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  • UNCHARTED 2 Title Update 1.06 and Multiplayer Updates – We released an update to the multiplayer modes of UNCHARTED 2 earlier this week. The Title Update and live updates we pushed performed some additional balancing to player hitboxes, some weapons and one Booster that we felt was warranted after Title Update 1.05 was released. As part of these updates, we also pushed some geometry updates to prevent intentional glitching.
  • “Unleashed: The Art of Naughty Dog” art show opens this weekend – Twenty Naughty Dog (and UNCHARTED 2) artists are doing a group show of their art work at the Gnomon Gallery in Hollywood, California. The opening reception for the show is on the evening of Saturday, March 6, and will run for at least a month.

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  • Well, my 60GB died last year- it was a near-launch model and had a SH**-load of important files that I’ll never get back. Add another year of major save files to that for people who are just losing them now and… Yeah, I’d say Sony’s got some s’plainin to do. (Starting with the ridiculous fee of $150 for which they still send you a blank hard-drive.)

  • Sony, with all this stuff MSs doing with Windows, Xbox, and now Mobile phones its about time for you to partner up with Apple or something and blow them out of the water.

  • White Knight Chronicles for PS3 – The ads looked great – what they didn’t show was the lousy game play action — game has great graphics – but I’m disappointed with the game play action (the power circle just doesn’t cut it) Dragon Age for example is a much superior game in all respects when compared to the White Knight Chronicles.

  • O_O there are seriously GOW tshirts? I BETTER GO BUY ONE!

  • yes Danny Hot Topic is selling God of War 3 tshirts , if you want to see them just check the official God of War website in the merchandize section

  • @19

    Thrashher as in Moi?

  • The issues with the PSN may have been fixed but now a new problem has cropped up as a result of the leap year bug that Sony is saying was not caused by the date bug. Many users are all of a sudden experiencing game freezes, ps3 errors, and unreadable disc errors. Callers to Sony are given 2 options: repair for $178 or upgrade to refurb for $149.

    The part that ticks me off the most is that Sony’s support staff are aware of this issue and are not informing the higher ups of this growing issue. People are slowly but surely finding a post on the playstation forum that has grown over the past couple of months but have grown even more in the past week with people having the same issue this week.

    They are saying that this is coincidental and has nothing to do with the date bug. I have provided a link to the forum at around the time that people have started saying they are getting these errors this week. Read for yourself and see if it all sounds coincidental to you.

  • el mio no lee ningun juego o bd desde que hice la actualisacion 3.15 no es justo que con la firware 3.15 no funcionen mas los ps3 cuando uno como comprador gasta dinero enlos juegos mas de lo que cuesta una consola piensen sony hagan halgo por su compradores


  • Ok, so I am unsure if my issue fits in with the network issue or not, and to be honest, I think the PS online support feature is a joke. I own the old 80GB system and have never had an issue with it. Until a week or so ago when I finally signed up for PS Network so I could get the add on for Force Unleashed. I downloaded the add on and some trailers, and now I cannot play any of my games or dvds. I load the discs in but I cannot access them. All I can get is the PS menu and PS network. I have tried restoring the system including reformatting but nothing seems to work.

    Does anyone have any ideas???

  • no way this is a coincidence for so many people – same thing happened with our 60GB last Wednesday morning. it was off/not used at all from Saturday 2/27 until the morning of Wednesday 3/3. my son turned it on before school, and it shut down after just a couple minutes. he tried turning it back on – green, yellow, then flashing red light. unreal. we got the same corporate line everyone else did from Sony – send it to them with $150+ to repair or they’ll replace with a refurb. I want them to just FIX what is broken due to THEIR error.

  • I have been unable to play Uncharted 2 multiplayer for two weeks. The game itself sucks! I only enjoy they multiplayer mode. So the fact that I can’t get on really pisses me off!! Can someone tell me what the $%^# is going on now? Seems as if every game I buy for the PS3 just goes to crap when onlining with them. Has it come to this? Just cut it short, count loses and move on to a 360?

  • I have an 80g motorstorm bundle system that now has a flashing red light!! I called sony and they gave me the same song and dance they have given everyone else. Send $150 + shipping blah,blah,blah. It sounds to me like this is an epidemic and they should recall the phat systems and repair them for free. When the xbox had the red ring of death there was no charge for the repair. That’s how customer service should work. By sony hello xbox. I’m pissed.

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