SOCOM 4 Teaser: Director’s Commentary

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Even if you caught last night’s world premiere of the SOCOM 4 teaser video on Game Trailers TV, we still have a nice little treat for you. Zipper’s resident uber-scribe and Creative Director, Ed Byrne, sat down in front of a microphone yesterday to record a few tidbits of info to provide a little more background on what the first SOCOM video is showing off.

Though it’s just a smidge past the 60-second mark, the “Director’s Commentary” version of the SOCOM 4 teaser still has a few morsels of key information that make it worth watching – so be sure to invest a good minute of your time to check it out. Of course, if you’d rather just see the teaser video in its original form, or just want to watch both versions for the heck of it, we have the standard edition of the video ready to watch as well.

Either way, do yourself a favor and click the play button of your choice for the maximum amount of tactical video game candy. Enjoy!

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  • I hate GTTV. We need gameplay ASAP ’cause this teaser left a real bad taste in my mouth, and I love SOCOM. Proper trailer + gameplay please.

  • Yo, I gotta say that after playing MAG, Zipper, you guys have blown me away in terms of realism in an online shooter. The shooting mechanics are beyond anything Ive seen this gen. Especially when compared to laggy MW2. You guys got the shooting and the networking almost perfected. Keep up the good job. Stop making Sver so darn impossible to defeat for valor please. lol.

    Oh and btw, are you guys shooting for uncharted graphics and animations? I mean of course you are, you guys are the best. God bless you guys. I hope to see the game also include MAG integration. I have many ideas if you wanna hear. LOL. Peace.

  • My multiplayer/group/clan wishlist :)

    + Full clan & group management (send invites, grouping requests, party modes, etc..) and clans should have several officer ranks and such. (MAG’s clan management, while it does exist, it needs some help! Hoping for an update!)
    + Large squads, no less than 8 for the max (bfbc2 only does 4, MAG does 8 and we could have filled 16-32 player groups easily! We got like 150 clan members:)
    + Vicinity chat, another thing bfbc2 is missing but I love about MAG.
    + Multi squad groups (auto-split them into X number of members per squad when a game launches – yet another thing MAG needed)
    + Split screen co-op, in both singles and multiplayer modes (way the [DELETED] back warhawk did it, why hasn’t anyone else? Even your MAG game could have included this and just avg the points at the end for the 2 players or just use Player 1’s XP for character advancement.}
    + Distructable enviroment. One thing I absolutely love about BFBC2 and wish we had in MAG [and should be able to shoot through mess screens & barbed wire and such too!]

  • VooDoo_Child_187

    I would hope the DLC for SOCOM 4 won’t take so long to come out. I know for Confrontation it seem like a year and a half of smoke and mirrors before the release of any updates or map packs.

    I’m also glad to see Zipper back in control because Saint 6 didn’t do a good job at all, and I was really disappointed in what could have been a awesome SOCOM GAME to first hit the PS3.

  • I can bet you Qore subscribers will get early Beta/Demo access.

  • OOO female character! I’m so happy you guys listened :)

  • O man! I’m so very excited for this new Socom game :D

  • me want to see MP!!

  • split screen please im tired of games that dont surport it

  • Trailer was a bad start honestly, it was confusing, the quick flashes and the bad guys/good guys looked nearly the same which just caused me more confusion..

    Anyways, I obviously agree with everyone else, CO OP! STORY CO OP. I hope in the future, youll go with just gameplay footage.

  • I’ve became a Socom fan when i very first preorder Socom 2, and that was the last game that i bought for my ps2. The online was great and alot of fun. Now that all these great game such as COD Modern Ware series and Bad Company are out, must say they earn my respect and are very good online games. Was extremely disappointed about the Socom Confrontation was a much shameful for the Socom franchise. And now that its in Zipper hands i hope they rivive the series but very skeptical just by newest trailer i’ve seen. WE NEED SOCOM 2 GAMEPLAY WITH MODERN WAREFARE 2 GRAPHICS AND ONLINE INTERACTIVITIES.
    PS: Please Zipper, realease Socom 2 as a classic release for the Playstation Store.

  • @33

    I’d rather NOT have to suffer a half hour of GK just to get this new. Thanks.

  • Amazing! Socom 4 is looking very good! ;)

  • These teasers suck. I don’t see any reason why a game should be announced if you’re not ready to unveil at least something.

  • I really hope this delivers on realism, a seamless spec op, and your in the middle of it.

  • I must say i am very pissed off that zipper strayed from the Navy SEALS to look like a Rainbow Six game. Socom has been about Navy SEALs where there are no females and should stay that way. My wife has been a Socom fan since S2 and is strongly disappointed that Socom seems to be drifting away from its original story lines. It was always been SEALs vs everyone else and NATO doesnt belong in SOCOM. Leave the multinational special warfare squads to Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon.

  • Nice avatar Mr. Dunham, HULK SMASH!!!

  • nice

  • ZIPPER!!!!!! I thought this day would never come. I thought SLOWCOM: Constipation was it and that socom would go downhill or possibly die right then and there. Slant sux messed it up, there’s no denying it, we die hard socom fans know the issues with the game, and there were TONS.

