MLB 10: The Show Joe Mauer Trailer, Themes & Best Buy Demo

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We want to let you know that have a lot of new MLB 10: The Show stuff for you.

First off is the new trailer featuring our 2010 cover athlete Joe Mauer. See why he’s the reigning 2009 AL MVP and one of the best players to ever play at the position of catcher. Included is his epic diving play at Yankee Stadium last year.

We also want to let you know that the first set of MLB 10: The Show XMB themes are available later today on the Playstation Store for both PS3 and PSP. This first release covers all of the American League East and National League West teams.

AL East

    Baltimore Orioles
    Boston Red Sox
    New York Yankees
    Tampa Bay Rays
    Toronto Blue Jays

NL West

    Arizona Diamondbacks
    Colorado Rockies
    Los Angeles Dodgers
    San Diego Padres
    San Francisco Giants

The best thing, these MLB XMB themes are entirely free! So you can represent your favorite team without spending a single penny. Information on more themes that we’ll be launching in the very near future, so stand by.

Last, but certainly not least for those of you who simply cannot wait until launch day to play The Show Best Buy’s “Play It First” program is here for you. At select Best Buy locations across the country (845 participating in all), the “Play It First” section of the store will be reserved specifically for MLB 10 The Show. Here, you’ll be able to take the game out for a test ride. Best of all this program has already started, so you can start playing the game today. Check to see if your local Best Buy is participating in this new program.


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  • Today release PSN DEMO !!!

    No need themes


  • No Pre-Release Demo For MLB 10: The Show

    I was disappointed.

    I’ve been wanting to see PSN DEMO for soooo long!



  • Is their going to be a demo out for MLB 10 The Show or not?

  • ???

    If you click the Best Buy Location link and put in your info, it will let you know which one it has it available.

    That’s what i did, of the three Demo Station, one of them had it.

  • Yeah so, I went to the only Best Buy within 10 miles of my house. Not only did they not have the demo, they had NO clue what I was talking about. Why PS would get in bed with Worst Buy is beyond me. Apparently they should have sent the demo to a place that specializes in games like um, oh I dont know…. GAMESTOP!

  • Hear ya LESSCAN, the PSN would have been the perfect spot.

    I live in NYC and they had it.

  • Thanks for the free themes, not liking how paying for them has become the new standard. Especially because I have plenty of free ones that are just as good, if not better, than many of the premium ones.

    Good to see Michael Kay, my Fordham brethren, make the trailer LOL

  • This is pathetic. No DEMO! It’s a sad joke on the MLB 10 the Show community. To send the faithful out in the cold weather in order to get their taste of the show…how incredibly sad. We are the family. We want to play the show in our home, near our family, not in the shadows of some Best Buy’s gaming section, past the HDTV display, behind the video counter. Come on! Yeah, that makes you real powerful, making such a decision based on who you are. We WILl remember. The day is coming when we will recall which game DID send us the demo, and which one held it back, for pure personal pleasure. Guess I’ll sit around and play 2k today!

  • I don’t want to go to Best Buy and touch the same controller every sick kid with H1N1, the flu, a cold, or any other ailment. Or be playing and have someone staring over my shoulder. Release a demo a holes.

  • I called 8 Best Buys within a 20 mile radius of my house and none of them have it or even know what Im talking about and I live in CHICAGO! WTF?!?!?!?!?

    What is wrong with PS? Dont you guys realize that you are not the only game in town? This is not very good Consumer Relations what so ever!

    Strike 2 for PS!

  • This game is a beast . No demo needed …..Already paid for so only 5 days left………

  • We the fans have been faithful to sony by making the show the #1 baseball game, and now for them to do us the fans like this is crazy, all we asked for was something to hold us over until Tuesday and they can’t give us that. I’m not going to Best Buy to play no damm game when I can be in my warm house playing it on my own hd tv, way to let your fans down

  • Why tell us the demo is finished and approved but never drop it, if it wasn’t going to be a demo then why not just tell us there will not be a demo this year instead of having us waiting every thurs to see if one will come out

  • @ everyone up above

    You guys are really funny . You act like you don’t know how this game is going to turn out , So you call best buy all over the city so you can drive there and play the demo ..LMAO are you kidding me ???

    note to yourself ….These stores never know shlt about promotions . gamestop , best buy etc . they never know shlt …..they don’t care they just work there .

