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If this isn’t the longest reading list in recent memory, please forgive me – we’ve been prepping like mad for GDC. Speaking of next week’s Game Developer’s Conference, I hope you’ll be joining us in-person; but if you can’t, we’ll have live coverage beginning at 3pm (Pacific Time) on Wednesday.

Also, bit of housekeeping: we know the blog login system has been jacked up over the past several days. Everyone should be able to log in, but if you’re still appearing as the wrong name, let us know in the comments (also, let us know what your real PSN ID is if you’re appearing incorrectly). I want this thing gone forever by this time tomorrow :-)

Oh, and God of War III reviews hit soon. Keep an eye out for those (we’ll be linking out on the right rail of the Blog).

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of March 1, 2010)

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  • Thanks for posting!

  • I want to read all the GoWIII reviews…but I don’t want to spoiled either :|

    • I hear you there. Fortunately, most professional game reviewers understand that and avoid major spoilers in their reviews.

  • I thought there was supposed to be a new blog layout that matches last week.

  • The busiest non-gaming conference week I can remember for years, I’ve been glued to my screen and next week should be even crazier!

  • Thank you =)

  • want to hear more about playstation motion controller

  • Going to be a busy month on my PS3. Two weeks of no sleep with FFXIII and GoW3.

  • @4: tell me about it. I write over at and we had a total of 80 postings last week, 24 of which were just by me haha

  • Getting nervous about the GOW III reviews… One way or another I’m getting the game and I know I’ll enjoy it, but afters seeing a group of devs work on a title for so long, with such dedication, you can’t help but wish the best for them.

  • Also, I want a GT5 final release date already, it’s been so long… So tedious…

  • you weren’t joking when you said that there is nothing like Heavy Rain, Jeff… it was an amazing experience and a game that people should not miss!! Thanks to Quantic Dreams and Sony!

  • I know this isn’t really a “PS Blog reading list” type of story but I found it interesting that more homes actually have a game system than a set-top box. I hope Sony takes note of this because most cable and satellite boxes out there are crap and it would be nice to use the PS3 as a TV receiver considering how much more it is capable of. It would be nice to have something like PlayTV or Torne here in North America.


    (Remove the asterisk)

  • you guys support modders? O_o;

    • It\’s an interesting story, yeah? Warranty voided without question, but a cool result nonetheless.

  • Can’t wait for gabe newell’s (Valve) announcement about portal 2 and steam on mac!

  • cybershinigami87


    Can I spoil something for you then? GOW got a 10/10 from IGN and GameInformer. I wonder if it’ll have a higher meta rating than Uncharted 2.

  • Hey Jeff,

    I have some feedback. I was thinking, shouldn’t there be a special trophy “ding” when you reach a new level?

  • Hey Jeff what happened to the blog redesign that was supposed to happen last week Monday?

    Anyway I can’t wait for GDC, since it’s the Game Developpers confrence I’ll be expecting to see the Arc and more info on this 3D stuff. Also maybe a FW update?


  • Logging in has been giving me a hard time, great Ted Price interview, that was a good read, hope the next Resistance is more like the first one, and glad the PS3 is the lead platform for vanguish.

  • Looking forward to God of War 3 reviews tomorrow. Can’t wait for the game to come out next Friday :D

  • @Jeff
    I hope you guys plan on reworking the PS3 web browser as this website is not completely inaccessible excluding the blog from the PS3…. there is no telling what will happen with the blogs updated look on monday.

    • It\’ll make no difference, likely, but I\’m planning on making a special PS3 browser version of the Blog that\’s easier to navigate sometime this year.

  • Why is it that in the Los Angeles area all the ps3 r sold out and when I ask when there going to get more they say Sony is not making any more, what’s up with that

  • i dont have a diff psn id but it took me 3 times to log in tho just pointin that out

  • yeah, I was finally able to log in :)
    Any news on the Podcast Jeff? I think the podcast first guest should be David Jaffe.

    For the people on the fence for Heavy Rain. Do yourself a favor and buy the game. It is a unique experience like none others.

    Jeff, can you get in contact with Level-5 so we can know what is up with the WKC DLC and if there is going to be a patch for the game to fix some of the connection issues and bugs.

    Also, I can’t wait to stream Sony GDC conference on G4TV next week. Hopefully you guys show some new games.

    I thought this was the best read of the week *

  • “Report: FFXIII On 360 “Isn’t Anywhere Near As Impressive” As PS3 Version”

    Never afraid to self hype :D

    Also, more on motion controller!

  • Anyone reading this. Just a warning, but
    avoid looking up “God of War 3” on youtube if
    you don’t want to see spoilers.

    There’s several video’s up that show severe

  • i hope that tomorrow’s blog update/upgrade will be smoothly as it can be.because i had issues signing in from last sunday to this past tuesday..

    btw, i downloaded the make.believe dynamic theme and i’m enjoying it alot. jeff,kudos to the guy that was involved in making the theme and thanks for the freebie too :0)

    so, is gdc this week or next? i hope we get at least a couple of good announcements XD

  • Hey guys. I was wondering if there’s a problem with the video player?

