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  • UNCHARTED 2 Title Update 1.06 and Multiplayer Updates – We released an update to the multiplayer modes of UNCHARTED 2 earlier this week. The Title Update and live updates we pushed performed some additional balancing to player hitboxes, some weapons and one Booster that we felt was warranted after Title Update 1.05 was released. As part of these updates, we also pushed some geometry updates to prevent intentional glitching.
  • “Unleashed: The Art of Naughty Dog” art show opens this weekend – Twenty Naughty Dog (and UNCHARTED 2) artists are doing a group show of their art work at the Gnomon Gallery in Hollywood, California. The opening reception for the show is on the evening of Saturday, March 6, and will run for at least a month.

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  • Hey Chris, can I get you to ask someone at SONY to acknowledge and make a statement about all the older model PS3’s that have failed with the blinking red light in the past 48 hours. Just look at the forums, there is no denying there is a problem going on here.

  • yeah last week was a little bit scary for early adopters that still have their consoles with “view” of that situation i’m kind of glad that my 60gb died a few months ago. because i’m pretty glad that the slims werent affected by the bug. btw, you guys gotta give credit to neogaf because they were the ones who narrowed down the issues before you guys had any idea as to what was going on…

    not only we had that insidious bug but also i couldnt log on to this site for about 3 days or so nor could i log on to the forums either, speaking of which the forums are still slow and are somewhat ugly to the eyes. but, i suppose that i will adapt to them in time :0
    lastly, any words on the next firmware update?i’m pretty anxious to know what the next firmware will bring..hope that the gdc event will bring a couple of megatonz for the console XD

  • O_O @1 Fat Systems are starting to Fail?

  • yes a lot of the older systems are failing with a blinking red light (mine included)and i have yet to see a bloody thing about it anywhere in the plastation site heck the email i got in reply to my question about it was simply send us $150 and get a replacement of the same modle… now tell me what good is it going to do to get a replacement when it will in all likelyhood die when i get it

  • hmm thats really Odd i hope we dont have a Widespread of dead PS3 Systems like Microsoft did.

  • With the 360.

  • Friday evening about 8:45pm CST, my PS3 (motorstorm bundle) was on for maybe 20 min. I then started a demo I downloaded/installed the night before. As soon as the actual game started my system cut off (just like on Sunday with the leap year bug) with a flashing red light. Unlike on Sunday, I could not restart my system, instead I get a green light, a flash of yellow and then a blinking red light…..nothing else

  • Is the new Bioshock 2 DLC releasing on March 11? IF SO will I be able to buy the online code on Amazon?

  • It’s kind of weird, before 2/28/10, error code 8001050F was deemed a hardware failure and you had to send it in for repairs. Anyone affected by the LY bug got the same error, only a day later we could connect to the PSN. Now, those affected machines are starting to drop like flies – what’s going on here?

  • My phat wasn’t affected, but I still couldn’t play anything multiplayer with friends since almost all were out of commission.

    I resorted to getting my ass kicked in Demon’s Souls though.

    Anyways now that SOCOM 4 has been announced…
    ***CUE Cheers and Wild Partys***
    What does this mean for CONFRONTATION? I know Slant 6 is the developer but are they still going to support it? It would be great if they could fix a bunch of issues the community still has with the game. Could you get any info on that Chris? Thanks.

    Anyways awesome week, got my preorder for FFXIII in, and can’t wait until Tuesday!!

  • Good god if Systems are dropping like Flies that could be bad for Sony :O

  • Cant wait for next week!!!

  • When will Heavy Rain get patched?

  • While seeing YLOD issues on the forums is nothing new, the blinking red light is, and the sudden number of people having this issue is alarming. I have had the YLOD before, and it was a steady yellow light then. This blinking red light is new and has only been seen since the clock problem this week. There is a new problem here and it needs to be addressed.

  • So, Chris, where’s that PlayStation Podcast that Jeff has mentioned a couple of times? I’m pretty sure that the last time it came up late February was thought to be when we might see something. Any updates?

    Also, really, I can’t wait for FFXIII next week, then God of War III (Ultimate Edition pre-ordered :)) the week after that. Then Yakuza 3 and Resonance of Fate (2 SEGA games, funny enough) down the road after this insane month is past us.

    • The podcast is in the works, so we\’re definitely not blowing smoke! We are just making sure it goes off with a bang. We\’ll be sure to update you when we have firm details.

  • man this month is insane…God of War, Final Fantasy, Heavy Rain (technically Feb but i’m playing it this month) and a few cool PSN games i’m excited for.

    quick questions/requests if i may:

    can we get a PixelJunk Monsters 2 (or 3rd island DLC in the meantime?) or even the levels from the PSP version on the PS3?

    can we get some new avatars for the PSN other than MAG and LBP?

    Netflix via PS3…is there a way to stream movies in HD? am i just missing how to do it?

    thanks for reading…keep up the good work and keep the good news and games coming!

  • oh yeah 1 more thing…you guys should bring the Infinity Ward guys onboard into the Sony family like Media Molecule. that’s almost like picking up Dwayne Wade and Lebron in the same year. (with the studio making God of War already being Kobe lol)

  • Naughty Dog is Jordan BTW. ok seriously i’m done.

  • Here’s a few names I found on the forums that have had the flashing red light this week.


  • nice list MeanMrMustard! Just think how many “casual gamers” tha,t for whatever reason own a PS…, they don’t know to look at the forums, so I’m sure there are MANY MANY more.

  • well i dont seem to be having any problem, btw the clock bug didnt even affect me, I have a 160GB uncharted model 500$(owch)

  • Wow, That’s a lot of great games coming out in a short amount of time…Just wish I could play some of them but unfortunately I too have suffered from that ‘coincidental’ YLOD that’s been happening to many older model PS3’s in the last 48 hours.

