PlayStation Home 1.35 Launching Tomorrow

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Hello again Home Community,

I am thrilled to be back on the PlayStation.Blog to share some exciting news. Tomorrow we will be launching PlayStation Home 1.35, a new client update that will include some very significant enhancements that will make your PlayStation Home experience even better.

This update will bring several of the changes that you, the PlayStation Home community, have said are most important to you. Most notably, this update features faster load times, giving you quicker access to PlayStation Home and all the great content within. The new 1.35 update also enhances the login process. Now, once you have launched into PlayStation Home from the XMB, you will be transported directly to a new intuitive navigator, without the need to click through message screens.

PlayStation Home logo

Like much of PlayStation Home, the design of this new navigator is directly based on community feedback on how to improve access to the content used most in PlayStation Home. This streamlined interface features categories to help you quickly move through PlayStation Home and locate friends in just a few clicks.

Categories will include:

  • Favorites: Personalize your own section to make locating your favorite places quick and simple.
  • Personal Spaces: Your clubhouses and personal spaces are now right at your fingertips. The personal spaces you own and the clubhouses you belong to will be viewable in one convenient location.
  • Friends: Finding your friends in PlayStation Home has never been easier. View the current location of your friends in PlayStation Home, and then navigate there to enjoy the action together.
  • Explore: Browse all the spaces PlayStation Home offers. Finding a space that suites your taste and mood has never been easier.
  • Recommend: Keep up with what’s hot in PlayStation Home. This regularly updated category will feature the newest and most exciting additions to PlayStation Home.

Just a reminder that PlayStation Home will not be accessible for a brief period tomorrow as we work the magic on our side to bring you this update. If you have any questions or comments, as always, please drop us a note in the PlayStation Home forums.

With now 12 million users around the world playing games, attending special events, watching videos, listening to music, and meeting new friends, there has never been a better time to join the PlayStation Home community. For those of you that are already part of the party, with tomorrow’s 1.35 update, I think you’ll agree that everything you love about PlayStation Home just got that much better.

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  • AWSOME, hopefully this fixes the error problem i keep getting cause every time i log into home i’ll at some point get some kind of error and it’ll log me out, i’ll definitely be checking this new update out

  • Voice chat???

    Video Screens???

    I’ll check it out but not sure if I’ll stick around without these features.

  • I would like voice chat in HOME please! :)

  • Trophy Room Please.

  • post this in the forums. haven’t seen you in there since you first post, this would’ve been a good opportunity to show people you still active in the forums.

    Jack Buser | March 10th, 2010 at 9:27 am
    Will do zKAPOWz! That was fun jumping in your thread the other day. I’m slammed at GDC this week, but will be back posting in the forums soon…

    YES! i almost forgot about GDC, i look forward to hearing what you guys have been up to.

  • Wow! I thought it was dead… Does anybody still care about Home???

  • ThANK YOU!. The long load times is one of the reasons I NEVER went into Home. Also, we really need Home to be a universal multiplayer game lobby to launch into all games. This should be the focus for the next update…SERIOUSLY.

    Give us the option to launch directly into Home when we switch on our PS3s maybe? And last but not least, media sharing at some point in the near future.


  • Awsome update! I hope you guys also removed that fake smile you put on all the avatars.

  • Faster start up i would like ;)

  • Could you PLEASE allow Brazilian PSNs to connect to PlayStation Home?

    Thank you for your attention!

  • Sweet! Reduced load times! Now I can text chat to my friends in Resistance space in 3 minutes instead of 4!

    Now doesn’t that sound like an epic failure? Home is and will continue to be an embarrasement until voice chat in common areas is available.

  • Greeeat. Faster loading is one of the “big” issues I “really” wanted you to “address.” Not the fact that if I want to communicate, I need to have a keyboard on-hand.

    Just tell me how many more times I should expect that I’ll need to re-download everything that I’ve already downloaded, because I’m getting sick of it. I must’ve downloaded the Plaza four or five times already.

  • I was in the very first wave of Beta testers for this waaaay back when, and then I could connect, and outside of the normal flaws for the client, everything “worked”.

    Since going public and revamping almost everything, I can’t stay connected for more than 10 minutes. No one is willing to help, and when I post on the “Official Playstation Fourms” I get ridiculed and basically told “Tough luck, it works for everyone else”. It would be nice to be able to connect for more than 10 minutes at a time without some random error that I can’t seem to find any solutions for.

    Where can I get REAL official help ? Please and thank you.

  • Please, I only want able to talk with MORE than one friend at the same time trough voice chat. It is so difficult to develope?

