Want to Play God of War III Early? Come to our GDC San Francisco Meetup!

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Come celebrate the release of the most anticipated game of 2010 – by playing it early!

Earlier today, we sent this God of War III invite out to media, industry luminaries, heads of state, space marines, surviving Greek and Roman gods, and select reality TV show stars (nobody from celebrity rehab shows, thankyouverymuch).

God of War meetup event

Assuming you don’t fit into one of those categories, we did what we always do here at PlayStation.Blog: score extra tickets for you community members. We’ve got a couple HUNDRED tickets to get some of our close, personal friends (this means *you*) into this super-exclusive event, where you’ll get to go hands-on with the final, polished version of God of War III, enjoy our legendary hospitality, and watch a Really-Awesome-Band-That-I-Can’t-Name-Yet perform.

What do you need to do? Well – just show up.

Based on previous meet-ups we’ve held, we know some of you will get there early. For this event – we’re expecting it. Heck, we’re practically demanding it!

While the hands-on event doesn’t start until 7pm – we’re setting up a Community-Only pre-event party that goes on all day. We’ll have free food from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. (Tacos of the Gods, anyone?), limited edition schwag giveaways, free wi-fi (we expect you to Tweet!), the chance to put yourself on the God of War III box, autographs with the developers and CHAOS…in the form of games, of course. We’ve got some really good stuff planned, so take the day off, make the drive from LA/Vegas/St. Louis, and get there early!

This event will be limited, so if you want to go, be sure to RSVP on our Facebook event page.

Here are some important details:

  • The hands-on event goes from 7-10pm on Wednesday, March 10, 2010 at the SF Concourse Exhibition Center. The pre-party meet-up begins at noon (you’ll see our tent in venue’s parking lot). Directions here. Don’t even think of strolling up at 6.30pm – you ain’t getting in!
  • Keep in mind that you must be 21 or older to get into evening hands-on event, but anyone 18+ (or with their parent/guardian) can come to the all-day meetup. ID *will* be checked!
  • Parking is rough in the area, so try to take BART or Caltrain – both very close to venue.
  • Once you’re in, you’re in — no ins and outs (don’t worry, we will have bathrooms). Unless of course you don’t want to stick around for the amazingly awesome hands-on event at 7pm. Then you’re free to leave at will…but you’re making a HUGE mistake!
  • You must RSVP via this Facebook event invite
  • Be sure to leave your replica Blades of Chaos at home
  • You might wanna think about bringing your PSP ;-)

The End Begins at GDC. Will you be there?

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  • i’m having the same problem. Who or what is shungokusatsu?


    theres your answer as to where the update is, i was signed in as a different name, logged out and resigned on and my name is right, so my guess is they are experiencing technical difficulties with the blog server and working on fixing it
    be patient and please dont whine and cry like most did when the ps3 clock was lil under the weather. things always work out!

  • Where’s the PS Store update? Xbox Live, Steam, and PSN Europe have had the Just Cause 2 demo up for hours, but the U.S. PSN store update is nowhere to be found. What gives?

  • wouldnt be a good idea to play the game early at any sony style store around the country ? why everything has to be in San Francisco ? bah

  • WTF is the store update? :(

  • Where is the store update?


    Lol shungokusatsu is a mod on the ps forums! :D

  • WTH, Why am I DASHING_R. Thats not my screen name.

  • cool now im on shungokusatsu……maybe ill get into someone awesome and download a few games

  • I… am shungokusatsu…



  • Jeff
    don’t u wanna send ya boi a copy of the game

  • Not close, don’t care.

    Where’s the update? it’s past 8:30pm in the Easter Time. Get your act together.

  • March 10 is my b-day!

  • How soon will something be in NYC?

  • can sony santa monica work on Heavenly Sword 2 after God Of War 3 ?

  • there’s a city called Washington, DC.
    it’s a nice city… pretty buildings… trees… used to have a panda…
    but this city is sad, because no one ever goes there for anything other then quick stops on a tour or for stuffy political mumbo jumbo.

    would you help this city feel love?

    all it takes is one good early gameplay of a highly anticipated game. heck, even just one person, who can tell others.

    in fact i can think of just such a person…

  • SanFranPsycho415

    So Jeff, does the Pre-Event Party only last from 12:00 to 1:00, or does it last from 12:00 to 6:30pm?

    • It lasts from noon to 7pm, and we\’ll have stuff planned for those that show up even earlier than that!