    Because I can’t watch any videos on my ps3. I’m just wondering if there’s a problem for everyone using the ps3 browser or if this is isolated to me?

  • @ memberop

    indeed, I visit the forums regularly and some noobs keep posting links to that stuff, so far they have the whole poseidon battle, the “blank” battle and just recently the zeus battle, these people need to stop, I want to stay spoiler free! everyone if you want to stay spoiler free for GOW3, do what memberop says, dont visit youtube to look up GOW!

  • Need….New….FIRMWARE UPDATE!!!!! Give us something cross game chat, parties, something!!!!!

  • Hmm, seeing as how your good at giving us hints to make us happy without actually giving anything away, is there anything big coming our way in terms of announcements any time soon?


    Pretty please with a cherry on top?

  • Also, final question I promise, I hate to post so many times but its raining (typical Florida, gotta love and hate it :P), bored, and I have a lot of things I would like to ask for and I keep forgetting. I know it isn’t the most popular game series but is it possible to get the people behind Skate 3 on the blog to tell us what is new with it and answer some questions etc…?

  • The Guy from best buy . But I just want to know when their going to get more in stock I would like to buy a new one

  • Any idea when our good friend GvD will have the Bad Company 2 store up and running? I’m getting really ancy waiting to redeem my preorder code, plus it’s always nice to hear from him.

  • hope u guys have something special in GDC.

    any chance seing a ingame footage of socom 4 in GDC?

  • Didn’t know that Vanquish was going to lead on PS3. Groovy.

  • “Jeff Rubenstein replied
    Would the ding happen in game?”

    Yeah, the separate level-up ding could follow the trophy unlock that pushed you into the next level.

  • first 2 times it acted like i didnt sign in at all

  • Hey jeff i’m not trying to sound like a whinner but why does it take sony so freaking long to update the store seriously there is no excuse as to why we have to wait damn near the entire day. especially if a big dlc is coming out sony still takes too long ms & nin both update in the morning while we are waiting & it’s almost 9pm that’s just stupid heck sometimes we have to wait till friday. oh & by the way why haven’t u guys put FF crisis core & star ocean both of them on the store yet.

    • The store updates are a huge endeavor (believe me, it\’s all a whole lot more complicated than you\’d think), and we\’re on Pacific time.

      They used to come out a bit earlier – but there was a whole lot less content back then. Take a look at the updates from late 07 or early 08 and compare them to now. I think another hour or two is worth it for all the extra stuff we get.

  • @ 15, sounds like an interesting idea.

  • @Kane22_

    At least try not to sound like a “whinner” right after claiming you won’t, just a suggestion ;)

  • FF13 on the 360 has worse framerate issues, a hardrives install of several GB’s, 3 DVDs, choppy graphics, and fuzzy presentation and graphics.
    lol, shouldnt have ever happened

  • Wow. Are we all just going to “pretend” that the whole little 24hour PSN outage never happened?

  • @41, what do you mean? There were articles everywhere about. The problem is over and done.

  • More Eye of Judgment Legends coverage!!

  • Oh man, i REALLY want to see more about Vanquish. it looks really awesome, and its great to see that ps3 is lead console. I hope it will have Co-op (that’d be Awesome~)

  • Jeff, do you have a list of ‘known problems’ with the new layout? I’ve run into a few which over the course of a few days have been fixed (ie heavy rain not showing up under trophies…which i platinumed) but one thats really been irkin me is that its showing i have no friends. At first I assumed it meant online as in signed in on the web but now it’s saying I don’t have any friends…which I do.

    Just wondering if this or any of the other stuff thats come along with the new layout has been noted somewhere (I should probably just go check out the forums huh?)

    • The forums are probably your best bet (I really don\’t work on the site), but I can happily share any feedback with that team.

      I noticed that issue that you pointed out as well, and I\’m sure they have as well. I\’ll bring it up again tomorrow.

  • @35…

    Since your trophies don’t sync as you earn them I don’t think you’ll be getting your ‘ding’ in game.

  • Jeff,

    The fact that you mention that you are looking to program a special site that will work with the current browser dashes many user’s hopes that we would get an updated browser. I think SONY has really missed the boat here when games such as KZ2 and now MAG can’t even properly use the PS3 browser. Poor execution for sure.

    Is there a time line for the Bravia Internet Link system to be launched on the PS3? SONY execs have already stated 2010 but when might you be able to start giving users some news on this? *

    And yes…why isn’t there a USB Tuner for the NA market to allow us to use the PS3 as a DVR…it seems like a no brainer option to put out there.

  • Dex_DarkDefender

    Hey Jeff, will the new Bioshock 2 dlc be able to be bought on

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