  • Thank goodness for faster load times. I have bought a TON of stuff and it seems like I load alot slower because of it. I felt like I was being punished for supporting Home. It takes me at least 15 minutes to log in from the time I hit the Home icon on my XMB till my character loads up and is ready to go.

  • Having Home more streamlined, loading much faster is a big step forward and please let’s not forget about important, most
    commonly requested features such as the ability to play music and videos in apartments, open public voice chat, trophy rooms and such.

  • Nice Update! @Jack Buser. Is there any chance of PS Home getting some offline use? example just being in your own personal space and being able to access your photos, videos, change your avatar clothes, etc Offline. I think that would be cool for people who dont go online that much.

  • One of the best free services in the world! Looking forward to experiencing the NEW Home!

  • Great news. Thanks for listening to us, Sony. I remember taking that PS Home survey you sent me months ago and this makes me happy to know it wasn’t for a lost cause.

  • wow it really took you guys that long just to fix bugs? i guess we’ll wait another year for features then

  • One thing I miss terribly with HOME is how your options were in a PSP rather than a… something. I thought it was really fun and intuitive to have and promote the PSP like that.

  • Jack,

    Awesome new sir! Can’t wait for the update and even more enchaments and feature adds in the future! (hint hint, all games should be instance optional and phone friends should support group calling)

    OH!!! also, have you seen the new TRON LEGACY TRAILER!!! Its BAMF!


  • REALLY glad to hear this. I hope it truly is faster. Ever since the last client update the time it took from me pressing “X” on the Home XMB icon to the point where I was actually in Home takes me about 4 minutes. That is ridiculous. It has kept me away from Home and I truly hope this issue is finally going to be resolved.

  • @ SenileAssassin- You’re right. Home is dead. Nothing but freezing since day 1. It’s one big commercial in interactive form that you never finish watching. Like a mistake you spend money on. You could also say taking the time to make it your own is like gambling in a casino because of odds of it not crashing. Personally, I have tried getting use out it since dec ’08 and I am utterly frustrated by the ‘standing in an elevator’ feeling I get when it’s possible to login.
    More people need 2 tell Sony what a joke Home is until it changes, instead of spending 5$ on a glowing couch they might get 2 look at with friends in @ completely silent environment.
    Oh BTW I’m too busy 2 answer questions bcuz I’m slammed with GDC! HAHA

  • How many posts ask 4 chat features?? What feedback are u looking at?? The worst part of psn is lack of chat features!!! I have a launch ps3 and I’ve been waiting for some sort of a message/chat feature. Needless to say,…. I’ve been waiting long enuff!!! And don’t even bring up your lame text chat,..I’m not buying an overpriced chat pad! We all see the posts fix it!!!!!!

  • No offense to the people that actually like HOME. But come’ on! Where are all the features you outlined in keynotes 3 years ago?! No tv’s in our apt’s, no trophy room/case, we have to re-download each section of HOME after every update you release. Which, wouldn’t be so bad if the updates were significant, but it seems like they are always marginal at best. Seems like you guys are going around and around in circles with each update. How many updates do we really need to make it faster or easier to use?! That should have been a given from the first update with no need to patch it. So forgive me if I’m less than thrilled with you “efforts” regarding HOME.

  • Looking forward to faster login. It currently takes longer to start up and be in Home than it does to start up my bloated 8yo computer :/

    Hope I can enjoy home without getting stuck in my clubhouse or home space. It’s a pain to have to delete Home related files on my PS3 just to be able to see what going on without getting frozen screen and the HDD light blinking away and internet activity and it just sits there :(

  • Great update!!!
    I am definitely going to check it out now. I haven’t logged in months.

    All it needs now is video sharing capability like good old Phil Harrison showed back at GDC in 2007

    Make it happen SONY!!!!!

  • Nice! I actually might use it more now!

  • IS the GDC conference going to be on home? I assume not but it never hurts to ask right?

  • Hey Jack,

    Great job! This is a wonderful example of the seriousness to how much you all are wanting to become more communicative and involed with the Home Community. It also shows how much you respect and appreciate us. Keep it up! You guys are off to a great start! Remember….complacency is never an option!


  • You’ve ignored 99% of the community feedback — so don’t force-feed us the b.s. that you’re actually listening to the community.

    You’re building a tool to generate micro-transactions for Sony. And the ONLY reason you’re speeding things up is because people are trying Home and then never coming back.

    Adding Chat won’t sell clothing items. So we’ll never see chat. Adding video in personal spaces will never sell clothing items. So we’ll never see that either.

  • I’ve been using Home daily/semi-daily since the Qore beta and I love it. I’ve never had any problems with the “in-home” load times. The only load time that bothers me is the initial boot up load time. I hope that’s the one you shortened.

