FINAL FANTASY XIII on Store Shelves Today, Includes PS3 Exclusive Bonus Offer for FINAL FANTASY XIV

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The FINAL FANTASY franchise has long been synonymous with the PlayStation brand – who could forget FINAL FANTASY VII on PSone and FINAL FANTASY X proved to be a landmark achievement when it launched on PS2. And, now we have the highly-anticipated FINAL FANTASY XIII for PlayStation 3 hitting store shelves today.

Final Fantasy XIII Box

For those of you headed out to pick up your copy, we’re happy to announce that FINAL FANTASY XIII for PS3 offers an exclusive bonus offer for FINAL FANTASY XIV. Some of you may remember the announcement we made at our E3 press conference last June, but just a reminder that PS3 will be the only console you’ll be able to play FINAL FANTASY XIV when it launches in 2010.

Players who purchase a copy of FINAL FANTASY XIII for PS3 will receive a FINAL FANTASY XIV secret in-game item and be able to enter for a potential opportunity to become a beta tester for FINAL FANTASY XIV for PS3.

Included inside copies of the initial production run of FINAL FANTASY XIII for PS3 are Campaign Codes printed on a special SQUARE ENIX MEMBERS Point Card. Players can register at SQUARE ENIX MEMBERS and receive a code to unlock the special FINAL FANTASY XIV limited offer.

For additional details on FINAL FANTASY XIV, check out the official website and be sure to stay tuned to the PlayStation Blog for much more to come on the game this year.

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  • Sweet! Like I needed another reason to pick up the ps3 version. No midnight launch here but tommorow morning I will be up bright and early.

  • Pre-ordered. Picking it up in a couple hours =)

  • I have my copy.

  • Hehe, picked it up early. Hurrah for mom and pop stores. I’m excited now. I had no idea what that code was on that slip. Awesome!

  • Already signed up at 12:30 eastern time. Fingers crossed!

  • oh and some FF avatars and a dynamic theme would be fantastic guys!

  • I pre-ordered my copy from Amazon and it will be arriving today in the afternoon. I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  • Awesome stuff, this gets me really excited for FF XIV. Can’t wait for FF XIII!

  • Played the game for a few hours before I went to bed and it’s awesome so far! PS3 version rocks!

  • They Did mid Night opening here But hay I will wait few hours and just pick it up in the morning

    This should be really great since I wanted to Try XIV after.

  • I bought the Japanese version since I’m over here, is there a way for me to register the point card that came with my copy of the game? I’m still picking up the english version of vouse. Also, do other countries get the pink and white Lightning PS3 console?

  • How do you get the in-game item to register? I have my FF14 beta code ready to go. Thanks :)

  • Was there when you dropped that smack talk on the 360 at the release party. On one disk!! lol. Great to see this is the surprise you mentioned and looking forward to playing it later today!

  • Already got mine!
    See you on Eorzea buddies!

  • Okay I tried to register for the FF14 beta with my code and it says

    “The promotional code entered is either incorrect or has already been registered.”

    I copy pasted it from the email with spaces included :/

  • Still waiting for my game to arrive from pre-order… :/

  • You guys should have announced this earlier to get more pre-orders D:

    Hopefully by the time I pick up my copy there are still Beta codes being handed out there.

  • Got the game, its sick..
    Got my promo code too! Even though I have registered already for the beta, I just did it again with the promo code. Oh yeah Audioboxer you got to manually type the code in, does not work with copy and paste.
    I had the same problem. Thx Sony and Square-Enix!

  • OMG I can’t believe grown man are actually buying this little girl games…I mean it seems that they bigger the weapon and sneaks the better the game.

  • @17 Imike1234, thanks buddy, worked fine!

  • Also anyone have any idea what the secret in-game item is yet? I hope playing through the game for hours already hasn’t mean I missed it or anything!

  • I’m getting FFXIII and GoW 3 both this week, it’s gonna be epic.

  • I have to say, I’m pleasently surprised with the gameplay of FF13. From videos I was expecting it to be like 12. Thankfully it’s not. It feels more like a classic FF aside from only controlling one character. I decided to pick up the game at the last second at my local midnight launch taking advantage of being able to trade in two fairly old worthless games trade in value wise I mean, I loved the games (MK vs DC and Uncharted 1) and got FF13 for $20. Not too bad. As I said, though I havn’t gotten very far in yet, I’m loving the game so far. High praise indeed from someone who was expecting to HATE the battle system.

    The only thing I’m disappointed in, is the fact that I used the game code to register my copy on the Square Members site (after signing up of course), but I didn’t get mailed back any code after using the supplied code. I honestly don’t care about any in-game item, I just want to be in the beta for 14 SOOOOO badly, but I can’t even sign up for a chance to get picked without some code I was supposed to get e-mailed from registering 13. Can someone put in a good word over there so they’ll send me a beta register code please?!?! My member name on the square site is LarryL

  • After four years, it’s finally here.

