SOCOM 4 Teaser: Director’s Commentary

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Even if you caught last night’s world premiere of the SOCOM 4 teaser video on Game Trailers TV, we still have a nice little treat for you. Zipper’s resident uber-scribe and Creative Director, Ed Byrne, sat down in front of a microphone yesterday to record a few tidbits of info to provide a little more background on what the first SOCOM video is showing off.

Though it’s just a smidge past the 60-second mark, the “Director’s Commentary” version of the SOCOM 4 teaser still has a few morsels of key information that make it worth watching – so be sure to invest a good minute of your time to check it out. Of course, if you’d rather just see the teaser video in its original form, or just want to watch both versions for the heck of it, we have the standard edition of the video ready to watch as well.

Either way, do yourself a favor and click the play button of your choice for the maximum amount of tactical video game candy. Enjoy!

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  • I know you guys aren’t talking about multiplayer yet but if the game isn’t coop, its almost a no buy for me. After the most recent Socom PSP game had it, I see no reason why this game cannot. I really am excited at the possiblities of this game and I really want it to live up to what I think you guys have planned. You all didn’t let me down with MAG so I have faith. PS Thanks for being so active on the blog Jeremy, its really cool to see and hear from a great developer like Zipper so much!

  • Please for the love of god, 30FPS 720p HD support, and graphics that match Uncharted 2, or Killzone 2 and I will buy this game in a heart beat! PLEASE LET THIS ONE NOT SUCK!

  • Looks amazing compared to garbage like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2.

    Day 1 purchase.

  • I might buy this shooter. I know my best buddy will. SOCOM was one of is fav games on the PS2. Now we might have a game to play togather! BTW Check out the ingame shots on IGN! Looks just as good as Uncharted 2! OWNAGE!

  • any chance of splitscreen coming to Socom?

  • What’s the point of these videos? They show nothing about the game.

    Pre-rendered CGI and fancy video editing.


    How impressive.

    The same video could have been used to advertise 99% of the shooter games on the market.

    Give us real video of the actual game.

  • If the beta testing is anything like MAG was im stoked!!! By far the best beta i had ever been involved in was put on by ZIPPER! Thanks and can’t wait.

  • This is what should have came out in the 1st place. They gave the game the biggest black eye of any game series in history. For a game that started the online shooter confrontation was a disaster. I only hope they cut out all the menus just to get to the action. I see it might go the way of u just calling the action and not in the game. That would be a big mistake if they do! Lets see if they read this.

  • Pretty cool reveal trailer. Obviously some unaltered in-game footage without art effects would be nice, but I understand it’s too early for that.

    A female player for the squad? I feel like, now I’m just spitballing here, she should be of Chinese or South Korean decent and given a number for a name. Part of me (the bottom half?) feels like you made a female character just to quiet down all the complainers in MAG who didn’t understand the technical impact and design decisions made to not include female skins.

    On the really real though, this game looks off the meatrack, son! Thanks for the continued reponses on the blog and on the forums – we are looking forward to your community team growing and seeing more of that interaction. I know you can’t respond to everyone, that’s just ludicrous. But, if you don’t respond to this message, I will again have to assume Zipper is working on a Mahjong game and dropping all support for MAG (sweet article on that by the “journalists” at the examiner, btw).

  • Can’t veiw video’s =(
    I did watch the video of Socom 4 last night in HD and Why was it black and white? The pictures that were posted ysesterday looked better than the video. Next time give it some color. Looked like a MGS digital grafix novel or something. But pretty though=)

  • Here’s hoping that we get a true SOCOM experience, closer to SOCOM II than Confrontation.

    Note to Zipper: please don’t make empty promises. Take a lesson from Slant Six’s mistakes.

  • With all do respect, will it look like a22 like how MAG does?
    After KZ2, Uncharted 2, GOW3, HR, you guys better step it up in graphic department. Those screens look ok.
    Also i hope camera in over the shoulder, like in Ucharted and Gears. I have this on radar since it has single player. Now let’s see if you deliver.

  • Off topic comment, can a PS Blog writer mention to Sony that the log in page in no longer secure (SSL). I’d rather not have my login details sent in plain text. Thanks!

  • You have no freakin’ idea what a great day this is!!! Been a Socom junkie from day 1. I was extremely upset when Zipper let Slant 6 (great Mopar motor, absolutely horrible developers) take the reigns on a game that, quite possibly, had the biggest fan-base ever. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get back to the basics. K.I.S.S- Keep It Simple Stupid, /6 must have missed the memo. Love the single player, please add co-op like Combined Assault but the basics of Socom 2. LOVE IT!!!

