 as well. Otherwise, I won’t. Any chance of releasing the season(s) on disc as well? I’d prefer that.

  • Any chance of Tales of Monkey Island first Season 1 (1st 5 chapters) as well as Sam and Max season 1 and 2 making their way over to PSN? Please?

  • Finally! Can’t wait, loved the first two seasons so far.

  • This game looks cool. Playb3yond

  • co-op online yes? no?

  • Sam & Max is the funniest video game series ever. I will definitely be pre-ordering. You don’t need to play season 1 and 2 to play this, it’s a whole new story. Also if you check out the trailer and gameplay videos it has clearly been designed to be played on a PS3! Telltale is a small studio so it has taken them time to get their engine onto the PS3 platform. The people complaining have no idea what they talk about. If you have a sense of humour you should buy this!

  • @ ThreeLeggedFreak: The folks over at Telltale told me that they have plans to bring all their key titles over, but that does not mean it will be soon.

    For now, we get the console exclusive release of Sam and Max: Devil’s Playhouse (which isn’t really even season 3, but a new series) and the original and second special editions of Monkey Island.

    Good times.

  • Crazy, pre-ordering on PSN for a small discount! I like it. Now put it to use on something I’d like to play.

  • Will there be a demo on PSN? I plan on buying for PC, but it’d be cool to see how it plays on PS3.

  • I never played Sam and Max before but do know that there was a cartoon show based on the games. $30 is probably good price for 5 episodes considering I think each episode will cost $10 each for 5 episodes.

  • i miss that cartoon, it was funny as hell…

    we should get that on the video store to celebrate!
    i think Fox had it?

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