    GO BUY HEAVY RAIN and play it till TUESDAY .I beat it , its freakin awesome

  • @55

    You are just as dumb as Sony – That link is a best buy link, it is just a store locator and has nothing to do with whether or not they have the “Play it First” setup or not.

  • Went to a BestBuy store in Michigan this afternoon… They had the full game disk in the ps3 station and I choose to play an exhibition game with my choice of teams and stadiums! No demo there either, but I’m not complaining…. :-)

  • This store in Michigan had officially printed price tags showing the price of the game and the console next to the ps3 station. I looked all around the store and they did not have the game available for sale (as it should be).

  • 5 days people!!!i hope gamestop releases it at midnite ill be there to pick it up n play it all nite long!!!!!!

  • @66 lol funny

  • What a load of crap. We get strung along forever than find out today ….sorry no demo. Game comes out in a week so no biggie but, come on not a great way to treat loyal gamers. SCEA sucks my non baseball playing behind. If 2k10 didn’t suck so much I would be tempted to pass on the show.

  • i don’t know why everyone is jumping to the conclusion there wont be a demo this week or next. it never say there wont be a demo any where in the article.

  • we realize that it would be good marketing to have a demo released instead of being at BEST BUY which is jus like a lil retarded 5 more days thats all!!!!!

  • I was in my Best Buy (Tukwila, WA) yesterday specifically to preorder the game, and I played an exhibition game while five employees tried to figure out in their system how to handle my preorder. Without the preorder packaging with its preorder barcode, they couldn’t help me. So I opted to pass on the Reward Zone points at Best Buy and preordered at the closest Gamestop.

  • Where the heck is the demo? And why are you staggering the release of themes? It doesn’t look like anything more than the team’s logo. You can’t get some intern to grind out 30 teams? This is an absolutely pathetic move and I’m simply repulsed. Last year you had such great coverage of the game’s release and this year you’ve taken a MAJOR backseat to 2K’s marketing dept. Even their horrible commercial with Longoria stumps a couple brief mentions on MLB Network. Oh…not to mention THEY HAVE THEIR demo out to grab a couple last minute customers.

  • like how many time wil it take for dony to aprove the demo

    omggggg im waitin

  • I’m so sick of hearing waiting on Sony to approve pick up the pace here people if you need to hire more then do it just tired of xbl getting dlc before psn and our own devs getting shafted with our complaints cause sony can’t get their act together

  • I bit the bullet and sliced the icy conditions to slip and slide all the way to Best Buy in order to play the MLB 10 the Show DEMO!!!! I’m angry, bitter, bellgerant, steaming, and SO GLAD I WENT!!!!
    wow, the game is beautiful. I played the Phillie at the Braves. I went yard with Escobar with one on. The fireworks and crowd noise was super charged and rewarding. Now, when you do something beneficial, you are rewarded for it…and when the Phillie batter went yard, it got deathly silent. I love the TV style presentation with real time action, players in the dugout…I even brought Wagner in for an inining. The graphics have been noticealy improved the player models are crisper, the crowd faded more as it should be, but not as uniform in its movements. Several poople in Best Buy said, “I thought I was watching a real game!” Even though I’m mad for not having my own DEMO at home, I can now hit the sack, dreaming of March 2nd, only 4 days away. Play Ball!

  • Disappointed

  • Its not that they need to hire more people its that they sold their soul to Best Buy so that BB gets rights to display the game before the demo comes out. It has to be that, because there is no way that a multinational like Sony can be that incompetent, that already one month later than last year and still no demo.

  • WOW!!!!!

  • super pissed about no demo but only a couple of days away so i hope i can wait

  • jus herd the demo will be out tues morn who hoo the same day the game comes out like i wanna play the demo wen i could jus walk to gamestop(which i will) and buy the game n play the whole thing sony u let me down tisk tisk

  • You guys should add for next year game like 10 to maybe 20 of the greatest games where you can take over either as offensive or defensive depending what the real outcome was and see if you can change what happen get a chance to replay it. Something similar to what madden had if you guys can. Just an idea.