  • yes fanaly another socom game by zipper interactive

  • Seeing_Red_Again

    Looks great but PLEASE add Co-Op to the story mode of this game

  • I would love a Co-op story mode! That would be great! Also fix the weapons so they all act like the real life ones, and not just shoot for miles.

  • Split Screen is the best thing about shooters, see Killzone 2 would have sold better if it had it.

    i hope you guys do it…

  • Looks great already, great job Zipper, but please more DLC for MAG!!!

  • Really looking forward to the first real entry of SOCOM on PS3.

    I hope Zipper is aware that a large portion of the SOCOM community was very disappointed with the online only version’s lobby system. I know I was looking for all the bells and whistles that came standard in the previous versions found on the PS2. Hopefully we’ll get a more robust community that is more well thought out than Confrontations.

    One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard from my fellow SOCOMITES (aside from server issues) were how ranked games were handled. We would love the ability to create our own ranked rooms. To make sure the rooms stay ‘fair’ for both teams, please have an option to set the room as ranked then force the desired setup that Zipper feels is best for ranked games (i.e.: force friendly fire on, disable 203s, etc).


  • …continued…

    I know that the big issue with SOCOM that kept many of my non-SOCOM friends from ever playing the game was the complicated controls. I applaud Infinity Ward for finding a control scheme that works very well for many FPS gamers out there. Is there any chance we can see a FULLY customizable button mapping? Please allow us to configure our controllers they way we’d like.

    I know that the offline campaign will be enough for me to pick up this game on release day, but as for my friends I don’t believe it will be.

  • Splitscreen is key.

    Look at the Wii: from a technology standpoint, it’s crappy as hell. But it lets people play games in the same room — which makes it wildly popular.

    We need to stop this trend of only making games for reclusive basement-dwelling nerds.

  • God you guys rock! The trailer looks like it should be fun! Glad to have good old Zipper Interactive back on SOCOM! Its a shame I am not working for ya…that would be so neat. Anyways.. love the game. Can’t wait for you to show everyone that SOCOM is NOT dead!

  • that-acmilan-guy

    Really lame way to reveal a game imo.

  • that-acmilan-guy

    Like everyone is saying, co-op online and offline is the key for this game.

  • Seriously this doesn’t look anything like the SOCOMs I love. What i with the guys looking all beefy and macho? I looks like you used the same character models from MAG.

    S:C Graphics and sound and maps were great, but everything else sucked.

    I like MAG, but I don’t like the comic book looking characters.

    OTS if for losers.

  • i hope it has weapons and gameplay like socom II…love the mines and sensors to know when people are coming. hopefully they’ll have a campaign mode cause the online only thing was whack. they should just remake socom II with 1080p graphics. thats a sure fire game that everyone will jump back onto…

  • Thanks for the director’s commentary! I was disappointed to see the commercial didn’t even show any in-game footage, and was really short. I actually woke up at 1230 by chance, & to wait til the end of the show for that commercial was sad. On an up note, I’m really glad S4 is finally coming & also The Transformers game looked really good. :)

  • Trailer is amazing! I wondered what SCEA had in store for the Q3-Q4 and this, Socom 4, is a surprise.

    I can’t wait for more info…

    *fingers crossed for co-op*

  • Great Teaser trailer guys… Cant wait to see some game play… Zipper for the win!!! :)

  • I have been a long time Socom fan and even enjoyed the severly underrated Confrontation.

    One thing I am happy to see though is Zipper back on the job. Can’t wait for more screens, clips, and impressions on this game.

    Keep up the good work SCE. Your exclusives are always top notch.

  • Sweeeet! I Love Socom, but it should Definitly have a female Characters:D

  • Why did you post about this yesterday, when SCEA clearly had a deal with GTTV to announce SOCOM 4, and not you the almight Jeremy Dunham? Do you not get these memos in the office?

    Nice job on ruining what was supposed to be an interesting 30 minutes.

    Now for SOCOM 5 or MAG 2, check with your superiors before you start blabbing on the blog.

  • y zipper didnt make the first one anyway y i dont understand u let another company come and mess up a perfect 1 player and online game 4 the ps3 launch u should of already know that it was going to be horribile look at war hawk garbabge y let them make socom for da ps3 launch huh playstation thats y i even bought a playstation 3 i could of just been playin it on my ps2 then if i knew u were going to do datbut anyway lets see if zipper can bring da old socom back gameplay da same wit just better graphics thats all u have to do and the war game franchised is sold up thanx zipper

  • beta and/or demo, pleasE?! :D

  • I’m really looking forward to this game, and although it may be a minor issue to some people, I’m really hoping to see the voice recognition scheme from the earlier games return in 4 in single player mode. Yes, sometimes it’s simpler to just use the controller to tell someone to go to a particular location, but it feels so much better using voice recognition instead.

