FINAL FANTASY XIII on Store Shelves Today, Includes PS3 Exclusive Bonus Offer for FINAL FANTASY XIV

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The FINAL FANTASY franchise has long been synonymous with the PlayStation brand – who could forget FINAL FANTASY VII on PSone and FINAL FANTASY X proved to be a landmark achievement when it launched on PS2. And, now we have the highly-anticipated FINAL FANTASY XIII for PlayStation 3 hitting store shelves today.

Final Fantasy XIII Box

For those of you headed out to pick up your copy, we’re happy to announce that FINAL FANTASY XIII for PS3 offers an exclusive bonus offer for FINAL FANTASY XIV. Some of you may remember the announcement we made at our E3 press conference last June, but just a reminder that PS3 will be the only console you’ll be able to play FINAL FANTASY XIV when it launches in 2010.

Players who purchase a copy of FINAL FANTASY XIII for PS3 will receive a FINAL FANTASY XIV secret in-game item and be able to enter for a potential opportunity to become a beta tester for FINAL FANTASY XIV for PS3.

Included inside copies of the initial production run of FINAL FANTASY XIII for PS3 are Campaign Codes printed on a special SQUARE ENIX MEMBERS Point Card. Players can register at SQUARE ENIX MEMBERS and receive a code to unlock the special FINAL FANTASY XIV limited offer.

For additional details on FINAL FANTASY XIV, check out the official website and be sure to stay tuned to the PlayStation Blog for much more to come on the game this year.

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  • Eh, I’ll get this later. I’m not the biggest FF fan, so waiting until a price drop won’t kill me.


    My gamerblog:

    Mateus Prado Sousa

  • Sadly agreeing with 50, I no choice but to wait for a price drop.

    I have GOW 3 and Heavy Rain to get before I can even consider Final Fantasy 13

  • oh man! i am so picking it up after class! yeah at college, but indeed, i been waiting for this game, almost forever! so excited i want to get it right now.

  • cybershinigami87

    Never played a Final Fantasy game. Not for any particular reason either.

  • This Is the first game I’m gonna pick up on release day since GTA:IV, hopefully Its worth It.

  • I’m also pretty “eh…” about it. There once was a time when a Final Fantasy game would’ve required me to get it day 1 (NES, SNES, PS1 days) but like many other people here, there’s just too many other good games out there for the PS3 right now that I’m more into these days. I just got Bad Company 2 and also pre-ordered God of War 3.

  • FF13 sucks. Square ruined this franchise. They’re not getting another dime from me.

  • Hey Jeff!

    Noticed you changed the font colors, from Wii-blue to this new shade. Verrrry Nice! Much better.

  • I’ll mirror the comments of earlier posters: “great” marketing strategy. I’m guessing M$ paid even more to keep all advertising exclusive until release.

    On Final Fantasy XIV: that little line “when it launches in 2010” really ticks me off, considering its origin. It’s basically lying to our faces, a “white lie” though it may be. I hope you didn’t pay them for it, because they couldn’t have opened traps any quicker to reveal it as a “timed exclusive.”

    FF Versus XIII an exclusive? Don’t count on it, or Squeenix is set to screw you over all over again. (Where have they not so far? Notice THEY haven’t ever posted on They can shove this title up their bottom line.)

  • you guy need to make a PS3 version of commercial tell they about this instant of xbox360 winning oh to make it that Playstation 3 bundle you guy do in japan i think you make more money out of it i am get more ps3 owner you better be reading this ok Sony i want to winning

  • @58
    The developers for Final Fantasy XIV have stated numerous times that they are dedicated to a 2010 release of this game. Its also no secret that they’ve been in talks with Microsoft to get the game on Xbox, but that the ball was dropped somewhere in their court, so at LAUNCH (which is what they said) PS3 and PC are the only platforms you will be able to play FFXIV on

  • With all the promotions lately, I was beginning to think XIII was a Microsoft exclusive.

  • i played it, and it freezes, i will try to ask a replacement copy as i saw some people having freeze problems but on different parts.

  • The off white, almost cream color background on the post itself was much easier to look at than the pure white =]

  • The off white background is alright but it does make the avatars look like crap………i think we should have a choice of on the blog background…..maybe even a choice of numerous different colors.


  • Yeah how about Yakuza 3 a ps3 exclusive with so many mini games its like million games in 1 package………best bang 4 your buck with mad replay value!!!I
    wont touch a square enix game unless its Kingdom Hearts 3 but there is a chance i will try the next online only ps3 exclusive FFXIV but im more looking foward 2 DC Universe Online.


  • “be able to enter for a potential opportunity to become a beta tester for FINAL FANTASY XIV for PS3. ”

    No thanks.. i’m not too excited with Square Enix’s direction.. if i want hack and slash games or western rpg’s i’ll buy them.. i want jrpg’s

    I’d advice sony to lock in Atlus, cause Square Enix has lost its way..

