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If this isn’t the longest reading list in recent memory, please forgive me – we’ve been prepping like mad for GDC. Speaking of next week’s Game Developer’s Conference, I hope you’ll be joining us in-person; but if you can’t, we’ll have live coverage beginning at 3pm (Pacific Time) on Wednesday.

Also, bit of housekeeping: we know the blog login system has been jacked up over the past several days. Everyone should be able to log in, but if you’re still appearing as the wrong name, let us know in the comments (also, let us know what your real PSN ID is if you’re appearing incorrectly). I want this thing gone forever by this time tomorrow :-)

Oh, and God of War III reviews hit soon. Keep an eye out for those (we’ll be linking out on the right rail of the Blog).

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of March 1, 2010)

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  • What about the Ultimate Edition unboxing video of God of War III? It’s almost a week away, are you guys still going to do that?

  • Damn, must have missed him… oh well maybe some other time… :/

  • Hi jeff,You are awesome O_O

    Btw any info about Sony’s upcoming gamers Day ?

  • I read PSP downloadable games are capped at 1.8 GB just like UMDs, is that true and why?

  • Hi Jeff…This is my first posting…I wanted to ask you…will you guys ever come out with Yu-gi-oh tagforce 4 for the psp go? I LOVE that game,but i cant have it on my Go…im sad :( And Also can you guys remake and add Dragonball z budokai 3 to the psp go as well? (Not infinite worlds cause the fact that sum specials werent the same as regular budokai 3…(And dragon Rush mode was taken out for some odd reason) but yeah, idk if this is the right forum and im sorry if this isnt, but can you please help with these requests?

  • I tried to login W/my original ID and never could gain access. So I re-created my ID minus a numeral to gain access…However, I got the YLOD and now I don’t know how my new system will sync W/my trophies,friends,etc…?(Under my old ID)
    As I am a newbie I’m surprised in the manner of customer service in which I’ve recieved…None to poor but, I prefer to give the beneifit of the doubt that issues will be resolved soon. The issues I’ve encountered have been unneccesarily difficult from my point of view and a streamline solution is in order I think. (personally speaking)
    But, I’m just a newb.~

  • Hopefully you guys will my article for next week.

    Springtime for Helghan: One year of Killzone 2

  • Not sure if this is the right place to post this but on main page I show up as not logged in (I see options to either register or join) but when clicking the comments section I show up as logged in.

    Reloaded the page. Clicked on Home button from Comments section. Same thing.

  • Nevermind. I works now. Perhaps I needed to post a comment to fix it.

  • The trials in Heavy Rain were irrelevant. They took an insane task and made the chooses easy. Really not hard to take if your child’s life was on the line. Thus leaving the perpetrator looking less like a sicko and more unrealistic. A crazy person would walk into a store and start breaking jars of spaghetti sauce. An insane person would go in with the intent to only break the jars of Ragu. He would continue store to store until all jars of Ragu in the world were broken. An impossible task that they think is achievable. A better trial would have been to have a fat chick in the shower and having to kill her. Than spill beans over her dead body. To receive the reward you have to eat a portion of her.

    Trophy Unlocked: Pork and Beans

  • cardinals_ITS_ME

    i cant even get on my internet on it now im pissed cause i just got the ps3 slim like a month ago now geting the dns error 807 whats my problem with mine i didnt do that update casue i wasnt on for a week so y is mine messing up now

  • “Jeff Rubenstein replied on March 7, 2010 at 9:30 pm

    I’ve got no control over the browser, so I work on what I do control: the Blog.”

    i figured that you don’t have control over anything but the blog and that is why i post i on the UK blog, i’d rather talk to the big guns then a robot who is told what to post and when to post from the big guns. jeff can you find out from the big guns if canada will be getting some love soon?

  • Question-

    Are there any plans to improve the functionality of the PS3 Web Browser?

  • #64: There’s no point in asking questions about features or updates for the PS3.

    They NEVER get answered.

  • The light-blue highlight text is terrible. You need to pick a darker colour — one with more contrast to the white background.

    Go back to the “What We Read” blog post, and that list of articles is a headache inducing nightmare.

    Overall feeling: this change was made for the sake of change. Never a good idea.

  • Add some blue to the website please.

  • Hey Jeff, ur job stinks.

  • i for the life of me cannot find out how to start a thread, it seems to only be available to gameware big wigs, but when the network went down last month, i tried to subscribe to the blog only to find that time and time again, my name choices were rejected. Here’s a request; how about you tell us WHY the frigging name cant be used, I remember spending an hour trying to find a screen name that would be acceptable and then when I got in the Friggin joint, I tried to e-mail the names that had been rejected, and they DID NOT EXIST!!! You guys got your heads up your bums or what? Help us-Help you. If you don’t like the name Perfect Tommy or Perfect Tommmy or Perfect Tommy620, or Perfect Tommy 320, ect. Tell us why; too many letters? Not enough letters? No numbers? Wrong Numbers? WTF?

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