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If this isn’t the longest reading list in recent memory, please forgive me – we’ve been prepping like mad for GDC. Speaking of next week’s Game Developer’s Conference, I hope you’ll be joining us in-person; but if you can’t, we’ll have live coverage beginning at 3pm (Pacific Time) on Wednesday.

Also, bit of housekeeping: we know the blog login system has been jacked up over the past several days. Everyone should be able to log in, but if you’re still appearing as the wrong name, let us know in the comments (also, let us know what your real PSN ID is if you’re appearing incorrectly). I want this thing gone forever by this time tomorrow :-)

Oh, and God of War III reviews hit soon. Keep an eye out for those (we’ll be linking out on the right rail of the Blog).

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of March 1, 2010)

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