  • Show some love for Pittsburgh! :)

  • also… what happened to my icon?

  • Darn need this NEW YORK CITYYYY!! C’mon Santa Monica the Big Apple loves YOU!

  • Yess, finally. Lulz @ 25, it was a matter of time before someone would ask that.
    Too bad I can’t make it. /sadsmileynotsmiling

  • seriously though, CAN WE take our Blade Of Chaos replica?

  • hmm i have a class from 3-4…very tempting to skip out on that to go to sf! haha

  • I’m going to be 20 a couple of days before, to bad not 21. So I wonder what I’d be missing if I couldn’t stay. Should I RSVP even though I’m not 21? It would suck if the hands on thing is a crowd of 4 because most weren’t 21+

    • Well you can come to the meet-up, which will have lots of cool stuff. I say RSVP and come early. You\’ll get the autographs, the pictures, the raffles, the fun – just not the final GoWIII hands-on time.

  • SanFranPsycho415

    And are we allowed to leave in the middle of the Pre-Event Party, but come back for the 7pm event?

  • Woo Hooo!! Yes I shall definitely be there for this…

  • nothing ever happens in Chicago….

  • NYC is okay, but what about the DC area? You’d have to have something extremely epic for me to go up to NYC.

  • nothing never happens in….. the DLC update!!!!

  • Nah, I’ll just wait until the next PSB meetup in LA :)

  • I live in Canada, Quebec, Montreal and I get mad because this kind of event is never near me

  • Nothing ever happens in NYC? You should try moline , illinois , population : 40,000 max . farm implement capitol of the world ( everybody in unison now ) Ooooooh!!! on a more relevant note , its nice to see that my ps3 can once again log into the blog (say that 10 times quickly : “log into the blog “) much thanx to the staff responsible . although javascript still needs to be disabled . but thats no biggie.

  • why never to tampa fl :( there r gamers out here u know also on the music for gow 3 ulitmate is it through the psn store or an other site? and if so an other site will there be needin to sign up or something?

  • These whiny NYC people are getting on my nerves. Try living in a tiny suburb like I do, where some kid having a lemonade stand as a fund raiser is headline material. |:-|

  • In fact, all these whiny “come here!” people are irritating me.

  • DAMMIT!!! I would have definitely gone if I could, but theres no way :(. I went to the MAG one here in Vegas, but being a HUGE fan of GOW, I would have loved to attend this one as well and play GOW3 before it comes out, oh well at least the game isnt far off anymore.

  • Hey when u going to reveal the winners for that God Of War III fan contest?

  • i wish you would come to ohio…… nothing ever goes on here but the memorial tournament and cider point and snow.

  • Ugh, I’m 18.. That means I can’t actually get in the hands on event? T_T I would have like to drive there for that with my bro (age 20) but screw it if we can’t actually get into the event. Oh well.

    • You can get into the pre-party, which, honestly, will be pretty cool and we\’ll be awarding some cool stuff. But unfortunately, the late event is 21+ b/c of alcohol restrictions.

  • I have the same question as gdogg666 since I preordered the Ultimate Edition. Personally I hope the download is through PSN but I don’t mind downloading the album from Amazon since I already have a account. I hope it’s not from itunes because i really really hate anything Apple related…

  • Heres hoping…i am in San Francisco!!

  • So can we get the results of the Ultimate Fan contest which you guys promised on March 1st? It’s now the 4th. Just waiting and waiting…

  • Of course, california again, home of the biggest spoiled brats…

  • Have you guys given any thought to holding events in Colorado? (The DTC is really the only venue that comes to mind.)

    • We go where the shows are. When there\’s a major gaming show in Colorado, we\’re all over it.

      Sometimes we get to go elsewhere, but we know there\’ll be a crowd wherever there\’s a show.

  • @51, I’m pretty sure it’s a Street Fighter reference.

  • SanFranPsycho415

    When will you announce the winners of the Final Fantasy XIII event? Or have you already emailed them, and I just didn’t win.

  • @ 94 reply, I didn’t say who sounded bratty, I said who was spoiled and bratty, and seeing how they seem to get EVERY event, I’d say it’s justified. Jealousy or not, I believe it remains valid :P

  • hmm, your right the pre-party does seem pretty kool XD

  • Son of a biscuit, yet again another event that I cant go to where I know people are gonna be getting free copies of my most anticipated game ever, how come no texas love? forget all the new york crybabies, texas is practically ignored, I live in dallas and still cant get any sony love, hook me up guys!!

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