It Only Does Epic Trilogies

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Hi everyone,

It’s been fun to watch all the speculation on whether or not God of War III would get its own spot with Kevin Butler. The answer? Of course, how could it not? We’ve been looking forward to the launch of God of War III for some time now (as you all have) as it’s one of the best examples of “It Only Does Everything” that you’ll find. Where else can you get epic storylines, groundbreaking depth of scale, dynamic 3D realism, and our signature gameplay that is God of War. Yes, God of War III will be one of our biggest sales drivers this year, selling multiple millions of copies and becoming a system seller for PS3. It’s that good and everything you’ve heard is true. With more than 35GB of Blu-ray gaming goodness, it’s truly a shining example of “Only on PlayStation.”

The early reviews are echoing what we already know, that the wait for God of War III will not have been in vain. PlayStation: The Official Magazine has given God of War III a score of 5 out of 5 while Game Informer has followed suit with a 10 out of 10, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg as we expect an onslaught of positive reviews to hit newsstands next week.

Some of you already know what to expect from the final installment of this Olympic-size trilogy. For those of you who don’t, comparing God of War III’s scale and scope to previous chapters is like comparing Kratos’ Blades of Chaos to a letter opener. We are confident that if you haven’t jumped on board yet, this game will certainly be the incentive you’ve been waiting for to get a PS3. Our hats are off once again to our studio organization for creating another amazing experience. I’ve been saying it for awhile, but the depth and breadth of content on PS3 is unrivaled and will continue to be a catalyst to our sales all year long.

While the game itself won’t be in stores until March 16, many of you dedicated God of War fans have already been feeling the Fury of Kratos at your local 7-Eleven. Already, thousands of vouchers from the cups have been redeemed for exclusive downloadable content. Kratos will also be invading the world of NASCAR. On Saturday, March 20, the No. 20 car will be sporting a brand new God of War III and GameStop themed paint scheme driven by Joey Logano during the Scotts Turf Builder 300 at Bristol Motor Speedway. For our die-hard fans, we’ve produced our first collector’s item with the “Ultimate God of War III Edition” which comes packed with exclusive collectibles and downloadable content (priced at $99.99). Several retail partners are seeing huge demand on pre-orders for this edition, so make sure to grab yours on launch day.

Which brings us back to our good friend Kevin Butler, who will also play his part to promote God of War III with a new TV commercial that begins airing the end of this week. Suffice it to say that Kevin can’t possibly ignore the game’s star power. We will also have a 15 second commercial highlighting all the glowing accolades this game is already garnering. We hope you all enjoy your exclusive access to both commercials here before they hit the airwaves:

I look forward to hearing your feedback on the commercials and this amazing game.

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  • Great commercials! I cant wait for this game to release!

    GoW3… GOTY!!!

  • This is very cool and all, but why the hell do guys constantly put up videos on the blog that can’t be viewed through the PS3??? it might be nice if your OS supported this…

  • “This application not supported ” c’mon fix the blog videos for the PS3 browser. Seeems dumb that a PS3 blog will not allow videos to be shown on a PS3. I’m a loyal PS3 supporter, but c’mon.

  • LOL I do this all the time

  • LMFAO This is the best one besides the grandma one.

  • Awesome commercials!!! Cant wait for the game to come out.

  • top add is funny. add game informer 10/10 and a few others to bttom ad and sell a gazillion more systems/ lookin good sony

  • Butler is what makes the commercials funny, this one didn’t have enough of him. It wasn’t bad, but could have been funnier.




    for all that is holy please have Kevin Butler as a co host at E3

  • Lmao, good commercial.

  • Man the KB commercials just get better and better! Like I said the ONLY one commercial that doesn’t really hit a home run for me was the R&C one.

    I do wish the second one was a bit more dramatic. Even though I’m not a fan of the games, Halo had some pretty wicked tv spots. Even something like Dantes inferno.

    Over all though good job! Keep the KB commercials coming!

  • LMAO totally epic btw this game will pwn all.

  • I hope they release all of the Kevin Butler commercials on the PSN. I have to build my collection.

  • great spot Kevin…and I should know. I work in advertising. one question…feel kind of silly giving you my birthday just to watch a commercial. Unless you are going to send me that sweet Kratos blade on your desk!

  • Kevin Butler FTW!!!

  • lol..dis epic game comes out nxt week & dats wen i get a spring break…hehe..its gonna maad fun..sorry to whoeva wants to hang out by den…kratos got me occupied..haha

  • IS it just me or is that chick kinda hot, in the girl next door kinda way? But yeah great TV ADDS! Now run them day and night on all the major networks!

    BTW: Be sure to get an add up for Final Fantasy 13 on the PS3 with it’s exclusive PS3 content, and FF14 Beta deal! Get an add up for that and you will see your sales sky rocket for both titles!

    Good job so far with the new add strat! Don’t fall pray to the same crap the PS3 did at launch! (None of that weird PS3 TV add junk show the games, and the system!)

  • Nice commercials now please air them non-stop.

    Counting down till nex week!!!!!!! May take a day off work to play it for the first time ever..haha

  • lol…sweet man!!! That girl must be pissed, so is my girlfriend.

    Keep them coming… and air them on most if not all stations.
    Yeah I know,…wishful thinking.

  • lol u guys are legends thank you for making such an amazing game i been had my ultimate edition reserved sine last year when it was announced cant wait to play this beyond epic game also love kevin butler he is so awesome love his commercials keep it up sony

  • Awesome work as usual guys. Keep up the great work and don’t over use Kevin B.

    Use him like a not-so-secret go to weapon to make a game even more awesome.

  • I could watch these commercials all day….you guys certainly need to bring more of these out.

  • This new Dear Playstation ad has literally got me in tears! Freaking hilarious! Now excuse me, I have to watch it again, and again…

  • Kevin Butler 4 Life!

    I know he’s gonna do something AAAmazing for The Last Guardian

  • Haha, HILARIOUS! Can’t wait to play it!


  • Dang lol cant wait for this game.

  • Ultimate edition been on order for months, Cant wait!!!!! Commercial is EPIC!

  • best commercial yet. Kevin Butler, you are a genius.


  • LOL. KB never fails

  • haha, you guys should consider making Kevin Butler hold the e3 conference, that guy is pure gold. I actually wait eagerly for to see commercials, imagine that! lol

  • Is it just me or is Kevin Butler slowly getting demoted (VP to Regional Manager)? At this rate he’ll be Lead QA Tester by next year. Funny guy.

  • When my wife saw that commercial she said that it reminds her of me lol. she told me to marry my ps3 since i spend so much time with it. When my ps3 got YLOD a couple weeks ago she actually smiled.
    I love these ads they seem to covey the message really well. She’s gonna hate me when she finds out that my replacement ps3 is already on a UPS truck in route to my house.

  • I love this series of commercials.

  • hey hey i love to play modern warfare two wat about u guys????

  • anyone up to some moder warfare latter if so send me a friends request because im trying to become a 3rd prastege and i level 60 so if u wanna become my friend i will also show you like the best sniping spots on every level i love to snipe my gammer tag is (orahhhh24) 4 H’s no capitals…………..


  • Great ad, but hasn’t this idea already been done in a PS3 commercial, it seems familiar.

  • why can’t i view these videos from my ps3?

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