PlayStation Home 1.35 Launching Tomorrow

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Hello again Home Community,

I am thrilled to be back on the PlayStation.Blog to share some exciting news. Tomorrow we will be launching PlayStation Home 1.35, a new client update that will include some very significant enhancements that will make your PlayStation Home experience even better.

This update will bring several of the changes that you, the PlayStation Home community, have said are most important to you. Most notably, this update features faster load times, giving you quicker access to PlayStation Home and all the great content within. The new 1.35 update also enhances the login process. Now, once you have launched into PlayStation Home from the XMB, you will be transported directly to a new intuitive navigator, without the need to click through message screens.

PlayStation Home logo

Like much of PlayStation Home, the design of this new navigator is directly based on community feedback on how to improve access to the content used most in PlayStation Home. This streamlined interface features categories to help you quickly move through PlayStation Home and locate friends in just a few clicks.

Categories will include:

  • Favorites: Personalize your own section to make locating your favorite places quick and simple.
  • Personal Spaces: Your clubhouses and personal spaces are now right at your fingertips. The personal spaces you own and the clubhouses you belong to will be viewable in one convenient location.
  • Friends: Finding your friends in PlayStation Home has never been easier. View the current location of your friends in PlayStation Home, and then navigate there to enjoy the action together.
  • Explore: Browse all the spaces PlayStation Home offers. Finding a space that suites your taste and mood has never been easier.
  • Recommend: Keep up with what’s hot in PlayStation Home. This regularly updated category will feature the newest and most exciting additions to PlayStation Home.

Just a reminder that PlayStation Home will not be accessible for a brief period tomorrow as we work the magic on our side to bring you this update. If you have any questions or comments, as always, please drop us a note in the PlayStation Home forums.

With now 12 million users around the world playing games, attending special events, watching videos, listening to music, and meeting new friends, there has never been a better time to join the PlayStation Home community. For those of you that are already part of the party, with tomorrow’s 1.35 update, I think you’ll agree that everything you love about PlayStation Home just got that much better.

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6 Author Replies

  • Nice job. I may check out Home again if everything truly is faster.
    But where is the stuff like TV’s and clubhouses that allow more than 32 people?

  • post this in the forums. haven’t seen you in there since you first post, this would’ve been a good opportunity to show people you still active in the forums.

    • Will do zKAPOWz! That was fun jumping in your thread the other day. I’m slammed at GDC this week, but will be back posting in the forums soon…

  • Nice update, glad you guys streamline the login process. Will check it out tomorrow.

  • Thank you for listening to user feedback. I appreciate the lengths you guys go to implement our suggestions.

    • Our pleasure. And thank you for taking the time to give us suggestions. It’s so fantastic to work on a platform that allows us to innovate based on community feedback, especially when the community is so awesome and active. We couldn’t have done this without you!

  • Thanks for the heads up Jack. I just purchased a PS3 a few days ago and downloaded PlayStation Home. I’m excited to see what new things are in store. Any idea how large the file size will be for this update?

  • Alrighty! Awesome! I will definitely be checking out what’s new after the update is set and done! ^____~*

    • See you in there – I can’t wait. I’m going to have to sneak away from GDC so I can come hang out with everyone!

  • Sounds good, I’ll have to check it out tommorow.

  • Looking for substantial changes before I jump back into this, looking forward to seeing what you have come with.

    • Glad to hear it StrykerIsland. I’d love to hear your feedback in the forums once you have a chance to check everything out.

  • Nice update. Can’t wait to check it out.

  • I hope it is faster because part of the reason I don’t go into HOME is the login process. It takes too long.

    • Hey BabeBro! That’s one of the major features in this release, so be sure to jump in and you’ll see that things have improved quite a bit.

  • I will only use Home if I can chat with my friends from other places around the world, not only in my on space, but I want to be able to invite them to the general areas, I remember I could do this before.

    I like to see my long distance friends this way, I wish you would make it happen again.

  • Can’t wait to redownload all those Home Spaces!

    …oh who am I kidding, I’m not wasting my time with Home. That place is a joke, and I can’t believe you still haven’t implemented Voice Chat back in.

  • I am so excited I can’t wait to see what else you guys got in store for PlayStation Home throughout the year. This is the first of many great new features I hope. Also I can’t wait to see what Katherine De Leon has in store for the contestants of PSN’s The Tester tomorrow! A shame I got kicked off the show before meeting her lol!

  • Awesome!!

  • The long load times is what kept me away from Home. Hopefully you guys really did shorten them!

  • i cant wait,because ussually when i log in i get logged out


  • i will check home out so i can see what been done but when will home come out of beta ? i hope it real soon.

  • Good news. I hate the looooong loading times in Home to just even start using the service.

    Off topic,
    Plz bring trophies to Resistance 1!!!

  • If you go to you can see the new Home.

  • Just don’t break anything k?