    But what a great day!! Socom is back, and is being made by the developers who started it all. I am a DIE HARD socom fan, I literally jumped out of my chair screaming YES!!!!!! over and over.

    Zipper made this the best socom ever, I would die a happy man. Thanks.

    PS: NO RUN BUTTON!!!! and have the feel of socom 2 :)

  • For sure I am going to get it..Keep on the good work. I love Socom, I play it everyday.

  • I hope this is really feature packed like every single feature that Modern Warfare 2 has and more :D especially splitscreen co op in the story mode that would make this game definite buy for me. A lot of games are missing that feature now a days.

  • This game will really showcase Zipper Interactive’s skills for creating tactical shooter games! Even though MAG was a great accomplishment, in itself. Can’t wait.
    (The graphics look up to par too!)

  • Please give us a minimum of 4-player co-op through the campaign. 2-player co-ops are lazy.

  • Like the others have said, 5-player Co-Op is a must-have! Its not even like the SOCOM games are one of those games where for story purposes, you don’t have segments of your team members available with you or anything, either.

    And if possible, please, please, please try to implement splitscreen co-op, even if it means using lower LOD textures and geometry to make things work!

  • To comment #6

    Do you understand what a teaser means? It’s designed just to do that! TEASE YOU! If you want a better video, wait till the actual trailer comes out.

    I like the idea of Zipper coming back to Socom. If you were a fan of the ol’Socoms, you all should be happy just to hear there’s a new Socom by Zipper. I am.

    A split screen? Are you kidding me? What year are you from people? -and yes, I said people- We have something new that we like to call ONLINE GAMING! I don’t remember a split screen unless I think back to the first Medal of honor on PS1.

    I played COD 4 and have friends/clan members that play CODMW 2, and haven’t heard it beats MAG in any ways. Do you mean, cartoony when you talk about grafx?

    Let Zipper do what they do. And it’s definately NOT COD or any other games!

    All I ask is for Socom not to be like Confrontation, re-create the old Socom gameplay, and maybe support bigger groups on MAG for our bigger than 8 member clans.

    Thank you for the Teaser, Zipper!

  • Did someone SERIOUSLY complain about a female character? I’m one of those people who complain about the LACK of female characters. I don’t see why us girls can’t have a character that represents us too.

    I’m not a SOCOM fan but this looks promising. I may pick this one up cause I LOVE third person shooters. Just let me play as a girl online.

  • I agree…YES Socom 4 needs to have Female Characters! I’m tired of picking Guy Characters to play with. Ive played Socom since Socom 2 and there have been females n the past but you would have to unlock stuff to get them. It’s time to let us have our fun and enjoyment in this game and play as Girls! Give us the option to let us change the appearance, hair color, camo color, ect…is that too much to ask? It would be awesome though!

  • I first bought my PS3 when i heard that they were releasing SOCOM. They pushed the date back about a few month so I kept my self busy with Ghost recon 2(good 3rdps). Then it finally came out, SOCOM my favorite game ever, the game that hooked me onto online game play with it’s socom1, 2, and 3 series… Then I found out it was made by a company that I have never heard of called /6. The game was horrible with crashes and glitches, with buttons us socom fans weren’t used to that we couldn’t change. And this went on for a good year till they finally released a patch that put things to where it is right now. A full year for the game to run right. The only reason I still play confrontation and stick with it is because of all the fun times I had with socom 1, 2 and 3. Zipper please bring us the old school Socom action. Us true fans don’t care about graphics, it’s all about the game play. It has always been about the game play. You guys know what we love. Make it happen.

    P.S.- I was pissed about the fictional korean female combat soldier, but I realized there are alot of females that play socom, It’s about time they had their own skin.

  • why can’t i watch videos any more on the ps blog

  • important coment ghillie suits and foxhunt

  • Just To Let Those That Have Not Played A Real Socom Game(Like The Ps2 Version)What Slant Six Did Was Destroy The Socom Name And Now Here Comes Zipper Bringing It BACK!!!!,Socom Is The Best Shooter Out There.(Not The One Slant Six Made)I Feel Bad For Mag And CODMWF2 Because Once Socom4 Is Released…Both Mag And CODMWF2 Will Be Going Back To The Store(hahaha with dust on them since I don’t even play them anymore lmfao)When Socom Is Made By Zipper,Socom RULES The Shooting Game World!!!!

  • r_e_v has the best socom post I have ever seen (SOCOM 4: A Competitive Player’s View) on If you really love socom you need to check it out!!

  • how about for co-op u let us play socom 1,2,3 missons as well these but u can make them downloadables and maybe CA missons

  • I second the CO-OP,not only the campaign but also modes equal to the terroist hunts in Rainbow Six and Missions like Spec Ops in MW2. Please check the CO-OP survey done in Gameinformer issue 201. CO-OP is what we want and need. It will sell the game. THANKS!!!!!

  • for offline make the a.i actually smart

  • 2 words. Desert Glory!

  • I think it looks pretty amazing but im not so bthered about the story i want to see the online tht will be the key bit

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