  • Huh, Mauer makes the cover and you don’t even have the Twins in the first round of themes……Fail.

  • Talk about buy gets demo but home owners don’t? Should have got a demo by now. Still can’t wait til This Tuesday..

  • i got a joe mauer jersey in plastation home that cool and i got it free!!

  • I WANT THE DEMO OR SUMTHING i live in ny and the weather conditions are disgusting and best buy isnt exactly close to my house so this is y psn should have had the demo already this is pure bs very dissapointed in sony of scea or whoever is in charge of releasing the demo u guys really dropped the ball on this one!!!!!

  • I copied these from the PS3, from a certain developer on my friends list, who was playing the game.

    100% Clear – Platinum

    Caught Lookin’ – Bronze
    Strike out a CPU player looking on All-Star or higher difficulty.

    Back-to-Back – Bronze
    Hit back-to-back home runs in any mode (excludes HRD and Practice).

    Take it Back – Bronze
    Rob a home run in any game mode.

    HRD – Silver
    Hit 30 or more home runs with any single player in HRD.

    Hamilwho? – Gold
    In HRD, hit 29 or more home runs with any player in a single round.

    Sim Game – Bronze
    Do not allow a run in any RTTS simulated game training.

    RTTS Road Warrior – Bronze
    Win 8 out of 10 starts on the road in RTTS on All-Star or higher difficulty.

    Make The Call…Again – Bronze
    Get called up to a Major League team before the end of your second year in RTTS.

    Timing Is Everything – Bronze
    Call a pitchout on a steal attempt in any RTTS game.

    ??? – hidden

    Call It – Bronze
    Call a “Quality Start” as a catcher in any RTTS game.

    RTTS: The Future – Bronze
    Get invited to the All-Star Week Futures Game at any position in RTTS.

  • Professional Trainer – Silver
    Complete a RTTS batting session without receiving a single attribute penalty.

    RTTS Derby – Silver
    Get invited to the HRD with any RTTS player.

    Mr. October – Silver
    Achieve the following stats with any RTTS player: .350AVG, .450 OBP, .755 SLG.

    Contender – Bronze
    Make the postseason in Franchise or Season Mode (without simulating more than 82 games.)

    Pennant Race – Silver
    Capture a division title. (Simulating any games in the postseason will negate the trophy. Cannot simulate more than 82 games prior to making the postseason.)

    Victory is MINE! – Gold
    Win the World Series. (Simulating any games in the postseason will negate the trophy. Cannot simulate more than 82 games prior to making the postseason.)

    Road Warrior – Silver
    Have a 10-game road winning streak. (Simulating or fast-forwarding will restart the streak.)

    Online Gamer – Bronze
    Reach 100 MLB Points.

    Online Fame – Silver
    Reach 500 MLB Points.

    Much Cooler This Year… – Gold
    Join and complete an online league. (Must play 60% of the games).

    Tres Bien – Bronze
    In any mode, have a three-pitch inning with any pitcher versus the CPU.

  • Sawed Off – Bronze
    In any mode, break the hitter’s bat.

    Out Pitch – Silver
    In any one-player mode, with any pitcher, strike out the side using the same pitch for each “out” pitch.

    Director – Bronze
    Create and save a highlight movie using the Movie Maker feature.

    Around the World – Bronze
    Play a game in every Major League stadium.

    On The Rocks – Bronze
    In any mode, hit a home run into the rocks in left-center in Anaheim.

    Basket Case – Bronze
    In any mode, hit a home run into the basket that lines the wall at Wrigley Field.

    Monster Killer – Bronze
    Hit two home runs over the Green Monster in any single game played in Boston. (Excludes HRD and Practice).

    Bobbing For Apples – Bronze
    In any mode, hit a home run that hits the center-field apple at Citi Field.

