MLB 10: The Show Joe Mauer Trailer, Themes & Best Buy Demo

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We want to let you know that have a lot of new MLB 10: The Show stuff for you.

First off is the new trailer featuring our 2010 cover athlete Joe Mauer. See why he’s the reigning 2009 AL MVP and one of the best players to ever play at the position of catcher. Included is his epic diving play at Yankee Stadium last year.

We also want to let you know that the first set of MLB 10: The Show XMB themes are available later today on the Playstation Store for both PS3 and PSP. This first release covers all of the American League East and National League West teams.

AL East

    Baltimore Orioles
    Boston Red Sox
    New York Yankees
    Tampa Bay Rays
    Toronto Blue Jays

NL West

    Arizona Diamondbacks
    Colorado Rockies
    Los Angeles Dodgers
    San Diego Padres
    San Francisco Giants

The best thing, these MLB XMB themes are entirely free! So you can represent your favorite team without spending a single penny. Information on more themes that we’ll be launching in the very near future, so stand by.

Last, but certainly not least for those of you who simply cannot wait until launch day to play The Show Best Buy’s “Play It First” program is here for you. At select Best Buy locations across the country (845 participating in all), the “Play It First” section of the store will be reserved specifically for MLB 10 The Show. Here, you’ll be able to take the game out for a test ride. Best of all this program has already started, so you can start playing the game today. Check to see if your local Best Buy is participating in this new program.


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  • what happened to the demo that was stated to be released to the PSN? I can’t believe you didn’t put it on there

  • twizzy4u +1

  • Wheres the DEMO I dont want to go to best buy to try it I want to play it at HOME TODAY!!!!! lol its already done and approved why not release it 2k10 gave x box there demo so why not give us yours!

  • What about some Canadian Teams Themes. Seems like Favoritism going on here…. shuld be a great game, always has been in the past. For Me at least.

  • @Draconis15, agreed.. I can’t remember the last time I step foot inside BB. I certainly won’t be going there to try this demo. Hopefully just forgot to mention the PSN demo going up today, if not, this is a really bonehead move.

  • Please do a Dynamic Theme for MLB The Show 10

  • so if we go to best buy and get the game is it the actual game or is it like a demo verison??

  • wow what a let down. I cant believe the demo didnt come out on PSN today…..tisk tisk!!

  • Go Jays.

  • @7 Many people have reported it being the full version of the game.

  • I’m just wondering why theres no demo for the game in psn…maybe the game isnt that great and they dont want us to see that…well come on lets see that demo!!!!!

    • Thanks for the interest Bemadatme2. Not to worry, the game is looking and playing great. Timing of demo is YTD but our main focus has always been on the full game and get a great experience out to you all on 3/2. We\’ll make an announcement about a demo soon.


  • Thanks for the link to the Best Buy locations but it doesn’t really help. How about creating a list of those selected Best Buy locations? The link doesn’t state if it’s participating or not in this demo promotion.

    • Thanks for the question LpSquall. Unfortunately, we don\’t have the specific Best Buy locations. I would call to check with the stores in your area to see who has the gaming lounge.


  • Stop crying for the demo. You guys sound like a bunch of 10 year olds who can’t wait for the game. You sound pathetic, just shut up and wait for the game, only 5 more days!!!!

  • I can understand your decision to put demos in Best Buy…so that people will see the game, try it, and perhaps buy it right there. But opting out of a PSN demo is a bad, bad choice.

    • Thanks RuthlessEd for the question. I wouldn\’t go as far as to say we are \”opting out of a demo\”. We\’ve just decided to focus more of our efforts on the final game so that it\’s better than ever. Its just a matter of time and opportunity, and with the tremendous amount of new features that are in the game, we hope all those long hours will pay off for you, our fans.
      An announcement on a demo will be coming soon. In the meantime, hope you pick up the full game too.


  • I’m kinda torn. The demo itself was always a little weak in that you only got 3 innings of the World Series match-up. Not really a great barometer of the game. However, it will feel a little barren not having it there. I was actually looking forward to having it available later today.

  • @Hobartbob, maybe you should take your own advice. The tone of your reply is that of a 10 year old.

  • nice here I come best buy! the demo would be nice but I mean I’ve played it the last 2 years, I can wait 1 week!

  • Here’s an idea. Release the downloads for all of the teams all at the same time. I don’t care about the AL east or NL West. My team is in the AL West. Last time I had to wait until the last update to finaly download my team’s theme. Do it in reverse order this time at least. But why can’t you just put them all up at once anyway? I don’t understand that. Seems like you’re playing favorites.

  • Here’s a 35 second video that some took yesterday at BestBuy of the demo that us lowly Sony customers cannot have yet…

  • Wait so Mour is on the cover and you don’t give us a Minnasota Tiwns theme for base ball teams!? WTH is wrong with you! Minnasota may have only won 1 worldseries but we have won our division every year for the past 4 years in a row and that dose not count for anything? Boy you can tell New York shelled out a crap load of cash to keep MN off the jersy sales……..