  • i loved the demo and cannot wait see more of socom4

    but i got few questions please

    will the game have:

    1. co-op lan/online?

    2. ask about Lan because me and bro prefer linking through our router for no lag in co-op games instead over online, and we prefer seperate systems link instead of the split screen which the only game that done it right was RE5, rest have terrible split screen its just cluster mess trying focus on your own part

    3. will there LOTS and LOTS gun customization?

    and thanks for nice suprise zipper, love mag and im sure i will love what you guys have done with this game also

  • Please consider the following requests: 1) No sprint button- We have analog controllers to control how fast we want to move. Keep sprint buttons where they belong: on the PC. 2) No exploding junk all over the map. We want to be killed by bullets; we do not want Michael Bay/Jerry Bruckheimer-induced maps littered with propane tanks and exploding cars. 3) No proximity mics (or at least the option to play games with the feature turned off). SOCOM was originally all about communicating with your team, and prox mics simply discourages communication.

  • 3.5) Please keep push-to-talk. I do not want to hear conversations everyone is having with their significant others or their babies screaming in the background. Nor do I want to subject people to my incessant cursing everytime I am pwned. 4) Ability to pick up grenades off dead bodies. Seriously. 5) No old maps. Ignore what everyone says. Concentrate on creating great new maps that play well for all game modes, are well-balanced (sniping/running-and-gunnning and SEALs/terrorists, or should I say mercenaries/commandos). I’ve already played Blizzard and Nightstalker and Desert Glory a gazillion times over and over again. If an old map can be developed in half the time a new map can (or there was a way to easily port old maps over), then I say go for it.

  • 6) Other things: Do not make breach maps with the bomb plant in the middle of the map. Allow for people to open and close doors (include those that can only be opened from the inside- like Liberation, Last Bastion). I wouldn’t mind seeing PMN mines brought back. No halftime, please (or at least allow us the option to turn it off). And, allow us to assign our quickswap before we start a game. When the round ends, allow us to be able to kill opponents; and, if we’re dead, let us change our weapons. I really don’t understand what happened to SOCOM when it made its way to the PS3. Please don’t screw it up like they screwed up Confrontation.

  • @Madmanneverdies

    clearly seeing as the ign article went up at the same time, it was just an exclusive trailer and not exclusive information, stop whining about things you clearly don’t understand in the slightest

  • Wohoo, the real Socom is back. I like to think socom Constipation never happend. Socom was the reason I bought my PS3… well that and the whole blue-ray thing…

  • One thing that made me mad about Confrontation was the lack of ability to create a clan war on the fly. You could do this by going in the specific briefing room designed to find clan battles, and create a room looking for a war (example LF 2v2) this made socom very enjoyable to play and socom confrontation dropped the ball by creating the challenge system.

  • I saw the trailer last night and it looks awesome guys, this baby’s as good as sold!!! 8)

  • Seriously!!!! I need to reserve this baby NOW!!!! Where is GameStop lol

  • I really really can’t wait to see more. Personally Zipper, as long as you produce a game that has solid game play and USER FRIENDLY multi-player experience (ie, better lobby system) then I will be a happy fan!

    BTW, I really dig MAG. Please dismiss the people that understand that KZ2 graphics is a bit of hurdle when trying to jam pack 256 players into one match.

  • How can people say that this SOCOM looks good? There’s nothing to look at except a pre-rendered commercial with absolutely ZERO gameplay footage.

  • Lack Luster trailer, Generic Characters design and sub par Voice acting. Not looking good. Socom Fanbot need to calm down too. Stop and think, S3/CA were horrible, MAG is one of the worst FPS ever made.

  • I could listen to the last five seconds of the trailer over and over again nothing beats the socom tune!

  • COOP STORY MODE… how about this a 5 Player COOP Story Mood.. because it looks like you are intoducing 5 chartors..

    “Make It happen Captain”

    And of Coarse Multiplayer.. I’d go with something in smaller groups like 8v8 16v16 32v32 and if there’s big big maps maybe 64v64

    And Deffently make a GREAT PS3 Party System like Uncharted 2 did.. Make it easy to Join in games with your Friends.. with out that Key Feature then its not good at all.

    The party System with MAG was OK but make it with using the PS3 invite system also

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