    Now give us an update on Final Fantasy Versus XIII. =]

  • pre-ordered this from Amazon…apparently being delivered today via UPS.


    i have work til 3 pm though today…fml…


  • @StuntF50
    Final Fantasy Versus XIII? They won’t do anything more until they’re ready to release gameplay footage.

    For us, North American gamers, we need Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep first.


  • Final Fantasy 13 sucks. That’s what happens when games go multiplat & I bet you Square-Enix will sell the content they cut out back to you. They didn’t even release the demo except in Japan because they said it wouldn’t be “fair” to the people who have a last gen console that runs this game at 576p. S-E hasn’t made a good game since they were Squaresoft. I won’t be supporting that garbage company (Square-Enix) ever again. All they did was screw over PS3 owners ALL this gen. I hope everyone getting the 576p version pirates it on the other console. I’m sure they’ll screw over PS3 owners some more in the future because of piss poor management. I won’t even bother getting this garbage pre-owned (even after a big price drop). Square-Enix is just a [DELETED] company that makes [DELETED] games.

  • I think they are kidding about FF being home on the PS. Try Nintendo. But now we have it on PS3 and 360, which is good too. I picked the game up, and it’s not bad.

  • Anybody’s registration code not working? Mine doesn’t seem to go through. It looks like I am entering my code correctly but one digit seems questionable, almost looks like a diamond. I assumed this is a 0 (zero).

  • ^ You can’t copy paste as said earlier.

    Enter manually, but it sounds like you’re doing that… Luckily I had no 0’s or O’s in my code hehe.

  • Hold on, I already signed up for the beta months ago. If I use this code that came inside of the box, will it erase my previous beta registration/chances and start all over again?

  • Thanks for giving this to us Square-Enix. I was a bit angry when I heard this was included in the JP release, but I’m glad your sharing the love with NA too.

  • Wow so you waited for game to get released to announce this? Talk about bad marketing move. You let MS gain ground on you, again! With their exclusive ads.
    PS3 has superior version + this = should have been promoted more, this is more or less PS3 exclusive.

  • Early Blog post. Fnally this game releases! I’ve already seen people on my friend list playing this game since last week.

  • Great to see FFX111 getting so much love here.

    I dont want to sound rude but there is a PS3 exclusive releasing today. Yakuza 3? forgot about that? It will be great if you guys can show some love on Yakuza as well or dont you guys want the game to sell well?

  • I’m hoping to pick this up today (if not later this week).
    glad to see that FFXIV hasn’t been forgotten too. i cant wait!
    thanks Squeenix and sony.

  • I hope the code extends for a few weeks. I’m really strapped for cash ;_;

  • SWEET!!!!!!!!!!! Sony and Square-enix u guys ROCK!!!!!, i won’t be able 2 get this 2day but I WILL get my hands on this AWSOME game soon

  • Awesome. I was already buying FFXIII, and as a current FFXI player I can’t wait for FFXIV.

  • Yakuza

  • lostinplainsight

    I didn’t know final fantasy 13 was on the ps3 i thought it was a 360 exclusive wow fancy that.

  • And most PS3 FF fans only a few weeks ago kept calling Sony, and SE sell outs, and crap. This is how Sony is going to fight The Box on Multi Platform titles. PS3 only in game items, exclusive offers only on the PS3 version.

    This should drive sales for this version up by a huge ammount considering most gamers were wavering over which to buy. I my self might pick up a copy now due to this announcement.

    Any chance other titles will do this? IMHO the fallowing in development games would be great to have these kinds of offers in the box:

    Crysis 2

    DarkSiders 2

    Red Faction 2

    Transformers War for Cybertron

    Spec Ops: The Line


    Need I say more? BTW Major Kudos for the extra goodies, and the Beta for FF 14!

  • Sony,

    What have you done to contractually secure exclusivity to final fantasy versus xiii? how about reducing royalty fees to square for that game? put your lawyers to work please.

  • I will never play another RPG until Phanasty Star 5 comes out. Thus, I will never play another RPG. There was a fanboy war back than and I picked the wrong horse. Doomed forever to spite FINAL FANTASY and it’s players.

  • lostinplainsight

    yeah, having exclusive content is a sales boon but this only works when the masses know the game is also available on your platform. none of the ads I’ve seen give the viewer slightest idea that this is a multi-platform release. all the extra content in the world doesn’t mean a thing if no one knows the game is on your console as well

  • bonuses, free items, beta tester, square enix, ps3 = music to my ears! love those words in one sentence!

  • @ DNAgent, you would have been correct in your first sentence, if it would have been a 360 version ported to the PS3. Though it’s not the case, PS3 was the leading platform. Also since when have developers not cut things in the game only to give them back via download content, free/buy ? Hell if you read around you’d know SE said there not releasing content for FF13. Go figure, or more so not right now there not. Though as I said developers do this to get you hyped for more.

  • Meh…

    Still not picking this up until it’s in the clearance bin(could be a while) but there’s too many other good games right now(specially since there are exclusives: GOW3, Heavy Rain, MAG)

  • Everyone..please do try out Yakuza 3…It is amazing!

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