    Way to drop the ball Sony. Give us a Twins theme or your cover star might just not show up for next years game……

    • Thanks Gunwing. More will be coming in the next 2 weeks, including the Twins. Did you check out the exclusive Mauer jersey for your avatar in Home? Its available now in the Home Theater.


  • So instead of getting psn demo you sold the demo to retailers? ha! Surprise you didn’t let Gamestop handle in-store demo.

  • @Gunwing Are you a real Twins fan or just a complainer? You misspelled Mauer and Minnesota (I’ll take the Twins as a typo). Also for the record the Twins have won two World Series titles; ’87 over the Cards and ’91 over the Braves, both in seven games.

  • Starting the themes with NL west? what a joke. the dodgers can’t even sell out a NLCS game with $5 tickets.

  • Does each theme show a player from each team or will it just be the team’s logo and The Show logo?

  • @23 wow that was the stupidest comment I have ever read!! The Dodgers are one of the teams are are always top 5 in baseball ticket sales….your comment FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I don’t recall seeing anywhere that they’re not going to release the demo today with the PSN update, it just says if you want to take the game out for a test drive, head to best buy. I say we all wait until the PSN Update comes before we jump to conclusions and rant.

  • What a joke. First no demo till feb 25th, and now ONLY at best buy ?? When was the last time you went to a freakin’ best buy? Way to drop the ball Sony. FYI the demo was available at the sony store last week. Game comes out in a week so no biggie but it would have been nice.

  • Dodgers suck. Giants gonna take the NL West this year. Bank on that…I don’t even care about a demo. Getting the game regardless.

  • i dont understand the fact that they release the demo out on the psn from recent years but now they wanna have it oonly at best buy… who goes to best buy for a demo.. you did us wrong

  • Looking forward to this.

  • thanks for the free themes!! i know alot of people will appreciate this!


    also, great idea placing kiosks in Best Buy, alot of people have expendable $$$ that shop there, might as well pepper their subconscious with HD delights!

    some older people may not like video games, but love baseball, so when they see how great the Show is, they might just decide they have been missing out waiting all winter for spring training! they could be playing the Show!

  • I dont find this fair. There should be a demo on the PSN.

  • UH OH!!!! This can’t be good….looks like they don’t want us to see the game or spend any time with it before it comes out…which only leads me to believe all of those amazing videos were probably enhanced….NOT GOOD!!!! I KNEW IT WAS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!!!

  • seriously….how could anyone think this was good marketing…pay me half the salary of the guy/gal that came up with this doozy and I’ll sell twice as many games as he/she did….

  • what are the two team you guys are gonna put in the demo!…………….and also when is the demo coming i though it was today.

    Thank You,ThEReAL32

  • @5 isn’t there only one Canadian team now?

    they are doing like they did last year and releasing the themes by division. i bet you can go back and find last years crop of themes(which i think had a fee)

  • @13 I agree completely

    I have went to or called 3 Best Buys in metropolitan Indianapolis and haven’t seen one of these yet. Screw me with no demo and then to rub some salt in it post a link to a best buy web site that shows nothing about where the “play it first” best buy stores actually are.

    Thanks for nothing!

  • @37 most of the times in any sports games, its the two teams that went to the championship

  • Hey missing link….take a picture of this…write it down, do whatever you need to do to remember. The Mariners will not win the West.After King Felix and Cliff Lee you have a horrible rotation and a horrible bullpen…sure Figgy and Ichiro will get on base but no one will get them home….and to rub salt in the wound, you won’t even get to resign Lee…and 2 years from now you’re going to complain about Figgy’s 4 year deal…The Angels will win the west the next 5 years…no other team in the West can touch them…

  • If there is no demo I will not buy the game. Seems similar to 2KSports not putting out a demo for hockey this year.

  • Hey xdimerstorehoodx @41

    Lets see you say that again when the Rangers win the AL West this year ;)

  • im from new york and i jus checked playstation store there r no themes or wallpapers or demo for mlb 10 is there a certain time they update it or sumtin??plz lemme no

  • angels will prob win the west again and get beat up by my yanks or the red sox whichever team they play they dont have the depth that the l east teams have

  • OH BROTHER!!!! Joe5005 hahahahahahaha….funny guy!! You want to talk about a horrible rotation and terrible bullpen….jk….we’ll see what happens…Texas certainly has the offense, I’ll give you that!!!

  • ronburgendy101….sadly, you may be right :(

  • just played the Demo @ Best Buy. Smooth like a melted stick of butter.

    Very Excited, they held back on some features, but this game is smooth visually and game-play wise is solid. cannot wait.

    oh BTW, Yankees beat the Phils, 5-0.

  • NO PSN DEMO ???????????????????

    I want psn demo please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Well, Game comes out on Tuesday and Best Buy has the demo, Weekend???

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