    I’ve just bought a bunch of stuff in Home and have been enjoying my Locoroco space and I do NOT want to have to call customer support. I hope this update is well tested. Hopefully the speed boost will make up for the time it’ll take me to redownload all the Home locations from the update.

  • Glad to see this but as far as things most asked for I know everyone agrees that is Music and video in home along with open voice chat. Please bring these things soon? You can openly speak in online games on Playstation network, why not home? I was here when Open voice chat was around and home was a lively, albeit slightly more offensive place, but the quiet, depressing environment of home now just doesn’t compare.

  • Nice I was really hoping there’d be faster PlayStation Home accessing. Maybe people will access it more now.

  • Faster loading times, eh?

    That’s all I need to hear, honestly. I know I’ll have to download every thing else again, so I’m glad to hear the loading times will be faster.

    I will check it out when I get the chance to.

  • I keep hoping you will include the Trophy Room, what ever happened to that? Will it ever make it into Home?

  • Cool deal, let’s hope this update o’s what it’s cracked up to be. I like HOME in small doses and might use it more if it loads quicker

  • Where is streaming media from HDD to HOME Personal Space…Oh yeah that is not important

    Where is a universal Party system for HOME that was promise…oh yeah that not important

    Where is the trophy room that was promise….oh yeah that not important

  • This isn’t the most important thing people wanted. We wanted voice chat reimplemented, TVs with content streaming, radios with music streaming, trophy rooms, trophy/level rewards, etc. Implement these and I’ll go back to Home.

  • No video tutorial upate?

  • so we are no longer in BETA? this sounds fun!

  • This is a major update for people whos into PSHOME. Finally faster loading time to get on home. The new navigation screen looks promising. THANK YOU SONY

  • Voice Chat Voice Chat Voice Chat in PUBLIC SPACES .. Bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • One click login and shorter load times should have been done, long, long, long ago.

    While you’re at it, this beta is staring to push the limits of what even Google calls a beta. When will the beta be over?

    I hope all these changes finally make home worth using.


  • SUGGESTION 1: ability to archive old clothes or have newly purchased items load first or show on top. those free t-shirts from killzone and katamari take up space!

    SUGGESTION 2: update the closet space – it’s been the same background since beta!

    SUGGESTION 3: preview of sold spaces like an “open house.” i’m stuck with Planetland not knowing it’s just one floor!


  • It made my sickness go away!

  • Nice but still no open public voice chat,
    no working TV’s, no working stereos and
    no trophy rooms.

  • Awesome cant wait for 1.35 update so excited! I am happy the direction that home is heading in.

  • what about using the Home avatars as our PSN avatars like the other consoles do with theirs? and will the graphics for Home update any time soon?

  • also please bring community games that involve a lot of people instead of just “social” games

  • I have to throw in with a lot of the other posters here – I appreciate efforts to improve Home, but streaming media from our HDD to our personal space was one of the features highlighted in the very first public unveiling of the service…which was a loooong time ago. Trophy rooms and voice chat fall into the same category, as well. No one is asking for anything that wasn’t promised from the very first announcement.

  • Hey Jack, was any effort made to end the ghost glitch?

  • What about bringing us things that we can do at our Home spaces? there’s nothing besides chatting… a table hockey game for example would be nice to pass the time or arcade games etc..

  • I’m having trouble logging into PS Home once parental controls are turned off and I’m 17 years old will this be fixed? Thanks Jack Buser.

  • Thanks for the Update:

    Few very minor suggestions:

    I know there might be legal reasons why we can’t stream video and music to our homes via a virtual TV, but what if, for the sake of having some action going on while folks are visiting, you allow us to stream the latest pulse, Qore interviews, game trailers, and free PSN TV episodes to our virtual TV. This way, we can have video in our home, and you guys know that no one is showing porn to kids?

    Also, please include more preview options in personal spaces (as well as descriptions). It’s difficult to plop 6 bucks down for something that is only represented by one image in the store itself. Hunting for a video screen that shows it off should not be required.

    Otherwise, I’m really glad Home is growing in popularity, and users. It’s definitely a fun place to hang out between games.

  • hey got a ? are yall still working on the trophy room and can you add a hockey area where you could play hockey against each other and also basketball and a baseball area where you could play that as well plz reply to this ?

  • Sounds really great. Just what I’ve been waiting for.

  • When are we going to get Voice chat in Home again?

  • The initial load times have always been terrible. But the countless “downloads” while actually in Home are even more annoying. It makes the product essentially worthless as a social networking tool.

    Bottom line: Home (as it exists today) just isn’t worth any of the waiting.

    Has anything been done to address the download issues?

    And for the love of God, bring back voice chat. What kind of social networking application in 2010 doesn’t have voice chat?

    Make it opt-in only. So you only chat with and hear the people you want to chat with. If you don’t accept people into a chat, then you hear nothing.

    Keeps the anti-chat people happy. And let’s the rest of us actually enjoy using Home.

  • Alright!!! It’s time once again to NOT go back HOME!! >:(

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