    I think it’s funny people complain about re-downloading spaces once in a while (which you don’t have to do often, only when a space is changed), because it takes me no more than 30 seconds to download any space. The smaller ones DL in like 10 seconds. I don’t see the big deal.

    Home is nearly perfect for my taste. The only things I’d like to see added are…….

    1) the ability to invite multiple people into phone calls, and being able to invite in ANYONE to those phone calls, not just friends.

    2) HDD custom soundtracks. It makes no sense to me that this isn’t an option in Home. I love Home, but all the background musics annoy me. Add custom soundtrack support.

    3) a hand accessories category in clothes so I can use things like lightsabers, glow batons or a PSP Go while wearing gloves. This should also allow use of those things with the one piece costumes like the STorm Trooper.

  • kewl tron forum avatar jack

  • Awesome news Jack, it sounds great, I’ll be on to check it out, thanks!!! 8)

  • any new hint on a new central plaza soon or new arcade games or bringing back the old arcade games from the close beta ;) hehehe

  • I’ve been telling people for a long tim that things will get better. And they still will. Given time, Home will have even better and bigger updates. It all just a matter of time: research, programming, testing, feedback and repeat.

    Most things that we want cannot happen overnight. But given time, they will happen.

    Thank you for the news, Mr. Buser. But mostly, thank you for the update.

  • Oh. I forgot to mention. I am one of those who has no issues with Home. Any issue I had was resolved with the help of the community by their posts in the PlayStation Home Support forum.

    Thanks again to you and the community. Ciao!

  • I don’t know what’s going on with TV’s and stereos for apartments
    It seems that Jack Buser hates music and hates TV and that’s why he leaves us with dead silent aparments.

  • YES I Cant Wait

  • Thanks for the heads up Jack.

    I’m in Home at least once a week and the load times seem to be taking much longer than usual for me; any ability to speed these up will help.

    I like the new content that is constantly being added.

    I was in Home last night (around midnight EST) and was really surprised to see just how packed it was on a weekday at that time of day.

    Also wondering when the video screen in the clubhouses will be activated so that we can watch things with our friends from our private clubhouse ?

    One suggestion, when we’re in the movie theater, would it be possible to turn off the screen view of what people around you are talking about ?
    It’s pretty disturbing when trying to watch an episode of the Tester and you have some people that just seem to have to talk about nothing, but you see their text in the bottom left hand corner.
    It would be nice to have a feature if you are viewing the monitor in full screen, to also have the ability to turn off the text.

  • Sounds like I am going to be doing some more fishing

  • All of those things that were mentioned a few years ago will eventually be in Home. Again, it takes time, development and testing to make sure that it works properly. Not very hard to see and understand that, right?

  • It is about time you address the functionality of Home and making the experience more streamlined. I will definintely check it out and see what has improved.

    That is a GREAT first step!

    Please work on bringing public voice chat back into Home.

  • If you guys are really listening to the fans.. PLEASE add an area where we can watch videos with friends. Like a Netflix area in the Home theater where you can meet with friends who also have Netflix and watch movies, tv shows or stand up comedy with your Home avatars. I really enjoy watching The Tester in the Home theaters with friends and would love to see more things like that. Thanks – D4RkNIKON

  • any idea of when are we having Home availible in México?

  • @ Superstrokey1123- apparently it does hurt them to answer.
    I have been glued to their posts and participating in the ‘community’ for 18 months. The closest I have ever seen them get to communicating is @ their press conferences. I will be voicing my opinion here until the forums work again. Any official replies have always consisted of ‘Thank You’, ‘We’re looking into it. and ‘It must be your internet connection.’ followed by ‘I am so busy, goodbye’
    The ‘Rumour’ websites have always been the only kernel ot truth.
    Haven’t you noticed every ‘interview’ goes like this-
    Q: What’s in the next update? A: We’ve been working really hard over the last year to bring some very exciting features based on feedback from our loyal fans. I can’t believe how far we’ve come since launch and I’m proud to say that we’ve been meeting our users’ need 4 content successfully.
    Q: When can we expect it? A: Soon/We do not comment on rumours or speculation.

  • Just wanted to say thanks! We, the Tuners Pit Racing Assoc. use the Home clubhouse for our pre-race drivers meetings, for GT5Prologue (and of course GT5, whenever that comes). You can find us at the GT forums. Come race with us! (send out your offices best drivers… we’d be thrilled to have some unofficial, official competition from SCEA staff)

    We would like to see the clubhouse hold more people. We usually don’t have a problem, but there will be a lot more coming with the full game. I also don’t see us paying monthly to use the clubhouse. To be honest, we’d figure something else out.

    Again, thanks for the cool application, and we welcome the future.

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