  • i loe the ps3 im just got an account if any one wants to play with me add me to the friends list and i should be playing CALL OF DUTY MODERN WARFARE 2

  • lol. good thing i chose the Slim over the fattie ps3’s because LOOK WHAT HAPPENED! :O

  • I like a lot of the changes. However, The gate in F still allows you to walk through from outside to in. It’s to the left of the gate when it’s closed. Also, I switched to the sniper rifle just to get medals and when I’m 1 on 1 w/ a machine gunner at 60-80+m away, I get 2 solid shots in and they get 1 and I’m dead. I thought they were more realistic. Another is that when you are defusing the charges, once the bar reaches 100 % disarmed it still does not take. It only seems to be w/ certain bunkers,doors or objectives. Hope this helps in the repair. JCarpe203

  • hey Chris whats up? i wanted to ask you if you guys are having live coverage from Sony’s GDC press conference , that would be so kool and i hope you guys are planning something for Sony gamer’s day too , love The Tester , hope to see more original programming from you guys ( perhaps a Playstation TV show in the future ) . 10 days , only 10 days till i play Chaos!!!!
    Man , God , LEGEND!!!!!!!!

  • oh please Chris let everybody inside playstation that we want Heavenly Sword 2

  • lol. Sony Gamers day should be March 16th. wont EVERYONE be playing GOW 3? lol

  • 1 more thing. Whats up w/ adding us in when their is only 1-5 minutes left in the match. That’s kind of frustrating especially when you are in q for 5 minutes and get to play the butt end of the game.

  • SONY can you fix Microsofts RRoD? They can’t seem to ;D

    All my 30+ PSN Friends PS3’s are working fine ;)

  • Thank you.

  • Chris, so I was super stoked to read the track list for Rock Band Network this week only to find out that you know who has all tracks exclusive for 30 days (as far as i read that includes all songs released at launch and into the future)

    What’s the deal with this? PS3 is the best console this gen, Sony cannot keep letting stuff like this happen.


  • how about this a98181a

    IS SONY EVER GOING TO UPGRADE THE PLAYSTATION 3 CUSTOMER SERVICE? because mine like sooo many other ps3s has dropped dead and wont read discs coincidentally(but i extremely doubt its coincidence)2 days after this leap year thing hmmmmm

  • I didn’t get a email, so no ticket to the Final Fantasy XIII Launch Event on Monday. That sucks and SF only 30min away.

    I have 2 ps3 both 60g&40g couldn’t read disc, I just clean the lens and it work just fine.

  • Any chance of you updating the PS3’s browser to Firefox. That would be awesome.

  • MeanMrMustard add my name to that list. Dead PS3 as of Yesterday.

    I think it would be nice if Sony showed even the Slightest interest i the Failure of all these Units so close together.

  • starting to think they are just going to ignore it and hope its fixes itself or we just pay for a replacement unit that no one can find in any store

  • And the point system isn’t working right. I’ve been playing all day and It shows that my sniper rifle and grenade has done damage to a vehicle but yet….NO POINTS!!!

  • To disable charges has been messed up all day too. You have to click the button twice to even begin to defuse and sometimes it does not even show the status bar go up but still defuses.

  • At all the doomsayers….

    13 million in the last year.

    Normal consumer electronics 1st year failure rate is 3% (rate is higher the older your electronics)

    3% of 13 million is 390,000 failures PER YEAR.

    That is 1068 failures PER DAY…and this is the industry NORM. A few people on a forum does not a crisis make.

  • Need more Eye of Judgment Legends coverage! Release date, what all of those little symbols in the Wizard Duel matchup screen mean, etc.! SOOOO excited for the release!

  • what if all these PS3 failures were caused by sony on purpose just to have people go buy the new slim systems. its just an idea i had so i had to throw it out there.

  • @42…they would have a lawsuit on their hands so large it would put them out of business. SONY is still losing money on the pure hardware..having you buy another one adds nothing to their bottom line.

  • I would just like to end all those previous comments I made today with…….MAG F**IN RULES!!!Hands down the best game I’ve ever played. Thanks Zipper. Hats of to all those who created and maintain the game, keep up the great work and improving. If I can help, let me know. If their is a different place to post improvement comment let me know. Just happy to help and perfect. I have 160+hrs of game time since I purchase the game 2/11/10 and it’s still not getting old. Can wait to see a new map or faction.

  • Sony, I know it’s not an exclusive, but Battlefield Bad Company 2 came out, and its an AWESOME multiplayer game. You should at least throw up an article about it on the Blog or do you always want 360 to win in multiplatform sales?

  • @45

    Maybe DICE figured the 3 posts about the PS3 exclusive beta and 1 post about the demo were enough? I’m sure if DICE wanted to come on the blog Jeff and Chris wouldn’t have had no problem with that.

  • Can someone help me to understand why we here in the us do not have access to some of the coolest minis for the psp like Cubixx, alien zombie death, overkill apache, the flying hampster, freekscape, and alien invaders 2nd wave (awesome looking shooter). This is my first time here, so if you have discussed this before, I didn’t catch it. All in all, we don’t have the greatest line-up considering what’s actually available for our systems. Why not?

  • well since nobody at playstation seems to announce this i will guys HOT TOPIC is selling GOD OF WAR and inFAMOUS tshirts , i bought mines yesterday!!!

  • Anyone know if it’s possible to retrieve a deleted Mag character? I was at level 60 for S.V.E.R., 17 medals, 209 ribbon count, over 145,000 xp, 170hrs. “All Gone” I’m borderline of smashing my system with a 2lb. hammer!

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