    I’ll be renting FFXIII from

    i still have white knight chronicles and dragon age to finish.. i’ll get around to square enix when i can..

    and i’m a big fan of final fantasy xi, with the new square enix i’m actually worried for the future of final fantasy xiv mmorpg.. it sounds like they want to make it a regular sandbox mmo that you can run around and solo like a grand theft auto than an mmorpg like ffxi..

    Again, Sony, I beseech you, lock in Atlus.

    also instead of ffxiv i expect to hear an everquest coming to ps3 announcement hopefully.. either everquest 3 or everquest online adventures 2..

  • Re-post incase the delete my other 1 with my myspace plug.

  • Lol registered for beta last night at midnight release :D Ahaha still playing FFXIII as of now

  • Been waiting four years for this game! Already shipped from amazon (with limited edition CE) just waiting for it to arrive! The beta stuff is definitely a surprise…Saw on the EU blog that home items coming Thursday! Is it the same for NA or we have something else. Can we get prices too as well? Thanks.

  • Did anyone ever figure out what the diamond shape character in the code was? I still can’t get my freaking code to work!

  • my registering code isnt working.. what am i doing wrong?!! it keep saying code doesnt exist

  • I picked up my copy last night at midnight, it’s a beautiful game and the bonus goodies are most welcome, thanks guys!!! 8)

  • Nice try to evoke memories of the good old days when mentioning FFVII and FFX but in this generation square-enix nothing but another multi-plataform party publisher.

    Two of their JRPGs are 360 exclusives, the NA version of FFXIII was delayed until the 360 version was ready to go with exclusive bundles and promotion, such as the chocobo for your xbox avatar. And “only console… when it launches” is dodgy language for “360 version is coming soon after”.

    Now I bet that square is keeping an eye at the cross-plataform sales of the FFXIII to decide whether or not it is worth to port the Versus XIII also.

    Jeff, I know this is a corporate blog but please do some editing to reduce the level of pure PR junk.

  • is it dual audio or just eng audio for the ps3 ver?

  • i got my game at midnight from my local gamestop in the Bronx (white plains road & pelham parkway area).

    im having fun with this game although the beginning is a tad bit slow and very story heavy.

    i cant wait till FF 14 online tho. I def will be getting that and playing it

  • the game was excellent and the launch party was fun. i loved the major burn you threw at the xbox at the launch party.

  • bought it, got it, playing it, and the controller is melting fast in my hands I just LOVE it

  • Picking up mine at noon. FF14 should be fun to try out too.

  • Wow, people already want to buy FF14? Why don’t you see how good this one is, then decide if SE is good at making next-gen RPGS.

  • gonna pass on this one.

  • Honestly if so many of you hate Sony why even bother posting here? You don’t speak for the fans, and you don’t speak for me when it comes to games. I honestly find my self liking Sony products more and more when it comes to consoles over the box because the box breaks constantly. It’s install base is not expected to grow much this year, and regardless of how stupid some people are with TV adds, Sony has said they are not going to try and beat out Microsoft of ad time, or third party exclusive titles.

    SO your points you keep screaming about are nothing but whining babies with no lives. Get over the fact that Sony has 20 first party developers and Microsoft has 8 and must pay out huge sums of cash to buy up exclusive IPs for their platform, while Sony gets to make them all in house at a fraction of the cost.

  • oh yeah anyone who went to the launch party, who was that hot chick in the pink mini dress? i just know she’s a journalist but i don’t know for who.

  • So as long as I pre-ordered this from somewhere, this applies to me? I guess I won’t know for sure until Thurs. when the mailman brings me my copy.

  • Beautiful. 18 shades of awesome. So pleased.

    I bought the PS3 specidically to play this, and it’s worth every penny.

  • So when’s the “International” Version coming out? I certainly won’t buy FFXIII without the japanese audio track… Star Ocean was a disaster ^^

  • Haven’t had much chance to play ffxiii yet today, tonight and tomorrow will be diff, anyone able to log in your serial code? i’m guessing its day one which is why the problem.

  • I really dont care for ff13, i want ff14 .. I cant wait 4 it, Will this beta code be giving at a later date or is this the only time/way it will be givin, a answer would help, . I think ff11 was the best ever that just my opinion..


  • hopefully i get in. i played FFXI for years and loved it

  • Are the codes for the beta / in-game item available in Canadian versions too?

  • Yeah yeah yeah XIII is out whoopdie doo,can we get some info on XIV now?

  • Between the mixed reviews, the fact that I hated FFXII, and GOW3 next week, I think I’m going to pass on this

  • Amazing game, really enjoying.

    Small point, please fix trophy updates to Facebook. They are not working properly.

    Thank you

  • the code they gave me isn’t working and i typed it in it says its incorrect or its no longer valid..can someone help me?

  • OH FOR THE final fantasy XIV beta

  • What kind of dumb-dumb would buy it for 360 anyway?
    I guess the same kind that only bought a 360. XD


  • I advice you to wait a little bit before registering your copy. SQUARE-ENIX Members is facing some technical problems as we can see, there’s a major wave of new users and the server looks overloaded.
    Wait till the service gets stable!

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