    Splish Splash – Bronze
    In any mode, hit a home run over the RF wall into the water of the San Francisco Bay. (They misspelled it not I.)

    Scrap Metal – Bronze
    In any mode, hit a home run into the Western Metal Supply Company building in San Diego.

  • Sight Seeing – Bronze
    In any mode, hit a home run off of the glass in center field at Rogers Centre.

    A Good Start – Bronze
    Strike out 15 batters in a single game in any mode versus the CPU.

    RTTS Back-to-Back – Bronze
    Hit consecutive home runs in one game with your RTTS player.

    Pop Out – Bronze
    With the bases loaded in the 9th, get an infield pop-up to end the game.

    Triple Play – Silver
    Turn a triple play in any mode versus the CPU.

    Unassisted – Silver
    Turn an unassisted double play in RTTS.

    ??? – hidden

    Crazy Eights – Silver
    In the Knockout Pitch Training or Practice Mode, knock out all eight sections in eight pitches.

    Customizer – Bronze
    Customize any team’s audio in Sounds of the Show.



  • It’s decisions like this that make it obvious and clear why Sony is losing the console war. XBL is superior in every way and not confide to weekly updates. I wish The Show was an xbox title…we’d all be playing the demo already!! The developer said that it was aproved and they were waiting on Sony…well it looks like Sony cares more about God of War then they do the show cause that came out yesterday…LAME LAME LAME LAME!!!

  • i hope they fixed the problem like in the playoffs i was yankees facin angels at yankee stadium n i saw all red instead of navy blue wats that about????? hope that fixed that cuz that was really wack that would never happen in real yankee stadium

  • For those of you who are bummed out about the lack of a PSN demo, I strongly encourage you to check out the demo at Best Buy. I was one of the folks doing a lot of belly aching about the absence of a PSN demo, but now I know I can hold out until Tuesday.

    I had a late lunch today and decided to run to the Best Buy up the street from my job and headed straight for the PS3 display, only the one up front wasn’t working…dang.

    So I walked around the TV and Blu Ray sections, I walked towards the exit, but decided to go by the PS3 section, low and behold…MLB the Show, the complete game on display.

    Overrun with excitement I immediately jumped in to a quick game O’s vs. Yanks and I must say the game looked phenomenal!!!!! I played half an inning, the Real Time Presentation really does look like a TV broadcast (its one thing to see it online, but you have to see it in person).

    The lighting has been tremendously improved, the game was overcast, and the crowd was very lively. They do bend over the rail to pickup balls that roll into foul territory.

    I quit the game to check out the create-a-player accessories and you won’t be disappointed.

  • I went on to play an inning of the following matchups:

    O’s vs. Nats (Nationals Park)
    I found a glitch in this game, I was playing with Washington Millwood threw a wild pitch with Nyjer Morgan on 1st. Weiters turned around and faced the backstop and froze. He didn’t pick up the ball until after Morgan scored; I hope this was one of the bugs SCEA fixed!

    Nats vs. O’s (Camden Yards)
    I noticed that the new Hilton hotel past LF hasn’t been put in the game yet, hopefully they’ll add it next year.

    O’s vs. Pirates (PNC Park)
    PNC looked great, only thing is folks in the RF bleachers looked like they were going to fall of the steps because there are no railings (I know I’m nitpicking)

    Phils vs. Padres (Petco Park)
    Petco was cool as you will see planes flying in the outfield from the batter’s box, I saw a couple of them. The VIP area in LF is finally populated with fans.

  • O’s vs. Twins (Target Field)
    Saw some “phasing” issues here as fans who were trying to reach for grounded foul balls were phasing through the walls. I got thrown at second with Brian Roberts and during the replay it appears that he phased through the 2nd baseman (have to admit I glanced away for a second). Mauer made a cool play catching a pop up as he was tipping over, his mask did come off, but it looked like it was floating in the dirt. Between innings, players did actually walk into the dugouts per the aeriel view.

    All in all I think I can make until Tuesday without the demo, the game play hasn’t changed much. The one glitch with Weiters and the “phasing” bothers me, but I hope it’s been resolved. Other than that looks like SCEA did another bang up job.

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